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Hey, it's a yuletide letter. Let's start with my requests. I figure you probably only matched me on one of these, since they are all pretty damn rare (two of them aren't in the archive at all), so in case for whatever reason my prompt for what you matched me on doesn't fill you with joy, I will tell you about the other ones so you can contemplate picking up a new fandom (they're all book fandoms--reading a couple of novels shouldn't be too time-consuming should it?)

Dancing Meteorite and Stolen Law - Anne Mason
Kira Warden

my prompt details )

more about these books )

Perilous Gard - Elizabeth Marie Pope
Gwenhyfara, Kate Sutton, Cecily Heron

my prompt details )

more about this book )

Harbinger Trilogy - Diane Duane
Delde Sota

my prompt details )

more about these books )

About my requests in general:

You may have noticed, all of my requests are for female characters. I like male characters from these stories, but I don't want to see them central, I want stories about my favorite girls. I think it would be awesome if you wrote me a story that passed Bechdel, though of course that depends on who you choose to have my gals interact with--Kira on a Vallusian explorer ship is going to have a hard time passing Bechdel, I know!

Cultural differences are relevant to all of these stories--with more awareness in the science fiction, more darkness in the historical fantasy. I like the world-building of each, the development of the different cultures, and I think in any story you write me from any of these books, the culture each character comes from and how it shapes her is going to be an important part of the story. There's a richness of cultural context, of characters that come from societies, that I treasure here. Even if you end up writing a PWP for a pairing or threesome I pitched, write me the characters coming together in a way that shows who they are, how they're shaped by their backgrounds. That stuff's sexy! (Cultural baggage is sexy. Hang on, where is my twitter...)(That's... yes. I tweet to mock myself. You should know that about me. [ profile] decontextual, if you want to watch me mock myself in real time.)

While I like a variety of genres, I really feel like which fandom you write for me is going to dictate genre, so I hesitate to just be like "I like crack!" or whatever. Like, I feel like a Perilous Gard story about Gwenhyfara is necessarily going to be at least a little dark. A Dancing Meteorite/Stolen Law story... well, depending on what story, I suppose it could range! But I'd think it would be more light-hearted. And with a Harbinger story about Delde Sota, I'd want it to be funny, I'd want her sense of humor to color it, whether it's light or dark humor.

Thank you very much for writing me a story! I'm looking forward to Yuletide.
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it is now officially december

fuck my life

i am apparently one of those people who doesn't bother with capitals or punctuation anymore, but i console myself that i have become like lady gaga in the Lady and the Captain fic.

Meanwhile: i keep trying to capitalize "i" and it doesn't go through. dear keyboard: wtf.

Things I need to do in order of priority (oh hey i found the fucking shift key... or not. what.)
--scramble through my classes
--or gtfo of my classes
--cap_ironman sesa (the good news is I've started on it, the bad news is I should probably check something with the mods and the worse news is I'm going to need to do ~research~, wtf is up with my formatting I BLAME TUMBLR)
--yuletide (to which end, I need to review some source, and would like some company)
--the pinch-hit I picked up, fml
--probably the escapade vid should get higher priority than treating for festivids
--maybe I should go put a load of laundry on. In, in aid of that.

Also, my hours at work are doubling due to we're hitting a busy stretch and we have no shipper/receiver.

I think I have managed to work more daily on the Assembly Con fic than on any of the above items. Oh god.

Everyone keep calm and imagine Steve subbing for Pepper. (what? it's my happy place.)
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Astonishingly, I have posted a yuletide letter in a timely fashion. Like, before assignments go out, even!

This year I requested a bunch of books--Dancing Meteorite and Stolen Law, which are YA scifi, Perilous Gard, which is YA historical fantasy (a retelling of Tam Lin), and the Harbinger Trilogy, which is RPG tie-in scifi by Diane Duane, who makes everything she touches awesome.

All my requested characters are female characters this year! And all my fandoms are tiny, some to the point of non-existence! Although I saw someone else had requested Dancing Meteorite and Stolen Law when I was checking the list for what to offer, doing my sign-up. So I am kind of excited that someone knows what the hell those are and there's an outside chance of two stories for the fandom!
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It is already that time of year. Brainstorming nominations.

--Anne Mason's two novels (The Dancing Meteorite, The Stolen Law) about a teenage girl trained to be an interstellar translator, who has been to so many planets and met so many aliens that regular humans who just live on space stations and ships mostly do not get her at all.
--Elizabeth Pope's novel Perilous Gard, a take on Tam Lin where the female & male protagonists are not actually romantically involved until the Fae fuck them over a bunch, yet still totally win (it's neat to see her fighting just because she's stubborn and she wants to find out what's going on and also this is wrong! not necessarily because she's in love)
--I seem to recall I had a third book fandom I wanted to add. I'll have to go look at what's near my bed.

--The Losers
--Someone has nominated Unholy Ridiculous (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes)! I may second the nomination out of EEEE and also the fact that you get 20 noms with festivids. OH OH BUT WHERE WILL I FIND AN APPROPRIATELY EMOTASTIC SONG TO VID TONY IN HIS TECHNO-UNDEWEAR, I ASK YOU
--Nero Wolfe (has already been nominated, may second, just because I still have that bunny)
--...huh someone else nominated Big Wolf on Campus? reeeeaaaally.
--wow, Eureka vids are actually kind of thin on the ground, huh
--dude it's weird to keep running across fandoms I have vidded on here, like Fight Club
--Janelle Monae videos have been nominated. Can I also nominated Lady Gaga videos? Can I then request a hilarious crossover?
--Once a Thief is up! May second.
--no one's nominated daily show and/or colbert report yet. Can one nominate both as a single fandom? Like, Fake News (Daily Show + Colbert Report)?

...ha, haha, remind me to go knock Utena off in disputes. Ask me how many Utena results come up on, go head, ask. 1174. Hold on, I need to all-caps that. ELEVEN HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR. ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR. Shyeah.

Hmm, clearly I need to contemplate my Festivids nominations further. What do I want?
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Lists are almost as good as doing things. Because lists help me figure out what to do.

--cooking food. I've decided the cooking of food, esp for immediate/next day eating, counts as doing things around the house. Relatedly, the dishes
--taking books back to main library (since this will also clean up the back room a lot)
--building the CD shelves
--taking trash and/or recycling out
--mending clothes

stab the cat
--go to bank and set up checking account
--go to camera place to look at potential equipment
--budget spreadsheet
--clothes sorting for costume budget
--lyric writing and storyboarding
--pulling the particle accelerator .wavs for sampling
--location scouting
--building the landsail

--I don't know what to put here other than writing. It just needs to get done. I mean, I could list stories, but that doesn't seem useful
--although I was considering writing up things about my yuletide fandoms now as I reread them. btw this year: all out of print books. And possibly Girl Genius as the safety

--get lyrics and music to n and d for glee vid
--video n and d singing glee vid for lip sync reference
--get clean copies of Enterprise blooper reels for T'Pol adorbs
--...possibly reacquire Enterprise vidding copies. damn it
--force self to rewatch Adam Worth episodes
--finish cleaning the TV ads out of the s1 Sanctuary clips
--and also I just have to sit down and vid

--although possibly I should talk to my advisor. DNW.
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I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year:

Under the Willow Tree
Fandom: Tortall books by Tamora Pierce
Rating: like, PG?
Summary: Missing scene from "In the Hand of the Goddess" in which Moonlight questions the new kitten.

Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing)
Fandom: Blackpool
Rating: Teen
Track listing: Mack the Knife, Lemon Tree, Somebody to Love, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, I Will Survive, Rock 'n' Roll Lawyer, I Fought the Law (and the Law Won), Jailhouse Rock, You're My Best Friend (soundtrack linked from story at AO3).
Summary: Alternate ending in which Danny gets arrested, goes to prison, and finds a friend in Blythe. And Blythe rolls his eyes at the singalong a lot.

The Tortall books are not honestly that rare. However, the other story requires a bit more explanation:

I wrote a story for fandom that barely got read, and I begin to suspect it is because fewer people than I thought have watched this show. Gentle fen, I do not understand how this is so. Are not many of you Doctor Who fen? Are not many of you David Tennant fen? Do you not look at an actor's previous works for further awesomeness?

Look, okay, Blackpool is a six-episode murder mystery in which everyone breaks into song every five minutes and David Tennant, in his Scottish accent, plays a detective who is totally solving things by sleeping with the suspect's wife. It was exec-produced by two women and I firmly believe that if I knew their handles, I would be able to find their Mary Sue and The Pros fanfiction in zines of the correct vintage. What I'm saying is this is fannish catnip and Tennant playing the Doctor since this role should have made it more so. My personal interpretation is it's a lost Tenth Doctor adventure (probably in the aftermath of Rose, which is why is falling-apart enough to actually do sex, even aside from brain weirdness infecting everyone) in which he's not so much investigating the murder as investigating the outbreak of musical, and Blythe is from a couple hundred years in the future and another planet so his continuous eyeroll is at all of earth and the Doctor getting sucked into the phenomenon he's trying to stop. I mean, it's clearly a little bit psychic, if nothing else.

Maybe I'm leaving something out. I mean this in the good way: IT'S REALLY A BIT GAY. I mean, look at this clip of Peter Carlisle (Tennant's character) and Ripley Holden (prime suspect) singing "These Boots Were Made For Walking" at each other:

It's sort of amazing. Every time you think it's peaked, it gets gayer. I mean, the song choice, and hi Nancy Sinatra, and then the dancing, and then around 1:50, the dip. Yeah.

Blythe doesn't sing too much, but here's him accompanying on Danny's arrest:

Blythe is the one in the brown leather jacket.

Okay, look, I realize that viewership of this series was limited by the DVDs being PAL only, but somebody put the entire series up on youtube, and also you know *cough**arrrgh*

Have some more hilarious song selections:

Read more... )

So um, that was what I was trying to capture when I wrote songfic for yuletide.
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In the last week I:

--finished my yuletide
--finished a pinch hit
--embroidered oven mitts for a coworker
--celebrated a friend's birthday
--got all my holiday shopping finished
--got all my holiday baking finished
--got all presents handed or sent to their recipients
--survived Christmas Day with a usual amount of breakdown
--helped a couple of friends get all the crap out of their apartment for moving
--sold them the king size bed
--got them awake and actually heading towards Cali
--went to Ikea for sofa bed
--built, with niq, her giant table and my sofa bed (we have conquered the Ikea!)
--saw Tron
--did not kill my family
--registered for a winter session class

not necessarily in that order.

I did not, however, work on my festivid. I was not expecting the moving and Ikea'ing to be part of my weekend, so.

I am considering going back to Ikea just now actually...


Dec. 25th, 2010 09:40 am
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By a miracle I was online last night when the yuletide archive opened (blame it on the Killjoys) so I went to see what I'd gotten and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

It is entirely appropriate that I am making noises only audible to dogs, because I got WISHBONE FIC. I got a lost episode transcript of THE BARKOSIGAN SAGA: MIRROR DOG in which Wishbone plays both Miles AND Mark, with the help of crappy green screen, and there's hilarious mid-90s casting and ongoing snark about narrative convenience.

You guys remember Wishbone, right? He's adorable small dog cast primarily for his leaping ability who compares the lives of his humans to great literature on PBS for kids. A couple months ago I started cracking up at the idea of Wishbone playing Miles Vorkosigan, because Hugo-winning science fiction is totally great literature too and because our hardest problem in fantasy casting Miles (it's come up a lot for us) is finding someone suitably short! So I put this prompt on my yuletide list and SOMEONE WROTE IT FOR ME and it's just like an episode! So like an episode I'm earwormed on the themesong right now! You guys! WHAT'S THE STORY, WISHBONE?


This may be my favorite yuletide I've ever gotten. Oh my god I don't even.
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12/7/10--I see my requests went to pinch hit, sorry to my original writer, and dear new writer: Hi! Thank you for stepping up to bat! I have been a failcakes about elaborating on this entry but I promise to do so by this weekend.

Okay, I like a lot of stuff, but in the interest of keeping this short enough that I might actually finish it--I think the most important thing to me in fanfiction is the recognizability of the characters. For me, when I'm writing, I know I'm nailing it when I can hear their voices in my head.

I should also say that I consider myself primarily a slasher so it was sort of with bemusement that I looked back and noticed I may have requested het. Like, twice even. Look, if you write het it's cool! I do read het! But as something that may be relevant: I'm queer, I'm interested in the queering of characters and of even het relationships (just because it's a boy and a girl doesn't mean their relationship has to be heteronormative), and I'm also poly, so like, in Girl Genius this is particularly relevant, since the castle ships threesome? But yes.

And I am also interested in the conceits of these stories, I'm interested in exploring what happens because of the odd rules of the universe. I'm interested in Freya BECAUSE she's a telepath, I'm interested in Agatha BECAUSE she's a spark, I'm interested in Wishbone because... because he's a dog who likes literature, and you have to ask yourself, Self, how did that dog even learn how to read? What if Wishbone's been stealing books out of Joe's backpack for years? What if Wishbone sneaks off to the library because his tastes have expanded beyond Joe's? What if there's a librarian who orders special oversize copies of books for Wishbone because it's easier for him to turn the pages? Wow. I had no idea that was in my head. *cracking up* But, see, that's the kind of thing that interests me. The what-if, the how does this work, the if-this-does-that, then-what-are-the-effects-of-THAT?

I don't even know if that was coherent.

Happy yuletiding!

My requests:

Thoughtcrimes--I like this movie a lot, and it was originally a pilot for a tv series (too *bad,* I could have watched Navi Rawat and Joe Flanigan smoke up my screen for years) so if you've something in mind for their continuing adventures together that would be neat. I was also really startled and pleased that this movie passed Bechdel--I'd like to see Freya repairing her relationship with her sister June. Is Freya's telepathy genetically inherited? Maybe June has something less debilitatingly strong in onset but, you know, surprisingly good intuition or something, or maybe she doesn't, but maybe she knows about their crazy aunt or grandmother or something. That could be very interesting. I also have thoughts about the ethics of the whole using telepathy in law enforcement business, and while for Freya it's just who she is, she can't turn it off, I suspect that for Brendan, because he flipped at her reading his mind initially, he might find it troubling--recognizes the utility, worries at the rightness.

Girl Genius--I think it would be really neat to hear more Heterodyne Boys stories, whether told by the girl with the Mary Sue her brothers complain at but that reminds her mother of her own, or as a performance by the Circus--I really like the conceit of story within story, of stories that tell you something about the storytellers. I would be interested to see Agatha's take on Lucrezia these days--does she play her as an insane bitch or does she have some wistful, wanting hope about once-upon-a-time Lucrezia who wasn't out to enslave and zombify everyone, even her own daughter?

Wishbone--Okay, so I had this hilarious idea--Wishbone does awesome scifi. Wishbone does Bujold's Vorkosigan--we've finally found an actor short and energetic enough to play Miles! Wishbone does Dune, or, hahaha, Left Hand of Darkness, or Cherryh's Cyteen, or 2001: A Space Odyssey--you have no idea how much I am cracking up right now at the mental image of Wishbone in a bubble spacesuit helmet looking into the artifact seeing the universe fly by. Almost as much as I cracked up at Wishbone!Vorkosigan when I first thought of that. I mean, the tricky part would be how does Wishbone relate this to the lives of Joe and Sam and David, but yes, this idea fills me with laughter.
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Are you at bears? Is it bears all around?


If you have already finished your yuletide, congratulations! I am not sure I want to talk to you right now.


Dec. 13th, 2010 12:30 am
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I finally wrote a yuletide letter. (Fandoms: Thoughtcrimes, Girl Genius, Wishbone)


Dec. 7th, 2010 10:24 pm
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My yuletide requests just came up on the pinch hit list. For some reason I find it hilarious that I've gone to pinch-hits twice. Like, it could just be people have stuff come up this time of year but for some reason I suspect I'm hard to write for. I don't do it intentionally? In include details to be inspiring, not limiting! Maybe I challenge people too much. But it's funny.
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So: I'm tired and depressed. Not depressed in the way that impacts my ability to enjoy the things I can do, like read novels and hang out with [personal profile] niqaeli, just depressed in the way that keeps me from getting things done, like writing or computer repair or dealing next semester or family or laundry. I should probably write another to-do list and have a go at it. My uterus finally rebooted anyway; note to self: five months is a little long, and since you KNOW you skip when you're stressed, you should probably have taken the hint and dumped some stress sooner.

I have not finished clipping for festivids.

I have not started writing for yuletide.

I have a lot of scenes of the (oh god) four semi-nano stories in my head, but very little is filtering down to the keyboard.

There is a kitten. Her name is Mia.
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I have successfully signed up for yuletide. Well, that only took two hours.
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Attempting to generate requests (which is the hardest part of yuletide for me)

Lilo & Stitch
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Girl Genius
A Tale of Time City


Dec. 28th, 2009 10:03 pm
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I am at [personal profile] ysobel's. I could see my breath when I got off the plane! Craziness.

Airport security? Dude, at six thirty in the morning there is no line. I was through airport security in three minutes.

Today: played with Isa's stepmom's dogs, went SQUEE YULETIDE some, fell over asleep for most of the afternoon, watched three episodes of Being Human, which Isa had never seen before, made grill cheese. Now it is Isa's turn to be asleep while I entertain myself on the internets (SQUEE YULETIDE). Tomorrow, we go see Sherlock Holmes (second time for me) and she has promised me grocery shopping.
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Hi. Hi there. I realize this is late and I apologize, I hope you haven't been freaking out. I know I promised to link/list some stuff in this letter, so I'm especially sorry it took me this long to get it done.

Right, okay, my requests:

1. Less Than Perfect - Kipp Steadman )

2. Final Cut (software) - the programmers )

3. Raines )

Beyond fandoms: what I like.

I realized that I didn't put any pairings in any of these, so I should probably say here, I'm mostly a slasher. But I also read gen, and I also read het (and I also read femslash, although I had to remind myself to add it as a separate category, because I tend to assume "slash" swings both ways), and I also like threesomes etc. (I kind of think this is unlikely to come up with this request set, but, my favorite threesome configuration is M/M/F--Mommy and Daddy and Daddy's boyfriend!) I don't, usually, read smut, though. I'll read stories with smut in them but I tend to skim past it. Unless there's important characterization to be had in the sex, I'd druther a fade to black.

And, seriously, gen is totally fine too. (I'll note again that I didn't put any pairings on these. Heh.)

I like humor. I like crack. (If you had any desire to take a standard crack or AU trope like Age of Sail or Egyptology or Genderswap or Wingfic or With Dragons and drop it on any of these fandoms, I think I would probably die laughing. But I'm totally a fifth-wave fan; if you're going to do something like that, commit to it, invest in the detail and treat it seriously, because that's how it becomes seriously awesome.) I like irony and snark and gallows humor. I like plot. I like fluff. I hesitate to call the kind of wallowing I do with angst "like" but I do enjoy it. (I enjoy it more if everyone's dealing with angst by snarking off. Did I mention I like snark?) I like it when I read the dialogue and it sounds so true that I can hear the characters saying it in my head. I like smart. I like it when characters are smart and I like it when plots are smart and I like it when stories answer questions, and when they pose them. (This is probably related to my enjoyment of science fiction in its speculative mode, but also to my enjoyment of fanfiction as a way to fill in the blanks canon leaves, explain things left hanging.)

I've put this in two previous yuletide letters so I think I'll keep it as a tradition:
In someone's commentary on the Etiquette of Yuletide, there was mention of the struggle some authors have between fulfilling exactly a detailed request, and writing a good story. It is my feeling that this should never be an issue. If you are struggling between writing a crappy story to my specifications and writing a good story that throws them out the window, for God's sake, write me a good story.

Thank you.

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(prof unbent slightly re illness and asked for documentation. I emailed him a scan of the paperwork from my most recent doctor visit. And he emailed me back in a timely fashion, and has accepted my exam with no late penalty, praise be.)

Initial Yuletide offer list is 128 fandoms long and includes things like the Canterbury Tales. I think my next step shall be to lop off things with double digit worth of offers (unless I'm really, really feeling them). Well! That skimmed it down by a hundred (but Chaucer is still on the list, just barely, heh), so I think I'm set for my offer list. I think I shall go ahead and offer any for all, despite some misgivings. I always find that when I want to offer some characters for a fandom, it's really "all of them except this one," and you can only select four to offer, and it doesn't quite seem fair to lop off the rest of them to avoid the one. (Ballard, I am looking at you. If I get a Dollhouse request with Ballard specified, I will be acquiring a new fandom from one of my recipient's other requests.)

Right, that's done. And now I shall put it out of my mind and wait see what I get, rather than cultivate plot bunnies or starting rereading canons.

And now: my televisions (oh my god, how did I end up watching this many first-run shows):

for some reason echan thought I wouldn't like the last half of this Supernatural )

What gets me about White Collar )

It should of course surprise everyone that Merlin is a witch. )

Flashforward bores me )
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I am not allowed to offer [personal profile] niqaeli's fandoms. No matter how many of them I've consumed, or show up on the neediest list.

I am not allowed to offer [personal profile] niqaeli's fandoms.
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[ profile] yulevid

I am pretty sure it would be insane of me to sign up. Especially since they're talking about a one month turnaround, and I'll be writing up a storm.
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So (facepalm) I'm nominating Less Than Perfect for yuletide. With character names, I run into the following problem:

Kip Steadman. Or is it Kipp Steadman? IMDB lists the character named as Kipp everywhere... except for the one episode title, "Kip Steadman's Guide to Dating." I keep poking credits on the show and it seems like it's just actors' names, not ever character names. Also I think Kipp with two P's looks stupid. But that could just be me. Overall I don't want to be the idiot who didn't spell the character's name right in her nomination/request, but omg, what do I do?

(I'm not half convinced IMDB is wrong about Lydia's last name too: it lists her as Lydia Weston, but she's got the same name as a hotel chain, which would be... Westin.)
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So I have been shamefacedly watching a few-years-old sitcom called "Less Than Perfect" because Zachary Levi is in it and I have been in Chuck withdrawal. If you want to see bits without subjecting yourself to whole episodes, I've been uploading a (mostly Kip-tastic) selection of clips to youtube (Kip being Zachary Levi's character).

This is a sitcom. It's driven by Idiot Ball more than my usual run of cheese. It hurts me often but fannishness has been creeping up in various ways. I considered asking for Less Than Perfect for yuletide. I even thought of what I would ask for (it's Kip-related. surprise). I was thinking about vidding it, because it would be less painful than trying to write it.

But I've just found the pairing I like for it. *headdesk* This is terrible.

Quick rundown of what this show is about: Read more... )

I've come to the terrible conclusion that my pairing of choice is Lydia/closetedgay-denialy!Kip. Read more... )

You see the myriad ways in which this is horrible and it pains me to contemplate writing.


Aug. 27th, 2009 11:14 am
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Meme ganked from [personal profile] daegaer: Dump first lines of your last ten stories into Translation Party, post results.

1. He dreams. On top of him and woke up with snakes. He is breathing hard. Sore throat.

2. Jim're bored. All his classes acing, he is without breaking a sweat, he has published in Starfleet Academy.

3. Our sun is a very Chuck. His list of all: Morgan Devonbiggumaiku, Morgan, Anna, Jefuresuta, Kodochito by his stage name of the video memory of my big day, they are interested can learn about the history of interest in the game .

4. Oral text: TAPESTUDY Emorikasutamu subject ALX - 972768 Reseune Copy: 9742 No, the content of the committee - the file is given to the 1768-2

5. "It's under my administration," was supposed to know that you can place your order Hornblower him.

6. 1 Kareen Vorbarra I, for example, at an appropriate time, the meeting was born the crown of the decedent.

7. Both citizens and children of immigrants Xingian Amestrian Sutetasudorahha The boy's mother, a father is born in the registry. He described the face of the Drach blood. Xingian blood, hair and eyes explains.

8. If the rest of the world, many of these people, only 3 Athosians 1 Rentarusuitoshotto will be expected to know the fate of.

9. "Donna", "Why, my destiny, NASA has, Fakusujoshu was discovered last week?"

10. She said, "13," he said, Martha, the captain said: "We called my cell phone - a big fight with him," and, in fact, I can have her cell phone was involved in his scale-Provence Mon. Lily is Teita slate my work phone number. He said he was looking for.
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Okay! I have written 1147 words on Yuletide C and though it is not done, that is enough for me to take a break and write something else.

So: 409 words of Torchwood. My revenge on the Gwen/Owen shippers, I suppose. Also on AO3.

Aliens. )


Jan. 2nd, 2006 12:38 am
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I wrote Distant, a Petshop of Horrors story, for [ profile] kessie. I enjoyed writing it ridiculously much, so much so I couldn't let it go after I posted it. So I put together an "unrated bonus disc" (you know unrated means porn, right? I call it the porn-and-cheesecake bonus disc). Features include: recipes, outtakes, deleted scenes, D's wardrobe, Leon's wardrobe, T-chan, Jill, writing meta, porn.

DVD menu--image heavy )

If for some reason that menu doesn't work for you, the direct link to the bonus material is here:

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jmtorres: Count D from Petshop of Horrors, Text: love the beast (petshop)
Inequality (flashfic)--a very, very last-minute pinch-hit in Ocean's 11 fandom, because I was hanging around in the IRC channel and asked [ profile] elynross if I could help. Linus's look at Rusty and Danny.

Distant, Petshop of Horrors. Leon and D in epistolary format.

The Story of Thomas Piper (As Told by Thomas Lynn), Diana Wynne Jones's Fire and Hemlock, which is a modern-day Tam Lin story. Polly asks Tom how he got tangled up with the Fairie Queen to begin with, and he doesn't quite tell her.


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