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Okay so.

I love the Mission Impossible movies.

Look, you don't need to be with me on this, they are purest Velveeta, but I do, I love them dearly. With all sorts of varied caveats but frankly? they keep surprising me by not sucking as much as I was expecting on assorted social justice scales, and actually, that means someone involved is making an effort. Hollywood movies don't do better than average on accident.

These movies are really iffy on Bechdel. (Maybe 4 passes? I'll check when I go again tomorrow, it's possible that there's lines exchanged between the female Agent Carter and the female assassin Moreau that aren't regarding dude Hanaway. Lolnope, Carter and Moreau don't really actually talk at all, despite having screen time together, sigh. But if you toss out the subrule where the female characters have to be named, you could make an argument for MI3, where Julia is informed by a female guest that her sister has arrived, and then where she exchanges greetings with her sister before her sister is like "so you're marrying tom cruise?" And then she also tells her sister that "Mom's dying to see you." Clearly Tom Cruise is not the important part of that conversation for them.) However, there's always a female agent on the team, sometimes more than one, like in the first mission in the first Mission Impossible movie, which had Sarah Davies, Hannah Williams, and Claire Phelps. There's always at least one agent of color--Luther, who appears in all 4 films and is on team in 3 of them, is black, and Jane Carter in MI4 and Nyah Nordoff-Hall in MI2 are multiracial black/white; Zhen Lei in MI3 is multiracial Vietnamese/white.

And the primary villain is never a scary brown person or a woman. The first MI film has some problems declaring who, exactly, its villain is--I mean, you could argue for Max, since she's the criminal trying to buy the list of agent names and assignments, but they make it so hard to dislike her, when she's played by Vanessa Redgrave and helps Ethan out and everything. (And then there's the side issue about Claire which... okay, in my AU, Claire doesn't die. Also she killed Jim. Although it looked like a suicide. Murder? There was no murder here. Whatchutalkinbout. Let's just leave it like that, okay. My AU is an AU with less death, although obviously not no death. Also I saved Lindsey Farris.) But seriously. MI3 tried to fake us out with Laurence Fishburne, but no, actually, every time, the main villain is a white dude.

Right now we are at: way, way better than I ever thought they would be.

I mean, let's be real, the main character is is also a white dude, these things are unapologetic Tom Cruise vehicles, but do I watch them for Tom Cruise? I do not. (Okay, I do a little. I watch them for Tom Cruise getting the shit kicked out of him.) Fun fact about the Mission Impossible movie franchise: it basically exists because Tom Cruise fanboyed at Paramount until they let him have it. And you know, basically fund it out of his own pockets. Other fun fact: Tom Cruise loves stunts. Basically he gets cast and crew and funding together based on A LIST OF BEAUTIFUL LOCATIONS AROUND THE GLOBE WITH TALL THINGS FOR HIM TO JUMP OFF OF and then later on, sometimes as they are shooting, they write a script justifying why he needs to do so. You think I am exaggerating. I am not. Brad Bird, director of the last one, joined fairly late in preproduction, and kept bugging producer JJ Abrams for a script. After several times ducking out of it, Abrams admitted they didn't have a script, they had about six scripts, all different. There is a subplot of the film about a dude Ethan breaks out of prison that they didn't write in until they were shooting at the prison. The two set pieces they had set at the time Bird was bugging Abrams about the script were the Burj and the carpark. Oh Tom Cruise.

Back to not-Tom Cruise features of these films.

Have I mentioned how much I love Luther Stickell? Okay, so it's 1996. You're making an action thriller spy movie. Do you cast a big black dude as a) a demolitions expert b) a hand-to-hand fighter c) a hacker? It is totally against (limited, omg, Hollywood is so fucked up) type that Luther is the hacker. And, just, he's always the one to call Ethan on his bullshit. "That look in your eye is a pain in my ass, you know that, right?" So much heart for Luther.

The turning expectations on their head thing is a thing these movies do a lot. In the part that's strictly the universe, the world of Mission Impossible, that can suck, because it means they made the one carry-over character from the TV series, Jim Phelps, a traitor; in fact three of the four films revolve around someone internal to the agency fucking Ethan over (guys, guys it's not a surprise anymore, what are you dooooiiiing). HOWEVER, in terms of turning standard casting/writing/filmmaking tropes upside down, it's actually... sort of... awesome.

Let's talk about MI:3, and the woman in the refrigerator.

mostly cut for augh this is painful and not for plot spoilers for a 6 yr old movie, but the plot and film ending will be thoroughly dissected )

But I think this is worth pointing out: good guy characters, all women, most of them of color, in the Mission Impossible films who got kidnapped or shot or otherwise endangered, who I really, really expected to be dead by the end of the film, who got out alive:

--Nyah Nordoff-Hall
--Julia Meade/Hunt (twice, even)
--Zhen Lei
--Jane Carter

I winced, I swore, I said I know how movies work, this will not end well, I braced myself for them to kick it, and they all survived.

Baby steps. And still.

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May. 20th, 2011 12:56 pm
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Okay, I should just stop freaking out about this hole in my vid and remember that next week's episode will probably provide more material. SINCE APPARENTLY s3 spoilers and speculation )

Don't get me wrong, I'm kind of a giant dork and looking forward to this episode a lot, just, wow, show. You are deeply, deeply cheesy. It is such a good thing I like chevre.


Sep. 7th, 2010 12:47 am
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Longtime readers of my journal may recall that I once ran a fic exchange for the Vlad Taltos and Paarfi novels about Dragaera by Steven Brust, and relatedly, an lj community named [ profile] valabars. I am now attempting to kickstart the community on dreamwidth: [community profile] valabars; and to get the ficathon fic archived on AO3 (if you wrote fic for that ficathon back in 2005, you can read how to post to the Valabar's collection on AO3 here).

But! This community is not just for the oldtime members who survived my first travesty of an attempt at running a fic exchange! It is also for anyone who thinks they might enjoy participating in a fic exchange for the Dragaera books in the future! Because AO3 automates so much that I might actually make the damn thing annual! If there is interest! I promise to use fewer exclamation points in the future. Really. I'm slightly drunk right now, is my only excuse.

Also, for anyone who wants to talk about the Dragaera books!. I myself just finished reading Iorich. spoiler? )

Who's with me?
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Meanwhile, in Van Nuys

Notes: This is a Supernatural 5.22 story. While I have been spoiled extensively for 5.22, I have in fact only seen about 15 seconds of it. Also, this is crack. Squick warning for grossitude.

385 words. Also on AO3.

Did that look like jell-o to anyone else? )
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I am dying of allergies. Seriously, zyrtec-D is the only thing that makes my life worth living right now. And sucktastically as well, the sniffling and the watery eyes mean I constantly feel like I'm on the verge of crying. That plus general failure to cope makes me feel like I am constantly breaking down.

I am frustrated with my headspace about Supernatural right now. I'm starting to come out of the fruitcake obsesso place and wake up with the "did you get the number of that truck?" hangover about the last few months and I don't want to, quite yet, I want to actually write and vid a lot of the bunnies I have hanging around. I think part of the problem is that I don't deal well with week-to-week viewing of a show, as opposed to binging. It's killing me to play will I be jossed, will I be kripked, instead of just mainlining. (I realize normal people just watch shows this way. Hi, I'm not normal.)

So I have a plan. I haven't decided if I'm going to implement the plan yet, because there are drawbacks to the plan. But the plan is: I don't watch between now and the season finale, and then I get to mainline the last, what, five or so episodes. In between I would watch older stuff (I still haven't finished watching season 2!) and then when I get to mainline season end, I think I'll get a resurgence of fruitcake interest without the stop and go stagnation frustration I'm getting now.

Drawbacks: I'm actually looking forward to the next few episodes, based on spoilers. Not sure I have the patience. [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, [personal profile] grey_bard, and [personal profile] echan would have a hard time talking to me without spoiling me (though considering how much I've been trawling imdb and youtube, maybe that would be okay? I could just be not-watching-spoiled until I mainline). And then, I don't know, there's vid considerations. Which is totally the last thing on my list because I'm still on waitlist for vvc and feel weird submitting stuff if I'm not going and honestly, vvc is going to be "I'm spending $500 to hang out with some people I like," as opposed to the other thing.

I keep turning myself around on that, too. I had one idea I thought I was doing for challenge and it occurred to me in like, the past two hours, that the drawer vid might be even MORE challenge-suitable. So there's like, three or four things I want to take to vvc. I mean, I guess just in that "to show my friends" way.


Feb. 16th, 2010 12:53 pm
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(On DW this is a GIP post. I haven't bothered to update my icons on LJ and probably won't.)

So I had the experience, watching Farscape, of being spoiled with spoilers so over-the-top unbelievable that I did not believe them and therefore I watched events unfold essentially unspoiled. It was early season three, there had been two Johns for an episode or two, and I asked [personal profile] ysobel how long until one of them died? She asked me where I was and I told her and she told me I had to wait for an episode near the end of the season and I did not believe her. At all. I thought she was being cryptic so as not to spoil me. I thought she was making it up. The more of the season I watched the more incredulous I got until eventually I said to her, "You... you told me." To which her response was sort of, "Giggle? Yes?"

At the time I treasured that phenomenon. Dear show, you went there, I didn't expect you to, I so far didn't expect you to that even being told you would I didn't believe it. Yeah.

I say "at the time" because I've had this experience, both in the hearing about and the telling about, about fourteen times since I've started watching Supernatural. I feel like most statements about the show should be prefaced with "And I mean this literally." I have a new apology in my fannish vocabulary: "I thought you were kidding. Apparently I was wrong."

So this icon is about one of those moments. I'd been told 5.10 spoilers )

I had to apologize to [personal profile] grey_bard for not believing her about that one.

Secondarily: Castiel. SQUISH.


Feb. 12th, 2010 12:00 am
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White Collar casting spoiler of AWESOME (fair warning, the URL pretty much the spoiler, don't mouse over if you don't want to know).
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So I've been reading some old skool Holmes stuff because really the new movie is fluffy and malleable enough that you can stuff it somewhere in between most of the other canon (though by my count Watson ought to have been married off already before Holmes acquired that cabinet portrait of Irene) and the thing that keeps cracking me up is they cite the stories. I keep reading stuff that's footnoted with references to what story random item X happened in, be it deeply relevant to the fanfiction plot or random aside commentary. It's like, really? Really? Do you not trust you audience to have read the "sacred texts," or do you just want to impress them with how much you have?

In other news: hilarious tongue-in-cheek proof that Watson was a Woman, ca. 1941. My biggest disconnect on it was "dude, your main argument is that they're married, Watson doesn't actually have to be a woman for that." It's like a heteronormative slash thesis with bonus absurd numerology. I am quite fond of the bit about the wedding, though. OH HOLMES. You know, my drag king kink is such that I am REALLY QUITE OKAY with cross-dressing female!Watson in some small portion of stories that do not remotely manage to counter the tide of proper slash.

movie plot thoughts, spoilery? )
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10:09pm: txt msg from [personal profile] niqaeli: "Terriawesome vid idea: Sherlock Holmes '09 to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. I thought I should share the wtf."
Read more... )
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This was my instant fix-it for episode 1.07, and as such a) contains spoilers b) is very silly.

~1000 words
No warnings. Gen slash.

Read more... )

ETA: Also on Archive of Our Own! Yay AO3.
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Decide what this is about
Write a second verse yourself

~from Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

I would first like to say: I am really, actually shocked by how strong my feelings are about this episode. I, I don't even know.

I subscribe to the validity of multiple interpretations of a work. I think that this is the underpinning of most modern media fannish (largely female) interaction with our shows. I think it is foolish and irrelevant to tell someone they're interrogating the text wrong. I don't think there is a wrong way to interrogate the text, even if I disagree with your specific conclusions.

spoilers to follow )
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(prof unbent slightly re illness and asked for documentation. I emailed him a scan of the paperwork from my most recent doctor visit. And he emailed me back in a timely fashion, and has accepted my exam with no late penalty, praise be.)

Initial Yuletide offer list is 128 fandoms long and includes things like the Canterbury Tales. I think my next step shall be to lop off things with double digit worth of offers (unless I'm really, really feeling them). Well! That skimmed it down by a hundred (but Chaucer is still on the list, just barely, heh), so I think I'm set for my offer list. I think I shall go ahead and offer any for all, despite some misgivings. I always find that when I want to offer some characters for a fandom, it's really "all of them except this one," and you can only select four to offer, and it doesn't quite seem fair to lop off the rest of them to avoid the one. (Ballard, I am looking at you. If I get a Dollhouse request with Ballard specified, I will be acquiring a new fandom from one of my recipient's other requests.)

Right, that's done. And now I shall put it out of my mind and wait see what I get, rather than cultivate plot bunnies or starting rereading canons.

And now: my televisions (oh my god, how did I end up watching this many first-run shows):

for some reason echan thought I wouldn't like the last half of this Supernatural )

What gets me about White Collar )

It should of course surprise everyone that Merlin is a witch. )

Flashforward bores me )
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(Everyone knows why I say Part II: THE REVENGE, right? Everyone knows about Vulcan Love Slave Part II: THE REVENGE, right?)(PS: it's google-able.)

So it looks as if [personal profile] ysobel may have actually gone to see Star Trek: Reboot in the last day or so but hey I've been keeping like eighty tabs open in several windows to write this entry as soon as I had the spoons, so hey, more linkspam. tries to figure out how much series canon this movie negated.

[ profile] st_xi_kink has produced a lot of fic, as archived on delicious.

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[ profile] trek_news - newsletter, may potentially be making me obsolete here
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[ profile] sineala posts about more comms, links to my linkspam, causing internet-ending paradoxes

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Relatedly, [ profile] cofax7 posts remedial Trek for newbies.

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I WAS POTENTIALLY GOING TO POST MORE OF MY OWN REACTIONS BUT I HAVE TO GET OUT THE DOOR BY SIX TOMORROW MORNING TO CATCH A BUS SO I THINK I WILL SAVE MY ENERGY AND VID INSTEAD. Really, if I manage to get the vid done, vid should say every goddamn thing I want to say about this movie. Really.
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[personal profile] ysobel is concerned about missing out on everyone's squee by the time she gets to watch Star Trek: Reboot. So I figured I'd collect some links as I catch up on everyone's squee.

[personal profile] mamadeb posts squee for the new movie interlaced with her fannish history with Trek.

[personal profile] verstehen feels the movie delivered all that was expected of it, plus frienemies.

[personal profile] cesperanza: seven things she loved, four she hated.

[personal profile] zorkian had to work at Star Trek. No spoilers.

[personal profile] anoel is squeeful about the slash.

[personal profile] copracat with a one-line indictment amidst an entry about other things.

[personal profile] azurelunatic has a line by line GLEECAPS fest. OH HI SPOCK YOU ARE SEXY.

[personal profile] puppetmaker's review is squee couched in more adult costuming/casting/performance/plot notes.

[personal profile] lizbee found it awesome, had some Doctor Who comparisons.

[personal profile] bethbethbeth opens with: I probably shouldn't have liked the new Star Trek film... but I loved it.

[personal profile] gelasius gleecaps at all the performances.

[personal profile] butterfly likes respect for the source and handling of the reboot.

[personal profile] butterfly pokes at the timeline.

[personal profile] butterfly goes back to watch it again.

[personal profile] ase's reactions combine glee and more critical meta.

[personal profile] mecurtin, not yet having seen the movie, expresses hopes and fears for it. Spoilers in comments.

[personal profile] zvi has squee and plotholes.

[personal profile] cedara has a brief "yay my pairing!" entry.

[personal profile] everysecondtuesday links to TOS vids.

[personal profile] kass has squee and mention of JJ Abramsiness.

[personal profile] lady_stiletto had squee at casting, respect for source, diversity, ships, etc; a couple of quibbles.

[personal profile] tzikeh is collecting links. I'm duplicating a lot of them, but there may be more by the time you go look!

[personal profile] lapislaz feels could have been worse, is unresolvable for hardcore trekkies. Spittake worthy final line.

[personal profile] ellen_fremedon feels it was totally, totally awesome.

[personal profile] ellen_fremedon went back for more.

[personal profile] fajrdrako wasn't expecting too much, liked it.

[personal profile] gchick has love for Kirk, Scotty, sets and women.

[personal profile] mara had flaily hands.

[profile] jooj has three lists: liked, ridiculous, want fanfic now.

[personal profile] kelliem loved it with 1.5 quibbles.

[ profile] redscharlach has a bullet point list of glee.

[ profile] ancalemon talks new ships and old ships.

[ profile] brokenbacktango talks about the movie-going crowd. No spoilers, except for First Contact *G*

[ profile] sineala has a thorough review.

[ profile] slippery_fish has a few notes.

[ profile] sandrine says this is not the squee you're looking for.

[ profile] mimesere loves them all.

[ profile] ethrosdemon is apparently writing fic. No spoilers, just amusing problems. Oh, and here's the fic! Is about OC doctor on the Enterprise.

[ profile] mustangsally78 has no spoilers, just pretty picture.

[ profile] tarzanic has brief list of yay, family history of trekkiness.

[ profile] matt_doyle didn't like the camerawork and skience, dug everything else.

[ profile] settiai has a lot of love and contemplates differences in the reboot.

[ profile] cofax7 has an enumerated list of yay and hmm.

[ profile] sparky77 liked Kirk a lot! And you know, other people.

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[ profile] brokenbacktango found some hilarious parodies on youtube.

[ profile] popfantastic tries to make sense of plot points, notes Enterprise canon of interest.

[ profile] yahtzee63 on Uhura.

[ profile] calligrafiti squees.

There's comms on DW:
[community profile] ncc_1701
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And uh, now from me: spoilers? probably? I have no idea what I'm going to say yet )

PS according to the GI Joe preview we saw, Ninth Doctor will be destroying the Earth. Will you all disown me if I go to that movie for him?


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