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Let's talk about the fragile truce. )
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So um.

You may or may not be aware (god, do you people read me at all *G*) that there is an awesome fic about Darcy and Loki writing on the for-them-RPF Avengers kinkmeme for which I asked if I could write more fic for, because fanfic for fanfic about meta fic where they write fic about themselves is THE BEST THING EVAR AMIRITE? And the author told me yes so I've been indulging this bunny about Loki and Darcy going to a convention together.

Well naturally it's not enough just to write it, [personal profile] grey_bard and I needed to make LJs for Darcy and Loki.

So! Who has an LJ they still use and wants to be Darcy's friend? She is [ profile] onthenose and as long as you're not Phil Coulson, she'll friend you back.

(You can also friend Loki at [ profile] 3791111 but he might just laugh at you.)
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So I just put all of the chatbits of the Loki and Darcy go to Assembly Con fic in a doc so I could keep them gathered and in order and um, that with the couple thousand words of scenes I've actually written as narrative--

7768 words.

Hahahahaha fuck me.
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It hit yuletide length, so I figured I was morally obligated to post it to the archive.

Title: The Secret Lives of Muses
Author: [personal profile] jmtorres
Fandom: Vorkosigan, Dresden Files by allusion, and Meta, meta as hell.
Summary: In which Gregor wants to hear all about Ivan's adventures in the author's head.
Word Count: 1056

I may have mentioned in the past about Ivan being the only muse who hides from me. In the back of my own head. In other fandoms. Where he gets his just desserts. (Hiding from your writer, honestly.) [personal profile] azurelunatic asked if he could be convinced to talk about that time in Chicago, and the answer was--I definitely could not convince him, but he won't lie to Gregor. And I'm not above using that against him.

Gregor, at least, forgives me.

Fic on AO3.
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Apparently some TV writers need this explanation, and maybe it will magically reach them if I post it here.


Right, look, if you are positing a completely alien life form from another planet whose genetic inheritance is not recorded in deoxyribonucleic acid but in some other chemical structure, then sure, run with it, they have triple helices of whatever the hell that chemical is. They also most definitely cannot have babies with humans, do you hear me, really not, but okay, fine, that's a losing battle, whatever, Liam Kincaid.

Let us return to the completely absurd and impossible notion of TRIPLE-STRANDED DNA.

Maybe some basic background on what DNA actually is would help? See, okay, you probably know that there's four bases of DNA that chain together to make the strands, and everyone calls them T, A, C, and G. (They have full names but seriously, even geneticists call them T, A, C, and G, so it's sort of a waste of time or else proof of giant dorkery to know what they are.) What you may not realize is that this is two pairs of complementary bases. T and A bond together, and so do C and G. This means that if on one side of the double helix there is a T base, on the other side there is always an A base. If there is a C base on one side, on the other side there is always a G.

So imagine you have a piece of a strand which says:


The strand that goes with it to form a double helix HAS to say:


It cannot say anything else. They have to match. If they don't match, they don't connect. They don't form a double helix.

This is the really key thing I am trying to get at: the two strands of DNA in a double helix do not contain different information. They contain mirror images of the same information. It's like one side is ROT13 of the other side, except there's only four letters in the DNA alphabet, so it's more like ROT2. Why the redundancy? Because the bases have to be reactive enough to chemically copy when the strand is unzipped, but there needs to be some way to put them away and make them stop reacting when it's not time to copy them, and just slapping a mirror version on makes a stable storage form.

Therefore adding a third strand to a DNA helix--in the first place, what the fuck does it hook onto, the complementary bases are already hooked to each other, and in the second place, it wouldn't add new information, because strands just--don't. All the bases in the third strand would have to complement the bases in the first two strands, which means: same goddamn information.

If you are adding genetic material to an existing multi-celled Earth life form as we know them, just splice sequences of regular double helices into existing double helices (aka, either make the strands longer or replace segments of the strands). If it makes you feel really special, add a chromosome or two (be aware: having extra chromosomes is associated with some odd syndromes). Don't add a third strand of DNA to the double helices, it is MEANINGLESS.

If you are imagining a something superspecial and different from existing multi-celled Earth life forms as we know them, and you want, say, more data compressed into less length of strand, or compress more data into the same length of strand (I'm looking at you, Fifth Element), what you would do is add more base pairs. Why? Think binary versus base 10. What's 36 in binary? 100100. Look at how many more digits you need to convey the same concept, because you only have two options to choose from. But if you have ten options, you only need to use two digits, because you're conveying more information per digit. The more base pairs are available to encode information, the more compactly the information can be encoded. This is something I want to see in my scifi, people. The weird alien species with more efficient DNA whose base pairs are TACGEFLM or something. I would even be willing to buy, for the sake of the narrative, the shocking revelation that so-and-so-supposedly-human has a handful of E's and F's, and even some L's and M's in their DNA and so is SECRETLY PART ALIEN.

But not more strands. Just don't. More strands is more copies. More strands is redundancy. More strands is NOT more information. It is not. And when you say it is, in my head I am converting all of your technobabble to "Magic magic, magic magic, magic magic. Sorcery, what ho!"

Glad to get that off my chest.

Is this one of those things where I don't know I'm swimming in water because I was raised by a geneticist?
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On the vidding front, I seem to be making a Tron vid. It will apparently contain feminist metaphors (if I manage coherency, which is a toss-up at this point) and possibly surprise femslash. Okay, probably not. Hey, if you see it, I'm taking credit.

On the fanfiction front, I currently have two main stories vying for attention.

The first is a Vorkosigan story which I'm currently calling Ivan Vorpatril: Drama Queen, Or, The Hilarious Rom-Com of Padma and Alys. Ivan's previously unknown dramatic streak comes out when his mother sends him to deliver to Ekaterin a welcome-to-the-family gift and he tells her how his father courted his mother, and various other tidbits designed to make Ekaterin feel less as if High Vor society will eat her whole for the scandals she apparently found herself in the middle of. I thought that was a complete, if dual-track, story all its own, but then Ivan whipped out an invitation for Ekaterin to attend the Reading of Faults. He tells me this is a Time of Isolation tradition that has almost entirely died out in which a friend of the groom will slander him most vilely--to scare his bride off, or legitimately warn her what she's getting into, or possibly just troll everyone for the lulz, depending on what fairy tales you heard as a child. Ivan admits that this is not really practiced anymore and in any case may not be relevant when SHE asked HIM to marry her, but he's been collecting this list since he was sixteen years old and he WILL NOT BE DENIED THIS OPPORTUNITY. Alys and Cordelia invited themselves along as "chaperons"--Alys is reminiscing about how Aral read Padma's faults, which was apparently in the trolling for lulz category, and Cordelia complains that no one told her Aral's faults. Alys replies that with everything she'd been through by the time they met her, they decided that if Aral had faults she hadn't seen already, they didn't know to know. Anyway, it feels like there should be a third story on the theme of "Ivan butts in to commentate Ekaterin and Miles's engagement, and also Padma and Alys were adorable thirty-five years ago, FYI," just to round things out, but I don't know what it is yet.

The other story rattling around my head is fic for the Supernatural episode "The French Mistake," which is the only episode I've seen all season, so I don't feel qualified to write the fic. I'm thinking that after semester's over if this is still something I care about I'll ask someone whose opinion I trust if I will be able to laugh at season 6, and if yes will mainline for Beltane and then write it. It would be um, meta-y and rpf-y and feature twitter and tin hats and script pages and *cough* a very special recasting.

And now, to bed with me! *flop*


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