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I am sort of torn about whether this entry is primarily notes for myself so I don't lose track of things I want to write, or at least partially for other people and/or my feedback addiction. It sort of affects whether I filter it or not, you know.

Current plotbunny batch:

Captain America somehow woke up all the Iron Man plot bunnies. And then added some more. So I have Mistress Pepper and Tony who is a nightmare running around my head, as well as Tony who built Pepper as a robot and Steve who is like "The future is so awesome! Who else is a robot?" But I also have new ones.

the goddamn lunar base )

Further plotbunnies: Subsequently we rapidly arrive in the region of all [personal profile] niqaeli's fault.

The Lady and the Captain )

Captain America's Clone )

Also I might be making a Losers vid. To Lady Gaga. Maybe.

Fuck all, I guess I'll go ahead and post this for people to read. It amused me to get written out. I did say I'd write things out more when I had more cope.


Sep. 8th, 2011 11:09 pm
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If I have subscribed to you out of nowhere and you're wondering why, it's probably because I am currently engaged in a futile effort to read ALL the Steve/Tony.

I would probably expound more upon my deep thoughts on Tony, Steve and Lady Gaga the goddamn lunar base Pepperbot um, yaoi, but today was a fairly epically awful, I am dying of plague and have had no sleep so I'm not actually going to post content, just the heads-up.

In other news: Chris Evans's career is a long history of TOTAL DORKERY. Watching The Losers right now. GO PETUNIAS.
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You may or may not have noticed, I've been posting to dw a lot less lately. I'm probably not going to go back to posting daily grumbles and random thoughts to dw, and if that was something you were interested in, or if we're friends enough that you'd want to keep up with me day-to-day, a lot of that kind of stuff is getting dumped into [ profile] decontextual now. At first it was just going to be a "random shit people say" amusement ground, which is why it got named Out of Context Theatre, but then I started following some fannish accounts and I got weirdly social what the hell ever: I'm [ profile] decontextual on twitter. Over here on dreamwidth I will probably be posting more essay-like content, things that have been percolating a while, as well as fanfiction and vids. If I ever finish any ever again.

Right, so that was online housekeeping. Moving on. Disjointed thoughts to follow.

Working was fucking nuts (redacted)

On Thursday I am flying out for the long weekend to see [personal profile] echan and [personal profile] jetpack_monkey (and [ profile] diannelamerc and [ profile] lizbetann). If there is anyone in the LA area who would like to meet up with me and/or them while I'm visiting, HOLLA.

I have this I don't even know, it might actually be a disorder, but apparently I am more likely to feel things are right with the world if I move all my crap around every year or so (if I'm not actually moving from one house to another). At present I'm considering essentially switching the TV/guest room and my bedroom--because my bedroom is bigger, and I want to turn the TV room into the VIDDING ROOM, and have my desk and vidding computer in there as well as the fiendishly clever ikea sofa bed the TV. While it would make it difficult to vid from bed, it would make vidding a) potentially more social, as covidders could hang out and clip from DVD or betas could hang out and watch random crap until needed but, like, in the same room and b) more likely to happen from some members of the House of Torres who don't like climbing over my endless piles of laundry to get to my vidding computer.

I measured everything and found a decent free designer online,, and then took some screenshots:

probably only interesting to people who will actually spend time in my house )

My to-do list is full of boring, grown-up things like endless piles of laundry and car maintenance and shoes. My plotbunny list lately is all:

--Harry Dresden is Not a Lesbian (Harry always-a-woman AU, spoiler cutting here for echan, who's only read to like book 2? but this should be safe for ysobel, who said she's up to book 4 ))
--WHERE ARE ALL MY PEPPERBOT NOTES, DAMN IT THIS NEEDS MORE PLOT, hahaha Steve is all "cool! the future is awesome! who else is a robot?"
--These Mistress Pepper notes are surprisingly complete, hahaha Steve is SO confused by them switching between Mr. Stark and Miss Potts and Tony and Pepper, because it's a scene/not scene thing that they're not copping to
--somewhere in the corner, Ivan is hiding from me all smug. I'll get you, my pretty.
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Answer: Apparently.

I am frustrated by how people keep using the AO3 tag "Alternate Universe - Canonical" in a way that makes no sense to me. Like, they use it for things that I would just call Alternate Universe. To my mind, a canonical AU is one that makes an appearance in the canon, like:

--the classic Spock's Evil Beard universe
--any of the eleventy billion universes Stargate discovered via the mirror device
--and also that alternate timeline where no one discovered the Stargate and they all had sad, unfulfilled lives as ESL teachers
--or the thought-universe where Daniel went mad with power and blew up Moscow
--or the one where Rodney wears leather and is secure enough to go by Mer
--frankly Stargate had rather a lot of them
--*points up* the universe of my icon, that one episode of Andromeda where Rhade killed Dylan and the entire series was his journey to um, time travel suicide
--"unrealized realities" shown to us in Farscape, like the one where Scarrans took over the Earth in history or the one where everyone wore each other's make-up
--or like, I guess if you wanted to stake a claim on a particular episode of Sliders and write about the universe where sexism worked backwards and Quinn got slapped on the ass in his temp secretary job
--or that dream universe in Supernatural where their mom didn't die and Dean had a hot nurse girlfriend
--or that one time bisexual vamp!Willow wandered into Buffy's universe from next door


*breathe in, breathe out*

But since it seems that a lot of people are not using the Alternate Universe - Canonical tag in this way, and are using it as like, I don't know, "this AU is an 'I changed one decision from canon' AU and not a 'they are all girl scout cookies' AU or 'I transplanted them to the age of sail' AU or 'suddenly, there are dragons' AU" --I guess that is how they are using it?

That being the case, wtf tag could one use to indicate the first case outlined here--the AU whose existence was presented in canon? I tested "canonical AU" and it has been wrangled to point to "Alternate Universe - Canon" so that's out, which, fuck, that's what I use. And it becomes meaningless and impossible to find the thing I actually want when it's all wrangled together. Damn it.

Meme time

Feb. 15th, 2011 01:43 am
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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. With the variant from torch: Upon request, I will quote a random line from any of these files.

Roughly in order of most recently touched to hasn't been touched since 2003 with a small amount of by fandom (my WIP folder is actually sorted by fandom, so you know, the ones that only list one fandom and say 'crossover' are not meaningless in context. But also when I sorted by my recent date it was imperfect because I've had overlapping/longterm fandoms).

ivan and gregor
lady bel vorkosigan
secret agent ivan
the john and ruby show
The surfer dudes came up to the house...
Kurt's Dad Dies AU
studio60/trust me xover
Kryptonian Neal
Archer and T'Pol
rubyverse snippets
Ruby decides to set Dean up with the ...
Once, in the middle of a fight about ...
The Other 179 Steps
five AUs
The beginning was easy, mostly becaus...
superhero neal
"Man, I could go for some pie right a...
rubyverse outline
kitty MerlinShared
the once and future king
Chuck epic AU outline
epic AU sequel B
Chuck vs the Intersect, Once more with Feeling
Uther's ghost
Zoe A
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So niq has this ongoing plotbunny about Ezar's empress, Yuri's sister, named Griselda for our convenience, and the horribleness of her life and times under Yuri's rule, and how she gave Ezar-Piotr-Xav et al the palace during the civil war.

Having explored her characterization thus far, we then posited what would have happened if she had not died in childbirth with Serg but had lived to see him go mad. Answer: she would have killed him, as soon as Gregor was born healthy, her own damn self because if it was her they could call it Yuri Redux and not start a civil war.

And then the war party would have had the legs cut out from under it not having Serg as a figurehead nor Ezar using it to kill them all, and so when Aral (who would still have been on punishment duty at Sergyar since the Komarran conquest fail predates Griselda killing Serg) deals with the mutiny he then decides to fucking open diplomatic relations, damn the war party, full speed ahead, and sends Captain Naismith to the Escobarans with messages of peace and offers of trade.

The Betan Astronomical Survey? Totally trains for this eventuality. There is a non-trivial chance of a blind wormhole jump landing you in previously charted territories. Diplomacy IS part of Cordelia's training and mission. And when the Escobarans hear the Butcher of Komarr is on the other side and Cordelia keeps going "but he's really a decent fellow!" she gets stuck with that diplomatic duty longterm because nooooo one else wants to deal with him.

And Ges (introduced as "my creepy ex" instead of "And now, a rapist!") will totally turn "diplomatic relations" into obscene slang. And Cordelia's anthropological study of Rules of Barrayaran society include a whole subset of "and this is how it works with Ges," because he is totally different from everyone else. And Cordelia's considered opinion of him is that he badly needs some therapy. And Aral is like "Do you think if we shipped him off to Beta, they'd take him?"

I WANT HER TO WRITE THIS FOR ME. MY CURRENT THREAT IS THAT I WILL FINISH WRITING VORKOSIGAN 60 AND HOLD IT HOSTAGE UNTIL SHE WRITES THIS FOR ME. She has laughed and laughed at the idea that I could write a novel-length story and not immediately started soliciting feedback from everyone I know. In fact she's suggested that she will make me wait on this story just to see how long I COULD wait. WHEN SHE COULD JUST WRITE ME A STORY BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME AND SHE'S SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME. When I explode of impatience I will murder her in her sleep.
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I cosplayed Ruby at Club Vivid and [personal profile] luminosity commented that I was playing the dead femme fatale. I had to headtilt and remember that for the rest of fandom, yes, she is dead. But not for me, because I live in another universe as far as Supernatural is concerned.

I happened to mention this [personal profile] niqaeli, whose response was that, well, okay, the host body's kind of a walking corpse, but Ruby isn't dead in any meaningful way, and how do we dissect the deadness of demontude. We were stopped at a red light so I let go of the wheel and took her hands and said, "No really, honey, she was stabbed with the demon-killing knife. As far as canon and most of fandom are concerned, she's really, really dead." And niq started cracking up because she had completely forgotten, as she also lives in another universe with regards to Supernatural, although hers involves the phrase "Ruby, the archangel" and Gabriel being an asshole for kicks.

In case you were wondering about Olga, it's not like I didn't specifically go looking for all the blood and gore and demon-shooting and demon-stabbing and somehow I left out that part of the season 4 finale, so I think it's safe to say she's not dead either.

The funny thing is that there are shows for which fandom has declared Didn't Happen (see also: Richie Ryan, Alex Krycek, and Daniel Jackson, where the power of their denial combined with lack of regular work for a scifi-turned-serious actor combined to MAKE IT CANONICAL), but as far as we can tell, there isn't any organized/widespread denial about Ruby. So hey. Put your hands up if Ruby lives on in your hearts, regardless of what may or may not have happened on the show.
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I'm skimming my plot bunnies tag because apparently what I need is to remind myself how many stupid epic stories live in my head, and I just found the entry back when I thought I wouldn't be consuming enough SPN to write a Jess lives (and is awesome) AU. Hahahahah fuck me sideways.

ETA: Why aren't I asleep yet? Fuck me, that would be because I stopped for iced coffee wouldn't it.
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So I was reading the very, very different pilot script of Supernatural and damn, I want fic for that universe. Like, I want to start a comm and make people write me fic for that universe.

It's just... totally different.

Sam and Dean's mom died when they were nine and eleven, in a car crash presumably caused by their father's drunk driving. Also when their father talked about the thing with black eyes, everyone thought he was schizophrenic. Sam and Dean were raised by their Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Tommy and hardly ever saw their father, so when Dean shows up at Sam's graduation after having dropped out of contact for two years and mentions that he spent those two years hanging out with Dad, Sam's reaction is OH MY GOD YOU GOT DAD'S CRAZY STOP THE CAR LET ME OUT.

Dean does not let him out, because he is taking Sam to hunt a ghost so Sam will get it and believe him about the supernatural.

Metric of how far different things are: Sam does not immediately recognize the Impala.

other moments of awesome )

They're... not children of war. They have family ties. Sam has a living girlfriend. They have, between them, two years and like, two days of hunting experience. It is a totally different ballgame. Seriously I want fanfiction in this universe.


Jun. 27th, 2010 03:00 pm
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My [ profile] au_bingo card:

Read more... )

I used my vetoes on slaves, prostitutes and prison, so I didn't get to cut out any historical stuff I'm not going to be good with. So either a ton of research is going to happen or I'm going to throw my hands up on getting a blackout, or an envelope, or anything other than about four potential plain old lines.

If I do Historical: Western I'm going to have to do something about it. Tell a story from a Native American perspective instead of manifest destiny frontiersmen stuff. Or--something.

Other: Band was on a short list of things I was considering vetoing, but I decided it was less awful to me than Other: Actors, and eventually I found a way to make Other: Actors work in my head, which means I'm actually a little "aww, damn it" that I got Other: Band instead of Other: Actors.

Other: Evil Goateed Universe was on the short, short list of things I was considering vetoing, so that one's kind of meh too (especially because it's on a diagonal with no historicals! damn it!). I'm considering taking the DS9 route of "and also, they're all gay."

I feel like I have been super complainy so far. Um, it's strategizing? Things I am excited about: the Future: Post-Apocalyptic square. I was just talking the other night about post-crash technological rebuilding not coming up in an exact parallel, that people would find certain technologies extremely important or totally taboo depending on the cause of the crash. I was positing the post-Dollhouse world with telegrams and the internet deliberately cut off circa 1992, because they can program you with sound, and medical tech is decent except for anything with brains or nervous system is totally back alley. So I am looking forward to inventing my own apocalypse and worldbuilding the rebuilding.
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I'm rereading [personal profile] viridian5's Glass Houses, a Weiß Kreuz AU epic WIP that I was reading along with early on, but somehow lost track of over the years. I love this story to pieces and I have unfinished fic for it floating around on my hard drive, more than I thought I did, actually--over 5,000 words of fluff about Schwarz & co invading Crawford's family, 2100 words of Yoji and Schuldig's relationship drama (they are in no way exclusive, but when Yoji, with help, blocks Schu's telepathy, that's totally cheating), and an actually complete scene, at 1500 words, of did I really? yes, I really did, why god why Nagi/Omi lifted directly from my own personal experience that I thankfully did not ever post.

(Gosh, I have a lot of half-finished WK fic in general, actually. Conveniently I even wrote the end of the Quantum Leap crossover, so I know how the plot on that one works.)

I went skimming through vid WIPs too and I seem to have vidded 90% of a Weiß Kreuz vid, though I think I would have to take it apart at the seams and put it back together before I'd be happy with it now: it doesn't move enough.

Other things in the vid WIP pile:

--The first 19 seconds of an Enterprise vid that makes me cackle with glee (WHO'S YOUR MOMMY)
--The first 58 seconds of my thesis on s4 Supernatural that includes, among other things, Ruby flirting with Cas and Cas giving WTF face
--About 48 seconds of a Fullmetal Alchemist vid, from the middle, being all about how Roy is a broken, fucked-up moppet because Hughes dies
--The first 23 seconds of a Being Human vid that is pretty but also depressing.

I am making an effort to commit fic to computer as it happens in my brain. Last night I wrote 800 words of Janie's declarations; tonight I wrote 600 words of the John and Ruby show. I love the John and Ruby show, and the piece I wrote tonight clears up part of the plot that I was banging my head against. So yay for that.

It's harder to commit to the braindump as instantaneously with vidding because the stuff I've been running in my head is stuff I'm going to have to hunt material to construct, it's not "and this clip from this episode would be perfect!", it's "where is a clip of Ruby lying on her back I could manip into this part of this story." So that's hard.

fandom quiz

Apr. 6th, 2010 12:56 am
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[personal profile] echan and I have spent seriously, like, three hours, discussing fannish categorizations of material as it strays further and further from canon. We are interested in your opinions on the following:

In reference to vidding:
What constitutes canon (or nonviolation of canon)?
What constitutes an AU?
What constitutes constructed reality?

Where are the lines between these categories? What separates them? What rationales and characteristics can you use to differentiate between them?

Where does crossover fall in this scale?
Does the use of secondary sources make a vid fall into one category or another?

Second verse: would you care to tackle the same questions (as relevant) wrt fanfiction?

If you're very good, I may post my own thoughts on this matter when I am less drunk.


Feb. 27th, 2010 08:19 pm
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So I've been reading this epic SPN fic, and it's well-written, which is why I've kept reading for the last hundred thousand words, but it's also anti-Ruby, she's making Sam evil, Sam has to give her up entirely, etc. And like, I kind of said, "Okay, I'll buy into this for the duration of the story, even though I think Ruby is awesome," but I finally figured out what it is about this story that's getting up my nose, and it's not just that it's anti-Ruby, it's that Castiel gets out from under Heaven's thumb and develops feelings and opinions as an 'independent' and questions Heaven's stance on the whole apocalypse thing while Ruby is irredeemable, not given the same ambiguity and space for growth. You could argue that that's very in line with how the end of season four and season five have turned out, but the thing is, this story is a season four AU, started at 4x14 when Ruby was frankly still pretty up in the air, and it's very clearly a fix-it in terms of making the characters talk to each other--I have this whole thesis about how the apocalypse would not have happened if Heaven and Hell had afforded Sam and Dean the opportunity to talk to each other for five consecutive minutes in the course of season four--so every time I come across some line where the hard parts of relationships are getting fixed with actual communication (the bit that set off my navel-gazing here is Castiel going to Sam for advice on how to break it to Dean about him having been the first seal, so that, meta-speaking, Dean will hear it there and not from Alistair), I keep feeling like why're you gonna put all this effort into fixing things for them and not do anything for Ruby?

Part of this comes from I have this really strong sense of Cas and Ruby being parallel, Heaven and Hell's respective manipulators on the Winchester boys. So I feel like fandom (and the show, but dude, I am so seriously off playing in AU land it's not even funny) lets Cas off the hook a lot more than they ought to and hates on Ruby a lot more than she deserves. I think... ideally I think they should have had parallel paths to right down the middle of new loyalties to humanity, but if they're going to have different paths, having the angel turn out to be on our boys' side while the demon is the traitor all along is not interesting, there's nothing unexpected enough to be worth caring about in that storyline.

So sayeth me, anyway.
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I've skimmed past such an awful lot of assvirgin!Dean that I'm starting to wonder if anyone has written fiction in which he's like, "Hahahaha yeah right. You think there's sex I haven't tried?"

I was watching the Supernatural pilot last night (I turned up the disc of the first ten episodes [personal profile] niqaeli handed me when season one was in broadcast because apparently I'm vaguely curious about the accuracy of fanon in a constantly kripke'd environment?) and there's this bit when Dean shows up and wants to talk to Sam away from Jess and Sam is like, "No, anything you wanna say you can say in front of her," and Dean goes, "So Dad went on a hunting trip and hasn't been back for a few days," and Sam goes, "uh, excuse us" like he forgot he had a double life and anything to hide from Jess. As hilarious as this is, I can't help thinking it would be more awesome if the punchline had been that in fact Jess did know and chimed in asking what bad thing their dad was hunting. So I kind of want an AU where Sam has been keeping his metaphorical backyard cleaned up at Stanford and has trusted Jess and she's helped out on a couple salt and burns or something, and so Sam totally makes Dean just talk in front of her and accept her input, and Dean blows a gasket because while Sam kept the family secrets secret, Dean had a special place, but if Sam's killing things with this woman then clearly Sam loves her more than Dean, although he chooses to manifest this jealousy as, "You said you were done! What do you mean, you're still hunting?" and is generally a sulky bitch. Also I want Jess to be educated and informed enough that she's capable of fending off the burns-women-on-ceilings demon and survives that whole thing. I recognize this rapidly becomes heavy AU territory (dude, maybe even more for the "Sam is of sufficiently different character to trust an outsider civilian" over the "Jess is still kicking instead of being a woman in the refrigerator") but I totally do not know enough about the series to map it all out and it this point I'm still claiming it's doubtful I'll ever watch that much.

icon meme

Sep. 27th, 2009 10:25 pm
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[personal profile] aris_tgd selected these icons of mine for me to talk about. If you would like me to do the same, pls comment.

Restrain America for the good of the world This is an image I screencapped from an episode of 7 Days, which was a trashy time travel show I enjoyed before the internet regularly pirated stuff, and which has never been released on DVD, which means the only copies circulating now are from Spike with a squished aspect ratio and cut for syndication. It might be a service to the internets if I capture my first-run VHS recordings. Or not. It really was a fairly trashy show. I'm easy when it comes to time travel stuff. Anyway, dude on the left tied to the car in nothing but his flag boxers is Frank Parker, our weekly time traveler. Those are his lucky boxers, given to him by dude on the right, Craig Donovan, who is, at this moment, saving his ass. Adorable slashy buddies, they are. It occurs to me that Frank and Donovan are former and current Navy SEALs, so I have a route to writing a crossover made in hell with NCIS. This icon was made during the Bush administration; I am not so often moved to use it anymore.

full body condom This one is Andy Warhol Mason Eckhart from Mutant X, a show I used to enjoy with [personal profile] j_crew_guy for like a season before there were bizarre cast changes and hair changes and really, all the cheesy goodness was eventually leached away. I mean, the plot was always bad? But it got worse. Eckhart is the nemesis-cum-ex-boyfriend of the team leader for the ensemble of not-X-men, Adam. Something horrible happened to Eckhart that he blames Adam for, which may or may not be true, I honestly forget how much of what happened we fanwanked and how much was revealed in seasons I don't consider canon and how much they just didn't say. Anyway, his immune system was shot to hell so he now wraps himself in Saran wrap on a daily basis. We always found this really, really kinky.

are you okay? you've been shot in the head The quote on this one is from a David Bowie song entitled "Seven Years in Tibet," and the character pictured is Creegan from the short-lived US version of Touching Evil, who has been shot in the head and has brain-damage related behavioral problems that make his take on fighting crime somewhat wacky. I adored the US version of this show--it was gorgeous--so much so that I have never gotten around to watching the UK version, which by all accounts is very different. For one thing, the US actor had a scar on his head, but on the other side of his head from the original character, so they rewrote how his damage manifested to be accurate to the new location. I vidded this fandom to this song, though the icon came first, if I recall correctly. I use this icon for emo whine entries a lot, and [personal profile] niqaeli made off with it as one to use when posting for me or when I'm hijacking her journal. (Likewise I have her kitten icon.)

it's not forbidden to be what you areThe image is from the cover of Moxy Früvous's final album, You Will Go To The Moon, the lyric from the song "Boo Time." This was one of those touchstones for me, the line it's not forbidden to be what you are, as a baby dyke coming into her own. This is one of my earliest icons, from way back when I started my (live)journal. You can see from how crap it is *G*

Tony Stark, Iron Maiden I modeled my version of Woman!Tony Stark off of Corky from the early Wachowski brothers (you know, the Matrix dudes) film Bound. I photoshopped it myself and somewhere there's a bigger copy but I'm not going to link to it because it was never intended to be more than an icon so it's kind of rough. I was writing a story to go with this that I never quite finished; I was in fact going to inflict the title "Iron Maiden" on it (Pepper snarked, "Maiden? You, ma'am?"). I'm trying to find an entertaining pull-quote, but while I outlined it fairly thoroughly, I didn't write out a lot of it. Tony Stark is pretty much the same as a woman but the world bends differently around her. For instance, when she gets back from Afghanistan she gets asked (in a well-meaning let-us-help-you way) if she was raped. And she's like HELLO ARC REACTOR IN MY CHEST, WHO GIVES A SHIT? Also I love Tony/Pepper a lot but for some reason it's like, ten times hotter if they're lesbians. Go figure.

*hides* Danny Tripp from Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip is terrified of his girlfriend, who is also his boss. This is one of my few animated icons, and also one someone else made! Gosh.

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Since last posting, I have gotten sleep (thought not by any means enough), finished Cetaganda (oh, Ivan, how I love you. Fingers cramping and speech slurred. Darling!), and wrote some Jack/Tosh. Sort of. Er. It was more pornographic in my head.

609 words. Episode 12 AU. Have not yet quite decided if this is in the happyverse or not. Also on AO3.

P.S. Dear Internet, I hate you too. Love, Jul.

Jack bought a gramophone )
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So I finally watched part II of Moebius. So, like, spoilers for the s8 finale.

And I wrote fic.

1144 words of mindbendy-ness. Also on AO3.

Read more... )
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Title: 5 Things That Never Happened To Gaheris Rhade
Author: Juliette Torres
Date: 28 Nov. 2003
Rating: PG-13 (violence)
Archive: AU,
Notes: You *cough* may have noticed that Rhade is pretty much my favorite character on Andromeda. So it made sense to me to devote not just one (grateful as I am for "The Unconquerable Man") but five alternate universes to him.

A big thank you to my betas: [ profile] cadetdru, [ profile] jcalanthe, [ profile] kyrre, [ profile] unovis_lj, and [ profile] mcjude.

Also on AO3.

Read more... )


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