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So I try, generally, to accept the idea that once I put things on the internet, they are on the internet and free to be made merry with by one and all. Therefore, it is my opinion that you do not REQUIRE my permission to:

--remix my work
--podfic my work
--make vids of my fanfic
--show my vids in a vidshow
--link my work, to anyone you reasonably think would appreciate it
--write fanfic of my fanfic
--draw fanart for my fanfic
--or any other permutation of fannish inspiration you can think of.

But if you want my permission, you have it. Also, if I've managed to lock something you wanted to share, poke me about it, that's generally accidental, I will usually unlock.

I would like to hear about if you are using or remixing or etcing my work! That is pretty exciting for me. Also, I would like to be credited (except on those rare occasions--I can think of two--where I have posted work with the specific request *not* to be associated with it).

See also: my braintwin's thoughts on this matter.

So anyway: you don't have to ask to play in my sandbox, but the answer's always yes.
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I'm visiting [ profile] stariceling for the weekend and have gotten her hooked on both Leverage and Echo Bazaar (go me). In any case, watching the first season of Leverage in a gulp has reminded me of the two main romantic sets I want enormously that no one has written for me:

Parker/Maggie. Parker likes to smell Maggie. And pet her. And after hanging out with the gang for more than five minutes Maggie realizes a) that Parker isn't being creepy per se, she just doesn't have very normal social functioning and b) it will fuck with Nate's head so much, not to mention the rest of them, honestly, going "Parker? And sex? How?!??" if Maggie goes along with, nay, even returns or escalates, the sniffing and petting.

Also: Parker/Sophie/BASE-jumping. The show has frankly given me just enough to whet my appetite and no enough to say, make a vid just of them leaping of buildings together.

Furthermore, I am astounded that no one is writing the trainwreck I want from Dresden Files fic. Actually, I'm kind of astounded no one is writing certain trainwrecks I thought might actually have some traction in Dresden Files fandom, but perhaps the community is too mature for the kind of hilarious badfic drama I want, which is sad, because frankly the thing that sucked me into Dresden Files canon in the first place is the hilarious badfic drama, which has eventually transcended to Lord King Bad Fic, and why would you want your actual fanfic to be more serious and considered than your source material? I ask you. Perhaps I should go check Pit of Voles. *checks* Damn it, that was a bust. There were only 8 stories out of 588 that even listed Molly as a (main? how does that work now?) character. Wow, okay, you guys, I WENT TO PIT OF VOLES FOR MY BADFIC NEEDS and it disappointed. What is the world coming to?

People. I want Molly/Thomas. I think it is hilarious, terrible, and doomed, but I also think that her reaction to I think this was in Changes? Look, I read all the books in about 5 minutes, they run together a little. )

Side note: Harry's head exploding repeatedly is an important feature of most of the fic I want. FYI.

I have this theory that "true love" is kind of a misnomer for what troubles White Court vamps, because it pisses me off that Thomas is all blithely "oh yeah most people never know true love, especially rich bitches" re working as a stylist. I think it's actually "I would die for you/you would die for me" that triggers the problem, and most people, you know, people not living in close vicinity to Harry Dresden, live their lives without getting into life-or-death situations and finding out if they ever really would. But so: back to the Changes spoilers )

*laugh* When I was failing to unpack all of this DEEP REASONING and just told [personal profile] grey_bard that Thomas/Molly leads to Molly/Justine, she said, "Not Thomas/Molly/Justine? Because the true Thomas OTP is Thomas/Thomas's angst?" WHICH IS TOTALLY TRUE. Thomas/Thomas's angst is so pure. *cackle*

I would also talk about [personal profile] niqaeli and my plotbunnies about Molly's detailed plan, with many activities, for her and Ramirez popping each other's cherries, or about how we want Molly to out Harry as bisexual to himself and break his brain repeatedly, or how I think it would be awesome to return the favor and break Molly's brain for once when Harry finds himself in a threesome with Michael and Charity--

I would talk about all of these things in more detail but I am sure I have already said enough to make me deeply unpopular in Dresden Files fandom based on what fic is actually getting written, so I'll save my breath. Also I'm hungry.

I maintain that I am still gafiated despite spewing my thoughts and desires at dreamwidth, therefore I reserve the right to ignore any and all comments, especially if they annoy me. Or I might just get bitchy. Fair warning.
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So [personal profile] niqaeli and I found that two songs, which we had learned from vids, helped us greatly in not completely losing our minds during the third season of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Whenever we found ourselves compelled to ask, "Why is there a train crossing on the penis balcony" or other similar questions, we determined that the answer was A Metaphor Is a Glorious Thing.

Whenever her efforts to set Akio on fire with her mind seemed inadequate, or there were suddenly a surplus of little red convertibles, or, randomly, a carrot coming out of Touga's head, it cheered us greatly to sing, Too Many Dicks On the Dance Floor! (too many dicks!)

In related news, it turns out what I thought was my season 3 Utena pack is actually an entire series pack. So my season 1 + movie and season 2 packs are superfluous. Would anyone be interested in buying them for like, I dunno, $5 a season + shipping? They're the old versions, not the new remaster versions, but they still go for like $40 and they're pretty bright and shiny (it is not like Utena is a monochromatic or dull show). ETA: CLAIMED.

the van.

Jun. 24th, 2011 08:50 am
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Fandom, [personal profile] niqaeli would like me to tell you about the van.

Okay, so who here watched Roswell? A handful of alien teenagers and a handful of human teenagers variously hooked up and hid from the government and some other aliens with the aid of Snapple for three seasons? That Roswell. Right. Okay. So in the finale of Roswell, all of the kids graduate high school and decide to flee their enemies in an old VW microbus.

Um, look. For real, I am not making this shit up.

No, wait, but the best part is, then they get married. Okay, mostly the show meant that Max and Liz get married but the gang's all there and the honeymoon is in the van, with everyone else so I DO NOT THINK I AM IN ANY WAY WRONG FOR SHIPPING PUPPY PILE.

Anyway, I have a fairly thorough map in my head of who sleeps with who in the Roswell group marriage. And while we were watching Utena, I had the terrible mental image of if all the duellists and Anshi managed to escape the Hotel California Ohtori Academy together in a van, what would all the relationships be?

So far I have determined that Touga sleeps with Saionji and also Miki. (Not related to sexing but as a now-our-mental-canon-in-pretty-much-any-scenario-ever, Utena keeps a rolled newspaper to thwap Touga on the nose whenever he tries to be her prince, and Touga has a permanent ink smudge on his face.) Utena and Anshi are a thing but they manage to get through Juri's barriers eventually and drag her into lesbian threesome. After Juri has unbent a little she makes an overture towards Nanami and Nanami gets on her high horse and announces she does not lay eggs like girls. Miki and Utena reassure Juri that it's not homophobia or even a personal rejection--she's just not Touga. (Miki and Utena might be the only remotely sane het pairing in that van.) Nanami is totally the snooty one who doesn't sleep with anyone but they never quite kick her out, in part because do they really want to expose the rest of the world to her insanity? Given that she canonically has the makings of s serial killer. Occasionally they go around the van checking if anyone is willing to throw themselves on that grenade to a chorus of "No" and "Hell, no" and Touga's "Perhaps--" which is cut off by "OH GOD NO."

[personal profile] niqaeli says they should totally take Wakaba in the van with them, it's like taking Kyle! She is more right than she knows; she hasn't seen any Black Rose arc yet.

I don't know why I'm telling you all this. It's not like I'm going to write it. And I'm pretty sure the crossover between the Roswell and Utena audiences in my readership is like, two people. But it makes [personal profile] niqaeli happy. So here you go.
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A fun-filled weekend of fun has been had! And it's still a holiday tomorrow!

On Thursday night after [personal profile] niqaeli got off work, we drove out to LA to visit [personal profile] echan and [personal profile] jetpack_monkey. An all-night trip; we hoped to get there before the morning rush so I left 21 minutes from the end of the first episode of BBC's Sherlock, which [personal profile] traykor had put on while niq was still at work. Because those 21 minutes might actually matter to whether the freeways were totally clogged or just impenetrably labeled. Never mind spoilers, imagine being 3/4 of the way into any iteration of any Sherlock Holmes story and having to walk away. We arrived on [personal profile] echan's doorstep and despite being dead tired, I asked if we could put it on (I figured we'd watch it from Netflix, turns out they own the DVD). So we did. I have now seen Sherlock. Whoo.

On Friday, [personal profile] niqaeli and I slept in weird bits on and off but not at the same time as one another mostly, and [personal profile] echan came out as genderqueer on the internet, which I had known about for some time and [personal profile] niqaeli hadn't and wow, it was a relief to be on the same page as my braintwin finally. ([personal profile] jetpack_monkey's reaction, which [personal profile] echan IMed me about a couple weeks ago, was an adorable sleepy "Not that surprised. Still my [personal profile] echan." *heart* He is a sweet husband.) Also on Friday, we went out for sushi! At some point, we watched the Tik Tok vid for vampire Nikola Tesla from last year's Club Vivid and I explained in detail what was going on for [personal profile] echan, who has seen about five Sanctuary episodes, out of order. There was dinner from their favorite 24-hour delivery service because apparently most things in downtown LA close at like, six (including Starbucks! I've never known a Starbucks that closed that early!). Then the household (which also includes [ profile] diannelamerc and [ profile] lizbetann) decided to watch Being Human UK while niq and I variously went to sleep and passed out. Naturally, having fallen over before midnight, I woke up at about one in the morning and put some Dresden Files on (I watched three episodes! I remember what happened in some of them! I laughed at Netflix's description of Harry as ethics-challenged, because he seems to have a fairly strong personal ethical code to me! but maybe he fails it up later? who even knows).

On Saturday I did not wake at six in the morning like niq, who had fallen down and stayed down instead of Netflixing in the middle of the night, but I did manage to pull myself out of couch for trip to Little Tokyo with her and [personal profile] echan. I had a honeydew melon smoothie, then we went to bookstore and niq got lots of origami paper, then we had enormous bowls of noodles and niq forgot that my tolerance for alcohol is significantly lower than hers, so yes, half a bottle of sake will get me tipsy.

After that we went to Santa Monica: I had expressed interest in beach (any beach) and niq wanted to go to British import shops/a restaurant for tea in the area. Both beach and tea were lovely. Like, half an hour on the freeway + forty minutes finding parking + a good ten minutes of walking across the deepest beach on the coast to dunk myself in the ocean for fifteen minutes (priceless). Neither niq nor echan came in more than knee-high with me (though I full-body hugged echan when soaked to hear zir squawk), both feeling that the water was much too cold for my shenanigans, and it was cold? but I'd been expecting it to be cold and had sort of over-anticipated it so it wasn't as cold as I actually thought it would be? So for me it was pleasant. And wave-diving is fun. Mostly if you dive under waves right it rolls over you and you come back up behind it a few seconds later. Once I hit my dive wrong and got tossed around in the turbulence of the breaker a bit more and came up laughing in glee, so much so that I startled a woman nearby that I hadn't known I'd washed up next to into laughing with me. I, I sometimes forget other people are there when I'm staring out at the wild, wide ocean. On a wading beach, no one much comes out as far as me (you have to be waist-to-chest deep to get waves big enough to dive under), and also I have sort of um. Great transcendental fierce pagan joy that possibly puts me in an altered state with the ocean? Although part of that is wave-diving related endorphins. Even when you do the dive right, you end up with sore shoulders, and when you're standing there letting the little ones hit you waiting for the big ones, you end up with sore thighs. The ocean's like, big. It's all-encompassing and humans are so tiny and you get a bit battered. Endorphins: apparently I was kind of stoned for tea.

(For the record: it is possible I am not a traditionally sane person. Don't try this at home?)

I have always thought I would like to live by the sea. I think I must be part selkie. And I currently live in a desert and my families of blood and choice both live here so I don't know if I'll ever leave, really. But we fantasized about everywhere we would have residences if we won the lottery during tea and I think having a villa on the Mediterranean would be nice.

After that, we went to see My Chemical Romance. Apparently people had been standing in line since like, noon, and so we got there after the line had gone in, around eight, resigned to standing nowhere near the stage but frankly okay with with having done other things besides camp out for the show. [personal profile] echan noted that the mass of people in front of the stage was very tightly packed and not moving at all, no one leaving for drinks or food or bathroom or anything, fairly completely impermeable. Then during the opening number Gerard Way went crowd-surfing and I yelled in zir ear, "Now you know why." They'd been waiting for their opportunity to touch him.

Since I am apparently incapable of not snarking to the internet, I tweeted a fair amount during the show. Er, so I have a twitter account? It is [ profile] decontextual, I um. Never mind. Here:

[Re the opening act] "Get that girl up onstage, I'm gonna eat her!" "Performance would probably be improved by onstage cunnilingus."
Friendly fans. At top of stair letting people coming up pass before I go down. A dude hugs me and says I smell nice. Seems stoned not scary.
The song "the only hope for me is you" sounds slightly less creepily psychotic when sung in concert to fans.
As per your request: you're a bad bad bad bad man, G-way. #mcr [I actually like House of Wolves a lot, but hahahaha I just. Watching him crawling all over the mic stand...]
"you ready *mumble*" is part of the song permanently in performance??? #mcr [re "Vampire Money"]
E says re Destroya: they burned the dictionaries first? #mcr
Okay sometimes I enjoy them unironically. #mcr [Re Teenagers]

Lost my bet on what their encore would be; they went back to Black Parade to close out the show rather than pulling out Sing.

We tried to go to a bar with food after the show, but that didn't work out well. We ended up getting food from Famima!! which I wish we could have in Valley of Hell, but wiki says they closed like half their test sites and now exist solely in downtown LA. Then we fell down.

Come Sunday morning, brunch was delivery, much hugging was hugged, and niq and I got on the road about 1:30. We plotted many terrible things to do to Ivan on the way, which also involved doing terrible things to Gregor. Having Illyan in my head is oh, my God, a trip and a half. *flail* I cannot even describe. Eventually there will be fic. I hope. The shortish snippet I was going to try for wants to be about 8-12K because Ilyan's going to cross-reference everything. Cry. Yay. Something.

My calves, my thighs, and my shoulders are all sore and tired. When I lay down I can feel my legs vibrating. When I get up it hurts. Muscle aches everywhere. I mean, I was expecting this? Walking, walking in sand, swimming, more walking in sand, more walking, standing at a concert for two and a half hours, then driving several hours will do that to you. (Interestingly my legs didn't hurt while I was driving, only when I stopped. Yet I kept stopping to stretch them out, because I was afraid they would like, calcify in driving stance.) Also that whole paragraph up there about endorphins is pretty hilarious to me now. But I've almost entirely gotten my hearing back after only a day! (Concerts. Concerts are loud.)

Plotting for future trips in both directions proceeds apace. OCEAN. In related news: I am interested in becoming a touring fangirl and driving to visit people I have met on the internet. Contemplate this entry and imagine all the fun you could have with me!
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Oh this is no way to live.

Last weekend I developed this twitch in my temple that I couldn't tell if it was a vein throbbing or a muscle or what--sometimes it was regular like a pulse, sometimes not. I could feel it externally when I put my fingers to it which reassured me that I was not, in fact, having a stroke, though that was totally among my worries. Eventually it went from bizarre to actually painful and [personal profile] niqaeli hauled me over and started massaging my head. She identified it as--she actually knew the name of the muscle, I missed it, but it's muscle involved in the closing of one's jaw, and the tendon runs through the temple. Then she poked the same muscle on the other side of my head and while it wasn't twitching, it was also tight and unhappy.

I haven't had the weird twitch since she worked on me but I keep getting headaches in my temples that I can tell are the same issue. Tonight three ibuprofen and a cider and a half loosened me up enough that it stopped hurting.

I'm sober now. I know because it hurts.

Off to take more ibuprofen. Tempting as it sounds, I probably shouldn't chase it with more booze. But yeah, I've got to find something that works and leaves me functional, because at the point where my head stopped hurting I was also too toasted to play solitaire.
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I would clearly be more interesting if I didn't sleep in like, eighteen hour stretches.

(Oh, fine. I only actually slept about eight hours from when I passed out last night, but I totally slept seventeen hours the night/morning/afternoon/evening before to get me out of whack so that I'm only remembering to turn my phone back on at three in the afternoon after killing it outright when the alarm went off at nine at the morning.)


I think I've read all the Killjoys fic I can (I want to read fic about the Killjoys not about My Chemical Romance, and at this point I am a little hmmph at the usage of "Grace" instead of "Sunshine," and I realize the primary Killjoys fandom is bandom and I'm a lonely grinch out here and such is life), which is sad, because my brain doesn't want to cycle off it that fast.

I am toying with shooting a Killjoys short. I mean, we have desert and hilarious shades of hair (my streak is lime green at the moment, and [personal profile] niqaeli doesn't see how her checkerboard bun is that interesting but she talks about dyeing it turquoise), we could totally be a chick band/gang of the Danger Days 'verse. [personal profile] echan, would you be up for driving out all the way from Battery City on your totally appropriately decorated motorcycle to participate in a weekend shoot if I get something organized? And like, written? (Because surrealism is all well and good but frankly it can't be as randomly spontaneous as it looks to get done on a shooting schedule.)

My Wicked Witch of the East stockings would have to make an appearance. I'm trying to figure out what I would wear with them to show them off because most of my skirts would be impractical for kicking ass.

Part of me thinks it would be hilariously awesome to write and record an original song pastiching (it's verbable if I say so, spell check, take the fucking gerund) the Danger Days style (for one thing, it would make it totally original work, not original video to a borrowed song, and, among other things, that would make it useable for portfolio as vids are not--[personal profile] echan, I have also been having that problem lately). Part of me recognizes that while I have experience with film production, I don't actually have any experience with song-writing or producing. Which: goddamnit, but it's a neat idea. Does anyone want to chime in and be a co-conspirator?


Nnng. I can't decide if I'm being ridiculous in a doable way or in a unsupportable way. I priced HD camera rentals for a weekend and also looked into the local Ikea's last chance deals for white, simple line furniture to stand in for BL/ind's that we could realistically smash. And I don't even... this concept is barely a concept right now, I have so far talked to ONE person who would be on cast and maybe crew, and I don't even know if I should be storyboarding for a song off the album or thinking about original stuff.
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My festivid is a hit. I am refraining heroically from answering comments, which are awesome. (I also keep seeing my gift, the awesome Marion from Indiana Jones vid, on recs lists, which brings me glee.) [personal profile] niqaeli is collecting an entry of quotes from the vid mines that I wouldn't let her post at the time because they're spoilery, but the schedule on festivids is so stretched out that we're reaching the point of losing context. "Why was [char] a vampire?" I found myself asking regarding one of the quotes that was hilarious at the time. I remembered eventually. It's spoilery.

Today I discovered a new portmanteau for [personal profile] niqaeli's favorite SPN pairing: Casquatch. We died and died of laughter.

Last week we went to see Red at the dollar theater--that being the flick where aging ex-spies (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren) are on somebody's hit list and being pursued by up-and-coming spy (Karl Urban). We found it hilarious and adorable. It almost but not quite passed Bechdel. I'm not sure I would find it as charming on second viewing because violence against women )

Watched the last two episodes of White Collar. My memory for the one last week is full of holes. Oh wait, it's coming back to me. Burke's Seven. Right. Did you know [personal profile] niqaeli and I have a pet theory that El totally was a con and Peter figured her out in a way he couldn't arrest her for (among other things I like this theory for decreepifying the surveillance photo courtship: it was legitimate case surveillance!) and either she knew Neal and lets Neal think Peter doesn't know this for hilarity or Neal has only recently discovered her shadowy past and recognizes her reputation and is all OMG HOW WHAT YOU WERE SO AWESOME I DON'T EVEN. Anyway, with that theory, most El scenes get an extra twenty points of sweeeeeet.

So the most recent episode had the potential to joss the vid I'm working on, and I've been expecting to be jossed since--okay, no, I was expecting to be jossed last November but I've since given up on it (my attitude at this point is SHOW, PROVE ME WRONG! JOSS ME!)--but far from jossing me, this episode provided more fodder for the vid. my thoughts on this week's episode )

In other news, Ivan quietly went under and waited out Yuletide and Festivids and this week resurfaced. Bits of three of my four active Vorkosigan novellas of last year are once again taking over my brain (and the fourth is waiting for Bel to come out of hibernation). And I haven't even reread the books again or read any fic lately (except for [personal profile] dira's this evening, which made me cry at the sweet, and I would link but I'm on bit and I can't be bothered to deal with the annoying screenness to hunt down the URL ETA /ETA). So I decided to try for 300 words a day all year on one of those four plot bunnies, which at this point in the year would give me 100K by December 31, and hopefully enough pieces to string together a whole postable story or two and a lot of hilarious outtakes. Those of you on my WIP filter will get to watch me muddle through out of order!

Work: my hours are getting cut stupid low sigh.
School: I have another nominee for the "film class from hell" tag.
Cope: Hahaha what is that. At least I am still to some extent getting shit done?
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In the last week I:

--finished my yuletide
--finished a pinch hit
--embroidered oven mitts for a coworker
--celebrated a friend's birthday
--got all my holiday shopping finished
--got all my holiday baking finished
--got all presents handed or sent to their recipients
--survived Christmas Day with a usual amount of breakdown
--helped a couple of friends get all the crap out of their apartment for moving
--sold them the king size bed
--got them awake and actually heading towards Cali
--went to Ikea for sofa bed
--built, with niq, her giant table and my sofa bed (we have conquered the Ikea!)
--saw Tron
--did not kill my family
--registered for a winter session class

not necessarily in that order.

I did not, however, work on my festivid. I was not expecting the moving and Ikea'ing to be part of my weekend, so.

I am considering going back to Ikea just now actually...
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So niq has this ongoing plotbunny about Ezar's empress, Yuri's sister, named Griselda for our convenience, and the horribleness of her life and times under Yuri's rule, and how she gave Ezar-Piotr-Xav et al the palace during the civil war.

Having explored her characterization thus far, we then posited what would have happened if she had not died in childbirth with Serg but had lived to see him go mad. Answer: she would have killed him, as soon as Gregor was born healthy, her own damn self because if it was her they could call it Yuri Redux and not start a civil war.

And then the war party would have had the legs cut out from under it not having Serg as a figurehead nor Ezar using it to kill them all, and so when Aral (who would still have been on punishment duty at Sergyar since the Komarran conquest fail predates Griselda killing Serg) deals with the mutiny he then decides to fucking open diplomatic relations, damn the war party, full speed ahead, and sends Captain Naismith to the Escobarans with messages of peace and offers of trade.

The Betan Astronomical Survey? Totally trains for this eventuality. There is a non-trivial chance of a blind wormhole jump landing you in previously charted territories. Diplomacy IS part of Cordelia's training and mission. And when the Escobarans hear the Butcher of Komarr is on the other side and Cordelia keeps going "but he's really a decent fellow!" she gets stuck with that diplomatic duty longterm because nooooo one else wants to deal with him.

And Ges (introduced as "my creepy ex" instead of "And now, a rapist!") will totally turn "diplomatic relations" into obscene slang. And Cordelia's anthropological study of Rules of Barrayaran society include a whole subset of "and this is how it works with Ges," because he is totally different from everyone else. And Cordelia's considered opinion of him is that he badly needs some therapy. And Aral is like "Do you think if we shipped him off to Beta, they'd take him?"

I WANT HER TO WRITE THIS FOR ME. MY CURRENT THREAT IS THAT I WILL FINISH WRITING VORKOSIGAN 60 AND HOLD IT HOSTAGE UNTIL SHE WRITES THIS FOR ME. She has laughed and laughed at the idea that I could write a novel-length story and not immediately started soliciting feedback from everyone I know. In fact she's suggested that she will make me wait on this story just to see how long I COULD wait. WHEN SHE COULD JUST WRITE ME A STORY BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME AND SHE'S SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME. When I explode of impatience I will murder her in her sleep.
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So: I'm tired and depressed. Not depressed in the way that impacts my ability to enjoy the things I can do, like read novels and hang out with [personal profile] niqaeli, just depressed in the way that keeps me from getting things done, like writing or computer repair or dealing next semester or family or laundry. I should probably write another to-do list and have a go at it. My uterus finally rebooted anyway; note to self: five months is a little long, and since you KNOW you skip when you're stressed, you should probably have taken the hint and dumped some stress sooner.

I have not finished clipping for festivids.

I have not started writing for yuletide.

I have a lot of scenes of the (oh god) four semi-nano stories in my head, but very little is filtering down to the keyboard.

There is a kitten. Her name is Mia.


Nov. 6th, 2010 02:08 am
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There's a reason I have a braintwin. Apparently it is for CRACK.

So I watched Inception months ago and it was interesting and whatever and I read fic as it was recommended on my droll and whatever but I was not hugely inspired (other than the OH MY GOD WHAT horribly straight Dom/Mal vid--so come with me up to the balcony and we'll fall like paper planes/in the morning the papers will say 'lovers fly away' WTF IS THAT EVEN besides painful, so very painful, why couldn't I have awesome vid ideas like Like a Boss? I fucking love that vid).

Then this week I went to see it with [personal profile] niqaeli who had not seen it prior (we were waiting for, like, two months for it to hit the dollar theatre, and boggling at the wait) and after discussing it with her SUDDENLY MY BRAIN IS FULL OF CRACK BUNNIES.

"Hi," said Arthur when Ariadne opened her hotel door. He then launched into: "So Dom is an asshole who's apparently forgotten the meaning or maybe just the ethical necessity of full disclosure in our line of work."

"Yeah, I'd caught that," Ariadne said. The job was over, though, so what Dom hadn't told them couldn't hurt them now, right? "Was there something in particular you wanted to vent about that he forgot to tell you?"

"No," said Arthur. "That he forgot to tell you. See, he just confessed that he might have forgotten to mention the pon farr to you."

Ariadne stared at him. "The what?" she said flatly.

"Uh," said Arthur. "You're not familiar with Star Trek...?"

"Oh, I am," said Ariadne. "Ergo me wanting to know, pon farr has what to do with my life?"

Because, see, discussion of the conceit of the movie; I wouldn't think it's spoilery but wth do I know )

PS fandom why are you not all over the telepathy thing? I know the movie never mentions ESP but how else do you explain it? Has then been addressed somewhere I didn't see because I've mostly been reading stress baking AUs?

Also the telepathy issue brings up plot spoilers )

Then there's the shit niq has me cooking up about wtf ways to use Eames's forging abilities. She suggested in aid of someone's furry fantasy and I replied that no, wingfic was in order--
niq: Are they SPARKLY?
me: Not sparkly enough, no, because Eames has done FAR TOO MUCH RESEARCH on realistic wings--

(side note: he absolutely did vast, personal research for the blonde and is INSULTED when Arthur asks which one she's a copy of, she's a work of ART, not plagiarism, though Eames will be happy to give you references of inspiration for any body part that interests you)

At some point in the conversation niq objected to the wing fantasy belonging to Arthur because she feels fandom has made much of little with that pairing and fucked up what they had (where is the bitchy snark? and no one understands the correct usage of "darling" in the British parlance, apparently) so I said:

me: So Eames has done so much research on wings for Saito's fantasy--
niq: AHAHAHAH OMG he wants wings AND tentacles!
niq: yes? (humoring the crazy lady)
me: 1) he smells like sea gull and 2) he's done enough research into weight-to-wingspan ratios that he can't convince himself, dream or no, that he can fly.

I am transcribing from memory of spoken conversation, not copy/pasting from IM, so I have probably lost some of the hilarity.


Seriously OMG I am probably never going to write any of this as actual story but it makes me so happy to have floating around in my head and it is all [personal profile] niqaeli's fault. I less-than-three her so.


Oct. 24th, 2010 05:48 pm
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I appear to be reading Girl Genius.

Sometimes these things just fortuitously get around my mental blocks?
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Tonight we heard a strange squeaking noise, which, when investigated, proved to be a ball of grey fluff with whom BratMonster kitten was playing through the window. Vaguely tribble-ish in size, adorability, trill, and furriness, we determined it was a kitten really too young to be on its own and lured it to us with a steady stream of inane babble (after we figured out that sitting quietly was only freaking it out) and wet food. It is currently locked in the downstairs bathroom of conhq, as it was too late to canvas the neighborhood asking if anyone had lost their kitten. Though we suspect it may be abandoned as upon picking it up and feeling it, we found it was an underfed scrap of a thing with a knobby, knobby spine. It puts me in mind of Little Miss when we first got her, only tinier and therefore exponentially more deadly cute--at a year and a half old, Little Miss was barely over four pounds and her fluffy tail was as big as her body. (Little Miss has since been fed adequately and is something like twelve-ish pounds, and may no longer accurately be called Little, though what has accuracy to do with how I address my cats?) We estimate the grey fluffball to be 3-4 months old and possibly its weight should be measured in ounces.

I had an episode of... I don't even know. [personal profile] niqaeli suggests it tromped on my mommy buttons. In a fit of insanity I txted the roomie to ask what he thought of having three cats; I later retracted that. In any case I managed to hand the kitten off to other people, leave the vicinity, and slowly pry myself away from the idea of taking it home to be mine mine mine, during which period I repeatedly announced I was being very reasonable about this whole thing and burst into tears every five seconds.

List of Things Juls is not allowed to review while recovering from kitten:
A Civil Campaign
that episode of Nero Wolfe where the dog follows Archie home
any episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation featuring any incarnation of Spot
Red Dwarf
the icanhazcheezburger feed on my droll
Glass Houses (see icon)
eta: small humans being adorable--I better not read any of [personal profile] thefourthvine's Earthling entries/eta

...and if I continue, this rapidly reaches Skippy length.

Curiously, the fantasy genre obligatory talking cat archetype doesn't nail this the same way, but I am still wary of removing Red Dwarf from that list.

I feel a little better now but I think I will be falling down to sleep at conhq as the whole thing has left me too exhausted to drive.

At some later point when we've made sure no one in the neighborhood is looking for the little thing, I will probably post a link to adorable pictures in [personal profile] niqaeli's journal as we seek to find it a home that is not mine (or hers, but mostly not mine, as that seems to be where the emotional risk lies).

The waitress at Waffle House informs me tomorrow is another day and it will get better. Also I think she may have threatened to beat up my man (I was not very articulate about why I was crying).


Oct. 16th, 2010 04:39 pm
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I went on a song search re [personal profile] niqaeli's current favorite thing, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and I appear to have instead discovered that across three decades, [artist's redacted]'s snark is a match for [character redacted]'s in an entirely different fandom which I may or may not be vidding for festivids--for a treat if nothing else.
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*clears throat* Attention, persons interested in getting [personal profile] niqaeli a birthday present:

Her birthday is um, in just a couple of days (I had been meaning to get on this sooner, sorry, I'm a loser). So some of you may have already acquired birthday presents for her. But I had this thought! This brilliant plan I've been meaning to implement! Whereby some number of us get together and buy her a tattoo. She has a long list of ink she is interested in but I believe the first one she wants to get is a memorial to Tiggy.

(I would filter this entry from her but um, she's my braintwin, I already told her, and even if I hadn't done, it would be hard to keep it for her when we go see tattoo artists to look at portfolios and get quotes.)

So! Who's interested in chipping in? Is fine if you're not sure how much, I can get in touch when we actually have a quote.
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The "you went to bed early? that's a punishable offense" edition.

I think I am doing better. I got up early, went to class, though I didn't make anything up, and I wrote--I can't get any of the Glee crap out of my head, which is too bad as I am starting to annoy my nearest and dearest retelling them bits, but I wrote down some of Amita in space (on a hunch; the empty page was staring at me and wouldn't take ink for the stories of in-many-ways-normative white dudes, so I started writing Amita and got like, four pages down and only stopped for time). It's been a while since I wrote, this is good. Also I made a cheesecake and used up four of our multitude of apples (two more for the topping when I get around to it).

And that was my day. I am back to putting "going to class" in my list of accomplishments, which sucks, but I hadn't been doing it and I did it, which is good.

And: quiz due by 2:30 on Friday. Very doable.
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I cosplayed Ruby at Club Vivid and [personal profile] luminosity commented that I was playing the dead femme fatale. I had to headtilt and remember that for the rest of fandom, yes, she is dead. But not for me, because I live in another universe as far as Supernatural is concerned.

I happened to mention this [personal profile] niqaeli, whose response was that, well, okay, the host body's kind of a walking corpse, but Ruby isn't dead in any meaningful way, and how do we dissect the deadness of demontude. We were stopped at a red light so I let go of the wheel and took her hands and said, "No really, honey, she was stabbed with the demon-killing knife. As far as canon and most of fandom are concerned, she's really, really dead." And niq started cracking up because she had completely forgotten, as she also lives in another universe with regards to Supernatural, although hers involves the phrase "Ruby, the archangel" and Gabriel being an asshole for kicks.

In case you were wondering about Olga, it's not like I didn't specifically go looking for all the blood and gore and demon-shooting and demon-stabbing and somehow I left out that part of the season 4 finale, so I think it's safe to say she's not dead either.

The funny thing is that there are shows for which fandom has declared Didn't Happen (see also: Richie Ryan, Alex Krycek, and Daniel Jackson, where the power of their denial combined with lack of regular work for a scifi-turned-serious actor combined to MAKE IT CANONICAL), but as far as we can tell, there isn't any organized/widespread denial about Ruby. So hey. Put your hands up if Ruby lives on in your hearts, regardless of what may or may not have happened on the show.
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I have had a vid bunny for Hikaru no Go.

/me cracks up in [personal profile] niqaeli's general direction.
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I have told [personal profile] niqaeli to remind me later that Dean wearing a bra bandanna was an idea that I had while intoxicated and is not to be used in the final story.
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So post-Premieres the entire con is trying to use the internets, and the internets (being crappy hotel wifi) are resisting use. Leading to a couple of people in my room positing Vividon/Internets non-con.

Meanwhile, we were discussing the vastly over-exaggerated, even mythologized stories of random hook-ups at Vividcon. Said I, "How many witnesses were you that time you were making out with someone in the restroom?" [personal profile] niqaeli does not recall, as she was very drunk that year. It is worth noting that when she started licking my ear in Club Vivid I dragged her up to the room, which may have led people to erroneous conclusions. In conclusion, we may have contributed to the mythology. YET SADLY WE HAVE NOT ACTUALLY HAD ANY VIVIDCON HOOK-UPS. Woe.
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I made a vid. It premiered at Vividcon tonight.

Title: The Boy King
Vidder: [personal profile] jmtorres (with an assist from [personal profile] niqaeli)
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Sheep Marketing Ploy by Tom Smith
Warnings: Dude, it's Supernatural. Specific warnings here.
Summary: Sam Winchester, the Death Sheep from Hell.

Download link (please right-click/save-as): The Boy King. (27MB avi)

embedded on youtube )


Aug. 5th, 2010 05:54 pm
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Not off the ground yet. Still hanging out in Sky Harbor. Got felt up at security (I think they were checking to see if I was hiding something in my voluminous skirt), got dinner at Starbucks, watched vids on my nano for a while, now taking advantage of the free wireless.

niq made it safely to Chicago before I ever left the house. While it was nice to have a day to make sure I had my crap together and freak out and have lunch together, I kind of wish I was there already.

When I went to make up effects blood I discovered I had neither corn syrup nor food coloring in the house. That was about half an hour until my pick up for the airport so at that point I shrugged and said "Eh, I'll get it at the store in Chicago." I feel very silly for going through the trouble of finding a 3 oz container to carry it in, though. And also I feel like a crazy person, I could have SWORN the materials I got for a shoot last year were still around the house somewhere.

I also realized I won't be able to clip or lay timeline on the plane unless there's an outlet by the seat I can plug Jenny (the new external hard drive) into, because while I have all the media I meant to bring on Jenny, and then some, I did not put any on the laptop. Oh well, I can listen to vidding songs on repeat on the nano (manual repeat; if there is a way to set it repeat a single song I have not figured it out).

I'll be getting into Chicago around midnight, going straight to the room and falling down, I think. Or possibly hooking up Jenny and giving vidding a go. Who knows.

The plane is here, most of the previous passengers have disembarked, so I think I'll close up the laptop and pay a little attention.

In conclusion: CUPCAKES.
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Last night (what, three weeks after the fact?) I figured out how to make niq's cut of the vid work marvelously. It would have required changing more of the verse even than she did.

I am currently gnawing on a subjective reality problem. It's actually a dual subjective reality problem with elements informed by a cultural narrative of heteronormative sexism, which makes it difficult to bring up without sounding accusatory in the face of genuinely good intentions. Also I am arguably not awake enough yet to be coherent.


Jul. 9th, 2010 06:53 am
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I spent the night watching the therapy eps of Numb3rs because Don in therapy is win. The last one was one I hadn't actually seen so I was shocked! and thrilled! to learn there is in fact canon confirmation of Jewishness. OH DON *HEART* YOUR LITTLE FACE Ahem. This is all [personal profile] niqaeli's fault.
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So, the source still a sight unseen, we ([personal profile] niqaeli and I) have determined what our vid, song and concept is for Vividcon premieres (that's due in two weeks and we haven't started on yet). And I check my email and I'm off the waiting list.

Hahaha. Ahem.

We are taking bets that we close first half this year.


niq: ...are we making a meta vid again? I think we are.
juls: CRAP. Fuck it *G*
niq: It's a hilarious meta vid!


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Man, I was hoping group project meant my group could carry me. In fact I am the smartest one in the group and the prof basically took me aside and told me I needed to ride herd on the rest of them.

I am skimming a season of Smallville purely for the Ackles because [personal profile] everysecondtuesday is STILL an evil, evil person, and I was reluctant to even mention it here because I really want nothing to do with Smallville or Smallville fandom ever again. But I am unable to contain my WTF. Not cutting for spoilers because season four here.

Apparently, I could make a vid about Lois Lane, Supernatural Hunter. I totally have footage of her digging up Chloe's grave. PS show, if you are trying to convince me Chloe is dead, the credit sequence? Kind of a spoiler.

I am amused by the equal opportunity nudity. Clark? Naked all the time. Lana? Yep. Lois? Uh-huh. Lex? Naked and getting it on! Also, guessing who's going to be in a shower is really tons of fun. It's hard! Because it's not always the chicks! Once it was LIONEL! And because it was a prison shower he got stabbed by a hot young naked fellow inmate! (niq: yes, yes, he took him from behind.)

In the raw steaming pile of WTF category: Lex appears to have been cast in Raiders of the Lost Ark. As a Nazi. He and his white suit of moral despair are very excited over a... model sarcophagus discovered in a pyramid. This visual motif continues in other episodes, where he opens crates of artifacts better filed in a warehouse in perpetuity.

I am deeply confused as to why Jason (Ackles' character) having started dating a high school senior (Lana) would then choose to seek employment at her high school. Because high school coach/high school senior == WORLDS OF WHAT WERE YOU THINKING.

I am far too amused by Lana's Kryptonian tramp stamp. Apparently we are meant to believe Lana and Jason are not actually having sex, because it takes him like, half a dozen episodes to discover the tramp stamp. Also a witch possesses Lana and pins Jason (Ackles!) against the ceiling. It's just like Supernatural! Except with bits that make me cringe and fast forward.

In the land of did that really just happen? Why yes it really did just happen: Lionel Luthor and Clark Kent switched bodies. I actually watched significant portions of the A-plot of this episode because I was dying at Welling and Glover mocking each other's performances. I choose to believe that was all deliberate mockery, because otherwise I am forced to conclude that the nearest thing to Lionel in Welling's acting range is in fact Draco Malfoy. Glover really just thinks Clark's a whiny bitch, though. Best part of this episode: Lex got to remember the switch and demand Clark prove his identity after the fact. Apparently the plausible deniability on the use of powers was "oh! um, side effect of the body swap!"

Because I haven't been listening to most of Lex's scenes I have to ask: Is it canon yet that Lex just pretends not to know Clark's a freak from another planet to humor Clark? Because more than ever this is what it looks like. And, seriously, if Lex can leap to bodyswap as to a reasonable explanation of matters--not to mention Lana possessed by a 17th century witch--you can't tell me he's ruling out "freak from another planet" as too unlikely an explanation for Clark.

I spent a few minutes pondering if Lex's dialogue had always been this over the top. I concluded that yeah, probably, but when I was watching it before I was like, "His love for Clark is so epic!" and now I am fast-forwarding through Lex wandering into a locker room full of naked boys to donate uniforms to the football team because his motivational speech makes my skin crawl. Apparently Clark is kind of at that point, too. Lex shut down the Clark Kent stalker shrine because Clark told him it was creeeeepy and now Clark is all YOU CANNOT BUY MY LOVE FRIENDSHIP! and Lex is all YOU ARE THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS ME CLINGING TO HUMANITY! And I am not paraphrasing nearly as much as I wish I were.

In conclusion: I now have lots of footage of Ackles making out with girls.
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Just a quick reminder for the forgetful--today is Rickroll Day, Gafiation Day, April Fool's, when it's at home. So don't take anything you see today too seriously and remember that by the communicative law of identity, [personal profile] niqaeli and [personal profile] ysobel are the same person.

Today I

Mar. 29th, 2010 01:06 am
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Slept a lot. Agreed to clip for the Many Break-ups: Candy Tears vid with [personal profile] niqaeli this week. Got nearly halfway into Good Omens and was confused by how many characters other than Crowley and Aziraphale there were (seriously, I had somehow managed to convince myself it was a fanfic style epic romance with plot as a backdrop). Was first useless as a beta and then worse than useless (I told [personal profile] echan her vid had a pedophile in it). Read [personal profile] echan some fanfiction, including the one where Sam offers to pop Cas's cherry and makes Dean help him pick lube and condoms until Dean explodes, and the one where Cas has to take a temporary host and Chuck tells Cas that Dean will laugh his ass off.

I should go to bed soon. I'm trying to figure out how to start the story I've given the working title of Sam and Cas's Trip to Detroit. Damn it, how do I have no titles for that and like, twelve for the other one? (Seriously: Angels Don't Do Booty Calls. All's Fair in Love and the End of Days. Jimmy Novak's Happily Ever After, With Cheeseburgers. These are all titles I like and consider acceptable for THAT story. I can't find titles for anything ELSE though.)

In my head, Ruby keeps calling Crowley "the Garden snake" and Dean keeps not hearing the capital in that and wondering who the hell Crowley is that Ruby thinks he's totally fangless but capable of helping them.

[personal profile] grey_bard pointed out to me that back in Mystery Spot, the identity the Trickster pretends is totally Jimmy Novak's. A wife named Amelia? A job selling ad time? Okay, so he added a spare kid. But uh. FLAIL. And the thing is? The way the timeline runs on Jimmy, Castiel was probably already courting him by that late in season 3. Suddenly I am wondering if the Trickster's interest in Sam and Dean was reignited by Castiel shopping for a host.

We went to renfaire with [personal profile] traykor on Saturday and now my legs hurt and I have a plot bunny about Sam and Dean hunting wyverns at faire. And I have to tell you. Dean has garb.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 02:24 am
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I appear to have accomplished 42 seconds of a vid tonight. Not so much in the way of homework, but yay vid.

This is a weird one in that... it's not fully formed in my head, but I'm not feeling the need to pre-clip for it. Like, I had a thesis centered on the choruses, and working on the verse has been... it's flowed. Like, when I get to each line I know what to do with each line, so I know exactly where to go get it. Mostly. There's been some cases of "Cas, could you please be a little more badass now" and "Stop simpering, Ruby, I swear to God, no one would know you were a demon." But like, most of the stuff has been just there, right where I need it to be.

[personal profile] grey_bard asked me if it was coming together so fast because I'd clipping for the last week, which I haven't been. I've been watching stuff? But mostly not even with intent, and so crazy out of order that it's kind of hilarious that I can tell a remotely linear story with this. Weirdly, I think that my vid-brain image memory must be connected heavily to my fic-brain plot memory, because while I wasn't watching with intent to vid, I was watching with intent to write. So a lot of stuff got entered into the mental encyclopedia that way, I'm guessing.

I should write up my workflow with Final Cut at some point, because the way I'm set up it's adaptable to clip or not to clip, whatever works best at a given moment. And I think this is key to letting your creative juices flow. Sometimes you need to hunt and peck for the best iteration of a repeating theme, sometimes you need to be able to ram footage straight from a whole episode file directly onto the timeline with no intermediate steps to slow you down and get in your way. Or I need, anyway.

So yeah. I cut 42 seconds of a vid tonight, which, seriously, comes out to something like six or seven seconds per hour, which is... a lot, really. That's like, the night after Vividcon extension deadline pace, [personal profile] niqaeli can attest. There is no deadline on this! I don't know what's gotten into me! I'm usually a lot more methodical. Well, that's kind of a lie. Let's say, I'm usually methodical for two months and then finishing shit in a fucking hurry last minute. I do not usually start with the fucking hurry. This is weird for me.
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It is sort of heartening that when I start writing down a happy thought a day in the happy journal, things start pouring out and suddenly I'm writing down four happy thoughts as fast as I can before I have to run back to work.

In other news, I got a ramekin of cheesecake and left it on the counter instead of taking it home with me. It, it will go to waste now, because omg I'm not driving back down to the other end of town. *sadness*

I keep poking at this one particular story in my head and it's possible that if I keep at it, the sex scene will congeal into something I can actually elide instead of farming out to [personal profile] niqaeli to write for me. Relatedly, I think [personal profile] niqaeli and I should credit all episodes of xfp Lennon & McCartney style. She can even be Lennon! I'm good with this.
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10:09pm: txt msg from [personal profile] niqaeli: "Terriawesome vid idea: Sherlock Holmes '09 to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. I thought I should share the wtf."
Read more... )
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Last night I wanted to watch the (? I'm trying to remember if there was ever another) Christmas episode of X-Files with niq, How the Ghosts Stole Christmas. In finding which season it was in, I happened to notice the high volume of total crack episodes in season 6:

--Drive, which opened with a faux news broadcast of a high-speed chase realistic enough to confuse and frustrate wee Juls for several minutes
--Triangle, in which every act is comprised of about three long shots, tops
--Dreamland I & II, in which Mulder is bodyswapped with an Area 51 suit, but it's all retconned, except for the waterbed
--How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, in which the word "paramasturbatory" is used twice, among other hilarious tidbits
--Tithonus, in which Clyde Bruckman's prediction that Scully will never die comes to pass
--Monday, aka Groundhog's Day
--Arcadia, in which Mulder and Scully go undercover as the Petries
--The Unnatural, in which aliens came to Earth to break into pro baseball
--Three of a Kind, the Las Vegas episode, featuring the abuse of squibs
--Field Trip, in which Mulder and Scully do shrooms.

It's not that X-Files never did crack before (Jose Chung's From Outer Space, Small Potatoes, Bad Blood, the aforementioned Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose), but I rather feel that season six had a very high crack quotient. Curiously, season 7 seems to have less crack, though, still, more than the early once-a-season break-outs--it wasn't a long-term commitment to crack, I guess? In any case, suddenly I understand much better why some people draw the line on their acceptable canon at season 5? My own line is at season 7, cast changes shook up my show more than I could stand more than crack did. niq says this prefigured my fifth-wave fannishness.

Dude, screw the mytharc, [personal profile] niqaeli and I should just watch the crack episodes. It. It would be a very different experience.
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I have niq's present!

(And if I happen to ask you, later, where I stashed it, the answer is "behind the cds")
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[personal profile] niqaeli loves me very much, in the totally every day way. Grocery store trips and Supernatural DVDs, I tell you. What more could a girl want of a braintwin?

Everyone, go tell [personal profile] niqaeli she's awesome.

icon meme

Sep. 27th, 2009 10:25 pm
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[personal profile] aris_tgd selected these icons of mine for me to talk about. If you would like me to do the same, pls comment.

Restrain America for the good of the world This is an image I screencapped from an episode of 7 Days, which was a trashy time travel show I enjoyed before the internet regularly pirated stuff, and which has never been released on DVD, which means the only copies circulating now are from Spike with a squished aspect ratio and cut for syndication. It might be a service to the internets if I capture my first-run VHS recordings. Or not. It really was a fairly trashy show. I'm easy when it comes to time travel stuff. Anyway, dude on the left tied to the car in nothing but his flag boxers is Frank Parker, our weekly time traveler. Those are his lucky boxers, given to him by dude on the right, Craig Donovan, who is, at this moment, saving his ass. Adorable slashy buddies, they are. It occurs to me that Frank and Donovan are former and current Navy SEALs, so I have a route to writing a crossover made in hell with NCIS. This icon was made during the Bush administration; I am not so often moved to use it anymore.

full body condom This one is Andy Warhol Mason Eckhart from Mutant X, a show I used to enjoy with [personal profile] j_crew_guy for like a season before there were bizarre cast changes and hair changes and really, all the cheesy goodness was eventually leached away. I mean, the plot was always bad? But it got worse. Eckhart is the nemesis-cum-ex-boyfriend of the team leader for the ensemble of not-X-men, Adam. Something horrible happened to Eckhart that he blames Adam for, which may or may not be true, I honestly forget how much of what happened we fanwanked and how much was revealed in seasons I don't consider canon and how much they just didn't say. Anyway, his immune system was shot to hell so he now wraps himself in Saran wrap on a daily basis. We always found this really, really kinky.

are you okay? you've been shot in the head The quote on this one is from a David Bowie song entitled "Seven Years in Tibet," and the character pictured is Creegan from the short-lived US version of Touching Evil, who has been shot in the head and has brain-damage related behavioral problems that make his take on fighting crime somewhat wacky. I adored the US version of this show--it was gorgeous--so much so that I have never gotten around to watching the UK version, which by all accounts is very different. For one thing, the US actor had a scar on his head, but on the other side of his head from the original character, so they rewrote how his damage manifested to be accurate to the new location. I vidded this fandom to this song, though the icon came first, if I recall correctly. I use this icon for emo whine entries a lot, and [personal profile] niqaeli made off with it as one to use when posting for me or when I'm hijacking her journal. (Likewise I have her kitten icon.)

it's not forbidden to be what you areThe image is from the cover of Moxy Früvous's final album, You Will Go To The Moon, the lyric from the song "Boo Time." This was one of those touchstones for me, the line it's not forbidden to be what you are, as a baby dyke coming into her own. This is one of my earliest icons, from way back when I started my (live)journal. You can see from how crap it is *G*

Tony Stark, Iron Maiden I modeled my version of Woman!Tony Stark off of Corky from the early Wachowski brothers (you know, the Matrix dudes) film Bound. I photoshopped it myself and somewhere there's a bigger copy but I'm not going to link to it because it was never intended to be more than an icon so it's kind of rough. I was writing a story to go with this that I never quite finished; I was in fact going to inflict the title "Iron Maiden" on it (Pepper snarked, "Maiden? You, ma'am?"). I'm trying to find an entertaining pull-quote, but while I outlined it fairly thoroughly, I didn't write out a lot of it. Tony Stark is pretty much the same as a woman but the world bends differently around her. For instance, when she gets back from Afghanistan she gets asked (in a well-meaning let-us-help-you way) if she was raped. And she's like HELLO ARC REACTOR IN MY CHEST, WHO GIVES A SHIT? Also I love Tony/Pepper a lot but for some reason it's like, ten times hotter if they're lesbians. Go figure.

*hides* Danny Tripp from Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip is terrified of his girlfriend, who is also his boss. This is one of my few animated icons, and also one someone else made! Gosh.

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The official description of the Bechdel show [personal profile] niqaeli and I put together for [ profile] vividcon is:

In 1985 in the comic strip Dykes To Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel gave us this test to evaluate gender equality in a movie: 1) it has to have at least two women in it who 2) talk to each other about 3) something other than a man. This vid show is about the spirit of the Bechdel Test, showcasing vids about two or more women interacting and relating with each other, in ways that don't have anything to do with men. Femslash optional.

A fairly dry definition of the Bechdel Test, in case anyone didn't know; "femslash optional" was our wry comment on what we thought most vids-that-passed-Bechdel would be about. We were thrillingly shocked to find that vidders had found and shown and celebrated female characters having an incredible range of relationships and conversations. This is a show full of vids about: friendship, family, sisterhood, mothers and daughters, adopting each other, finding your place in the world, making your place in the world, being part of something bigger than yourself, death and grief, history, identity, societal roles and how to break out of them and the extent to which that's possible--and also, kicking ass, taking names, robots, cheerleading, rocking out, and hot lesbian sex.

the playlist )

discussion questions )
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Vid: The Long Spear
Vidders: MANY--Please credit to "[personal profile] jmtorres, [personal profile] niqaeli, et al", not JUST to [personal profile] jmtorres. This was NOT a solo vid
Music: The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel, with additional material
Fandom: Star Trek and... Star Trek. Yes.
LINK (right-click or ctrl-click to download and save): (39MB)

I promised since, oh, about the second time I saw the movie that this vid would say everything I wanted said and that if it didn't I would cry and hang up my hat as a vidder because clearly I would be no good at communicating in the medium.

So I will limit my remarks here and let the vid do most of the talking. I really only want to say three things:

1. An expansion of the credits:
[personal profile] jmtorres and [personal profile] niqaeli were the primary vidders in the sense of putting material on the timeline.

[personal profile] traykor, [personal profile] echan, and [personal profile] grey_bard did lots and lots additional clipping above and beyond what [personal profile] jmtorres and [personal profile] niqaeli managed.

[personal profile] grey_bard also recorded the vocal track for the last verse specifically for this project. The other women whose singing I sampled for this vid are Joni Mitchell and Lorenna McKennit.

[personal profile] killabeez and [ profile] slasher69 are two vidders to whose work we paid homage. Those vids were: Killa's Dante's Prayer, because Killa is a seminal Trek vidder of the modern era (Dante's Prayer has been cited as "Hey, you guys! We can use those computers things for vidding!"), and Kandy Fong's Both Sides Now, which is, so far as I know, the earliest vid of which we have visual record (see this OTW journal article for more on the history of vidding).

The following fangirls took pictures of themselves in Vulcan salute for me to use at the end of the vid: [personal profile] ysobel, [ profile] lierdumoa, [personal profile] settiai, [personal profile] lferion, [personal profile] azurelunatic, [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, [personal profile] gchick, [personal profile] zarhooie, [ profile] missingwatch.

[personal profile] elfling made the awesome costumes we wore to Club Vivid.

I would also like to give a special nod to [personal profile] nshoe, who, while not one of our women's voices in the traditional sense, did help out with Memory Alpha abuse for clipping and making one of my hard drives live again. His wife, [personal profile] niqaeli, also notes that he was very patient with the crazy women in the house.

2. I did, briefly, want to explain the title, because I used a metaphor that I thought was not uncommon, but google entirely disagrees. So you may never have heard it before unless you read all the same stuff I do. [ profile] papersky writes about her spearpoint theory; the example she was using it on when I appropriated it into my personal vocabulary was the Vorkosigan novels, how the later novels like Brothers in Arms and Memory are that sharp point on the long spear, they have an emotional impact because of the history of the other novels they carry. I consider the Star Trek Reboot movie to be the sharp point. Since I'm trying not to overexplain the vid, I'll leave the rest of the metaphor unspoken.

3. My hat is made of tin.

I will now take questions from the audience.

(Holy cow, it's harder to hear people cry than to hear them laugh.)
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1. I finished watching Enterprise!

2. Alas, my love affair with the trashy holonovel is not over. I'm reading fic. None of it is what I'd call good fic, which is why I'm leaning heavily on comedy--a well-formatted comedy can live without a plot and with mangled characterizations, whereas drama with the same flaws make me stab the back button.

But my actual second comment was a related issue to the bad fic: I keep trying to figure out what woman on Enterprise Archer might be talking to who would be considered blonde (not T'Pol, surely not Hoshi), only to realize he's talking to Trip. You guys! Blonde with an e, girl!Trip. Blond without an e, boy!Trip. Continually referring to characters by their hair color instead of their name, so last decade.

[personal profile] niqaeli and I discussed it and girl!Trip is awesome and I want actual fic about her (as opposed to whoops, stop calling boy!Trip the blonde mmmkay?). She's totally queer. Like, not completely lesbian, about the same ratio of hitting on alien women and bonding in highly suspect ways with Archer and Reed as the next Trip--but she is queer, and self-aware about it, which means she totally calls Reed on his shit, Reed being the least self-aware queer in the history of Starfleet. Also, she's about ten times less ass-hatty about the one-night stand with T'Pol. In my head her name is still Trip which means she's probably actually also still Charles Tucker III because her father so desperately wanted a son to carry on the line that he gave his daughter massive issues to carry around. Fun times! Is there any chance this story has actually been written? Is there any chance it's any good?

song calls

Jul. 14th, 2009 01:05 pm
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I've had a terrible songcall for the vid concept we discussed last night, [personal profile] niqaeli: Deacon Blues. Ahem. I fear that no one would quite realize how tongue in cheek it was.
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So I'm compiling a DVD of our vids to be selling at Vividcon (and possibly on the webs if there is demand) for some cost in the range of $3-$4 US (plus a couple bucks shipping if webs) and I am trying to decide what all should be on the DVD, mostly because I have recently discovered that some of my early work makes me wince.

(My vid post, because I'm not going to link them all individually.)

lists of vids, cut for length )

Vids of Juls' that Juls is considering not putting on the DVD because old and wince:
  • I Want You, Witchblade

  • American Tune, Andromeda

  • Rain, Farscape

And now, a poll. This is partially to give me a clue how many DVDs we'll need to be making for VVC, partially to demand your advice re vids to disinclude.

(If you are coming from LJ, sign in at the OpenID page to be able to vote.)
Poll #675 House of Torres! Qapla'!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

My interest in buying a DVD:

View Answers

I am offering you advice without any intent to purchase
1 (16.7%)

Might get one at VVC
0 (0.0%)

Definitely getting one at VVC
1 (16.7%)

Might get one on the webs
2 (33.3%)

Definitely getting one on the webs
2 (33.3%)

Juls is wrong about vid X, Juls should include it anyway:

View Answers

2 (100.0%)

American Tune
1 (50.0%)

I Want You
1 (50.0%)

I have a justification for my above belief:

Juls is right not to include everything, and furthermore, Juls should also not include some other stuff:

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Does anyone know anything about casting faces and creating prosthetic appliances? My experience: one undergraduate make-up class, in which we used liquid latex and kleenex to make scars.

My current goal: making custom Vulcan ears for [personal profile] niqaeli. Also pointy eyebrows for the both of us (but I am less concerned about that).

Most of my questions have to do with materials. Like, my textbook here says use alginate to do the cast of the face. [personal profile] echan claims we could do it with papier maché, though I am thinking I don't want to try to get newsprint strips fine enough to deal with the ear. So, alginate. (My book is all about the accu-cast brand; I admit I am looking at mold gel purely for local availability.) Do I want quick set (like, 3 minutes) or slow set (like, 8 or 9 minutes)? I mean, as a beginner at this, will I actually get the stuff on before it sets in three minutes? Or if I get the slow set will I end up going "Hold still, it's almost set... almost..." for like, five minutes?

So then, making the positive plaster cast off the alginate face ear mold (ps: I am thinking I will be casting just her ears since that is all I need to make appliances for. Is there any compelling reason to do a full face cast?). Materials for the plaster cast--is there any reason I need to be using hydro super stone pro stuff, vs plaster of paris I could pick up at Joann's?

Once I clay model the pointy ears and make a negative plaster cast of that, I am then a little waffly about what to make the actual appliances out of. Like, I'm reading about painting layers of liquid latex into the mold which would make an ear that conforms externally to what I sculpted but which would not be perfectly molded to the top of her ear. It would be... hollow, I guess? I get that you can't fill up the whole closed mold (inclusive of the positive cast of the ear) with liquid latex, that that won't set because liquid latex needs air to set? That if I want to do something that matches up perfectly to her ear, I'm looking at foaming materials--foam latex, poly-urethane foam, silicone foam, foam gelatin. Any recs re: my low experience level and affordability of materials? Or is a foam appliance overkill for this--should I just make the hollow latex appliance?

current materials list for niq's approval )
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You guys. I saw daylight. I went outside for longer than it takes to get into a car. I went swimming.

PS Vidders near and far know about the vid farr, yes? [personal profile] niqaeli and I think we discovered the plak vid, when the combination of hours of a/v input, sleep deprivation, substance abuse culminate in total hysteria.

The funny thing is, we have record of the symptoms of plak vid affecting us about two days before we realized what was happening.

once more!

Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:39 am
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Hey, all, this is your gentle reminder that there's a mere two days left to suggest vids for Vividcon themed shows. Whether you're going to vividcon or not, you should consider throwing your vids, your best friend's vids, your favorite vids ever into the ring.

Here at the Bechdel Show, I am especially excited to hear your suggestions. I also totally want your premiering vids if you are so inclined, but even just your favorite vid ever about a couple of gal-pals is made of win.

Suggest at the form!! Leave me a comment! Email me at juliette dot torres at gmail dot com. You have the power to make our show awesome.
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You know, I had the unholy suspicion that the vividcon deadline was going to be great for my word count. 1879 words. Spoilers through K&R, I suppose (not the finale, hadn't seen it yet, watching it... now); inspired by this bunny of [ profile] niqaeli's *cries*, Matt and Jordan. Also on AO3.

That only cost me about four and a half hours!

Read more... )
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(I'm kind of disappointed I didn't finish the mpreg for Mother's Day.)

Title: Kid Genius
Author: [ profile] jmtorres
Summary: "Great at math, failing at life," said Charlie.
Word count: 5,756
Rating: Dreamsicle
Warning: Jul does not pass go, Jul does not collect $200. Jul goes directly to hell, because the pretty brothers are hot.
Also on AO3.
1. Only I would choose, for my triumphant return to fanfiction and feedback whoring, a fandom this tiny. I blame [ profile] niqaeli.
2. Orange sidebar on [ profile] niqaeli: Every non-fannish person I know assumes that [ profile] niqaeli is my girlfriend (a title currently reserved only for [ profile] isabeau, who sat on my head and made me write fic when she discovered we once again had a fandom in common after many years running in parallel...) because the fannish relationship of "other half of my brain" is simply inexplicable to the non-fannish. I've taken to calling [ profile] niqaeli my sister rather than try to explain the actual relationship. Ironically, this has not helped.
3. This story was not going to be as long as it is, but [ profile] niqaeli informed me that I needed another scene to conclude it. And then another. I accuse her of blatant manipulation.
4. A few hundred of these words are [ profile] niqaeli's, though it should probably also be noted that she knew several important bits before I'd committed them to words at all, because she is in mah brain stealin mah thoughtz.

Read more... )


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