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So I recently upended my life (quit my job; moved to LA to live with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and [personal profile] echan; finished the last classes I needed for my degree) and the sequence in which I did these things was both necessary and terrifying. They, and my family, are my financial net until I find work. My residency isn't officially switched yet - we need to go talk to the leasing office again on Monday about whether I am correctly in the system once and only once - and I've been in a limbo period for a while where I feel like all I do is watch Netflix and knit.

The only reason I didn't burn through Psych in a week is because there was a trip to Maine in the middle of it. Psych made me cry at the end because it hit all these buttons of real world crap in the last season: quitting the job that makes you a drone, feeling like a leech, trying for jobs people put up flyers for because you're that desperate, moving to follow people you care about, living the somewhat awkward OT3 life. And these things being difficult and having to talk to people you care about and just. Things. All my feelings. (I think I'm Gus, overall, but not everything is neatly aligned.)

In the last two months, I've watched about half of Atlantis, half of Continuum, a season of Daria, the Finder, we've started on Better Off Ted, Hemlock Grove, the current run of Teen Wolf, all of Psych, and I'm reaching for something else to spend my time on. Chuck, Witches of East End, Dead Like Me.

I fell asleep two episodes into Witches of East End, which isn't promising, but that's better than being on edge at the "flunked out of college, dead-end job, oops literally" aspect of the first couple of episodes of Dead Like Me, until I finally just stopped it, or the jarring why didn't I remember this part of Chuck where he's vying for the assistant manager position. And flailing about how he was kicked out of college. Was there a reason I stopped watching Chuck? I can't remember.

My degree is a fingertip's length away and I keep feeling like a drop-out for how long it took. At this point, probably the only more terribly apt media I could inflict on myself would be Wonderfalls: got the degree, and the dead-end job anyway.

Nate suggested Community at one point. I've been avoiding Community since it started because I know I can't deal with a show set in community college until I'm done with school. And I don't feel done enough yet. So.

I could go back to Daria but I'm starting to feel weird about watching high school set coming-of-age shows. When will I feel like an adult, and not like a coming-of-age story is still relevant to my life? I think I've asked that before. Like, five years ago.

I think I want purest escapist fantasy, but I get hung up on the fact that I can't relate to anyone.

I'm tired. I need to do something else.

eta: so I'm gonna turn off comments on this entry, because I was not actually looking for TV recs when I said I need to do something else.

Meme time

Feb. 15th, 2011 01:43 am
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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. With the variant from torch: Upon request, I will quote a random line from any of these files.

Roughly in order of most recently touched to hasn't been touched since 2003 with a small amount of by fandom (my WIP folder is actually sorted by fandom, so you know, the ones that only list one fandom and say 'crossover' are not meaningless in context. But also when I sorted by my recent date it was imperfect because I've had overlapping/longterm fandoms).

ivan and gregor
lady bel vorkosigan
secret agent ivan
the john and ruby show
The surfer dudes came up to the house...
Kurt's Dad Dies AU
studio60/trust me xover
Kryptonian Neal
Archer and T'Pol
rubyverse snippets
Ruby decides to set Dean up with the ...
Once, in the middle of a fight about ...
The Other 179 Steps
five AUs
The beginning was easy, mostly becaus...
superhero neal
"Man, I could go for some pie right a...
rubyverse outline
kitty MerlinShared
the once and future king
Chuck epic AU outline
epic AU sequel B
Chuck vs the Intersect, Once more with Feeling
Uther's ghost
Zoe A


Jul. 23rd, 2010 02:52 pm
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Stuff I'm watching in current run:
--White Collar (childlike glee, about everything except the plot arc, so bored now, will you guys prove me wrong and joss this Kate vid I've been working on since November already?)
--Eureka (I should go back through and figure out what the fuck is still canon after they keep mashing the reset button. Hey, no one who's died in the last three seasons is definitively dead after this last button mash! They could bring back ANYONE!)
--Rizzoli & Isles (may drop off my radar until we see if it lasts a whole season and/or see if people I trust in fandom give it a pass)

Stuff I'm catching up on, or considering catching up on:
--Chuck (saw s1 and s2, have only seen a handful of s3)
--Numb3rs (I caught up on s5 and s6, I am thinking I did not see all of s4 and I should just start from the top, if I can watch early stuff without dying of pissed off at how Amita was originally only developed in relation to Charlie)

Stuff I'm considering acquiring as new fandoms:
--Leverage (have seen like, two half episodes, but it seemed fun, and keeps coming up in White Collar fanfiction)
--Bones (vids for this look cool, and I've enjoyed episodes watched with [personal profile] traykor)

I'm kind of confused. How did I end up watching this many procedurals?
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Vid rec: Chuck from the Burbank, to Jenny from the Block. Some s3 footage--I haven't seen much of s3, but I am reassured that I might be interested in doing so, because the premise is Chuck will always flail it up, no matter how badass they try to make him.
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(there's an entry at the edges of this that probably needs to be under whine filter, about how I can't put my brain on the rails for real world functionality)

These days my head is in kind of in a constant state of EPIC FANFIC, except I'm not writing anything. I pull up WIPs on the computer and nothing happens. The most fic I've written is a page and a half of iambic pentameter in my notebook from when I'm supposed to be taking class notes, and most of that was in September.

So in theory I'm going to talk out the inside of my head and maybe some of this entry will be useful for outlines later.

white collar(/chuck) bunnies )

Oh gosh, I thought I was going to get to other fandoms of EPIC FANFIC in my head, but that took an hour and a half to write and now I'm actually tired. So I think I'll lay down now.
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So I have been shamefacedly watching a few-years-old sitcom called "Less Than Perfect" because Zachary Levi is in it and I have been in Chuck withdrawal. If you want to see bits without subjecting yourself to whole episodes, I've been uploading a (mostly Kip-tastic) selection of clips to youtube (Kip being Zachary Levi's character).

This is a sitcom. It's driven by Idiot Ball more than my usual run of cheese. It hurts me often but fannishness has been creeping up in various ways. I considered asking for Less Than Perfect for yuletide. I even thought of what I would ask for (it's Kip-related. surprise). I was thinking about vidding it, because it would be less painful than trying to write it.

But I've just found the pairing I like for it. *headdesk* This is terrible.

Quick rundown of what this show is about: Read more... )

I've come to the terrible conclusion that my pairing of choice is Lydia/closetedgay-denialy!Kip. Read more... )

You see the myriad ways in which this is horrible and it pains me to contemplate writing.


Aug. 27th, 2009 11:14 am
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Meme ganked from [personal profile] daegaer: Dump first lines of your last ten stories into Translation Party, post results.

1. He dreams. On top of him and woke up with snakes. He is breathing hard. Sore throat.

2. Jim're bored. All his classes acing, he is without breaking a sweat, he has published in Starfleet Academy.

3. Our sun is a very Chuck. His list of all: Morgan Devonbiggumaiku, Morgan, Anna, Jefuresuta, Kodochito by his stage name of the video memory of my big day, they are interested can learn about the history of interest in the game .

4. Oral text: TAPESTUDY Emorikasutamu subject ALX - 972768 Reseune Copy: 9742 No, the content of the committee - the file is given to the 1768-2

5. "It's under my administration," was supposed to know that you can place your order Hornblower him.

6. 1 Kareen Vorbarra I, for example, at an appropriate time, the meeting was born the crown of the decedent.

7. Both citizens and children of immigrants Xingian Amestrian Sutetasudorahha The boy's mother, a father is born in the registry. He described the face of the Drach blood. Xingian blood, hair and eyes explains.

8. If the rest of the world, many of these people, only 3 Athosians 1 Rentarusuitoshotto will be expected to know the fate of.

9. "Donna", "Why, my destiny, NASA has, Fakusujoshu was discovered last week?"

10. She said, "13," he said, Martha, the captain said: "We called my cell phone - a big fight with him," and, in fact, I can have her cell phone was involved in his scale-Provence Mon. Lily is Teita slate my work phone number. He said he was looking for.
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--the hilarious epic romance Vulcan harlequin of Archer and T'Pol (I heart my trashy holonovel show)
--Ivan Vorpatril, secret agent
--I feel like there was some other Vorkosigan thing, it'll come to me...
--the gay Chuck AU (*waves at [personal profile] everysecondtuesday*)

--Uther is a bad, bad daddy (no really, this one is quite a serious look at his madness, I just can't take Merlin seriously while I'm clipping for it)
--the cute threesome/historical overview of Vulcan/Human relations (hi, trashy holonovel!)
--the Being Human one that was supposed to be cute threesome but for which I found the wangsty emo song instead
--the Dystopias We Live In vid of spiritual sequeltude to She Walks
--if I'm writing the gay Chuck AU, clearly I need to make the gay Chuck opening credits.

Would anyone like to voice encouragement or engage in discussion? Because Juls is made of fail right now.
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Get Off, a Chuck vid to Republica, by [personal profile] jmtorres. A Club Vivid Premiere.

Stop the world, Chuck wants to get off.
Warning: Het. Slash. Guns. Car crashes. The Flail School of Kung Fu.

Download link (please right-click or ctrl-click and save): (22MB)

8/15/09: Ahahaha. OMG. I managed to miss the premiere of this because a) I didn't realize it was so early in the Club Vivid line-up and b) I was doing [personal profile] niqaeli's make-up and [personal profile] traykor was doing my hair. So I missed all the live reactions! If you happened to have seen it tonight at Vividcon, I would love to hear from you.

6/3/09: I write the introduction to this entry in July, after having completed my vid for Premieres show. With any luck, you all will be reading this entry and watching this vid before Premieres show. I am sort of terrified of how things will go after Premieres show. If you happen to be reading this after [personal profile] niqaeli and my premieres vid was released, know that for an entire two months I thought that THIS vid, the Chuck vid, was going to overshadow the rest of my vidding career with its sheer awesome.

5/1/09: As I write these notes, it's within hours of completing my eleventh hour upload to turn the vid into Vividcon. I wanted to set things down while I still remember what the hell I was doing, and it's three and a half months between completion and airdate. You guys. Three and a half months. Know that I have wanted to show this to you all for three and a half months.

I am really, really proud of it. I keep watching it and I don't hate it yet. The vidders among you will know what I mean--usually, there comes a time in the cutting of a vid where you just want to throw your entire editing set-up out a window and scream at the sky. The thing is done and I still like it and furthermore I think it's awesome. I just watched it some number of times that I had to figure out from looking at timestamp on the last instant message I'd sent (three time, I think I watched it three times in a row) and I still love it.

(And I just went to watch it again.)

Acknowledgements )

Cheats )

some fruity, squishy "what does it mean" crap )
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So I'm compiling a DVD of our vids to be selling at Vividcon (and possibly on the webs if there is demand) for some cost in the range of $3-$4 US (plus a couple bucks shipping if webs) and I am trying to decide what all should be on the DVD, mostly because I have recently discovered that some of my early work makes me wince.

(My vid post, because I'm not going to link them all individually.)

lists of vids, cut for length )

Vids of Juls' that Juls is considering not putting on the DVD because old and wince:
  • I Want You, Witchblade

  • American Tune, Andromeda

  • Rain, Farscape

And now, a poll. This is partially to give me a clue how many DVDs we'll need to be making for VVC, partially to demand your advice re vids to disinclude.

(If you are coming from LJ, sign in at the OpenID page to be able to vote.)
Poll #675 House of Torres! Qapla'!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

My interest in buying a DVD:

View Answers

I am offering you advice without any intent to purchase
1 (16.7%)

Might get one at VVC
0 (0.0%)

Definitely getting one at VVC
1 (16.7%)

Might get one on the webs
2 (33.3%)

Definitely getting one on the webs
2 (33.3%)

Juls is wrong about vid X, Juls should include it anyway:

View Answers

2 (100.0%)

American Tune
1 (50.0%)

I Want You
1 (50.0%)

I have a justification for my above belief:

Juls is right not to include everything, and furthermore, Juls should also not include some other stuff:

toreS tuq

May. 2nd, 2009 03:10 pm
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So apparently the first time around it says TORES TUQ instead of toreS tuq. Que sera, sera. Sticking with the all caps one. Also it are TNG style et pas la série originale. But I delegated to [personal profile] echan who is making me a labelmaker Klingon logo to go with the Chuck vid credits because she's awesome. And I'm totally making a vid and not poking at conlangs on the internet.
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Dear internets: who wants to beta my COMPLETELY AWESOME Chuck vid between about 9am and 3pm Pacific tomorrow (Friday)? Leave me an email address, I'll send it sometime between like, 4 and when I go to work and hopefully have beta comments when I get home!
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Three more episodes down tonight, four to go. (oh my god, do they keep multiplying?)

I'm thinking the sane thing to do would be to crash now and be rested to attack it tomorrow.
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This three seconds of Chuck. (It's from episode 216, there's no dialogue, how spoiled can you get in three seconds, OMG just watch it.)
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Remaining episodes to clip: 6. Finished with the main Jill arc.

Season finale: GLEE CAPS. Some narrative concerns covered in GLEE CAPS. Also, does this still work for my vid?

The vid [personal profile] echan came up with this weekend and started clipping today: MORE DONE THAN MY VID. WTF WTF WTF.

Her boyfriend and I are entering a suicide pact over our inability to vid as fast as she does.
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Hacked the episodes remaining to clip down from 15 to 8. There's two halves of Jill episodes left... oh right, and the other one.

So far I'm on schedule!

Also, I found the outfit that the gay Chuck in my head wears all the time. Weirdness.
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Yes! No! Yes! No! Noooooo. But yes. But no. )

Uh, so, Chuck brings out my manic all caps of glee and horror? Yeah.


Apr. 12th, 2009 08:55 pm
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It's been a while since I've done a writing prompt request post and even longer since I've successfully written much from one, but hey, let's break champagne over the bow of the good ship Dreamwidth! And if you have wandered over from another service and made the effort of signing in with openID to comment with a prompt, I will make a special effort to fill your request.

Fandoms I have paid attention to lately:
  • Chuck (I am presently caught up on Chuck, though I may not be immediately so tomorrow)

  • Highlander (Mostly Methos at the moment, though some Amanda, but I have seen the whole series + Raven + ... some of the movies, and can do a little reserch if necessary)

  • Dollhouse (would prefer not to write about Ballard)

  • Merlin (while I keep reading fic, it's been about four months since I've watched the show, fair warning)

  • Boston Legal (a bit rusty, it's been a few months since I watched any I am not sure I could write anyone but Denny and Alan and maybe Shirley though)

  • Tin Man (likewise rusty)

  • Vorkosigan (probably, I can actually handle Vorkosigan canon? More hilariously I could give you this fusion universe [personal profile] niqaeli and I have wherein folks from Studio 60 and Numb3rs and possibly one or two other places work for ImpSec.)

  • Howling (yes, Howling but not SG1. I know, I'm brilliant)

  • XFP (but only if you know enough to know what you're asking for *G*)

The more specific you are in your prompt, the more likely I am to be able to fulfill it. Actually, I deal with restrictive styles very well and may be defaulting to "5 things that never x" if I am having a hard time with a prompt in general, so if you want to use the 5 things prompt from the get-go, that's cool too.

So! *rubs hands together* Who wants fic?

ETA: If you love me you'll put a title on your comment so gmail starts a new thread for me.


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