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stated purpose of tab cleaning: make my computer more useable for writing in specified time blocks, less tempting

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The Twelfth of Never by Yahtzee
Bristow's 11 by Yahtzee

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Ajax Fassbender's Amateur Guide To Zombie Wrangling by Brigantine

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Intelligent Designs by auburn

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Love as Rich as the Sea by elrhiarhodan

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we're all together in the same robot (in life) by kellifer_fic

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Welcome to Beacon Hills by HalfFizzbin, otter

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My Patience is a Medal by Saucery

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bulwark by kellifer_fic

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Trust In This (Even If You're Scared Stiff) by otter
The Whole Glass Of Water by ladyblahblah
Sourwolf Candy by relenafanel
she's got stickers on her locker by leah k
Completing the Square by clio_jlh
When You're Still Waiting for the Snow to Fall by JenNova
Where we ought to be by clio_jlh
Wild and Reckless Breeze by GotTheSilver
By a String of Blue Lights by Lapin
Coyote Courts the Moon by tzzzz
Happiness is not a horse, you cannot harness it by otter
Bullets and Claws by miya_morana
Still by coppersin
The Skies Above Are Blue by greensilver
Grumpy Old Men by peroxidepest17
glad i didn't die before i met you by deerie
Telescoping Effect by relenafanel
First Date by halffizzbin
Like Calls to Like by Ciircee
AU fluff 'verse by mieraspeller
giving up this whole lie, this whole me by Loz
Dog Days by flaming_muse

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tween wolf: season 2 by verity
His Password is Also Derek by teromain
wolf whistle by ashinan
Cry Havoc by ladyblahblah
Aversion Therapy by entanglednow
Rattle this Ghost Town by scoutshonor
A Brief Introduction to Live Action Roleplaying by wldnst
I have a grave to dig by pistol
Trust Fall by Stoney
Show me the way back home baby by stilinskisparkles
Articulation by fleete
Parallels by Survivah
You Saw Me Standing Alone by breenwolf
Not As Described by Febricant
Not Like Bond & Moneypenny by WhoNatural
sterek on a plane by trelkez
The Noble Tie that Binds by minusoneday

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trope: werewolves can turn into wolves
trope: fake boyfriends
fluffy fuzzy recs
accidental marriage; established relationship
knotting and mating

vid things i am still thinking about

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the lace stockings stiles is currently making for his wedding to derek, for magical reasons. that I am currently fixing the pattern to, because why would you knit socks flat, why.
herringbone lace stocking pattern
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May. 11th, 2013 11:25 pm
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so this may come off vain but what are your favorite stories of mine? [personal profile] grey_bard wants to make a zine of some my stuff and asked me if i had any i definitely wanted in, and uh, I dunno, my brain is failing me, so
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AO3 link | tumblr link

Person of Interest/Teen Wolf crossover. Harold accidentally takes Bear on a playdate with a werewolf. For [personal profile] enemyofperfect.

Call it a fit of whimsy. Harold writes the craigslist ad like a personal. Single brown Malinois male seeks playmate for long runs in the park. Like donuts, hot dogs, first edition Asimov. Speaks Dutch.

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Fic research

Recipes and/or booze

cool stuff

Teen Wolf (unread)(probably)(Safari is worse about keeping where-in-page data)

Teen Wolf (read most of)

Teen Wolf (recs lists)

Teen Wolf Meta

Teen Wolf RPF (unread)

Avengers (unread)

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Recipe and/or booze

Interesting tools

Fanfic research

Teen Wolf (unread)

Teen Wolf (read)(mostly)(probably)

Avengers (unread)(mostly)

Avengers (read)

Avengers (recs lists)

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Tron (unread)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (unread)

Cabin Pressure (read)

Slings and Arrows (read)

X-Men: First Class (unread)

Losers (nfi)

Star Trek: DS9 (read)

The Unusuals (nfi)

...breaking again for food. My god this is a long project.
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I thought I might manage to bookmark shit but ahahaha

Fic Research related

Teen Wolf (read)(at least most of)

Teen Wolf (unread)

Teen Wolf (recs lists)

Avengers (unread)

Avengers (read)(mostly)

Person of Interest (I... don't know)

...interrupted by roommate, TBC


Aug. 11th, 2012 11:57 pm
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I appear to have written a brief Teen Wolf fanfic entitled "The Ins and Outs of Werewolf Sex." In it, Stiles and Derek have an important conversation about certain kinks. See also: knotting.
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So I try, generally, to accept the idea that once I put things on the internet, they are on the internet and free to be made merry with by one and all. Therefore, it is my opinion that you do not REQUIRE my permission to:

--remix my work
--podfic my work
--make vids of my fanfic
--show my vids in a vidshow
--link my work, to anyone you reasonably think would appreciate it
--write fanfic of my fanfic
--draw fanart for my fanfic
--or any other permutation of fannish inspiration you can think of.

But if you want my permission, you have it. Also, if I've managed to lock something you wanted to share, poke me about it, that's generally accidental, I will usually unlock.

I would like to hear about if you are using or remixing or etcing my work! That is pretty exciting for me. Also, I would like to be credited (except on those rare occasions--I can think of two--where I have posted work with the specific request *not* to be associated with it).

See also: my braintwin's thoughts on this matter.

So anyway: you don't have to ask to play in my sandbox, but the answer's always yes.
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It hit yuletide length, so I figured I was morally obligated to post it to the archive.

Title: The Secret Lives of Muses
Author: [personal profile] jmtorres
Fandom: Vorkosigan, Dresden Files by allusion, and Meta, meta as hell.
Summary: In which Gregor wants to hear all about Ivan's adventures in the author's head.
Word Count: 1056

I may have mentioned in the past about Ivan being the only muse who hides from me. In the back of my own head. In other fandoms. Where he gets his just desserts. (Hiding from your writer, honestly.) [personal profile] azurelunatic asked if he could be convinced to talk about that time in Chicago, and the answer was--I definitely could not convince him, but he won't lie to Gregor. And I'm not above using that against him.

Gregor, at least, forgives me.

Fic on AO3.


Aug. 22nd, 2011 03:13 am
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For those of you who follow me at [ profile] jmtorres, new plan on the backlog that needs to be posted. Every day I will post to AO3 whatever fic I posted on that date in years past in my journal. (Unless it's unfinished in a way I'm still working on. Or Smallville. For some reason everything I've written for Smallville makes me go AGH.)

This means I will:

--probably be posting something to AO3 more or less every day
--catch up and get everything archived that's going to be archived within a year
--not have to look at everything from my wee years all at once, thank fucking Loki.


Apr. 27th, 2011 06:28 pm
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I'm supposed to be doing research and my brain won't stop writing Sanctuary idfic.

AU off the s1/s2 cliffhanger )
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Nearly had a screaming meltdown on--late Friday night, early Saturday morning? I think? I've been at [personal profile] niqaeli's since then, aside from a brief run by my house for textbooks. I should probably think about going home. I have a small spot of homework to do in the next twelve hours, and I'm thinking about sleeping.

I want to be creative. I fired up Final Cut but that didn't really go anywhere; I opened up googledocs and thought about writing Sanctuary fic--I'm all caught up and have this ridiculously detailed plotbunny in my head about the intersection of the sexcapades of Helen Magnus and Vampire Nikola Tesla (with other people) that I'm actually kind of ashamed of, oh my god, the things that live in my head, I don't even.

But what came out was more Echo Bazaar fic. I'm sort of... I don't even know, this fic can't decide whether it wants to be game-play fic or narrative fic. At least it's settled on first-person for the narrative sections.

bit of what I wrote tonight )

I really want to have some art in the story, it feels wrong not to have art in Echo Bazaar fic. I sent a message to someone asking if I could use some of the beautiful stuff I've seen go by on my droll (*waves*), I sort of flailed and dorked around incoherently a lot so you know, hopefully I don't come off as completely illiterate. *facepalm*


Apr. 8th, 2011 03:03 pm
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I just read a Supernatural fic, off a rec, no less, from an author whose work I have frequently enjoyed, and it...

It sort of got peanut butter on my, hmm, asparagus.

And I kind of want the fic I thought it was from the description. Which, by the way, was neither peanut butter nor asparagus, but more like... sashimi.

This metaphor may possibly be getting away from me.

I should probably go eat something.
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For those who care to subscribe to me on AO3, I am [ profile] jmtorres, and currently on my writing queue is Vorkosigan, Supernatural, and apparently, um, Echo Bazaar.

I am still in the process of getting my old fic archived at AO3. To that end, with the intent of: making it less annoying to subscribers, getting myself to finish archiving old fic, and getting myself to write new fic; I resolve to add one old story to AO3 per new story I post there.

Eventually I have to go around and subscribe to all the authors I love there. But not this week. *facepalm*
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Okay, after I get the fifteen minute scene out of the way, I'm going to write fic. That will be my reward for being like... halfway done.

In theory I was going to write White Collar (and maybe Vorkosigan) quickfic to try to qualify for Remix but um, my brain is producing non-qualifying plotbunnies. LIKE IVAN MEETS NEAL FOR NO FUCKING APPARENT REASON, DEAR MUSE, REALLY? But in the interest of writing being my reward, I will damn well write whatever makes me happy.
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I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year:

Under the Willow Tree
Fandom: Tortall books by Tamora Pierce
Rating: like, PG?
Summary: Missing scene from "In the Hand of the Goddess" in which Moonlight questions the new kitten.

Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing)
Fandom: Blackpool
Rating: Teen
Track listing: Mack the Knife, Lemon Tree, Somebody to Love, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, I Will Survive, Rock 'n' Roll Lawyer, I Fought the Law (and the Law Won), Jailhouse Rock, You're My Best Friend (soundtrack linked from story at AO3).
Summary: Alternate ending in which Danny gets arrested, goes to prison, and finds a friend in Blythe. And Blythe rolls his eyes at the singalong a lot.

The Tortall books are not honestly that rare. However, the other story requires a bit more explanation:

I wrote a story for fandom that barely got read, and I begin to suspect it is because fewer people than I thought have watched this show. Gentle fen, I do not understand how this is so. Are not many of you Doctor Who fen? Are not many of you David Tennant fen? Do you not look at an actor's previous works for further awesomeness?

Look, okay, Blackpool is a six-episode murder mystery in which everyone breaks into song every five minutes and David Tennant, in his Scottish accent, plays a detective who is totally solving things by sleeping with the suspect's wife. It was exec-produced by two women and I firmly believe that if I knew their handles, I would be able to find their Mary Sue and The Pros fanfiction in zines of the correct vintage. What I'm saying is this is fannish catnip and Tennant playing the Doctor since this role should have made it more so. My personal interpretation is it's a lost Tenth Doctor adventure (probably in the aftermath of Rose, which is why is falling-apart enough to actually do sex, even aside from brain weirdness infecting everyone) in which he's not so much investigating the murder as investigating the outbreak of musical, and Blythe is from a couple hundred years in the future and another planet so his continuous eyeroll is at all of earth and the Doctor getting sucked into the phenomenon he's trying to stop. I mean, it's clearly a little bit psychic, if nothing else.

Maybe I'm leaving something out. I mean this in the good way: IT'S REALLY A BIT GAY. I mean, look at this clip of Peter Carlisle (Tennant's character) and Ripley Holden (prime suspect) singing "These Boots Were Made For Walking" at each other:

It's sort of amazing. Every time you think it's peaked, it gets gayer. I mean, the song choice, and hi Nancy Sinatra, and then the dancing, and then around 1:50, the dip. Yeah.

Blythe doesn't sing too much, but here's him accompanying on Danny's arrest:

Blythe is the one in the brown leather jacket.

Okay, look, I realize that viewership of this series was limited by the DVDs being PAL only, but somebody put the entire series up on youtube, and also you know *cough**arrrgh*

Have some more hilarious song selections:

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So um, that was what I was trying to capture when I wrote songfic for yuletide.
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Why is everything all tangled up in memory, and in record? I had the urge today, because I keep getting comments on Boy King, to check how close it was to Long Spear (Boy King has a ways to go, the counts stand 82 to 113, but I keep getting comments on Boy King drifting in!) and in the process I looked at what last year's Vividcon was like for me (so boozy) and found a comment of sympathy someone left about my brother, and all of the post Vividcon entries I wrote had the element of start-of-school stress (I work long hours start-of-school) but also my brother's tragic failure to cope and--

The things I make and write fannishly, vids, fiction, meta, are always connected to, reflections of, marked by, my real life and emotions. I can never go back and just look at the vid I made or the story I wrote, I also end up going back and finding who I was then. And maybe it's an effect of how and why I create or maybe it's just that I'm always in a pressure cooker, but every time I do this I think of that line from Fight Club, you met me at a very strange time in my life.


Sep. 7th, 2010 12:47 am
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Longtime readers of my journal may recall that I once ran a fic exchange for the Vlad Taltos and Paarfi novels about Dragaera by Steven Brust, and relatedly, an lj community named [ profile] valabars. I am now attempting to kickstart the community on dreamwidth: [community profile] valabars; and to get the ficathon fic archived on AO3 (if you wrote fic for that ficathon back in 2005, you can read how to post to the Valabar's collection on AO3 here).

But! This community is not just for the oldtime members who survived my first travesty of an attempt at running a fic exchange! It is also for anyone who thinks they might enjoy participating in a fic exchange for the Dragaera books in the future! Because AO3 automates so much that I might actually make the damn thing annual! If there is interest! I promise to use fewer exclamation points in the future. Really. I'm slightly drunk right now, is my only excuse.

Also, for anyone who wants to talk about the Dragaera books!. I myself just finished reading Iorich. spoiler? )

Who's with me?


Jul. 27th, 2010 12:50 pm
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This fic is epically bad. It's like they have no personalities, and they all talk too much (seriously? Neal's gonna trust someone that fast? and vice versa?), and uh, I'm still reading at this point mostly to watch Peter hit the roof when he meets Neal's new boyfriend, only I rather suspect he's going to be very long-windedly calm and understanding about it instead, because it's that kind of fic.
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So what I have determined is that by and large I don't want to read White Collar gen because some vast proportion of it is whumping. Kidnapped, beaten, drugged, forced to do crime, rescued non-romantically. Whumping. And I try to steer clear of those even when it's a romantic rescue, because the healing power of sex only occasionally does it for me and those versions frequently also have rape. I hate to say this, but oh fandom, why so predictable? I mean, sure, even the show used the formula, to which I say, show! stop reading so much fanfic! Or at least branch out a little.

I might be interested in reading gen for case fic, if someone were doing research or using an area of their expertise to write an interesting case that got solved without kidnappings and beatings, but mostly gen uses cases as backdrops for kidnappings and beatings, not as interesting subjects in their own right.

Whereas OT3 fanfiction a big gooey marshmallow land, and sure, there's some kidnappings and beatings but it's easier to skip past them and find stories where their biggest obstacle is failure to communicate their feelings adequately. I mean, I wrote gen with case pastede on yay, but I wrote gen in which I stole the entire plot from OT3 fanfiction, which I would like you to know takes talent and brain contortions.

(Has anyone been writing solid case fic sans whumping? I'll take recs.)

Of bunnies I'm currently fielding, Kryptonian Neal is very awake in my head, and that story is so very much an OT3 story that it has interstellar scale failure to communicate their feelings adequately. I feel certain there's actual plot going on in the background but no one wants to 'fess up and tell me what it is.

Also there's the one where Neal's entire life is high drama, not just the parts where he swallows handcuff keys. Shockingly I think this one may be the deeply slashy gen story of how Neal wants Peter to trust him and doesn't even try to use sex to accomplish that end.

It is also kind of hilarious how different my brain's fic space and vid space are in this fandom. It's like all my fic bunnies are totally my id writhing around on the floor (my id just happens to be all about the relationship drama and not about the kidnappings and beatings) and my vid bunnies are intellectual engagement (yes, even Pisco Bandito).


Jul. 6th, 2010 05:27 am
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Dear fanfic I continue to read despite the fact that you are terrible:

"Stop" is not so much a safeword as, uh, well, English.

Also "oh noes not the BRIAR PATCH" does not mean what you think it means.

Also I think you have described the worst therapist on the planet. Confidentiality? What confidentiality?

Mildly bewildered affection,


Jun. 25th, 2010 04:15 am
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Most of the fanfiction I tag on delicious is... well, it would be wrong to say outright that it's all recs, some of it just falls under the category of "things I don't hate," because sometimes I want to find that completely mediocre story I read that one time again. But I don't usually tag badfic, and I did tonight, and I was sort of... enthusiastically blunt, and I got to thinking, how would I feel if I went vanity-deliciousing and found something like that?

So now I've gone vanity-deliciousing in search of the most hilarious comments, which is not how I usually do it, but it's fun!

vanity deliciousing feeds my vanity )

Wow so that was pseudomasturbatory.

I also appear to have opened up a handful of plotbunnies that never got written but which I detailed thoroughly enough that people tagged them. Including how the entire crime world keeps saving Iron Klaus's ass because he's a friend of Eroica's, how Rodney McKay married Tony Stark for KNOWLEDGE, and how Kirk accidentally caused Spock's candidacy for Federation president. Because I need to unearth more bunnies to live constantly in my head.


Jun. 23rd, 2010 04:05 am
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I just saw an icon that said "It was a robot head!"

ETA: adventures in fic hunting: apparently someone once wrote a story about Ruby doing something that gives Dean powers, and it was apocafic, from what I can tell from the limited summary info/tags, and this sounds like three things I would adore, and of course this person has since changed their username and locked up everything but RPF. Google only finds me a rec to the same link and naturally robots were blocked. I feel weird reporting all that like yes I was trying to stalk down this fic the author clearly wanted to pretend never to have written, but damn it, why can't I have nice things?
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The Epistles of @mishacollins by [personal profile] jmtorres. Also on AO3.

This story is RPF/Supernatural as told via Misha Collins's twitter. It contains 37 tweets, 3,442 characters, bizarre pairings, dead animals, tentacles, pegging, twitter users both real and imagined used herein in an entirely fictional fashion, and the angelphone.

Read more... )
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The story I wrote for Remix was One Time Sam Went Dreamwalking (Have You Any Dreams You'd Like to Sell?), a pre-series Supernatural story. The original story posited Sam had a dreamwalking ability and showed up in Dean's dreams frequently; I thought Hmm, but if it's not just Dean... and sent Sam off into John's dreams. *grins*
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Meanwhile, in Van Nuys

Notes: This is a Supernatural 5.22 story. While I have been spoiled extensively for 5.22, I have in fact only seen about 15 seconds of it. Also, this is crack. Squick warning for grossitude.

385 words. Also on AO3.

Did that look like jell-o to anyone else? )


May. 17th, 2010 03:49 am
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I appear to have written 1950 words of Iron Man (movie 1) fic, and show no signs of stopping.

Is anyone awake to audience?


May. 11th, 2010 12:45 pm
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I don't watch this dude's show, but the fact that he seems to have his head out of his ass about fanfiction makes me more likely to:

1.) I think fanfic is the sign of a healthy show. Here's what it boils down to: you're telling me that in today's crowded media space, our show made someone love it so much they take time out of their own life to talk about it? Holy. Crap.

To be fair, I have a somewhat different attitude toward media/fans than most people. I think what TV/corporate media had wrong for a long time was how they understood the idea of a "water cooler show." They saw it as making the audience talk about their show, on their terms. So any fan-created media is them losing control of their material. I see this more as the natural evolution of culture in a shared digital age. I will be blunt -- other than the satisfaction of our own creative urges (and all that entails: the quest for perfection, artistry, craft, etc), our job in media is to give you stuff to talk about in your conversations, to integrate into your social circle in whatever way you see fit. I doubt that's TNT's official stance, btw, but they are much cooler about this stuff than most companies.

2.) As far as "borrowing" our characters -- to paraphrase Alan Moore, they didn't go anywhere. There they are, sitting right up on the shelf. Waiting for us to let them loose again. Besides, how many people read a fanfic story? A couple hundred, tops? We have, on average 3.5 million viewers, well into the 4 million range when you get the DVR numbers in. I just don't see someone taking control of our Ideaspace through sheer force of Slashfic.

Sure, a lot of fanfic is crap. Of course it's crap. It's written by people who are not professional writers. If I paint, what I paint is crap. Does that mean I should give up painting and displaying stuff in my neighborhood art show?

3.) Is fanfic flattery? Again, depends on how you define flattery. If someone's writing fanfic with intention of currying favor for some ... er, frankly unguessable benefit, then they're really engaged in an exercise in futility. If you mean flattery as in: it's flattering to think someone is so entertained by our work that it inspires them to talk about it and create around it, then aces.

4.) Most writers and actors don't feel this way. Some, including writers I both like personally and greatly admire, hate the idea of fanfic.

Look, end of day, you should always be trying to create your own material. But fanfic, etc, is a different process than original creation -- which I think is the source of a lot of the controversy.

People who do original creations assume the fan is taking some sort of unearned ownership, somehow implying their act is the same/as difficult as the original act of creation. Which, of course, tees them off (doesn't tee me off, but I'm a very relaxed and often drunk guy).

And some fanfic humans are under the impression that creating fanfic is the same creative process as creating original material -- and are sometimes frustrated that they're not accorded the same respect as the original creators. That's also wrong. Fanfic to me is spiritually much closer to the fan-created music videos.

The basic rule I follow here is one I learned in stand-up comedy: Always punch UP. I am a relatively successful typing human whose words are physically produced using millions of dollars and is distributed nationally by a massive billion dollar corporation to millions of people. Exactly how is a free web page with a 1000 word story about Eliot and Hardison fighting a trans-dimensional incursion of Elves hurting my brand, exactly?

Tell you what -- if some fanfic writer is so good they manage to amass a million-person audience with their web-distributed free stories using my characters, I am going to consider that evolution in action and hire that bastard. Or, at the very least, urge them to go create their own show. But odds are it ain't gonna happen. And that's okay. We write for different reasons.
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So I seem to remember something about a way for an archivist to request to upload a pre-existing collection to AO3, and I can't find anything about it in AO3's FAQ, which says that only the author of a work can add a work to a collection. I wanted to put up the [ profile] valabars archive, which held the Dragaera ficathon from... 2005-6, and hasn't been on the actual internets in a couple of years, but which I have all the fic from. But I can't figure out if there's a way for me as an archivist to do that, as I thought there was, or if I would need to create a collection on AO3 and then email all the participants to ask them to post, which would be... not ideal.

(I am also giving consideration to whether I want to put up a [ profile] militarydogs collection. Given the inauspicious circumstances under which that game went belly up.)


May. 9th, 2010 04:28 am
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I more than doubled what I have up on AO3 today, though I am still far from getting all my work up.

Biggest pain in the ass: the fluffy marshmallow arc, now titled Alchemy and Other Lies, an epic ot3 wip for Fullmetal Alchemist that I was hunting down all the odd bits of on DW and LJ to provide appropriate reference and linkage.

I have to say, I kind of miss the days when I was multi-fandom enough to write Weiß Kreuz/Firefly and Taltos/Getbackers and Highlander/Earth: Final Conflict at the drop of a hat, all in one month. Like, seriously. I wish I could open a prompts post to any fandoms I've ever written and be able to pick them up again. Even aside from that, though, I think I used to write a lot of instant reaction fic to movies and books that didn't become ongoing fandoms for me, like Howl's Moving Castle and Logan's Run or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Random surprise of the night: vampire het chan desk porn. (Random surprise of last week: angel/demon porn.) Hey, guys, weird fact, I actually occasionally write porn.
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...that I am soliciting writing suggestions. Specifically, suggestions for the Kryptonian Neal story, because I swear once upon a time it had some kind of crime-solving plot in there somewhere, and now all the bits in my head are Peter being really nosy about the sex lives of Kryptonians, based on Neal's rap sheet.

So I was thinking that I would ask you guys who else from DCU you would like in this story, bearing in mind that you will probably have to tell me who they are, why it would be awesome, and where I can find more information about the character, as my knowledge of comics comes largely from the really good, cracky Smallville fanfiction. (My versions of these characters are... informed by early SV, and I say early because I had a look at what happened with late SV and I am honestly kind of confused as to how there is still a show; and also somewhat by the respective Superman and Batman animated series, which I haven't seen in years and am contemplating acquiring...) PS I am hoping idea for characters to toss in the story will result plot! and not more wacky sexcapades (touching. with ungloved hands. on the FACE. Kryptonians: kind of repressed).

People involved so far:

--Superman, who let Neal out of the Phantom Zone because he'd served his time, and for all Neal's shenanigans Superman really doesn't think Neal's done anything that needs a hero to stop him, Peter's doing just fine. Also Superman is generally embarrassed about Krypton--the more he learns, the gladder he is he was raised on Earth!--and he has the ludicrous idea that since Neal is on Team They Fight Crime! now he might be interested in joining the League, to which Neal's response is a succinct "fuck off and die."

--Lex Luthor, developer of the pink kryptonite which Neal successfully pitches to Peter as a safe way to keep him restrained (it's totally harmless! nobody will be mutating into anything! the only side effect it has is mild gayness. What Neal somehow failed to mention and various people including Lex, in his case because it's funny, have failed to clarify is that pink kryptonite does not actually have any effect on superpowers at all, its only effect is mild gayness). I have a scene in my head where Peter emails off a request to Lexcorp for a pink kryptonite anklet and like, half an hour later gets a phone call from Lex personally, because Lex wants to confirm the actual FBI sent him this hilarious stupidity and like, his son's friends didn't hack to send prank emails (Robin totally could, and it is possible Kon is a bad influence on him). So then Peter has a very strange phone conversation about princess-cut pink kryptonite and a platinum-plated titanium chain. Also Lex's senatorial, law-making activities come up later in the context of the legality of Neal's immigration and citizenship, and the Lex/Clark subtext is kind of a running gag.

--Batman. [section edited] Occasionally Batman gets in the middle of Peter's cases, much to his frustration. Also he would like to have Batman's prints and DNA on file for exclusion purposes. (BATMAN WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT HE DOES NOT LEAVE FINGERPRINTS OR STRAY HAIRS AT CRIME SCENES. THAT IS WHAT THE GLOVES AND THE COWL ARE FOR.) Also it is not general knowledge that Batman is not a metahuman, he's just fucking crazy, though Neal knows because he's heard all the best gossip.

--[personal profile] grey_bard was suggesting potential sources of League gossip, so I have some Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to poke through.

--I was considering have Neal fanboy at Catwoman.

Who else should I toss in? Tell me why!
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[personal profile] gelasius made a White Collar vid called You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way). You may recall that I wrote a White Collar story by the same title, and I should say, in fairness' sake, that [personal profile] gelasius told me the vid wasn't outright the story, that it could just be Peter-Neal fondness, that it's open for interpretation, so it is probably my ego talking to say that THERE IS MY STORY ON THE SCREEN EEEEEEEEE.

PS In case anyone had doubts? (because [personal profile] gelasius asked me and I failed to answer coherently) My feelings are that if anyone wants to make fic or vids based on my vids or fic, that would be the most awesome thing ever.


Apr. 9th, 2010 11:17 pm
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So I've started looking for Castiel/Gabriel fic. It is thin on the ground. Oh well. But so there's one on delicious entitled "Incestuous Adventures in Post-Apocalyptic Dating," by a deleted user named [ profile] not_refined. As the user is deleted, the fic is not accessible. Does anyone know where to find a copy of this story? Based purely on the title I am pretty sure I would enjoy it immensely.

WIP files

Apr. 7th, 2010 01:54 pm
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I've been slowly loading all my finished fic onto AO3 and somehow this morphed into poking at WIPs I have thousands and thousands of words and wondering if I could ever find the wherewithal to finish them.

I have 9800 words of a From Eroica With Love story--it's Klaus/G and while it has cute moments, I clearly didn't finish it because it's doomed to tragedy. It was supposed to be for a zine and I missed that deadline by a lot. I feel certain I talked at people (probably [personal profile] grey_bard and [personal profile] keelieinblack) about this story, but I can't find chat logs for it. I mean, it is like, three years old now.

I have so much Andromeda Rhade stuff scattered over so many files--I started writing that like fifteen times, and never really got around to finishing my version of Rhade's AU because the show eventually provided. But the biggest file is 8850 words which seems like I might be interested in working out how that ends and committing it to the ether.

Or, here's a good one, I have 9570 words of Firefly-Serenity Mal/River fic and wow, the inside of River's head is an interesting place to write from.

I have a few Fullmetal Alchemist WIPs that reached ridiculous proportions. There's the Hughes Home For Children of Wayward Alchemists, wherein Hughes laughs at Roy and takes the Elrics home personally and essentially adopts them. That hit 5200 words. There's the Roy/Maes/Gracie story that all the segments I've written add up to 16,000 words. Hughesmunculus is around a paltry 2000 words.

I should note that I'm deliberately only mentioning WIPs in fandoms that I can look out with running into the night. So if it's on this list, there is... moderate cause for hope. I saw this as preface to bringing up Iron Man WIPs, because [personal profile] echan will be ALL OVER ME, but I did tell her to expect more writing when the new movie came out. So: there's the Electric Sheep story, of which there's about 2400 words. Mistress Pepper, I, uh, apparently have not written any actual prose on, but the collected, edited chat logs clock in at 5300.

I have a Kyo Kara Maoh story called Carnivale that was mostly a style experiment that's around 3400 words. The part I didn't get around to writing was the ugly question of who was wearing the Maoh mask on night three of the carnivale.

In Numb3rs, I had a story where Amita is a secret agent, up to 1500 words. And over a thousand words of the random mpreg story (I don't even know). Also, there's a story where Amita joins Stargate Atlantis that's up to 4750.

The Stargate SG-1 season 6 AU has what, 11,870 words of draft and outline.

There's a Taltos story that's kind of back and forth about Kiera and Kragar, and I've got 8800 words of that.

I appear to have 5100 words of a Glass Houses story, too. Wow. I'm so behind on GH it's not even funny.

There's also 4970 words of a Torchwood story where Jack gives into temptation and clones Ten from the hand.

So yeah. um.

fandom quiz

Apr. 6th, 2010 12:56 am
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[personal profile] echan and I have spent seriously, like, three hours, discussing fannish categorizations of material as it strays further and further from canon. We are interested in your opinions on the following:

In reference to vidding:
What constitutes canon (or nonviolation of canon)?
What constitutes an AU?
What constitutes constructed reality?

Where are the lines between these categories? What separates them? What rationales and characteristics can you use to differentiate between them?

Where does crossover fall in this scale?
Does the use of secondary sources make a vid fall into one category or another?

Second verse: would you care to tackle the same questions (as relevant) wrt fanfiction?

If you're very good, I may post my own thoughts on this matter when I am less drunk.
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Totally unexpected fic I didn't know I was going to be writing tonight. My personal fanon about Daddy Winchester.

The Love Story of John Winchester and Bobby Singer, As Told by Sam by [personal profile] jmtorres

Summary: Dean sleeps around with hunters like he's carrying on a venerable Winchester tradition.
John/Bobby. John/Other. Dean/Castiel preslash.
~1000 words.

Thanks to [personal profile] everysecondtuesday and [personal profile] grey_bard.

Alternate viewing option: AO3.

Read more... )
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Something New by [personal profile] jmtorres.

Slash. Het. Crossdressing. PG-13.
Dean/Cas, Sam/Ruby.
4674 words.

Summary: An angel, a demon, and two fake girls walk into a bar.

For [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, who requested a story on the premise that the handprint burned onto Dean's shoulder is the angel equivalent of an engagement ring. Thanks to [personal profile] grey_bard for the beta.

Alternate reading option: AO3.

Read more... )
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You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way) by [personal profile] jmtorres.

Gen. PG. Approximately 9500 words.

Summary: A story of missed connections, in which Peter doesn't know what to say, Neal doesn't seem to want to hear it, and Elizabethan translation proves vital.

Notes: I owe thanks to the following betas: [personal profile] aris_tgd, [personal profile] damned_colonial, [personal profile] dragonfly, [personal profile] echan, and [personal profile] grey_bard.

This story is a few degrees off from how I usually view these characters; I meant it to be a thousand-word thought experiment and now I count myself lucky I got out at under ten thousand words. Er, yay?

The title is borrowed, respectfully, from Jonathan Coulton.

(alternate viewing option: AO3)

Peter spends a year searching before he even gets an image of the so-called Nick Halden )


Mar. 6th, 2010 10:51 am
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Can't. Stop. Poking. Fic.

I want to post it now! I want to hear back from a beta now! Oh my god. It's been like, six hours. I am not capable of patience when there's comment-whoring to be done. This is why I don't usually get stuff beta'd! I jones for comments and I'm like IT'S GOOD ENOUGH, WHO NEEDS BETAS ANYWAY, until, you know, the next time, when I grab like five betas to give me feedback while I'm writing to soothe the addiction.

But I think this story actually needed beta, there were parts we had to beat with a heavy rubber mallet, and I want the reassurance that I've sanded the rough edges off, because if I'm going to unexpectedly write nine thousand word stories, I feel like there's some standard to be met. I don't know what it is, other than grammar that doesn't make people spork their eyes out, but yes, I have ill-defined writing work ethic and a desire for quality control.


ETA: [personal profile] aris_tgd linked me to this sinfest which encapsulates my antsiness rather well.
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For the last week or so, the bright spot of my evening has been plotting crackfic with [personal profile] everysecondtuesday. She found this vid where Dean finds Castiel's stalker diary and stares in horror at the odes to his lips and the sexy dreams and the BFF 4ever! all over it and decided to write the story of how this came to pass. I aided and abetted her thoroughly and now she has posted the story in all its cracktastic glory:

Cas + Dean 4ever, on AO3 or livejournal.


Feb. 27th, 2010 08:19 pm
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So I've been reading this epic SPN fic, and it's well-written, which is why I've kept reading for the last hundred thousand words, but it's also anti-Ruby, she's making Sam evil, Sam has to give her up entirely, etc. And like, I kind of said, "Okay, I'll buy into this for the duration of the story, even though I think Ruby is awesome," but I finally figured out what it is about this story that's getting up my nose, and it's not just that it's anti-Ruby, it's that Castiel gets out from under Heaven's thumb and develops feelings and opinions as an 'independent' and questions Heaven's stance on the whole apocalypse thing while Ruby is irredeemable, not given the same ambiguity and space for growth. You could argue that that's very in line with how the end of season four and season five have turned out, but the thing is, this story is a season four AU, started at 4x14 when Ruby was frankly still pretty up in the air, and it's very clearly a fix-it in terms of making the characters talk to each other--I have this whole thesis about how the apocalypse would not have happened if Heaven and Hell had afforded Sam and Dean the opportunity to talk to each other for five consecutive minutes in the course of season four--so every time I come across some line where the hard parts of relationships are getting fixed with actual communication (the bit that set off my navel-gazing here is Castiel going to Sam for advice on how to break it to Dean about him having been the first seal, so that, meta-speaking, Dean will hear it there and not from Alistair), I keep feeling like why're you gonna put all this effort into fixing things for them and not do anything for Ruby?

Part of this comes from I have this really strong sense of Cas and Ruby being parallel, Heaven and Hell's respective manipulators on the Winchester boys. So I feel like fandom (and the show, but dude, I am so seriously off playing in AU land it's not even funny) lets Cas off the hook a lot more than they ought to and hates on Ruby a lot more than she deserves. I think... ideally I think they should have had parallel paths to right down the middle of new loyalties to humanity, but if they're going to have different paths, having the angel turn out to be on our boys' side while the demon is the traitor all along is not interesting, there's nothing unexpected enough to be worth caring about in that storyline.

So sayeth me, anyway.
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I am really confused at how a story that is about several times Dean thought he was in love with girls he was fucking--I am really confused about how the author decided that was gen.
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(I have given up on pretending to watch Supernatural in any kind of order. I'm sure I'll get around to everything eventually, and maybe even watch it start to finish after that, but at the moment I'm running through back to front with side trips for whatever sounds amusing. So having polished off four and five, I'm starting in on season three, because I want my Ruby background. I will just have to grit my teeth and bear the blondness.)

ETA: Dude, seriously, whatever. You like her blonde? That's nice. Enjoy her. I'll be over here. I am not having this conversation with you./ETA

So I was saying the other night that I've read a bunch of fic where Sam and Dean get two rooms at their trashy motels so they can get laid in relative privacy. My reaction to this has been, "...funny, I figured they'd just kick each other out of the room for hook-ups." So I'm watching 301 and here is Sam sitting in the car reading a book while Dean gives him a thumbs-up from the room, closes the curtains, and gets it on.

They totally kick each other out of the room for hook-ups. I feel so vindicated.
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I wish people didn't feel like everything needed a pairing label. Also, just because you're slashing them in your own head, it doesn't necessarily come out that way in fic: Cas being a stalker is kind of canon, it's not necessarily a pairing thing. I say this because I am getting sort of frustrated at reading things that are supposedly a particular pairing and then nothing pairing-like happens. I've started getting excited at seeing NC-17 in the labels not because I'm particularly interested in reading about them having sex but because it means I can fairly reliably expect them to be having an actual relationship and not just burgers. Not that I'm not up for cute burger-eating fluff, but it's gen and it's misleading to claim it's not.

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[personal profile] grey_bard contributed to my tattoo fund for a holiday gift, and I asked her what she would like for a snippet of fic for a thank you. She asked me to write something in the "Neal is Kryptonian" universe inspired by this picture. I fully admit that this snippet will probably not make super loads of sense to people who have not been listening to me snicker about it ever since someone handed me the pic and the plotbunny, so, to summarize: what is this universe? )

And now, the fic snippet, about 600 words:

Sex Crimes )
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Earlier today I very much wanted to completely quit my life here and go back to Cali and move in with [personal profile] ysobel and cook her grill cheese and curry and falafel every week. We could make dorky Merlin vids and I could find somewhere to work part-time and pay me crap to support my food habit, but I could stop worrying about the rent money and spend the rest of the day being her wife and writing fanfic that might be optimistic? Reading fanfic. And her library. Heh. Unfortunately I couldn't bring the children with me and through a bizarre quirk of bureaucracy I'm medically uninsurable if I don't complete another year at [current university] here and I do, actually, have a few commitments here that I can't walk out on. But isn't it a pretty fantasy?

I stopped off at Borders tonight to pick up my brother's birthday present and ended up taking home a pretty notebook, because while I found the Loki book, I've actually used all the pages up and the binding's coming undone. So. New year, new book. Paperchase makes a lot of pretty notebooks but I ended up picking not the one I thought was the prettiest but the one that made me happiest. It is very silly. It is covered in shiny flowers that look like they were drawn by a five-year-old and then preserved with tin foil. I just officially wrote the first words in it. They are I'M A FREE BIT, BABY, because that's how we're rolling this year.

(I, I do not know why blasting Bad Romance in my car cheers me up as much as it does. But at least part of it has to do with the radio edit version of the CD I have cracking me the hell up. You can't stop the signal, guys! She's a free bit! Whee.)

This entry will consist primarily of quoting people off my droll who made me laugh tonight. It's Follow... Tuesday? Sure! Why not?

[personal profile] thedeadparrot: I discovered after doing this one that apparently I am introducing each person I quote. Um, [personal profile] thedeadparrot! I have followed her for so long that I forget what awesome thing she did to attract me. It might have been FMA fic? I sort of went on a spree when I was reading FMA fic.
I believe that we should not be ashamed of writing fanfic. Yeah, I write romance. Yeah, I even write porn. Yeah, I did this as a teenage girl. And yeah, I sometimes daydream about characters. None of this should mean that my writing -- our writing -- is automatically worth less than that of some fanboy who daydreams about being Paul Atreides and about things blowing up and writes a script about his daydreams and then gets it turned into a movie. I am looking at you, James Cameron.

[personal profile] thefourthvine: I could quote all of every entry of hers, every single one of them make me laugh. She's been watching TOS for the first time and it is hilaaaaaarious. If you do not actively hate small children, ask to be on her Earthling filter, it is cuteness and awesomeness and wonderfulness and total quirkiness (they started calling him Earthling in the womb when they couldn't decide on a name, and I am still not sure they ever did decide on a name, because one of her worries was that they would just keep continuing to call him Earthling in perpetuity if they started then, and, online at least, they have). But most of the time, [personal profile] thefourthvine writes recs. Sometimes her recs go off on tangents. Here is one:

Benton Fraser has porn. I just want to repeat that, because I think it's a brilliant concept that deserves far more attention than it is currently getting: Benton Fraser has porn. Yes, this story is just as good as it sounds like it must be.

But there is a down side to it, and it is this: after reading it, I could not stop imagining the porn collections of other fannish favorites. Rodney McKay likely has roughly a terabyte of porn, but really only uses three short clips and one still photo. He's just completist. Jim Kirk (Reboot) also has the terabyte of porn, but he's actually working his way through it - he jerks off to something new every time. It's all hot if you look at it the right way, you know? Batman's porn does not bear contemplation and is certainly not something I would ever want to see, so I am pleased and comforted to know that it is hidden somewhere no one will ever find it, and also it is designed to self-destruct if anyone besides Batman touches it. Clark Kent likes the underwear catalogs. He's never been able to bring himself to get turned on by anything more explicit; he's always afraid his mother will walk in. (Lex Luthor's porn, it goes without saying, is his extensive Clark Kent memorabilia collection.) Methos's porn is called his memory. Jack Harkness's porn is called everything in the world, because everything is hot. How can you put a plug in an outlet and not get turned on? And laundry! All those dirty clothes, shirts and pants and trousers all touching, writhing together: clearly the hottest thing ever.

[personal profile] dragonfly: I recently subscribed to her (? --my default assumption in fandom, though it occurs to me that in this case I don't actually know) because I am reading every White Collar fic under the sun, seriously, White Collar makes me happy like you wouldn't believe, every night I check to see if anyone has recced new White Collar fic, and, uh, I like hers. Yes. Also apparently we are both giant dorks who are trying to figure out where the hell Neal's radius is on googlemaps.
So Sunday I met with my writers' group and they were critiquing a chapter of Mom and my mystery book set in Arizona. The people around the table told me they wanted to know more about the Native Americans I had introduced. Could the main characters have more interaction with them? Were they going to show up later in the book? I said, uh, no, not really, but if they were really that interesting ... So we started talking about Chekhov's gun and how if you introduce a gun into a scene it needs to get used at some point. Likening my Native American characters to Chekhov's gun, I said, "So you're telling me if I introduce some Indians into the story, I have to shoot them."

Stunned looks followed by hoots of laughter all around. Er, that didn't come out right.

[personal profile] zvi is smart and opinionated and, I find, often leading serious discussions I find important and want to take part in. Also she started Ladies' Choice, an AO3 collection for stories in which women enjoy having sex and do not have shame about it. I could love her for this alone.

Helpful advice what I have learned from fanfiction: If I accidentally have sex with someone with whom I would, in actual point of fact, enjoy having an ongoing sexual or romantic relationship with, I should not hastily begin apologizing for the sex, calling it a mistake, or otherwise characterizing it negatively. Because if the other person had enjoyed having accidental sex with me and would have liked to intentionally have sex with me in the future, they certainly aren't going to say so after I declare that it was a terrible idea, having had sex with them.

And, uh, one more--I read this at about two o'clock in the morning so that totally means I read it tonight today. It might not have been on my droll, exactly? But I deeply wanted to share it with like five people immediately and none of them were online, so here we go. Homo Ex Machina by [personal profile] toft is Sherlock Holmes fic--apparently the 1984 version, which imdb informs me is the Jeremy Brett version, which I hear is very good; not having seen it, my brain is currently slotting in RDJ and Jude Law for all versions of Holmes and Watson. In any case! In this story, Holmes is anonymously notified that someone is writing and publishing smut about them. There's a manuscript and pages go everywhere and lines of lurid, purple description keep catching Watson's eye and he is dying of mortification because--because--oh my god, this is probably a story spoiler, but so is the quote I want to pull--because he wrote it. This is probably my favorite line of narrative in the whole piece:

What on earth could I say? Holmes, I accidentally published a pornographic novella in which you and I perform a number of illegal acts, and now I am being blackmailed into making it a serial?

Because oh my god accidentally yes he did. But the awesome of this story cannot be contained in any summary, because the reveals keep coming. Holmes is always six steps ahead of everyone, right? So you can be well-assured that Holmes has even better secrets. I deeply want to quote some of Holmes' dialogue from later in the story, but whoa story spoilers, and really, part of the deep, deep awesome of this story is every time you think you've turned the twist there's a bit more. I just have to say: OH HOLMES. (Yes, that is actaully very like OH DEAN. Who knew?)
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And I've searched, but I'm not sure how to search well, because the gossamer infrastructure is unfamiliar--

Does anyone know of an X-files AU in which Mulder is a serial killer?
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This was my instant fix-it for episode 1.07, and as such a) contains spoilers b) is very silly.

~1000 words
No warnings. Gen slash.

Read more... )

ETA: Also on Archive of Our Own! Yay AO3.


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