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I put on a Kills/Dead Weather playlist while I was walking to the store, because I was looking at a recipe and therefore couldn't give my attention to an audiobook. And like. There's like 8 potential vids on this list, in addition to the thing where I used Alison Mosshart as the soundtrack to one particular character in the (mostly) Mission Impossible rock star AU I never got around to writing out. So what I'm saying is this list is fannishly activating for me.

But so I was thinking about all the vid bunnies, the ones probably over now and the ones I might still make, and why, how vidding ideas have their time, to some extent, but also how it's just if one hits me during the 2 weeks my brain is semi-functional.

In this playlist, there's a Captain America vid bunny, that I may never make because a) so so so much extra canon research and b) though it's different, I no longer feel like I need to make this vid because [personal profile] settiai made The War Was In Color. There are vid bunnies for Damages and Blacklist, from an era where I was trying to relate to my family by watching their fave TV. Both those shows were sufficiently exhausting that I don't think I'll be going back to those canons though. There's an Orphan Black vid idea that is so dependent on viewer's canon knowledge (it was supposed to be all the clones having to play each other) that I feel like maybe its time is past, in terms of Orphan Black has--ahahahahaha I thought Orphan Black was over, based on it drifting out of the attention of the part of fandom I read. Maybe that says more about how much I've been keeping up with fandom than anything else. There's a Zombies! Run vid I might still make, even though it has the constructed visual reality problem. There's an Utena vid I definitely want to make if/when I get my hands on the shiny new dvd releases, despite the fact that that show is definitely over, it's been over for years, and I do not participate in any kind of remotely active fandom for it. I just. Still want this vid.

The last several vids I've made I have been RUTHLESS about cutting the songs down. The one I made for CVV that I need to look at beta notes from [personal profile] echan tonight is 2:26, down from a five something minute song. I did that with the Leverage vid I made for challenge last year, and also the Losers vid I made for [personal profile] niqaeli's birthday a couple of years ago. And while I didn't cut down 1985 significantly, I did drop a chorus, which is something I would not have done a decade and a half ago. I used to like firmly believe that if all the parts of the song did not work for your vid it was not the right song, or if it was too long or whatever, like cutting was cheating. This is sort of like believing in a destined one true love or something? Like for every vidder and every show and every idea, there is a single perfect song. A line of the lyrics is tattooed somewhere on your body, and you spend all your time listening to muzak in stores wondering if you'll finally hear the fated tune. I once made a six-plus minute vid to prove that I could. (To myself. I think.) Somewhere along the line it occurred to me to apply the same logic I had to beat into my head about homework: a short thing you finish and turn in is infinite percent better than the perfect idea you never manage to make.
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to do list if i managed to get up and like, wear clothes today:
✔wash a load of clothes so I can wear jeans to drive tomorrow
✔get stuff up from the car
--build Miss a cat tree
--figure out what the fuck to do about the unplungeable toilet
✔eat something. grill cheese? I shopped yesterday
✔watch some more leverage and knit some more

things i want to vid lately:
--finish the "Self-Esteem" vid
--Nate really wants me to make the Actual Cannibal Shia Laboeuf vid
--echan cracked up at the idea of a Dr. Strangelove vid to the Cake cover of War Pigs
--I found a song for the Dot/Phryne vid I want, I should actually follow through on that
--we're talking about clipping Fringe more, it's exciting
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I want to make another booze vid and complete that trilogy. I'm not sure where I'm going with it yet, though, because the sequence has been "we drink to get through the day" (Industrial Strength Tranquilizer), "my drinking has reached problematic levels" (I Drink Alone), so in terms of progression the third vid in the trilogy should be something like "I was on the wagon but I've fallen off again" or possibly "I'll just have one more but I can quit anytime." So I need a song on that theme and a fandom to attach it to. I'm avoiding thinking about the fandom that suggested itself last night by uh related incident below. Also I'm telling myself not to use "I'll just have one beer then I'll be right home" because it's by the Austin Lounge Lizards and I already used them for Industrial Strength Tranquilizer.

(Tony Stark had a conversation with me about my drinking last night, which was deeply disturbing and I think I hurt his feelings when I announced I wanted Steve instead. I mean, let's start with my Steve is already an independent personality in my head and I hadn't realized Tony was and I sort of hope he goes back to minding his own business because jfc. But also, he has an atypical perspective on drinking so I do not know how I feel about the advice he gave me.)(The two pieces of advice were: drinking had not made me feel better, so that was empirically a bad reason to have been drinking; and drinking was not why I felt bad in the first place, so I shouldn't beat myself up about it.)

The other trilogy I'm playing around with is uh, the one I hadn't realized wanted to be a trilogy. And I only have two parts of it bunnied. It's the dystopian trilogy; the final part would be the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel (there is paradise beyond the city walls) vid to "Woodstock." Either the first or second part would be "2000 light years from home," (I'm thinking first, it's the journey from here to the depths intro?) about when space exploration is mind-bending and breaking instead of exciting: like, Solaris, 2001, ha Planet of the Apes would fit on this list, Sunshine *might*, Alien, gosh, even Pitch Black, Event Horizon, Forbidden Planet, maybe Mission to Mars (which, like Solaris, felt very 2001 to me, though it's worth noting Solaris the novel predates 2001, something I didn't realize when watching the 2002 film), possibly parts of Farscape, maybe a smidgeon of the pilots in Dune. I'm still pulling this concept together; it's like, space horror, but a specific corner of space horror that overlaps with some other things? And then I have no idea what the song or theme of the middle vid should be; logically it would be a "when things have gotten as bad as they can possibly get" piece, but I need a specific genre pull that resonates with me a certain way. Even if it looks amorphous to outsiders. I'm sort of considering declaring "Dancer," the Tron/women refusing to be objects vid bunny, to be the middle one, but there's ways it doesn't fit (The Killers are not 60s psychedelic rock; it's not a lowest of low concept, it's a fighting back concept). On the other hand, it's in a angry feminist critique continuum with She Walks, to which the Woodstock vid was originally going to be a the spiritual successor.

Actually, I've just had an idea for the specific genre/trope of the third one (thought process: was contemplating David Bowie's song about 2001, then David Bowie in the Man Who Fell to Earth): the dystopic aspects of society on Earth, paranoia and distrust that when well-meaning aliens end up here, it goes badly for them or people who help them (like, the turn around FLIP from the outgoing journey in 2000 Light Years). Still need a song, but my brain is starting to pile up films: ET, god the whole hazmat suit sequence in ET, Man Who Fell to Earth, District 9, The Day the Earth Stood Still, things like K-Pax and 12 Monkeys and Martian Child might be relevant, Starman (ha, I was trying to figure out why my mother like that one, she's not usually a scifi fan, but Jeff Bridges really), Flight of the Navigator, parts of Close Encounters. I might even start putting in specific interpretations of the Frankenstein mythology, where the "monster" is justified and the villagers have pitchforks (The Island?). No idea what song I would be using for the detained/lab rat/distrust. Well, I know what ~5 years of material I need to be listening to.
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I am sort of torn about whether this entry is primarily notes for myself so I don't lose track of things I want to write, or at least partially for other people and/or my feedback addiction. It sort of affects whether I filter it or not, you know.

Current plotbunny batch:

Captain America somehow woke up all the Iron Man plot bunnies. And then added some more. So I have Mistress Pepper and Tony who is a nightmare running around my head, as well as Tony who built Pepper as a robot and Steve who is like "The future is so awesome! Who else is a robot?" But I also have new ones.

the goddamn lunar base )

Further plotbunnies: Subsequently we rapidly arrive in the region of all [personal profile] niqaeli's fault.

The Lady and the Captain )

Captain America's Clone )

Also I might be making a Losers vid. To Lady Gaga. Maybe.

Fuck all, I guess I'll go ahead and post this for people to read. It amused me to get written out. I did say I'd write things out more when I had more cope.
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Would it be wrong to make a vid to "My Funny Valentine" about Sanctuary's miserable lack of sets? Your looks are laughable, unphotographable, but you're my favorite work of art...?


Mar. 23rd, 2011 03:50 am
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That is a Tron vid bunny. That is a Tron vid bunny TAKING OVER MY HEAD.

This is my punishment for laughing at [personal profile] shirozora's hilarious times in the Tron kinkmeme.

Hmm. Well, there is no good reason why it couldn't focus on Quorra, at least.

ETA: Huh, I think my sense of time has gone wonky, I felt certain Tron had been out the better part of a year. But no, only about four months, and it comes to DVD in two weeks.

*rubs hands together*
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I appear to have slept 16 hours. Yay.


Seller on one of the anime series I am acquiring dropped me an email to say 'is it okay that it's a fansub?' Ordinarily, cool, but I told him I needed raws and were the fansubs hardcoded and the answer is yes, of course they are. So yeah. Went elsewhere. It's kind of a pity, I'd really like to buy from merchants that thoughtful.


I am not totally sure I am enjoying #ebz as intended. I am not at all well-rounded; I'm going to be the least dangerous entity in the 'Neath at this rate (I recently accidentally did something to increase dangerous quality to 4). At the moment I have an opportunity card from my Mysterious Benefactor which has an easy option (persuasive, which is very high because I seduce everybody) and an almost-impossible option (watchful, which I only bother with when it's something I specifically want). Since the watchful option involves investigating the Mysterious Benefactor, I totally want that one, and since it's an opportunity card I only get one shot at it, so I'd better increase my watchful beforehand. So I went to the fair and watched the anatomy lessons until I practically had enough whispered secrets to trade up for cryptic clues and then wandered back to Ladybones Road to see if this had opened up in further watchful storylets. I'm currently throwing myself on an almost-impossible challenge repeatedly to increase my watchful quality. Eventually I'll find this duchess's heir too, probably.

Meanwhile my ambition needs confident smile 4 and I haven't seen anything that mentions that, so who knows when I'll get any further with that.


Bro came over to watch some B5 last night. I'm reminded that I once upon a time had a Cartagia vidbunny that I can't find any record of having written down a song for. At present I think it would be hilarious to whip out the Tik Tok for it. I mean, what would be more hilarious than Cartagia rinsing blood of his hands to brush my teeth with a bottle of jack?


Okay it's never gonna stop being funny that the cat wants to play fetch.
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I want to make a Girl Genius vid to "Banditos," but downloading all the pages is going to take seriously forever oh my god. But it'll be hilarious? Mistaken and misrepresented identities! Idiots EVERYWHERE why won't they get out of the way.

I want to make a Nanny vid to "A Simple Desultory Philippic," and I will be the only person who ever thinks that's funny, amirite? Also I kind of want to filk/replace part of it, and I don't think I can do just part of it and carry it, and um. Life is hard, yo.

Glee is coming back! When the hell is that? I've been told but I didn't process. [personal profile] traykor and I are making an awesome Glee vid and I should get some stuff on the timeline, ever.

I wanted to make someone a festivids treat based on their dear festividder letter, but I didn't get to due to a combination of factors (the holidays became extra crazysauce family time there, I enrolled in winter session class, I got an extension on my primary assignment and spent several days I would have spent on the treat making my main vid really shine) and now I don't know what to do about that. Do I a) admit that I may never get to that vid without a deadline hanging over my head, b) try to make it anyway in my copious free time, c) stop being coy and say what it is since I'm not making it for an anonymous gift exchange anymore?

White Collar convinced me I should keep working on that vid, I mean it's half done and the show handed me more footage.

And if I make the White Collar vid, I should make the Tru Calling vid to "Madeliene," and let's face it, Tru Calling is terrible brain rot [personal profile] niqaeli will probably watch with me, unlike Nanny.

I am occasionally getting twinges on the stack of Supernatural vids I had wanted to make but I so am not in the fandom anymore so um. We'll see if that ever changes I guess?


Nov. 6th, 2010 02:08 am
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There's a reason I have a braintwin. Apparently it is for CRACK.

So I watched Inception months ago and it was interesting and whatever and I read fic as it was recommended on my droll and whatever but I was not hugely inspired (other than the OH MY GOD WHAT horribly straight Dom/Mal vid--so come with me up to the balcony and we'll fall like paper planes/in the morning the papers will say 'lovers fly away' WTF IS THAT EVEN besides painful, so very painful, why couldn't I have awesome vid ideas like Like a Boss? I fucking love that vid).

Then this week I went to see it with [personal profile] niqaeli who had not seen it prior (we were waiting for, like, two months for it to hit the dollar theatre, and boggling at the wait) and after discussing it with her SUDDENLY MY BRAIN IS FULL OF CRACK BUNNIES.

"Hi," said Arthur when Ariadne opened her hotel door. He then launched into: "So Dom is an asshole who's apparently forgotten the meaning or maybe just the ethical necessity of full disclosure in our line of work."

"Yeah, I'd caught that," Ariadne said. The job was over, though, so what Dom hadn't told them couldn't hurt them now, right? "Was there something in particular you wanted to vent about that he forgot to tell you?"

"No," said Arthur. "That he forgot to tell you. See, he just confessed that he might have forgotten to mention the pon farr to you."

Ariadne stared at him. "The what?" she said flatly.

"Uh," said Arthur. "You're not familiar with Star Trek...?"

"Oh, I am," said Ariadne. "Ergo me wanting to know, pon farr has what to do with my life?"

Because, see, discussion of the conceit of the movie; I wouldn't think it's spoilery but wth do I know )

PS fandom why are you not all over the telepathy thing? I know the movie never mentions ESP but how else do you explain it? Has then been addressed somewhere I didn't see because I've mostly been reading stress baking AUs?

Also the telepathy issue brings up plot spoilers )

Then there's the shit niq has me cooking up about wtf ways to use Eames's forging abilities. She suggested in aid of someone's furry fantasy and I replied that no, wingfic was in order--
niq: Are they SPARKLY?
me: Not sparkly enough, no, because Eames has done FAR TOO MUCH RESEARCH on realistic wings--

(side note: he absolutely did vast, personal research for the blonde and is INSULTED when Arthur asks which one she's a copy of, she's a work of ART, not plagiarism, though Eames will be happy to give you references of inspiration for any body part that interests you)

At some point in the conversation niq objected to the wing fantasy belonging to Arthur because she feels fandom has made much of little with that pairing and fucked up what they had (where is the bitchy snark? and no one understands the correct usage of "darling" in the British parlance, apparently) so I said:

me: So Eames has done so much research on wings for Saito's fantasy--
niq: AHAHAHAH OMG he wants wings AND tentacles!
niq: yes? (humoring the crazy lady)
me: 1) he smells like sea gull and 2) he's done enough research into weight-to-wingspan ratios that he can't convince himself, dream or no, that he can fly.

I am transcribing from memory of spoken conversation, not copy/pasting from IM, so I have probably lost some of the hilarity.


Seriously OMG I am probably never going to write any of this as actual story but it makes me so happy to have floating around in my head and it is all [personal profile] niqaeli's fault. I less-than-three her so.


Oct. 11th, 2010 03:08 am
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It's really, really hard to come up with requests for [community profile] festivids sign-ups without giving myself vid bunnies I really, really want to keep. I also thought it was going to be hard to come up with six requests; I think the harder thing for me is going to be coming up with a set of requests that is balanced in terms of gender if nothing else--I think there should be more vids about women, and while I don't think that this should exclude the existence of vids about men, I do think that if I only ask for vids about men I close off any possibility that I will get a vid about women; this is common sense on the face of it but something I have to rewrite my socialization to recall. If I were making a feminist statement I could draw up a list of requests that were only for vids about women, but instead I am drawing up a half-and-half list and letting fandom match-up and vidder preference fall where they may. (And the details are optional. I could still get things other than what I ask for: an uncertainty of unassignable awesomeness value.)
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So "Title of the Song" has long been on my list of "I would totally vid that if I could figure out how."

I just vid bunnied Glee. As a marriage of the musical numbers and the ridiculous soap opera drama.


Clearly an ensemble piece.

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I have had a vid bunny for Hikaru no Go.

/me cracks up in [personal profile] niqaeli's general direction.
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I am going to be brave enough to put this list out here publicly, because as much as I might irrationally fear it, no one's going to poach my vid ideas, for two reasons: vidders all have more ideas of their own than they will ever have time to make (I know I do), and no one can make the vid I would make, because I am unique (just like everyone else).

Vids that live in my head:

Being Human - Season of Illusions by Ladytron (the abusive boyfriend vid)
Big Wolf on Campus - Scott Bakula by Sunspot (the Merton's gay dilemma vid)
Enterprise - Mrs. Robinson by The Lemonheads (the trashy holonovel vid)
Merlin - Falcon in the Dive (the [personal profile] ysobel is going to vid with me damn it vid)
Meta - Tradition (the two finger salute vid)
Multifandom - Beautiful Things by Bobby Darin (the OOH SHINY heist tribute)
Multifandom - Woodstock by Joni Mitchell (the escaping dystopia vid)
Multifandom - various (the Badfic vid)
Red Dwarf - Never Set the Cat on Fire by Frank Hayes (the co-vid with [personal profile] traykor)
Sherlock Holmes - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (the objectifying the masculine vid)
Supernatural - Please Don't Leave Me by Pink (the candy tears vid)
Supernatural - Come Out and Play by The Offspring (the thesis on season 4 vid)
Supernatural (ish) - Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups (Janie's vid)
Supernatural (ish) - Dark Eyes (the history of Ruby vid)
Supernatural (ish) - Turning the Page by, probably, Metallica (the fixing your con vid)
Tru Calling - Madeleine by Jonathan Coulton (the I had to watch it, I have to mock it vid)
White Collar - The Distance by Cake (the Kate as quest object vid)
White Collar - Pisco Bandito by Moxy Früvous (the everyone needs a themesong vid)

This is not all-inclusive, though I am a little startled at some of the older projects that sat up and said HEY when I was making this list.

*ponders list* Three vids primarily about heterosexual relationships (all negative!, in different ways), three vids primarily about homosexual relationships (hmm, more ambiguous), three vids that are essentially male character studies (ranging), three vids that are essentially female character studies (all sympathetic), three vids that are primarily about social issues before any specific fannish content, three vids that my brain files as crack (instead of in any of the preceding categories).


Anyone wanna talk vids with me?
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So what I have determined is that by and large I don't want to read White Collar gen because some vast proportion of it is whumping. Kidnapped, beaten, drugged, forced to do crime, rescued non-romantically. Whumping. And I try to steer clear of those even when it's a romantic rescue, because the healing power of sex only occasionally does it for me and those versions frequently also have rape. I hate to say this, but oh fandom, why so predictable? I mean, sure, even the show used the formula, to which I say, show! stop reading so much fanfic! Or at least branch out a little.

I might be interested in reading gen for case fic, if someone were doing research or using an area of their expertise to write an interesting case that got solved without kidnappings and beatings, but mostly gen uses cases as backdrops for kidnappings and beatings, not as interesting subjects in their own right.

Whereas OT3 fanfiction a big gooey marshmallow land, and sure, there's some kidnappings and beatings but it's easier to skip past them and find stories where their biggest obstacle is failure to communicate their feelings adequately. I mean, I wrote gen with case pastede on yay, but I wrote gen in which I stole the entire plot from OT3 fanfiction, which I would like you to know takes talent and brain contortions.

(Has anyone been writing solid case fic sans whumping? I'll take recs.)

Of bunnies I'm currently fielding, Kryptonian Neal is very awake in my head, and that story is so very much an OT3 story that it has interstellar scale failure to communicate their feelings adequately. I feel certain there's actual plot going on in the background but no one wants to 'fess up and tell me what it is.

Also there's the one where Neal's entire life is high drama, not just the parts where he swallows handcuff keys. Shockingly I think this one may be the deeply slashy gen story of how Neal wants Peter to trust him and doesn't even try to use sex to accomplish that end.

It is also kind of hilarious how different my brain's fic space and vid space are in this fandom. It's like all my fic bunnies are totally my id writhing around on the floor (my id just happens to be all about the relationship drama and not about the kidnappings and beatings) and my vid bunnies are intellectual engagement (yes, even Pisco Bandito).


Jun. 27th, 2010 01:17 am
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So I found a song that would be perfect for calling out the dead women issue on Supernatural. Except that I'm tired and I don't want to make that vid and it depresses me and I'm tired of making issue vids and.


Damn it, I'm going to go work on the spreadsheet. If I'm making this thing, I'm backing it up with some fucking numbers.

If only dust could talk
What would we hear it say?
Before it's brushed aside
Just as it's swept away
It's just the evidence
It's of no consequence
It's only flesh and bone
Why don't we leave it alone?
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I have ANOTHER Supernatural vid bunny. This is um... let me count... s4, blood goatee, janie, fixin' your con, id vid, candy tears... the seventh? Maybe? SPN vid I've seriously wanted to make.

This one is epically obviously *cough.* Like Candy Tears but less subtle. This vid bunny gives great insight into exactly how seriously I take the show.

You KNOW there will be like fourteen extremely seriousface SPN vids in VVC premieres. Do they really also need mine? I THINK SO.
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I am dying of allergies. Seriously, zyrtec-D is the only thing that makes my life worth living right now. And sucktastically as well, the sniffling and the watery eyes mean I constantly feel like I'm on the verge of crying. That plus general failure to cope makes me feel like I am constantly breaking down.

I am frustrated with my headspace about Supernatural right now. I'm starting to come out of the fruitcake obsesso place and wake up with the "did you get the number of that truck?" hangover about the last few months and I don't want to, quite yet, I want to actually write and vid a lot of the bunnies I have hanging around. I think part of the problem is that I don't deal well with week-to-week viewing of a show, as opposed to binging. It's killing me to play will I be jossed, will I be kripked, instead of just mainlining. (I realize normal people just watch shows this way. Hi, I'm not normal.)

So I have a plan. I haven't decided if I'm going to implement the plan yet, because there are drawbacks to the plan. But the plan is: I don't watch between now and the season finale, and then I get to mainline the last, what, five or so episodes. In between I would watch older stuff (I still haven't finished watching season 2!) and then when I get to mainline season end, I think I'll get a resurgence of fruitcake interest without the stop and go stagnation frustration I'm getting now.

Drawbacks: I'm actually looking forward to the next few episodes, based on spoilers. Not sure I have the patience. [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, [personal profile] grey_bard, and [personal profile] echan would have a hard time talking to me without spoiling me (though considering how much I've been trawling imdb and youtube, maybe that would be okay? I could just be not-watching-spoiled until I mainline). And then, I don't know, there's vid considerations. Which is totally the last thing on my list because I'm still on waitlist for vvc and feel weird submitting stuff if I'm not going and honestly, vvc is going to be "I'm spending $500 to hang out with some people I like," as opposed to the other thing.

I keep turning myself around on that, too. I had one idea I thought I was doing for challenge and it occurred to me in like, the past two hours, that the drawer vid might be even MORE challenge-suitable. So there's like, three or four things I want to take to vvc. I mean, I guess just in that "to show my friends" way.

id vidding

Apr. 3rd, 2010 07:25 pm
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I have a terrible terrible horrible id vid bunny for 5.16 about angst and despair and broken Dean and broken Cas to the theme of I'll never love again.

Everyone keep me away from Final Cut for the rest of the week, after Thursday it won't be au courant enough for me to bother with?
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Two things--


2. Lady Gaga is coming to Valley of Hell at the end of July. Any localites want to come with me? Tickets go on sale in ten days.


Mar. 25th, 2010 09:49 am
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Right, so about four and a half hours of sleep last night. I got up at three, figured I'd write for a bit and go back to bed, but I never got back to bed, and I'll be heading off to class in a couple minutes. I don't feel tired now but I bet I will around time for work! Go me!

My sense of days is getting really skewed because I didn't think three in the morning was going to be the fucking morning.

I keep having straight vid bunnies (and this is the theatrical sense of straight: straight vs musical, or straight vs. comedy--basically, straight == standard drama; hilariously for vids, standard drama is often slash, because that's one of the traditional purposes of vids: so anyway, when I say straight vid bunnies, here I mean standard dramatic occasionally slash vid bunnies). I really don't want to do any of the Sammy angst vids I've had ideas for, but I just found a goddamn Dean/Cas song that's really hugely just perfect Cas POV and the thing is it's not so much standard angst as "wtf strange human I do not understand you" with a side of DIRECT REFERENCE TO "heaven abandons me, you drag me down with you." I COULD MAKE AN ENTIRE VID OF CASTIEL'S CONFUSED FACE AT DEAN.

(It doesn't help that I spent the uh morning listening to [personal profile] everysecondtuesday remix John and Bobby's epic fail to Dean being an extremely fucked up moppet and driving Castiel to drink.)

I'm a little tempted.
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So [personal profile] niqaeli vidbunnied Toxic for Sam/Ruby in the "your tears taste like candy" version of angst to which we subscribe, and I said that for kicks we should youtube to see what was already out there.

We found a vid billed as "The Winchester boys are toxic to women." It sounded like a completely different vid that we would nonetheless find interesting and so we sat down to watch various women die of the Winchesters.

We were disappointed. It appeared to be a make-out vid. Not all of the women even died on the show! But none of them died in the vid! Anyway. Does anyone want to make the vid that fits that concept for me? Because I think I would be entertained in the "our show: what" way.
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I vidbunnied for Rubyverse, which I haven't even finished writing yet. At least I've started writing it?


Currently downloading something I suspect I may end up requesting for yuletide. Also, Flashforward has provided nightmares and carnage! DEAR BRAIN WHY.
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I was considering whether I could get away with going back and forth on the narrator in cracky crack dorkface angst vid, but I don't think I actually have to. The lyrical narrator castigates self as often as other, so I don't have to switch POVs to call them both on being little shits. Viewpoint purity will be maintained!

I will be cracking out with artistry and vision.
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Can I stop getting wacky vid ideas? I don't have time for the serious ones.
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I came to the realization the other day that if I had Wishbone source, I would totally vid it.
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I went ego-deliciousing last night and found someone had written a blog entry about fan works as transformative, listing my Dollhouse vid She Walks as feminist critique and putting me in the company of a couple of vidders whose work I love and admire. So, you know, good things! Blushy good things!

By the way: if you left me a comment on She Walks and I never answered it, I apologize. I looked at that entry and realized I never answered any of the comments. I've never been in a place where I was at peace enough with that vid to converse about it much even to the extent of thanking people for feedback. I know it's like, five months later? But thank you.

I am currently trying to beat down the urge to make a second Dollhouse vid; I don't know that I have enough anger left in me. I do have backburnered a different, more hopeful vid that was going to be the spiritual successor of She Walks without being a Dollhouse vid at all; though "more hopeful" is sort of relative, since the source is all filmic dystopias and is meant to represent modern American society. But it's to be a vid about that moment when you get out. So maybe. I hope to finish that one someday.

But the Dollhouse vid bunny that's eating my brain now is actually threatening to become a full-on Jossverse critique, evil dead lesbians and crazy broken supergirls with protective father-figures and all. The song I've bunnied on would make it pretty much a direct missive to Whedon, with the "I" and the "you" and the repeated question. My main complaint about this is damn it, this is not what I do, I refuse to be the vidder who tries to make vast sweeping statements about vast sweeping canons. I will not follow up History of Trek Fandom vid with History of Jossverse vid nor with History of Whoniverse vid nor with More Than A Century of History of Fans Asking This Question: Holmes and Watson, Doin' It or Not? vid. I have vid bunnies for all of these concepts. Goddamnit I have learned my lesson, I will not be that vidder.

The thing is, I don't know how to address some of the problems in Dollhouse without pointing out that they're repeating patterns in Whedon's work. Maybe no one will notice BECAUSE ALL THE ACTORS ARE THE SAME FOREVER AND EVER? Ahem. Not that I want to mock his casting choices either.

I want to make my points... more pointed. No more grand, sweeping vids, as much as they eat my brain. So the Sherlock Holmes vid will not be the history of everything, it will be about the cannibalization and reinterpretation of the source under female gaze WHICH IS NOT GRAND AND SWEEPING AT ALL I promise you.


eta so apparently I will be feminist critique vidder for oh, the next six billion years. Jeez. The last time I tried to make a classic slash vid it turned into a classic slash fandom vid. Hello, my name is Juls, and I have a problem with meta.
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10:09pm: txt msg from [personal profile] niqaeli: "Terriawesome vid idea: Sherlock Holmes '09 to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. I thought I should share the wtf."
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Nov. 23rd, 2009 01:39 am
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I may have found a joco song to vid Tru Calling to (I'm sure there's one or two people in the world who give a damn?). It does not introduce snark to Tru. It does introduce it to her boyfriend though!


Nov. 21st, 2009 02:43 am
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You know, I'm honestly not sure if this makes the vid easier or not.
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I ask you: HOW did I vidbunny on Kate?

The way I see it, I can cross my fingers that there's interesting footage of the actress committing crime or getting arresting in old Law & Order eps she did, or I can recast Kate as Eliza Dushku, since Bomer played her boyfriend in 18 episodes of Tru Calling. (New theory: Kate was TOTALLY abducted by the Dollhouse. Heh.) Thoughts?
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(prof unbent slightly re illness and asked for documentation. I emailed him a scan of the paperwork from my most recent doctor visit. And he emailed me back in a timely fashion, and has accepted my exam with no late penalty, praise be.)

Initial Yuletide offer list is 128 fandoms long and includes things like the Canterbury Tales. I think my next step shall be to lop off things with double digit worth of offers (unless I'm really, really feeling them). Well! That skimmed it down by a hundred (but Chaucer is still on the list, just barely, heh), so I think I'm set for my offer list. I think I shall go ahead and offer any for all, despite some misgivings. I always find that when I want to offer some characters for a fandom, it's really "all of them except this one," and you can only select four to offer, and it doesn't quite seem fair to lop off the rest of them to avoid the one. (Ballard, I am looking at you. If I get a Dollhouse request with Ballard specified, I will be acquiring a new fandom from one of my recipient's other requests.)

Right, that's done. And now I shall put it out of my mind and wait see what I get, rather than cultivate plot bunnies or starting rereading canons.

And now: my televisions (oh my god, how did I end up watching this many first-run shows):

for some reason echan thought I wouldn't like the last half of this Supernatural )

What gets me about White Collar )

It should of course surprise everyone that Merlin is a witch. )

Flashforward bores me )


Oct. 16th, 2009 12:05 am
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I was about to ask if anyone remembered what fandom in the past six months I'd wanted to vid Cake's "Comfort Eagle" to, but I think it might have been Dollhouse. *headdesk*


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