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I put on a Kills/Dead Weather playlist while I was walking to the store, because I was looking at a recipe and therefore couldn't give my attention to an audiobook. And like. There's like 8 potential vids on this list, in addition to the thing where I used Alison Mosshart as the soundtrack to one particular character in the (mostly) Mission Impossible rock star AU I never got around to writing out. So what I'm saying is this list is fannishly activating for me.

But so I was thinking about all the vid bunnies, the ones probably over now and the ones I might still make, and why, how vidding ideas have their time, to some extent, but also how it's just if one hits me during the 2 weeks my brain is semi-functional.

In this playlist, there's a Captain America vid bunny, that I may never make because a) so so so much extra canon research and b) though it's different, I no longer feel like I need to make this vid because [personal profile] settiai made The War Was In Color. There are vid bunnies for Damages and Blacklist, from an era where I was trying to relate to my family by watching their fave TV. Both those shows were sufficiently exhausting that I don't think I'll be going back to those canons though. There's an Orphan Black vid idea that is so dependent on viewer's canon knowledge (it was supposed to be all the clones having to play each other) that I feel like maybe its time is past, in terms of Orphan Black has--ahahahahaha I thought Orphan Black was over, based on it drifting out of the attention of the part of fandom I read. Maybe that says more about how much I've been keeping up with fandom than anything else. There's a Zombies! Run vid I might still make, even though it has the constructed visual reality problem. There's an Utena vid I definitely want to make if/when I get my hands on the shiny new dvd releases, despite the fact that that show is definitely over, it's been over for years, and I do not participate in any kind of remotely active fandom for it. I just. Still want this vid.

The last several vids I've made I have been RUTHLESS about cutting the songs down. The one I made for CVV that I need to look at beta notes from [personal profile] echan tonight is 2:26, down from a five something minute song. I did that with the Leverage vid I made for challenge last year, and also the Losers vid I made for [personal profile] niqaeli's birthday a couple of years ago. And while I didn't cut down 1985 significantly, I did drop a chorus, which is something I would not have done a decade and a half ago. I used to like firmly believe that if all the parts of the song did not work for your vid it was not the right song, or if it was too long or whatever, like cutting was cheating. This is sort of like believing in a destined one true love or something? Like for every vidder and every show and every idea, there is a single perfect song. A line of the lyrics is tattooed somewhere on your body, and you spend all your time listening to muzak in stores wondering if you'll finally hear the fated tune. I once made a six-plus minute vid to prove that I could. (To myself. I think.) Somewhere along the line it occurred to me to apply the same logic I had to beat into my head about homework: a short thing you finish and turn in is infinite percent better than the perfect idea you never manage to make.
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it is now officially december

fuck my life

i am apparently one of those people who doesn't bother with capitals or punctuation anymore, but i console myself that i have become like lady gaga in the Lady and the Captain fic.

Meanwhile: i keep trying to capitalize "i" and it doesn't go through. dear keyboard: wtf.

Things I need to do in order of priority (oh hey i found the fucking shift key... or not. what.)
--scramble through my classes
--or gtfo of my classes
--cap_ironman sesa (the good news is I've started on it, the bad news is I should probably check something with the mods and the worse news is I'm going to need to do ~research~, wtf is up with my formatting I BLAME TUMBLR)
--yuletide (to which end, I need to review some source, and would like some company)
--the pinch-hit I picked up, fml
--probably the escapade vid should get higher priority than treating for festivids
--maybe I should go put a load of laundry on. In, in aid of that.

Also, my hours at work are doubling due to we're hitting a busy stretch and we have no shipper/receiver.

I think I have managed to work more daily on the Assembly Con fic than on any of the above items. Oh god.

Everyone keep calm and imagine Steve subbing for Pepper. (what? it's my happy place.)
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song lyrics redacted for I don't want to advertise what I'm vidding yet, but there's a repeating theme about being trapped that I'm trying to do a thing about Steve/perception of Steve being trapped in time, and I keep running up against do I have enough iterations of what I need for all the iterations of the lyric. I think MAYBE. My notes right now look like:

Open 12
--something fairly static, with breakthrough images. Something from avengers trailer, the slow bits at the beginning? Flying in past the Stark Tower?

[first verse]

do the cap/tony faceoff from the avengers trailer for the first bit?

okay, there's the transformation chamber as a trap, might be too early to use
waking up in the room, cross this off, use below, but eyelashes, oh, and Sharon Carter for the oohs
(the times square run has to be at the end)
cap frozen in the ice, cross this off, fuck, the trap is just the room! and not even busting out. okay. the busting out is all later. that works. totally. awesome.

[first chorus]
--Tony used to be Mariabot!

[oooh ooohs]
dedicated cheesy scifi run

[second verse]
if cap uniform in a display case is the trap, I might could also use the transformation thing here? or--shit, the ocean of lies is him in the ice, so just. no transformation chamber I think, fuck

[space here]
the uniform in the case from the avengers trailer, which I want to cut with him hitting the bag, I think--busting out of the room could fit--display case, punching bag, display case, someone through a wall, display case, punching bag off its rope, display case. Maybe. Crap. if I stick the first punching bag shot on the trap line at the end of the verse...

[second chorus]
--the time square run, yay!

*cracking up* So. It. Yeah. That's the bones of the vid. I *think* I can make it without having the Avengers come out 5 months early, but if they would release another trailer that would be fucking awesome.
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Scribbled out another 646 words of Darcy and Loki fic. I have almost gotten to the punchline of the first scene. At about 1600 words of scene. (Total wordcount for the entire file, mostly outline: 9146. AND THAT IS ONLY FOR THE CON FIC, NOT THE WEDDING FIC.) Whyyyyy.

small teaser )

Also, I edited a cut of the song I'm vidding for (hopefully, if I get it done in time) Escapade. Yay! Cut it down from 3:17 to 2:24 and I think it works, it's tight, it doesn't leave me too much room to flail around and cry about how I'm vidding from trailers instead of a whole movie. (Oh my god, can we sync up AO3 and reality and cause the Avengers movie to already be out, SERIOUSLY.) And I think it sounds good!

I nearly went to go see Cap at the dollar theatre again for... focus. (Since you know, I have the DVD. But the theatre is something else.) I didn't because my head is a mess and I didn't feel like dealing with pure, unadulterated Steve. Augh, I wish I didn't have such a complicated relationship with characters, sometimes.

...I need a Darcy icon.


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