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stated purpose of tab cleaning: make my computer more useable for writing in specified time blocks, less tempting

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The Twelfth of Never by Yahtzee
Bristow's 11 by Yahtzee

due south unread
Ajax Fassbender's Amateur Guide To Zombie Wrangling by Brigantine

white collar/chuck/fringe unread
Intelligent Designs by auburn

white collar unread
Love as Rich as the Sea by elrhiarhodan

teen wolf/pacific rim unread
we're all together in the same robot (in life) by kellifer_fic

pacific rim unread
i forget the difference between seduction and arson by gyzym

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Welcome to Beacon Hills by HalfFizzbin, otter

teen wolf/white collar unread
My Patience is a Medal by Saucery

teen wolf/gilmore girls unread
bulwark by kellifer_fic

teen wolf unread
Trust In This (Even If You're Scared Stiff) by otter
The Whole Glass Of Water by ladyblahblah
Sourwolf Candy by relenafanel
she's got stickers on her locker by leah k
Completing the Square by clio_jlh
When You're Still Waiting for the Snow to Fall by JenNova
Where we ought to be by clio_jlh
Wild and Reckless Breeze by GotTheSilver
By a String of Blue Lights by Lapin
Coyote Courts the Moon by tzzzz
Happiness is not a horse, you cannot harness it by otter
Bullets and Claws by miya_morana
Still by coppersin
The Skies Above Are Blue by greensilver
Grumpy Old Men by peroxidepest17
glad i didn't die before i met you by deerie
Telescoping Effect by relenafanel
First Date by halffizzbin
Like Calls to Like by Ciircee
AU fluff 'verse by mieraspeller
giving up this whole lie, this whole me by Loz
Dog Days by flaming_muse

teen wolf partially read
tween wolf: season 2 by verity
His Password is Also Derek by teromain
wolf whistle by ashinan
Cry Havoc by ladyblahblah
Aversion Therapy by entanglednow
Rattle this Ghost Town by scoutshonor
A Brief Introduction to Live Action Roleplaying by wldnst
I have a grave to dig by pistol
Trust Fall by Stoney
Show me the way back home baby by stilinskisparkles
Articulation by fleete
Parallels by Survivah
You Saw Me Standing Alone by breenwolf
Not As Described by Febricant
Not Like Bond & Moneypenny by WhoNatural
sterek on a plane by trelkez
The Noble Tie that Binds by minusoneday

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trope: werewolves can turn into wolves
trope: fake boyfriends
fluffy fuzzy recs
accidental marriage; established relationship
knotting and mating

vid things i am still thinking about

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the lace stockings stiles is currently making for his wedding to derek, for magical reasons. that I am currently fixing the pattern to, because why would you knit socks flat, why.
herringbone lace stocking pattern
standard abbreviations
kitchener stitch
the starter socks I made over the summer
mesh stockings
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I thought I might manage to bookmark shit but ahahaha

Fic Research related

Teen Wolf (read)(at least most of)

Teen Wolf (unread)

Teen Wolf (recs lists)

Avengers (unread)

Avengers (read)(mostly)

Person of Interest (I... don't know)

...interrupted by roommate, TBC
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I am interested in reading stories involving kink negotiation for Teen Wolf. The tag "kink negotiation" produces four Teen Wolf stories on the AO3, one of which is mine, and I'm choosing to assume that a lot more people write it but don't tag it, so fandom, I need your recs to help me find those stories.
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So I have pain, I have dental issues maybe you don't want to hear about this? I know I'm grossed out )

So I want to read fic for comfort and I have this problem of right now I can't read blowjobs. The thought of puttiong things in mouths makes me cringe so hard. I am okay with kissing and choosing not to examine this too closely. But blowjobs: who warns for blowjobs? No one, that's who. I certainly can't recall which of the many stories I've enjoyed did or did not include oral in their various sexcapades--I wasn't taking notes. (I have yet to test whether cunnilingus makes me cry. I think I would prefer not to test that one, since lesbian, can we not traumatize me for things that may ever be relevant to my real life.)

Fandom, please rec me fic in which there is NO oral sex. I really want long fic to wallow in, like 20,000 words at least, and fandoms--oh lord. I've been working on reading all of the Steve/Tony and am not averse to rereading things I am assured are BJ-free, and I seem to be down with random other pairings of Avengers and/or movieverse stuff. I read that really good Clint/Darcy one yesterday (carefully and with great relief when a dirty bathroom floor caused Darcy to nix blowjobs). I am willing to read other fandoms, even fandoms I do not know; heck, I've been lured into fandoms that way (see: epic Dresden Files recs), just saying, that's what fandom I'm currently in, and I know there are some Steve/Tony big bangs recently posted. I just need to know: which ones are blowjobless and safe for me???


Oct. 8th, 2011 05:04 pm
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I am looking for music videos (like, the ones the bands make, not the ones we make) involving fantasy imagery (fairies, monsters, unicorns, swords and sorcery, vampires, or even potentially nonmagical period costume dress). You may assume I have already seen all of Lady Gaga's (mermaids! deathsheads! monsters, unicorns, and so on.) Recommendations, please!


unrelatedly, i have more steve and tony bunnies (my life, seriously). like, one where steve finds out about steve/tony fanfiction and keeps sending tony links that are like, my list of recs/anti-recs, but from steve's pov ("In this one you're a vampire! and I'm an asshole?" "Oh my God we are both morons in this one, it's actually kind of creepy how stupid we are" "they made you a supervillain! but they gave Pepper an Iron Man suit, which is awesome, really") and tony's reaction is to link steve to a youtube of 'the internet is for porn.' and possibly not on youtube actual sex tape(s) of tony. other hilarious corners of the internet steve could find: apparently in the porn business non-fanfiction side of things, cap/wonder woman is a... reasonably popular pairing. dude I don't even know don't ask how i found it, i burned the browser history. and steve's complaints are "she's a fictional character! and we're both in full costume, how do they think we could.... do it?" oh steve.

also if things keep up as they have been in my personal life, i'm going to be inflicting the wonders of modern dentistry on steve as displacement or catharsis or something.
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None of this should be breaking news, unless you were living under a rock yesterday:

Delicious rolled out its new look, which killed a lot of functionality, including (horrors) any tag containing the / symbol. Also networks, subscriptions, the ability to see more than ten links at a time, the ability to see what other people tagged a link, and so on.

But really, the / symbol. Cue fandom shitfit.

About 23 hours ago: [ profile] Pinboard: Just a gentle reminder to fanfic people - / tag works just fine on Pinboard :-)

Bless that guy's heart. He's actually courting us.

Anyway, right now I see about three alternatives to delicious:

1. The AO3 bookmarking tool. However, it is still under development and not yet fully fledged. Things I want out of the AO3 bookmarking tool that are still not extant: the ability to import thousands of bookmarks from another service automagically rather than manually *G* and--okay, this is unfair, I only expect this of AO3 because damn it, it should be easy ON AO3--for bookmarks for AO3 stories to include word count as well as author tags etc.

2. Diigo. Free diigo may be but it is not for fandom. They have decided their primary market is K-12 students and educators and they therefore autoprivate any sex-related bookmarks. This feature is not opt-outable. There is no "yes I am over 18" link (because if you give that to kids they will lie, duh). There is simply no way to share x-rated fic on the site. Also apparently their algorithm is a bit dodgy and will attack things that aren't porn either.

3. Pinboard. It is a pay service (currently around $10 sign-up fee, price rising with number of users--and I can see the logic to that, it keeps site growth manageable and makes sure growth can be paid for, and frankly, the more people are using it the more valuable the service is). I know that the fact that it is a pay service will probably be a stumbling block for a lot of fandom. But: the guy is courting us. He knows we exist and is welcoming us and has asked for suggestions of features fandom wants, needs and desires--he suggested a gdoc, which is here if you want to add to it, and is actively participating by answering questions and adding clarifications in the doc itself. I don't even know how to--like, okay, in the past, fandom has mostly dealt with two kinds of outsiders--ones who don't know we exist or prefer to pretend we don't exist; and ones who seek to profit off of us without understanding us. Pinboard Guy (and I will always think of him as Pinboard Guy with the description from the Economist linked on the site's front page: "One dude in his underpants somewhere who has five windows open to terminal servers") doesn't seem to be either--he knows we exist, he wants us to use his service, and he's asking us how we want to use his service and listening to our responses.

So this may have turned into a advertisement for Pinboard. Um. This is an unpaid testimonial (unless you count funny tweets as payment, did I mention [ profile] Pinboard is funny and answers tweets?).

A quick and dirty how to:

Go here to sign up: Price still at $9.43 for now. Site takes paypal and amazon payments.

To get your bookmarks out of delicious, go here: replacing X with the number of bookmarks you should have (discovered it cuts off at 1000 if you don't specify). Save that xml file to your computer.

In your shiny new pinboard account, go to and upload the delicious xml file.

Come find me! (I wonder if dreamwidth user tag works? ...looks like no. I should go suggest that)
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Woman!Cap doesn't live in my head like Woman!Tony (hahahaha, dear god) so I am forced to rely on other writers for stories of her life. THERE IS A DEARTH. (Especially compared to how many stories one can find about Woman!Tony, thank you 3490.) I've found, like four.

This Woman's War by [ profile] tsukinofaerii, a 37,000 word awesome big bang in which no one knew Captain America was a woman and they are very confused when they dig her out of the ice.

As Passionate Machines by [ profile] sinuous_curve, a PWP in which woman!Tony shows woman!Steve the exciting sex toys she's been building in the basement.

The Space Jello That Didn't Eat Chicago by [ profile] tsukinofaerii, universe where everyone is genderflipped, crack, jello aliens, crack, Woman!Tony and Woman!Steve get married on the ISS with Woman!Logan editing the ceremony on the fly to be remotely true to how they actually behave.

Satori in a Papercut by [ profile] Lex_Munro, which is mostly a... cyberpunky multiverse science fiction story, with Stephanie being not the main character and sort of incidental (there are a lot of copies of most key Marvel characters, male and female).

Is there more? Is there more Woman!Steve? Actually, specifically, is there much in the way of Woman!Steve/regular-male!Tony? Because while Lesbian!Steve is fairly damn awesome and I did enjoy those three stories a lot, I can't stop shipping them and there's something fireworky or trainwrecky about f!Steve/m!Tony that I can't quite picture well enough to write myself that isn't really there when people write f!Steve/f!Tony femslash. Like, BisexualWoman!Steve would be cool! As a potential QueerWoman!Steve who could still get it on with regular-male!Tony.

But no really. Any more Woman!Steve stories at all. WANT. HELP.
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This is the vid by which [personal profile] grey_bard convinced me to watch Primeval. It is all about Helen Cutter, who I have been informed is less a main character and more an agent provocateur, but she is my favorite, and this vid is all about why she is awesome. This vid is her going, "Dinosaurs? Or relationship drama? Hmmmm, I'll take... rela--just kidding. DINOSAURS!" I think I might pick dinosaurs too. Honestly.

Go watch!

*I don't have a Primeval icon so this one features the wrong Helen. Rest assured, all Helens are awesome.
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So [personal profile] niqaeli and I found that two songs, which we had learned from vids, helped us greatly in not completely losing our minds during the third season of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Whenever we found ourselves compelled to ask, "Why is there a train crossing on the penis balcony" or other similar questions, we determined that the answer was A Metaphor Is a Glorious Thing.

Whenever her efforts to set Akio on fire with her mind seemed inadequate, or there were suddenly a surplus of little red convertibles, or, randomly, a carrot coming out of Touga's head, it cheered us greatly to sing, Too Many Dicks On the Dance Floor! (too many dicks!)

In related news, it turns out what I thought was my season 3 Utena pack is actually an entire series pack. So my season 1 + movie and season 2 packs are superfluous. Would anyone be interested in buying them for like, I dunno, $5 a season + shipping? They're the old versions, not the new remaster versions, but they still go for like $40 and they're pretty bright and shiny (it is not like Utena is a monochromatic or dull show). ETA: CLAIMED.
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I LOVE MY BRAINTWIN. We had a conversation about how much of our facepalm at Sanctuary's poor grasp of genetics and evolution could be fixed if Abnormal were code for [story spoiler]magic[/spoiler], and then I told her to write fic, about it, and she totally did! Yay fic!


Dec. 25th, 2010 09:40 am
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By a miracle I was online last night when the yuletide archive opened (blame it on the Killjoys) so I went to see what I'd gotten and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

It is entirely appropriate that I am making noises only audible to dogs, because I got WISHBONE FIC. I got a lost episode transcript of THE BARKOSIGAN SAGA: MIRROR DOG in which Wishbone plays both Miles AND Mark, with the help of crappy green screen, and there's hilarious mid-90s casting and ongoing snark about narrative convenience.

You guys remember Wishbone, right? He's adorable small dog cast primarily for his leaping ability who compares the lives of his humans to great literature on PBS for kids. A couple months ago I started cracking up at the idea of Wishbone playing Miles Vorkosigan, because Hugo-winning science fiction is totally great literature too and because our hardest problem in fantasy casting Miles (it's come up a lot for us) is finding someone suitably short! So I put this prompt on my yuletide list and SOMEONE WROTE IT FOR ME and it's just like an episode! So like an episode I'm earwormed on the themesong right now! You guys! WHAT'S THE STORY, WISHBONE?


This may be my favorite yuletide I've ever gotten. Oh my god I don't even.
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[personal profile] happydork wrote an interesting entry examining why her own writing didn't reflect the diversity of characters she wants to read about. I thought both the entry and the conversation it sparked were fascinating and I encourage you to go look at it and post your own thoughts because I want to see what more people think!

I look back at the last dozen stories I've written and find I have a similar problem with focusing on the love lives of white dudes despite my broader interests. I think for me the socialized programming to accept the white dude perspective as normative in fiction is something I have to think about to overcome even though my intellectual beliefs concern greater representation of a variety of perspectives in fiction, both fan and media, to the end of normalizing being a not-white/not-dude/not-assorted-currently-normative-states.
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Due to an external hard drive failure, I am in the process of redownloading all kinds of people's vids. Apparently I set my browser's download memory to be eternal, so I have four years of download records (since I bought this computer). I figured I might as well post this list of links of vids I have found worth acquiring twice.

in reverse chronological order )
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So what I have determined is that by and large I don't want to read White Collar gen because some vast proportion of it is whumping. Kidnapped, beaten, drugged, forced to do crime, rescued non-romantically. Whumping. And I try to steer clear of those even when it's a romantic rescue, because the healing power of sex only occasionally does it for me and those versions frequently also have rape. I hate to say this, but oh fandom, why so predictable? I mean, sure, even the show used the formula, to which I say, show! stop reading so much fanfic! Or at least branch out a little.

I might be interested in reading gen for case fic, if someone were doing research or using an area of their expertise to write an interesting case that got solved without kidnappings and beatings, but mostly gen uses cases as backdrops for kidnappings and beatings, not as interesting subjects in their own right.

Whereas OT3 fanfiction a big gooey marshmallow land, and sure, there's some kidnappings and beatings but it's easier to skip past them and find stories where their biggest obstacle is failure to communicate their feelings adequately. I mean, I wrote gen with case pastede on yay, but I wrote gen in which I stole the entire plot from OT3 fanfiction, which I would like you to know takes talent and brain contortions.

(Has anyone been writing solid case fic sans whumping? I'll take recs.)

Of bunnies I'm currently fielding, Kryptonian Neal is very awake in my head, and that story is so very much an OT3 story that it has interstellar scale failure to communicate their feelings adequately. I feel certain there's actual plot going on in the background but no one wants to 'fess up and tell me what it is.

Also there's the one where Neal's entire life is high drama, not just the parts where he swallows handcuff keys. Shockingly I think this one may be the deeply slashy gen story of how Neal wants Peter to trust him and doesn't even try to use sex to accomplish that end.

It is also kind of hilarious how different my brain's fic space and vid space are in this fandom. It's like all my fic bunnies are totally my id writhing around on the floor (my id just happens to be all about the relationship drama and not about the kidnappings and beatings) and my vid bunnies are intellectual engagement (yes, even Pisco Bandito).


Jun. 25th, 2010 04:15 am
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Most of the fanfiction I tag on delicious is... well, it would be wrong to say outright that it's all recs, some of it just falls under the category of "things I don't hate," because sometimes I want to find that completely mediocre story I read that one time again. But I don't usually tag badfic, and I did tonight, and I was sort of... enthusiastically blunt, and I got to thinking, how would I feel if I went vanity-deliciousing and found something like that?

So now I've gone vanity-deliciousing in search of the most hilarious comments, which is not how I usually do it, but it's fun!

vanity deliciousing feeds my vanity )

Wow so that was pseudomasturbatory.

I also appear to have opened up a handful of plotbunnies that never got written but which I detailed thoroughly enough that people tagged them. Including how the entire crime world keeps saving Iron Klaus's ass because he's a friend of Eroica's, how Rodney McKay married Tony Stark for KNOWLEDGE, and how Kirk accidentally caused Spock's candidacy for Federation president. Because I need to unearth more bunnies to live constantly in my head.


Jun. 25th, 2010 12:25 am
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So, question, if one wanted to post a daily digest of one's delicious links to dreamwidth, how would one do that?

(I went googling and found delicious glue, which as far as I can tell, [ profile] nounverb's original and updated links are no longer active, and I found a copy altered by a fan but as I read through it I realized I had no idea if it would work for dreamwidth as opposed to livejournal or how to make it do so.)
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[personal profile] grey_bard made me a vid! It is to Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" and it is a Supernatural vid about Gabriel. YOU GUYS I LOVE ME SOME GABRIEL. [personal profile] grey_bard MADE ME A VID.

I have so much heart for this. Gabriel is such as asshole and she got all of his best SMIRK. And *flailhands GLEECAPS* hi I love this vid.
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[personal profile] gelasius made a White Collar vid called You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way). You may recall that I wrote a White Collar story by the same title, and I should say, in fairness' sake, that [personal profile] gelasius told me the vid wasn't outright the story, that it could just be Peter-Neal fondness, that it's open for interpretation, so it is probably my ego talking to say that THERE IS MY STORY ON THE SCREEN EEEEEEEEE.

PS In case anyone had doubts? (because [personal profile] gelasius asked me and I failed to answer coherently) My feelings are that if anyone wants to make fic or vids based on my vids or fic, that would be the most awesome thing ever.
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Hey, if I wrote Roswell fic, would there be any audience for it? I'm trying to figure out what power Kyle eventually gets, and that story would probably be concurrent with how the puppy pile that is the (surviving) Roswell 6 in the VW microbus becomes functional poly. I also have this theory, based on I keep watching episodes in which Liz and Max are desperately making out to achieve moar visions, and Michael offers Max his apartment complete with seduction tunes preloaded on the stereo, for MOAR VISIONS, and I can't help wondering if it wasn't just healing that made Liz eventually get powers. And that therefore Kyle will be flailing about his imminent powers that don't actually show up until he starts doing sex with aliens.

I have in my head two different versions of members of the Roswell 6 attempting to explain puppy pile. Max just runs down the list of who all sleeps with who, Kyle starts talking about primaries and non-mutual primaries.

And yet, for all of that, Ruby still owns my head. Ruby wants to talk the Winchester boys into a threesome, which is something that's unlikely to happen in Rubyverse for a number of reasons, though, well, mostly Hell. If I felt like I could write sex I would dash off a PWP or five. I found a Ruby/Winchesters threesome on AO3 the other day, it was, *laugh* probably less fucked up than I would have written them. Anyone know of other threesome fic that might be wandering about the internet? Or Dean/Ruby? I heart me some Dean/Ruby.
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Vid rec: Chuck from the Burbank, to Jenny from the Block. Some s3 footage--I haven't seen much of s3, but I am reassured that I might be interested in doing so, because the premise is Chuck will always flail it up, no matter how badass they try to make him.

Today I

Mar. 29th, 2010 01:06 am
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Slept a lot. Agreed to clip for the Many Break-ups: Candy Tears vid with [personal profile] niqaeli this week. Got nearly halfway into Good Omens and was confused by how many characters other than Crowley and Aziraphale there were (seriously, I had somehow managed to convince myself it was a fanfic style epic romance with plot as a backdrop). Was first useless as a beta and then worse than useless (I told [personal profile] echan her vid had a pedophile in it). Read [personal profile] echan some fanfiction, including the one where Sam offers to pop Cas's cherry and makes Dean help him pick lube and condoms until Dean explodes, and the one where Cas has to take a temporary host and Chuck tells Cas that Dean will laugh his ass off.

I should go to bed soon. I'm trying to figure out how to start the story I've given the working title of Sam and Cas's Trip to Detroit. Damn it, how do I have no titles for that and like, twelve for the other one? (Seriously: Angels Don't Do Booty Calls. All's Fair in Love and the End of Days. Jimmy Novak's Happily Ever After, With Cheeseburgers. These are all titles I like and consider acceptable for THAT story. I can't find titles for anything ELSE though.)

In my head, Ruby keeps calling Crowley "the Garden snake" and Dean keeps not hearing the capital in that and wondering who the hell Crowley is that Ruby thinks he's totally fangless but capable of helping them.

[personal profile] grey_bard pointed out to me that back in Mystery Spot, the identity the Trickster pretends is totally Jimmy Novak's. A wife named Amelia? A job selling ad time? Okay, so he added a spare kid. But uh. FLAIL. And the thing is? The way the timeline runs on Jimmy, Castiel was probably already courting him by that late in season 3. Suddenly I am wondering if the Trickster's interest in Sam and Dean was reignited by Castiel shopping for a host.

We went to renfaire with [personal profile] traykor on Saturday and now my legs hurt and I have a plot bunny about Sam and Dean hunting wyverns at faire. And I have to tell you. Dean has garb.
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So when I started writing The Love Story of John Winchester and Bobby Singer, As Told By Sam, one of the driving questions was "How would John's gay sex life screw with Dean's daddy issues?" The answer involved Dean pasting tv-style heteronormativity onto "we're different because we're Hunters" and arriving at an equilibrium where he tried to recreate John's relationship fuck-ups as normal and rationalized.

Then [personal profile] everysecondtuesday blew the equilibrium out of the water and wrote a story where Dean is just broken and manages to break everyone around him--just like John Winchester. Her story is called Möbius Strip and is arguably the inevitable outcome of mine.
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Hey, is there any fic about Gabriel's vessel? I mean, he's an angel, presumably he has to have one, and presumably he had to get permission, because even Satan needs permission?

I am just going to remind myself that Gabriel did not actually appear in season four so there is no need to bump my cast numbers from six to eight. *headdesk* Though. Though it could answer the question of "where the fuck's the body coming from..."

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For the last week or so, the bright spot of my evening has been plotting crackfic with [personal profile] everysecondtuesday. She found this vid where Dean finds Castiel's stalker diary and stares in horror at the odes to his lips and the sexy dreams and the BFF 4ever! all over it and decided to write the story of how this came to pass. I aided and abetted her thoroughly and now she has posted the story in all its cracktastic glory:

Cas + Dean 4ever, on AO3 or livejournal.


Feb. 21st, 2010 04:27 am
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I am probably jinxing myself by even saying this, but I think I can get out of this story at under ten thousand words. For those keeping track at home, I had previously thought it was going to be a thousand word story, sworn I would cut it off by five thousand, and given up in despair around seven thousand. I have written the last scene, which boosted me over eight thousand. Unfortunately I have not written the next-to-last scene, and I am having weird balance issues which lead me to suspect I need more than one scene still, therefore: I can probably get out of this story at under ten thousand words.

Right now I would settle for being able to get out of this story, regardless of how many more words it wants to be. I mean, seriously. It can be fifty thousand words long if it can also be done now. If I could just figure out how to make the thing balance right, I could stop feeling like it wants more scenes just to mock me with its insane word count.

Links I am keeping track of for later because I am too lazy to log into delicious away from home--


Feb. 15th, 2010 07:18 pm
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I want to be [personal profile] giandujakiss when I grow up.
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So I started in on the fourth season of Supernatural today (skipping quite far ahead of where I'd been before) out of an interest in Castiel. After two episodes [personal profile] echan decided that the easiest way to answer my incessant questions was to skip ahead to 4x09 and 4x20, respectively "fun sextimes with Ruby" and "how the Holy Tax Accountant got touched by an angel."

I suddenly have this huge interest in Jimmy Novak. I want to squish him! For the first part of the episode I very much thought he was going to go home and find his family already dead, and then he started lying to his wife about how he'd been crazy! But he was ALL BETTER NOW! and started wondering how he would ever be a fit vessel for Castiel again, since I knew he'd be in season 5, and then as the denoument approached I rather feared that he'd become a vessel again because his family was DEAD. So I was relieved at how it turned out, all told? And also a bit smug to have called that clearly his daughter was going to be vessely as well, if what made him special was in his blood. Also I really wish Dean had grabbed Castiel and turned him around and made him give the wife and daughter a few platitudes about Jimmy fighting the good fight because he loved them.

I want Jimmy Novak fic. I do not know where this would even fit anywhere in the canon unless you twist things sideways and suggest Castiel can/would let Jimmy out now and again, but I have a sort of horrific desire for Dean/Jimmy. I don't know what is wrong with me.

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And I've searched, but I'm not sure how to search well, because the gossamer infrastructure is unfamiliar--

Does anyone know of an X-files AU in which Mulder is a serial killer?
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So I've been reading Supernatural fic.

I don't watch the show. I can recognize Sam and Dean and tell them apart but really that is all. I don't participate in the fandom. I don't actually care one way or the other about Wincest (and am likely to skim past sex of any kind)[ETA: to clarify: I will read Wincest, I just probably won't be reading the sex]. What I'm here for is:

Crack. Especially long, plotty crack.

Dean adopting Hufflepuffs is win. I enjoy the genre (I assume at the small quantity I've read, two different stories on a theme implies the existence of a genre) wherein some form of hellspawn starts following them around and they can't get rid of them and eventually give in and train them to hunt or swear or whatever. I am apparently capable of enjoying completely non-supernatural AUs. My favorite part of Jack Kerouac's Guide to Becoming the Anti-Christ was totally the wedding, although the part where Sam knocks the internet out is fairly win, too. I have decided, without ever actually seeing her, that I love Ruby.

I am afraid to dive in face-first. I humbly request your recommendations to guide me. Crack! Long, plotty crack! Who can feed my addiction?
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Star Trek linkspam III: the search for more money! Wow, I am not mixing my references at all. I haven't been keeping tabs open as religiously since [personal profile] ysobel saw the movie. I think this is most of the meaty stuff?

[ profile] liviapenn writes about how Uhura's role expanded in the new movie, and Kirk, Spock, Bones and Uhura is the new OT4.

[personal profile] niqaeli did some compare and contrast on characters in Prime and Reboot.

[personal profile] butterfly has some meta and some fic recs. And more fic recs here. And even more.

In general I am not linking to fic at this point because of the sheer volume (other than mine mine you should go read mine), but I want to point out [personal profile] bravecows's The First Time, which is totally world-building exploration of race meta in fiction form.

[personal profile] beatrice_otter wrote about how the Vulcans will likely proceed, based on their culture.

[personal profile] niqaeli wrote about some non-obvious changes in reboot, such as Vulcan society and when Kirk as born.

[personal profile] seperis analyzed a lot of Reboot changes.

[personal profile] ysobel pokes at plotholes and timeline issues.

Discover Magazine posted a tangentially related Rules For Time Travelers.

[profile] catalysticat picspammed about Captain Pike and has made several posts about enlisted ranks in Starfleet.

DW comms: [community profile] star_trek_flashfic, [community profile] vulcanreforged
LJ comm: [ profile] startrek_crack

[personal profile] zvi posts recs, Spock characterization spec. Also she wants to know how Uhura could have been more awesome, as she was already awesome. She has more fic recs. She's pissed at K/S fic that makes Uhura disappear.

[personal profile] coffeeandink has a list of reactions ranging from self-advertised shallow to deeper criticisms.

[ profile] yahtzee63 has a talky Spock muse.

Journey to Drabble is a Star Trek Reboot Drabble Challenge.

[personal profile] kate dissected the movie score vs previous trek theme songs at a level waaay above my head.

Vids: (some of these I like a lot, some I consider to be conversation pieces)
--Closer v2, a remake of [personal profile] killabeez and [personal profile] tjonesy's TOS vid with Reboot footage
--Steady as She Goes, TOS vid for which I believe the premise is: the crew of the Enterprise will never have a successful relationship with anyone else, because they're all doing each other.
--Stuck to You, upbeat Kirk/Uhura/Spock OT3 vid.
--We Go Together, team vid for Reboot (works better at a metatextual level than a contextual level, in my opinion)
--Kobayashi Maru, about how Kirk and Spock are defined by so much death in Reboot


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