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So I try, generally, to accept the idea that once I put things on the internet, they are on the internet and free to be made merry with by one and all. Therefore, it is my opinion that you do not REQUIRE my permission to:

--remix my work
--podfic my work
--make vids of my fanfic
--show my vids in a vidshow
--link my work, to anyone you reasonably think would appreciate it
--write fanfic of my fanfic
--draw fanart for my fanfic
--or any other permutation of fannish inspiration you can think of.

But if you want my permission, you have it. Also, if I've managed to lock something you wanted to share, poke me about it, that's generally accidental, I will usually unlock.

I would like to hear about if you are using or remixing or etcing my work! That is pretty exciting for me. Also, I would like to be credited (except on those rare occasions--I can think of two--where I have posted work with the specific request *not* to be associated with it).

See also: my braintwin's thoughts on this matter.

So anyway: you don't have to ask to play in my sandbox, but the answer's always yes.

fuck meeee

Oct. 26th, 2011 08:15 pm
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Does anyone want to talk about the how is this even my life fucking epic plotbunny of Steve/Tony BDSM soul-bonded AU I got saddled with last night that I have already written 1200 words of, while at work, FML, I do not even know, it started off ridiculous but Tony has ISSUES, seriously I think I wrote emoporn, how did I even? It started off with this story, which is a cute little BDSM soul-bonded AU PWP with the summary "As soon as they meet, Tony and Steve imprint on each other as dom and sub. Steve doesn't know what to make of this" and practically off that one line I spawned this whole thing about who's the dom and who's the sub? WAIT, WHAT IF THEY CAN'T AGREE? CLEARLY THEY WILL HAVE TO SPEND FORTY THOUSAND WORDS COMPETING FOR TOP DOM. (I ended up emailing the author asking for permission to remix. Which she granted nigh instantaneously. Oh my god now I have no excuse not to write it. Other than my burning shame.) Also I have already had deep thoughts on Tony in a BDSM context and he's fucking ridiculous, I know this about him, he doesn't feel like he's doing it right unless there's all kinds of props and shit. Which is not entirely Steve's scene. Also I've decided that in BDSM AU land, Steve is a switch but in the past has only subbed for women. There may possibly be cross-dressing in this fic, why do you ask. (Wow. Pepper is totally Steve's type. Steve would totally be on his knees for Pepper if he didn't have a fucking soul-bond to Tony.)

If this is something you think you might want to hear more about, tell me your IM (I can do AIM or gchat) and I'll come find you.

ETA: so nobody? basically nobody. Okay! Good to know that the audience for this fic will be approximately ZERO when I ever get around to posting it. FML.

ETA2: No, I know, I'm being dramatic because I cannot even believe I am writing this.

ETA3: Ooh, I should check Marvel wikia to see if there's a Kinkworld. I mean, probably not? Comics Authority and all? but I should CHECK.


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