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Dec. 6th, 2011 09:04 am
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So it's about 8 hours to my exam, I have had about 4 hours sleep, and all the parts of my brain have voted no on sleep, but this has left me wrung out and not very awake, so I'm giving up on being productive today and am basically letting Loki and Darcy have free run on the hamster wheel.

I am trying to figure out what to do with my tumblr ([ profile] julstorres); I broke down and made a personal one a few days ago on the theory that I wasn't using the Specific Purposes one for its Specific Purpose and I might if I just had a personal one to personally stare at all the pretty pictures with. Right now I am mostly reblogging things that make me happy. You will be shocked to know this includes Chris Evans grinning, fanart of Lady Captain America, and Loki and Darcy's actors hugging each other. I would ask tumblr what I should do with my tumblr but niq is the only person who follows me so it seems a bit silly.

(Complaint about tumblr: I feel like many of the common phrases that have cropped up out of tumblr culture like "all the feels" and "because reasons" are terrible because they let people be lazy about expressing themselves. Also because they're frequently grammatically grotesque, but I've decided to assume that the E in "crey" is in fact the missing E from tumblr and necessarily had to go somewhere.)

The Loki and Darcy fic has done such weird things to my fannish interactions. In the first place, holy crap what the fuck I've touched kinkmemes with a ten foot pole (ie, rp socks). In the second place, somehow people keep asking me for prompts. And by "people" I mean "two of them" but it's VERY STRANGE SOMEHOW.

God I want a nap. I am so terrified of taking a nap.

I should call work. And the electric company. And my dad. Those--those are calls I should make today. The rest of everything can wait, really it can. ETA: okay, have done 2/3, not in prime time for 3 yet, and also I may cry now, I asked my dad to be my back-up bang on the door get me to the exam alarm./ETA

Tomorrow I will have cope.
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it is now officially december

fuck my life

i am apparently one of those people who doesn't bother with capitals or punctuation anymore, but i console myself that i have become like lady gaga in the Lady and the Captain fic.

Meanwhile: i keep trying to capitalize "i" and it doesn't go through. dear keyboard: wtf.

Things I need to do in order of priority (oh hey i found the fucking shift key... or not. what.)
--scramble through my classes
--or gtfo of my classes
--cap_ironman sesa (the good news is I've started on it, the bad news is I should probably check something with the mods and the worse news is I'm going to need to do ~research~, wtf is up with my formatting I BLAME TUMBLR)
--yuletide (to which end, I need to review some source, and would like some company)
--the pinch-hit I picked up, fml
--probably the escapade vid should get higher priority than treating for festivids
--maybe I should go put a load of laundry on. In, in aid of that.

Also, my hours at work are doubling due to we're hitting a busy stretch and we have no shipper/receiver.

I think I have managed to work more daily on the Assembly Con fic than on any of the above items. Oh god.

Everyone keep calm and imagine Steve subbing for Pepper. (what? it's my happy place.)


Nov. 28th, 2011 10:11 am
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[ profile] avengers_bang

Sign-ups are until Jan 1, so I have time to think about this but--

The word count is only 15K, I am pretty damn sure I will hit that with the Assembly Con story (and if I don't, I could start writing Part II: The Wedding? but I'm pretty sure I will, have I mentioned the outline + first scene is 11,000 approximately, jfc), I actually think it would be super awesome to get some art for this story (there's fanart mentioned in it that alas I cannot draw, though I was tempted to gamely try), and if I don't just... write the whole thing in a surprise word vomit in the next month, having a deadline a few months down the line might get me to stick with it.

(Is there any ethical issue about signing up for a big bang with something you've already started writing? Although to be fair, I didn't start writing it until after sign-ups were already open...)


ETA: So that's not happening, because [personal profile] grey_bard will be continuing to dork about on the kinkmemes.
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song lyrics redacted for I don't want to advertise what I'm vidding yet, but there's a repeating theme about being trapped that I'm trying to do a thing about Steve/perception of Steve being trapped in time, and I keep running up against do I have enough iterations of what I need for all the iterations of the lyric. I think MAYBE. My notes right now look like:

Open 12
--something fairly static, with breakthrough images. Something from avengers trailer, the slow bits at the beginning? Flying in past the Stark Tower?

[first verse]

do the cap/tony faceoff from the avengers trailer for the first bit?

okay, there's the transformation chamber as a trap, might be too early to use
waking up in the room, cross this off, use below, but eyelashes, oh, and Sharon Carter for the oohs
(the times square run has to be at the end)
cap frozen in the ice, cross this off, fuck, the trap is just the room! and not even busting out. okay. the busting out is all later. that works. totally. awesome.

[first chorus]
--Tony used to be Mariabot!

[oooh ooohs]
dedicated cheesy scifi run

[second verse]
if cap uniform in a display case is the trap, I might could also use the transformation thing here? or--shit, the ocean of lies is him in the ice, so just. no transformation chamber I think, fuck

[space here]
the uniform in the case from the avengers trailer, which I want to cut with him hitting the bag, I think--busting out of the room could fit--display case, punching bag, display case, someone through a wall, display case, punching bag off its rope, display case. Maybe. Crap. if I stick the first punching bag shot on the trap line at the end of the verse...

[second chorus]
--the time square run, yay!

*cracking up* So. It. Yeah. That's the bones of the vid. I *think* I can make it without having the Avengers come out 5 months early, but if they would release another trailer that would be fucking awesome.
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So um.

You may or may not be aware (god, do you people read me at all *G*) that there is an awesome fic about Darcy and Loki writing on the for-them-RPF Avengers kinkmeme for which I asked if I could write more fic for, because fanfic for fanfic about meta fic where they write fic about themselves is THE BEST THING EVAR AMIRITE? And the author told me yes so I've been indulging this bunny about Loki and Darcy going to a convention together.

Well naturally it's not enough just to write it, [personal profile] grey_bard and I needed to make LJs for Darcy and Loki.

So! Who has an LJ they still use and wants to be Darcy's friend? She is [ profile] onthenose and as long as you're not Phil Coulson, she'll friend you back.

(You can also friend Loki at [ profile] 3791111 but he might just laugh at you.)


Nov. 24th, 2011 07:29 am
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I just attempted to select "Tony Stark" as a mood rather than an icon. *facepalm*

Okay, I have no idea whether this particular story will ever see the light of day so I just need to complain, COPIOUSLY, that TONY STARK IS FUCKING INSANE. At one point Steve ends up eavesdropping on Tony and Pepper gossiping about him and *flail* them, how things are going between him and Tony (the sex is apparently not as exciting as Tony would like, but on the other hand he does acknowledge that Steve HAS actually put people through walls literally and that would probably be something to avoid, no matter how much he likes the idea of getting fucked through the wall. or floor. or mattress, if you're going to be vanilla. Oh fucking Tony, what is even wrong with you).

When Tony realizes Steve's been listening, he doesn't seem embarrassed or bothered (other than by the fact that Pepper was planning to take Steve out to lunch where Tony couldn't use JARVIS to eavesdrop on them gossiping about him) and in fact he's like "Well, of course you'd be interested" and tells JARVIS to set up a subscription feed basically, to drop surveillance audio in Steve's inbox anytime Tony talks about him. And Steve facepalms, because WHAT DO YOU EVEN, and Tony is like, "What? I mean, I did it for you because you wouldn't know to ask, and that's not fair, I could be pulling all your conversations," but the thing is, he's not actually? Like, yeah, he totally wants to hear what Pepper is going to tell Steve about him, but on a daily basis, no, he's not actually that much of a stalkertastic spy boyfriend. And when he did it he was being halfway sarcastic and halfway serious and Steve can't actually figure out if Tony means for him to listen to all these files or not because what sane person would do that.

(In a related incident, Pepper tries to give Steve her privacy override with JARVIS so he can have time not under Tony-accessible surveillance; Tony is like, "No, that won't work, that's keyed to your voice signature. JARVIS, generate a full set of overrides for Steve and send it to his inbox." This whole time is really weird for Steve and his burgeoning affair with email.)

But so for ages Steve gets just random snippets in his email of like, Tony asking JARVIS where Steve is in the house or if he's already had lunch or whatever, that he doesn't feel any guilt about listening to because it's not like eavesdropping on gossip but it does kind of make him smile, how often Tony thinks about him and checks on him when he's in the middle of other shit down in his workshop or whatever. It's like when you save that one voicemail that's just something dopey like "I'll see you there at 8, love ya babe" because you want to have it in your phone to listen to whenever, except that Tony is inadvertently leaving Steve about fourteen dopey voicemails a day, and I say inadvertently because Tony doesn't think about it at all, pretty much totally forgot he did that.

So then later in the story they undergo kind of a sea change in their relationship and there's a phone call to Pepper where Tony flails about everything--commitment, identity, the sex, the fucking sex, Steve continues to be a little bemused at how frank Tony is about his sex life, with his ex. And this whole phone call lands in Steve's inbox and this is the first time since that time he was sitting on the stairs eavesdropping that he feels like maybe he's listening to something he's not supposed to be listening to. Except--Tony did this, right? Tony means him to hear this. Is Steve supposed to respond? He really feels like he should respond to Tony's freak-out, even though it wasn't at him directly.

Steve ends up trying to talk to Tony, to apologize for some of the stuff that Tony was freaking out about, but to Pepper and not to him, and Tony realizes pretty much immediately why Steve knows all this shit and is like, "Huh, I didn't think you were listening to those files," and Steve's like "Do you want me to stop, I'll stop," and Tony's like, "No, whatever, I know how to use the privacy override," and pretty much he means it, he means he'll adjust to if he really doesn't want Steve to hear something he's saying he'll block him and the rest of the time, well, he'll be expecting Steve to hear.

Only Steve pretty much figured that was weird, he shouldn't have been listening, Tony didn't expect him to be listening because who does that, and he should really stop. So he does. I think possibly he can't quite bring himself to tell JARVIS to stop the feed, because, you know, even if he's not listening to them it's sort of nice to see the stack of 15-second files from Tony checking on him all day, but yeah, he's not opening any of the files.

So naturally this is when Tony expects Steve to be listening to everything and doesn't understand why Steve is IGNORING all the important EMOTIONAL STUFF he figured out talking to Pepper (because Pepper is totally the sane one). And, just. His wibble. And getting more pissed off at Steve and not saying it to his face and expecting Steve to find out why he's annoyed from him venting to other people and Steve is still not listening to the fucking surveillance audio because he doesn't think he's supposed to because who even does that, and he never should have been in the first place.

I am not sure at what point Tony figures out WHY communication has broken down, or if Steve gets it first once Tony gets pissed enough to say something to his face, but jesus fucking christ on a balloon. I just. TONY, WHAT IS EVEN WRONG WITH YOU. I cannot say this enough. WHAT IS EVEN WRONG WITH YOU, TONY. WHAT.

So. Yeah. I just needed to get that off my chest. TONY. WHAT.
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Scribbled out another 646 words of Darcy and Loki fic. I have almost gotten to the punchline of the first scene. At about 1600 words of scene. (Total wordcount for the entire file, mostly outline: 9146. AND THAT IS ONLY FOR THE CON FIC, NOT THE WEDDING FIC.) Whyyyyy.

small teaser )

Also, I edited a cut of the song I'm vidding for (hopefully, if I get it done in time) Escapade. Yay! Cut it down from 3:17 to 2:24 and I think it works, it's tight, it doesn't leave me too much room to flail around and cry about how I'm vidding from trailers instead of a whole movie. (Oh my god, can we sync up AO3 and reality and cause the Avengers movie to already be out, SERIOUSLY.) And I think it sounds good!

I nearly went to go see Cap at the dollar theatre again for... focus. (Since you know, I have the DVD. But the theatre is something else.) I didn't because my head is a mess and I didn't feel like dealing with pure, unadulterated Steve. Augh, I wish I didn't have such a complicated relationship with characters, sometimes.

...I need a Darcy icon.
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juls: *reading fanfic* Sometimes metaphors are just painful.
niq: nay, tortured?
juls: "Steve's dick is like a brand against his hip, desire a burning coal in his belly."

I don't remember how large swathes of this conversation even WENT, we were laughing so hard. But I do know I noted that the first half could have been okay except for the second half, that was just too much fire, and if dicks were on fire I didn't want them anywhere near me. niq went to the smell of burning flesh place and I replied that bbq was not sexy and she asked, "What about bbq sauce?" which. Look you have to know us, okay. Oh my god. What was that *even.*

Anyway, that is a sexual experience I want no part of, and I am trying to figure out if I can ignore that sentence and read the rest of the fic or if I just need to stop now and cut my losses.

ETA: This, I think this is the relevant link. Either that explains everything or nothing about us, I can't even tell.
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So the other day Steve tweaked me about something, and I said, whoa, wait, what?

For the longest time, Ivan Vorpatril has been the only character in my head who's had enough independence to have his own opinions, and notice and respond to me, and it was largely a function of what his personality is--he's a slinker, so what I noticed was he kept trying to slink off and hide from me. That and the intelligence.

The Steve in my head has apparently woken up enough to have... similar independence. And I didn't notice for the longest time because he didn't try to slink off--but that's not who he is. He's nice! He's a sweetie. Unlike Ivan, he doesn't hate me. So I didn't notice that his compliance wasn't the moldable plasticity of the ordinary kind of character I shape until he got comfortable enough to drop his sense of humor on me. It's subtle! Kind of wry. Usually self-deprecating. Except if he knows you well enough he'll nudge you the way he'd nudge himself. (See also: "Don't do anything stupid until I get back" "How can I? You're taking all the stupid with you.")

Seriously, most of my characters don't talk back! And Steve doesn't really do backtalk, but, he's decided he's hung out in my head long enough to start teasing me for my foibles. So that's apparently a thing now.

*laugh* I was talking to [personal profile] niqaeli about it and the differences between how the Steve in my head and the Ivan in my head behave towards me, and we rapidly concluded that no shit Ivan runs for the hills when he can and Steve doesn't feel the need--we do hilariously awful things to Ivan because we delight in watching him squirm, whereas we do cute, fun things to Steve because he grins like a loon and it's fantastic. This icon, this icon is TOTALLY the world I keep writing for Steve. The future is awesome! I keep introducing him to interesting people. Some of them are robots! Or centaurs! Or his soulmate! Why exactly would he run away?

Somewhere in my head Ivan is sulking, because there's a new chewtoy as independent as he is, who has somehow drawn a better lot in plot bunnies and has no interest in coming to hide in a corner with him.
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So I signed up for that. I'm less concerned about how will I manage to write something for it given that my dear santa letter hit 2K. I, I kind of want to post it. As an illustration of my own ridiculousness.

On the other hand: it is entirely probable that I'll have a plotbunny run away on me and try to hit 10K. Won't that be fun, kids!

I enjoy playing the google ads game, where I look at what ads google puts on fanfiction I write myself in email and go "I don't see how this connects unless it is a rather unlikely plot suggestion." Today's plot suggestion: I think gmail is rooting for Stephanie Rogers and Natasha Stark to get married, as there was an ad for Women-Marrying-Women weddings. I've read that story, Google! I could link you!
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So I just put all of the chatbits of the Loki and Darcy go to Assembly Con fic in a doc so I could keep them gathered and in order and um, that with the couple thousand words of scenes I've actually written as narrative--

7768 words.

Hahahahaha fuck me.
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If I'm going to get anything done I think I need to close all the fic and glitch and dreamwidth and twitter and pinboard and.

Yeah, let's try dropping off of the face of the internet again in favor of writing and homework and packing. Plan? Plan.

ETA: huh, only took me an hour and a half to clear all my tabs into Pinboard. SHALL I NOW GO FORTH AND BE PRODUCTIVE?

ETA2: The good news is, I'm writing. The bad news is, have I mentioned I keep a large image of Steve open for inspiration? Well, HE'S JUDGING ME. large image, fic snippet below cut )
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I hate writing porn.

"Hate" is probably a strong word.

I have enormous SHAME writing porn. I can point out my shame and laugh at my shame and I still experience it so writing porn is difficult, and getting porn beta'd is difficult and cringe-inducing and I had to hide under the comforter a couple of times, and I think probably posting porn is going to be difficult, and I'm just going to come out and say this, if this hits the kind of word counts I'm predicting (I just wrote 3K on what I sincerely hope is MOST of one porn scene! and there are like a good dozen at least in this story, fuck my life, I really think I was not underestimating when I clocked it at 40K based on the plot summary in my head) I really want you all to PROMISE ME that you won't think of me as 'the girl who wrote the D/s porn epic about Tony and Steve.' PROMISE ME.

Also I wrote 3K about a blowjob without using the word "cock" but that was a stylistic choice related to the ridiculous contest and not because of the weird interaction of my dykitude and my desire to draw hearts all over Steve. Why do you ask.

But I just wrote 3K in a couple of days, which is more than I've written in ages, and I keep having ideas, and I'm excited about this story, and not just because I'll be in my bunk, and I had to get through work today by promising myself I could go directly home and write more porn, and.


YAY. HORROR. Are my competing reactions to this.

Also, ongoing sadness that I'm having to shield my braintwin from it because, um, either the assholery of Tony Stark is something she's not up to or it's a ridiculous BDSM AU with soul bonds and I don't blame her for disowning me. One of the two. Or possibly both. Did I mention she usually writes the porn in my stories? PORN IS HAAAAAARD.


fuck meeee

Oct. 26th, 2011 08:15 pm
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Does anyone want to talk about the how is this even my life fucking epic plotbunny of Steve/Tony BDSM soul-bonded AU I got saddled with last night that I have already written 1200 words of, while at work, FML, I do not even know, it started off ridiculous but Tony has ISSUES, seriously I think I wrote emoporn, how did I even? It started off with this story, which is a cute little BDSM soul-bonded AU PWP with the summary "As soon as they meet, Tony and Steve imprint on each other as dom and sub. Steve doesn't know what to make of this" and practically off that one line I spawned this whole thing about who's the dom and who's the sub? WAIT, WHAT IF THEY CAN'T AGREE? CLEARLY THEY WILL HAVE TO SPEND FORTY THOUSAND WORDS COMPETING FOR TOP DOM. (I ended up emailing the author asking for permission to remix. Which she granted nigh instantaneously. Oh my god now I have no excuse not to write it. Other than my burning shame.) Also I have already had deep thoughts on Tony in a BDSM context and he's fucking ridiculous, I know this about him, he doesn't feel like he's doing it right unless there's all kinds of props and shit. Which is not entirely Steve's scene. Also I've decided that in BDSM AU land, Steve is a switch but in the past has only subbed for women. There may possibly be cross-dressing in this fic, why do you ask. (Wow. Pepper is totally Steve's type. Steve would totally be on his knees for Pepper if he didn't have a fucking soul-bond to Tony.)

If this is something you think you might want to hear more about, tell me your IM (I can do AIM or gchat) and I'll come find you.

ETA: so nobody? basically nobody. Okay! Good to know that the audience for this fic will be approximately ZERO when I ever get around to posting it. FML.

ETA2: No, I know, I'm being dramatic because I cannot even believe I am writing this.

ETA3: Ooh, I should check Marvel wikia to see if there's a Kinkworld. I mean, probably not? Comics Authority and all? but I should CHECK.
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So, okay, you know how Marvel Movieverse, aka Earth-199999, is: Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Hulk, Avengers, but not X-Men or Spider-Man, those are not getting the tie-in Phil Coulson in your movie?

It was bothering me that searching Marvel movieverse or Marvel movies pulled up everything, including lots and lots and lots of XMFC, which, you know, weren't tagged Marvel movieverse, they were tagged X-Men First Class, but they got wrangled in. I submitted a support request about it, and AO3 responded by creating a new tag:

Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, which of course no one has used yet, but if you tagged for the individual films in the series, it sorts in. So I guess--keep tagging for the individual films, or use their new Marvel Avengers Movies Universe tag, but know that "Marvel movieverse" is going to continue to be treated as a general catch-all and not be separated from the X-Men or Spider-man series in AO3 wrangling.

(I would vote using Earth-199999 or Marvel 199999, since I know people do use 1610, 616, and 3490 at times, but um, apparently most people didn't go geek out at the universe numbering system like me. And no one has tagged 199999 on AO3 at all. I AM A GIANT GEEK. MOVING ON.)


Oct. 8th, 2011 05:04 pm
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I am looking for music videos (like, the ones the bands make, not the ones we make) involving fantasy imagery (fairies, monsters, unicorns, swords and sorcery, vampires, or even potentially nonmagical period costume dress). You may assume I have already seen all of Lady Gaga's (mermaids! deathsheads! monsters, unicorns, and so on.) Recommendations, please!


unrelatedly, i have more steve and tony bunnies (my life, seriously). like, one where steve finds out about steve/tony fanfiction and keeps sending tony links that are like, my list of recs/anti-recs, but from steve's pov ("In this one you're a vampire! and I'm an asshole?" "Oh my God we are both morons in this one, it's actually kind of creepy how stupid we are" "they made you a supervillain! but they gave Pepper an Iron Man suit, which is awesome, really") and tony's reaction is to link steve to a youtube of 'the internet is for porn.' and possibly not on youtube actual sex tape(s) of tony. other hilarious corners of the internet steve could find: apparently in the porn business non-fanfiction side of things, cap/wonder woman is a... reasonably popular pairing. dude I don't even know don't ask how i found it, i burned the browser history. and steve's complaints are "she's a fictional character! and we're both in full costume, how do they think we could.... do it?" oh steve.

also if things keep up as they have been in my personal life, i'm going to be inflicting the wonders of modern dentistry on steve as displacement or catharsis or something.
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So I've been dealing with an ongoing sense of TONY STARK HOW SO DAMAGED from both other people's fic and how he behaves in my head in fic I might be writing (note to tony: no steve is not pissed off about you maybe banging lady gaga because he is jealous; I promise you that is not it, tony). Both [personal profile] niqaeli and I keep retreating to the Losers for sanity because THOSE guys are so much less damaged. I am not kidding and wow what.

I have been poking around in the back of my head for Ivan, who went to ground months ago and keeps jumping fandoms to avoid me. After the time I found him in New York, I decided not to ask at all when I tagged him in Chicago. Ivan Vorpatril is the most active, independent character in my head, and pretty much the only one who recognizes my presence as a writer and to be slunk away from.

Anyway, I hunted him up and begged him to come back because omg less damaged than Tony fucking Stark and he looked around at my crop of plotbunnies and got pissed off at me because we have a plotbunny called the goddamn lunar base whose sole purpose is a Tony without damage for me to use to block regular Tony out. All the things I've done to Ivan but Tony gets a happyverse? And I said we'd sort of done that for, well, not for Ivan specifically, but for Vorkosiganverse, we have a massive AU where we fixed the Escobar war and stuff and Padma is alive and Ivan had both parents growing up (and no need to mention That Time He Was Emperor for 5 minutes) and is a diplomat and engaged to René Vorbretten!

And Ivan looked right at me and said, "You're not nice."

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I am sort of torn about whether this entry is primarily notes for myself so I don't lose track of things I want to write, or at least partially for other people and/or my feedback addiction. It sort of affects whether I filter it or not, you know.

Current plotbunny batch:

Captain America somehow woke up all the Iron Man plot bunnies. And then added some more. So I have Mistress Pepper and Tony who is a nightmare running around my head, as well as Tony who built Pepper as a robot and Steve who is like "The future is so awesome! Who else is a robot?" But I also have new ones.

the goddamn lunar base )

Further plotbunnies: Subsequently we rapidly arrive in the region of all [personal profile] niqaeli's fault.

The Lady and the Captain )

Captain America's Clone )

Also I might be making a Losers vid. To Lady Gaga. Maybe.

Fuck all, I guess I'll go ahead and post this for people to read. It amused me to get written out. I did say I'd write things out more when I had more cope.
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Woman!Cap doesn't live in my head like Woman!Tony (hahahaha, dear god) so I am forced to rely on other writers for stories of her life. THERE IS A DEARTH. (Especially compared to how many stories one can find about Woman!Tony, thank you 3490.) I've found, like four.

This Woman's War by [ profile] tsukinofaerii, a 37,000 word awesome big bang in which no one knew Captain America was a woman and they are very confused when they dig her out of the ice.

As Passionate Machines by [ profile] sinuous_curve, a PWP in which woman!Tony shows woman!Steve the exciting sex toys she's been building in the basement.

The Space Jello That Didn't Eat Chicago by [ profile] tsukinofaerii, universe where everyone is genderflipped, crack, jello aliens, crack, Woman!Tony and Woman!Steve get married on the ISS with Woman!Logan editing the ceremony on the fly to be remotely true to how they actually behave.

Satori in a Papercut by [ profile] Lex_Munro, which is mostly a... cyberpunky multiverse science fiction story, with Stephanie being not the main character and sort of incidental (there are a lot of copies of most key Marvel characters, male and female).

Is there more? Is there more Woman!Steve? Actually, specifically, is there much in the way of Woman!Steve/regular-male!Tony? Because while Lesbian!Steve is fairly damn awesome and I did enjoy those three stories a lot, I can't stop shipping them and there's something fireworky or trainwrecky about f!Steve/m!Tony that I can't quite picture well enough to write myself that isn't really there when people write f!Steve/f!Tony femslash. Like, BisexualWoman!Steve would be cool! As a potential QueerWoman!Steve who could still get it on with regular-male!Tony.

But no really. Any more Woman!Steve stories at all. WANT. HELP.


Sep. 8th, 2011 11:09 pm
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If I have subscribed to you out of nowhere and you're wondering why, it's probably because I am currently engaged in a futile effort to read ALL the Steve/Tony.

I would probably expound more upon my deep thoughts on Tony, Steve and Lady Gaga the goddamn lunar base Pepperbot um, yaoi, but today was a fairly epically awful, I am dying of plague and have had no sleep so I'm not actually going to post content, just the heads-up.

In other news: Chris Evans's career is a long history of TOTAL DORKERY. Watching The Losers right now. GO PETUNIAS.
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You may or may not have noticed, I've been posting to dw a lot less lately. I'm probably not going to go back to posting daily grumbles and random thoughts to dw, and if that was something you were interested in, or if we're friends enough that you'd want to keep up with me day-to-day, a lot of that kind of stuff is getting dumped into [ profile] decontextual now. At first it was just going to be a "random shit people say" amusement ground, which is why it got named Out of Context Theatre, but then I started following some fannish accounts and I got weirdly social what the hell ever: I'm [ profile] decontextual on twitter. Over here on dreamwidth I will probably be posting more essay-like content, things that have been percolating a while, as well as fanfiction and vids. If I ever finish any ever again.

Right, so that was online housekeeping. Moving on. Disjointed thoughts to follow.

Working was fucking nuts (redacted)

On Thursday I am flying out for the long weekend to see [personal profile] echan and [personal profile] jetpack_monkey (and [ profile] diannelamerc and [ profile] lizbetann). If there is anyone in the LA area who would like to meet up with me and/or them while I'm visiting, HOLLA.

I have this I don't even know, it might actually be a disorder, but apparently I am more likely to feel things are right with the world if I move all my crap around every year or so (if I'm not actually moving from one house to another). At present I'm considering essentially switching the TV/guest room and my bedroom--because my bedroom is bigger, and I want to turn the TV room into the VIDDING ROOM, and have my desk and vidding computer in there as well as the fiendishly clever ikea sofa bed the TV. While it would make it difficult to vid from bed, it would make vidding a) potentially more social, as covidders could hang out and clip from DVD or betas could hang out and watch random crap until needed but, like, in the same room and b) more likely to happen from some members of the House of Torres who don't like climbing over my endless piles of laundry to get to my vidding computer.

I measured everything and found a decent free designer online,, and then took some screenshots:

probably only interesting to people who will actually spend time in my house )

My to-do list is full of boring, grown-up things like endless piles of laundry and car maintenance and shoes. My plotbunny list lately is all:

--Harry Dresden is Not a Lesbian (Harry always-a-woman AU, spoiler cutting here for echan, who's only read to like book 2? but this should be safe for ysobel, who said she's up to book 4 ))
--WHERE ARE ALL MY PEPPERBOT NOTES, DAMN IT THIS NEEDS MORE PLOT, hahaha Steve is all "cool! the future is awesome! who else is a robot?"
--These Mistress Pepper notes are surprisingly complete, hahaha Steve is SO confused by them switching between Mr. Stark and Miss Potts and Tony and Pepper, because it's a scene/not scene thing that they're not copping to
--somewhere in the corner, Ivan is hiding from me all smug. I'll get you, my pretty.


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