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Person of Interest/Teen Wolf crossover. Harold accidentally takes Bear on a playdate with a werewolf. For [personal profile] enemyofperfect.

Call it a fit of whimsy. Harold writes the craigslist ad like a personal. Single brown Malinois male seeks playmate for long runs in the park. Like donuts, hot dogs, first edition Asimov. Speaks Dutch.

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I, I think my fannish brain is back online? My finals are all over except the waiting (the only class that hasn't graded stuff yet is the only one where there was any question what my grade was, DAMN IT). But I am out from under stress mountain in terms of needing to do stuff and not feeling guilty for sleeping for the first time in like, two months.

In the interest of getting some fannish (& house) stuff done, I am making myself the following daily to-do list for the summer. I will spend a minimum of one hour a day on the following, in this order of priority:

--homework, unless I'm absolutely completely caught up on homework, nothing available to get ahead on
--housework (cleaning, sorting, unpacking)
--plotting the music video (writing, storyboarding, budgeting, scouting, building the land sail)
--writing fanfiction (an hour or 300 words)

In other news, fannish things in my brain lately:

Vorkosigan. I probably won't be writing the White Collar/Vorkosigan time travel story, but there's a chance reference to it may fall into Secret Agent Ivan 'verse, because Illyan turned The Vanishing Man into a psych test problem. In the fast-penta interrogation Neal said he was a time traveler, by which the interrogators concluded he was delusional, but fairly high functioning, since he hadn't tried to claim it without fast-penta. Then he vanished out of a cell without a trace. The psych test is to ask the testee how he did it, hand them any data they want, and see how long it takes them to get to, "Well, maybe time travel is possible?" Too fast, and they're too credulous for ImpSec work. Too slow, and they're too inflexible. Miles is the only one who came up with data to ask for that ImpSec had not actually collected. Ivan got handed the problem unofficially when he was fifteen or so, and later on when he was tested for Service aptitudes officially at the Academy he blew threw it a little fast. Later Illyan asked him if he'd forgotten how the test worked or was just trying to fake incompetence. And this is Ivan. It was totally to fake incompetence.

Ivan-muse is annoyed with me for brainstorming about wee-him, it's harder for him to weasel out of. *grin*

Today the "Diplomatic Relations" bunny woke up in my head, which is the one where Serg's mother survives childbirth but sadly her mothering doesn't actually make Serg saner since her life has made her kind of shit at connecting, so thirty years later she kills Serg personally, thus bypassing the necessity whole Escobaran War fiasco. So when Aral meets Cordelia, under similar circumstances to Cordelia's Honor, the War Party is still banging the gong for war but without really having the most influential member they did and not having the emperor handing the rope to hang themselves, so Aral feels free to say "fuck it" and just open diplomatic relations with Escobar. My brain was running around "what would be marginally different about Aral and Cordelia's meeting" and the answer is, he's afraid this is a succession thing. With Serg no longer in the picture, an attempt on Aral's life is much more likely to be related to Imperial Succession. He's also kind of terrified that when they get back to civilization there'll be news that the boy Gregor has been killed and he needs to go wrest power back from whoever was trying to kill enough people close to the throne to get in. So he's actually laughing his ass of in relief when it turns out to be a War Party thing.

Sanctuary. I have an active Sanctuary plotbunny and an active Sanctury vid. The plotbunny is *facepalm* terrifyingly idfic, wherein s1/s2 spoilers )

Okay, everyone raise you hand if your get why this is idfic. [personal profile] grey_bard didn't, because he's not using his power for evil, right? Hilariously, [personal profile] niqaeli is so telepathic with me that not only did she get it right away, she started telling me his stance on powers before I had gotten to it.

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I'm also working on a vid about Helen's exes/stalkers. It's to a JoCo song, and last night I became concerned that the visuals were not over the top enough for the song. On close review, it would appear Nikola is totally over the top enough, but I may need to hunt for more Johnny. [personal profile] echan told me he comes off looking reasonable aside from the murders, which makes Helen look judgmental for rejecting him. Ha. Haha. Oh my god. Fannish logic, you guys.
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I've been hunting for Ivan in my head because most of the plot bunnies I have for him are less horrifying than other stuff I've been carrying around lately. But Ivan in his best Ivanish fashion has been slippery as an eel; [personal profile] niqaeli thinks he's wisely hiding from my idfic while I think he just hasn't forgiven me for that unfortunate edge case blending of a couple of AUs where he ended up publically compared to Ges Vorrutyer and the drunken breakdown was only partly an act.

Anyway, I finally figured out where he's been hiding: with Neal Caffrey, in modern-day New York. He's very smug about it. For all that Agent Burke is stumped by the Russian spaceman from the future crashing on Neal's couch, he's not doing anything about him. He comes off less weird than Mozzie, despite everything, so Peter's just at, "Okay, I don't get your friends. Tell him not to do anything illegal in front of me." So Ivan is smugly certain that plot cannot touch him here.

I am so very tempted to prove him wrong.
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Okay, after I get the fifteen minute scene out of the way, I'm going to write fic. That will be my reward for being like... halfway done.

In theory I was going to write White Collar (and maybe Vorkosigan) quickfic to try to qualify for Remix but um, my brain is producing non-qualifying plotbunnies. LIKE IVAN MEETS NEAL FOR NO FUCKING APPARENT REASON, DEAR MUSE, REALLY? But in the interest of writing being my reward, I will damn well write whatever makes me happy.

Meme time

Feb. 15th, 2011 01:43 am
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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. With the variant from torch: Upon request, I will quote a random line from any of these files.

Roughly in order of most recently touched to hasn't been touched since 2003 with a small amount of by fandom (my WIP folder is actually sorted by fandom, so you know, the ones that only list one fandom and say 'crossover' are not meaningless in context. But also when I sorted by my recent date it was imperfect because I've had overlapping/longterm fandoms).

ivan and gregor
lady bel vorkosigan
secret agent ivan
the john and ruby show
The surfer dudes came up to the house...
Kurt's Dad Dies AU
studio60/trust me xover
Kryptonian Neal
Archer and T'Pol
rubyverse snippets
Ruby decides to set Dean up with the ...
Once, in the middle of a fight about ...
The Other 179 Steps
five AUs
The beginning was easy, mostly becaus...
superhero neal
"Man, I could go for some pie right a...
rubyverse outline
kitty MerlinShared
the once and future king
Chuck epic AU outline
epic AU sequel B
Chuck vs the Intersect, Once more with Feeling
Uther's ghost
Zoe A
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However, I am currently outlining a story which I jinxed with the claim that it could not POSSIBLY hit 50,000 words (my best guess at the moment is around 25,000-30,000 words) and I am torn about keeping it locked away until it is done or posting it in "what I wrote today" segments, which might be out of order or in desperate need of editing.

I figured I'd ask you guys if you wanna read it that way, or if some of you want to read it as a WIP and I should make a filter or another journal or something, or if I should keep it under my hat.

A brief description: It's a Vorkosiganverse ImpSec case story in which a Komarran analyst and his captain (who are fusion characters from S60 but if you don't that show--original characters!) stumble upon buried secrets of the previous generation of the Imperial family and related High Vor--but not the men's buried secrets, the women's buried secrets. This story also features: Ivan being caught at being competent, Cordelia being political, Aral being sentimental, Gregor being Imperial, Galeni handing out enough rope to hang oneself with, gays in the Barrayaran military, trouble at the Imperial Wedding, and a very pregnant Vor lady of, hmm, impeachable pedigree.

I have only been plotting this for like, four years. And I figured out all the twists, and I AM going to write it now!

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create WIP filter (and add me to it!) to post it filtered to your journal
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create a secondary journal I can subscribe to and post it there
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I am NOT interested in reading your WIP and I think you should

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not post it until it is done
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post it publically but as long as you use cuts, whatever, post it publically, I can skip it
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create a WIP filter (and leave me off of it)
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create a secondary journal I can ignore
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I have an even better suggestion:

eta: shit, I'm on tvtropes, HELP GET ME OUT.
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The "you went to bed early? that's a punishable offense" edition.

I think I am doing better. I got up early, went to class, though I didn't make anything up, and I wrote--I can't get any of the Glee crap out of my head, which is too bad as I am starting to annoy my nearest and dearest retelling them bits, but I wrote down some of Amita in space (on a hunch; the empty page was staring at me and wouldn't take ink for the stories of in-many-ways-normative white dudes, so I started writing Amita and got like, four pages down and only stopped for time). It's been a while since I wrote, this is good. Also I made a cheesecake and used up four of our multitude of apples (two more for the topping when I get around to it).

And that was my day. I am back to putting "going to class" in my list of accomplishments, which sucks, but I hadn't been doing it and I did it, which is good.

And: quiz due by 2:30 on Friday. Very doable.
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...Mac Ramsey just recognized Neal Caffrey in a boutique and practically vaulted a sales counter to come say hi.

Trying to figure out if this is time displacement "everything is now" fic or if I need to ask what the Once a Thief crew have been doing for the last dozen years.
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The Epistles of @mishacollins by [personal profile] jmtorres. Also on AO3.

This story is RPF/Supernatural as told via Misha Collins's twitter. It contains 37 tweets, 3,442 characters, bizarre pairings, dead animals, tentacles, pegging, twitter users both real and imagined used herein in an entirely fictional fashion, and the angelphone.

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I want a new default/writing icon. Thoughts/requirements: female character in a current or enduring fandom of mine, preferably in the act of writing or drawing, although I am also considering the thought of text tattoo (text need not be English/Latin alphabet, though I would like to know what it says). Studio 60 is in my brain a bit, so I thought about Matty at his computer (an icon saying "I am eating it" would crack me up) but fairly rapidly determined that no, I really did want a woman, and none of the women from Studio 60 speak to me emphatically enough for default icon material. Then I considered Supernatural and I went poking for Ruby and spell diagrams or devil's traps or something but I think most of that is elided out. I have a reasonable shot of Anna and a blood sigil, but a) Anna makes my brain hurt and b) she looks really freaked out, which is non-ideal. I'm halfway contemplating an icon of Pam looking over her shoulder laughing at Dean about her "Jesse forever" tramp stamp, but a) I dunno what I think about using, for this purpose, ink that outlived its purpose, and b) I'm not that big a Pam girl. I remembered Lady Gaga has a ton of ink, but curiously the cinematography in her videos doesn't fetishize it. (For instance, I am not sure I will ever figure out what she has on her left shoulder.) I am most interested on the long German text she has on her inner arm, partly because I'm mostly likely to get it in frame with her face, and partly because of what that text is--a Rainer Maria Rilke quote, "In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?"

Okay, so far, images I'm considering (that I would probably want to add text to)--

Any thoughts on other characters that might suit my criteria, or other places to find images of the strong contenders that might suit my criteria?

All of which is in aid of (because one must have the appropriate icon for the post):

I feel like my brain is roiling with epic WIPs lately and I want to note them all (and give anyone who wants opportunity to um, encourage anything they like).


Vorkosigan 60, which really ought to get a proper working title for the story as opposed to the 'verse. I went back looking for records of ever talking about this, and I don't think I managed to properly explain it to my journal any time in the three years I've had the bunny. See, back in... early 2007, I think, is when I broke and let [personal profile] niqaeli show me Sorkin's meta RPF crack, there were odd bits about how Danny ran the show like, um, the whole machiavellian control freak manipulation of the focus group data to make Matt start fighting back about politics in his writing, and the exchange regarding intermittent power outages caused by a palm tree:

Danny: How much do I wanna know about this?
Cal: As little as possible.
Danny: 'kay.

So I had this thought that had me literally on the floor laughing, and if I remember right [personal profile] niqaeli ended right there with me while the boys of the household sort of... eyebrowed at us. That thought was that Matt and Danny would be good ImpSec officers.

That is basic concept of the fusion. Details have sorted out thusly: Danny's Barrayaran, a captain, in Galactic Affairs. He trains up agents to work as responsibly as if there is no safety net by attempting to convince them he is not actually paying attention to anything they do--so they'll get shit done because if they don't, it's not getting done. Illyan threw him mediocre agents to sharpen up in this manner. There's a fair number of agents who recall Captain Tripp with... fond terror. Matt is Komarran, Danny went to college on Komarr, met him, and sort of dragged him home. Matt is Danny's pet analyst and his specialty is spotting domestic assassination attempts using galactic resources. He sort of chews on invisible problems from both ends and then says "There, that shipment of phlebotinum, so and so's using that for this plot." It's a... heavily intuitive pattern recognition thing. He couldn't tell you how he picks out what's important, but once he's at the conclusion, he can point to all the data points that got him there, and he's right. It relies hugely on having reams of accurate, seemingly trivial data. The first time he gets really fouled up is circa Civil Campaign, because one of the reports he mines regularly for currents in high Vor society is Byerly's, and Byerly started falsifying/leaving many things out of his reports. Not that Dono was a mystery that would have concerned Matt much, just that Byerly's reports got sparse while he was covering for Dono.

There's two main plot threads to the story I'm writing--one is that Matt and Danny get split up, which neither of them copes with well. Illyan had some patience for their special partnership but management has recently changed at ImpSec, and not all the personnel details came to Allegre intact. And also: without yet knowing why he's off (Dono not yet revealed, the hole in the data not yet obvious) Matt has been off, so the apparent efficacy of his and Danny's partnership is tarnished. So Matt's getting transferred and Danny's trying to pull strings to get him back, which is... you don't go around department heads in ImpSec, really, you don't. You most certainly do not go to the retired former head of ImpSec and ask for a social introduction to a potential patron who could somehow intervene on your behalf with the Emperor, because that's who you have to go to if you're going over the current head of ImpSec. You don't do any of that. Unless you're Danny Tripp and completely co-dependent to the point that it uh, interferes with your judgement.

The other main plot thread is the mystery that Matt's trying to unravel with no good sense of what pieces he's missing. It centers on Harriet Vorhayes, née Vorrutyer (which is part of the reason Byerly's inaccurate reports are so crucial here; he's stopped reporting family gossip). Matty has been inappropriately hung up on the married Vor lady for a long time; not involved, just, Danny really wishes he would... not attempt to socialize with her. So while Danny indulges Matt's requests for more data about her, because Matt's hunches pan out nine times out of ten, Danny is also quietly headdesking about stalking goddamn Harriet of all people. (Harriet's family history is... of import, so out of not spoiling the nature of the plot Matt uncovers, I will not go into it here.)

The eventual intersection of the Harriet mystery and Danny trying to climb the Vor for a patron lands squarely on Gregor being Gregor at them. Gregor being quietly, intensely Imperial is quite possibly my favorite thing in the entire Vorkosigan universe, so naturally that's where the whole story I'm writing is aimed at. So that's what Vorkosigan 60's about. Heh.


The Haunting: A Comedy of Spirit is, approximately, an AU of season 6 of SG-1. (This is the season when Daniel was dead.) In this story, ascended Daniel just never leaves Jack alone. Jack is bitchy about this, Sam and Teal'c are concerned for Jack's sanity, Skaara would like to not have to be the one to break it to Jack that Jack and Daniel are kind of dating, and somehow Jonas ends up obsessed with vampires. I've written a chapter and a half and about two thirds of the outline, and that much story is twelve thousand words, seriously, what, how. I posted the first chapter two years ago, and I really would like to finish it. I started rewatching season six with my brother toward this end.


Kryptonian Neal, who needs a better working title. This is a White Collar/DCU fusion inspired by this image of Matt Bomer in Clark Kent glasses and some of Neal's more alien behavior--seriously, every time I watch the scene at Maria's house in "Book of Hours," where she leans in and he doesn't kiss her for like, two minutes, and in fact does not kiss her at all in that scene, despite her continually leaning right into his space--yeah, this is clearly Kryptonian touch taboo at work. *nods vigorously* There are two relevant entries where I discuss this story: a snippet about Neal's Kryptonian criminal record and a solicitation of which parts of DCU I should draw on.


Rubyverse, my AU of season 4 of Supernatural, which is actually two fucking epic stories, paired:

The first is primarily about Sam and Ruby's summer vacation. Its working title is something along the incredibly clichéd lines of "To Hell and Back" because the primary AU feature of this part of the story is that Ruby actually assists Sam in attempts to get Dean back from hell, up to and including storming hell via the devil's gate in Wyoming. They also do other dumb shit like call up the crossroads demon and fail to deal (almost exactly as shown in canon) and call up the Trickster and ask him to turn back the clock again. But the main feature is the trip to hell--the preparation for it, because they have to get the colt from Crowley to open the gate, and because it's a long journey requiring provisioning (I think they spend nine months under hill, which works out to like, two and a half days topside) as Sam can't eat or drink anything he didn't bring in with him, or he'll end up trapped there. Ruby leaves her body topside and in hell becomes apparent as the image of how she was when she died, which leads to interesting bits of backstory coming out (which conflict with other parts of backstory she tells to other people at other times, unless you know what I know, and you won't, because the one POV that will not be present in this story is Ruby's). Ruby feeds Sam a metric fuckton of her own blood in hell, to the point that he can black-eye voluntarily, in an effort to allow him to pass as demon to casual inspection, so they can travel in hell without getting caught. (Sam remains altered by this after they get out, and Dean gets out, much to Dean's dismay; however, the manner of blood-drinking matters a lot, and this Sam only drank Ruby's freely offered blood: he didn't slaughter unwilling demons or kill a nurse or even take of Ruby's unconscious host, because Ruby left her body topside and fed Sam direct from herself in hell. He was also not trying to gain the strength to control or kill demons, and intent matters. So Sam ends up with an uncomfortable amount of power that is not tainted the same way it is in canon.) They eventually do not break Dean out because Sam snaps and busts a few hundred damned, tortured souls out and draws the attention of who Ruby terms "the scary motherfuckers": fallen angels, of whom there are not that many, but they run hell, and really the only thing to do is flee. I know this story is told out of order and I'm playing with something as simple as the framing device of telling Dean what happened while he was down, interspersed with a short run of events immediately after they get him back (Ruby fucking with Dean, the process of figuring out who Castiel is, and Castiel meeting Ruby and being extremely baffled by her, because interrogation suggests that not only is she trying to prevent the apocalypse, she has feasible plans for doing so). The ending is where Sam and Dean meet Ruby-who-is-not-Ruby: the coma girl woke up, and Ruby vacated her body.

The second part is going by the working tile of "Janie, and Other Lost Lambs," and is about, among other things, just-awoken amnesiac coma girl, who goes by Janie, as dubbed by Ruby, short for Jane Doe. Janie makes a go of life away from the Winchesters and the apocalypse while Ruby rides a proper corpse (male, just to mess with Sam and Dean's heads). But Janie... she can't remember anything about her own life at this point, but she remember parts of what Ruby did in her body (so most of part 1, except for the actual in-hell bits, during which comatose Janie was left in Bobby's care, I'm pretty sure). And she ends up calling Ruby, because Ruby is all she knows. Eventually demons hunt Janie down and try to take her apart to figure out what the fuck Ruby is doing (not unlike what happened to Jimmy Novak), and when the boys and Ruby ride to her rescue, Ruby ends up riding Janie again on a more permanent basis, with permission and certain protections. Janie gets more involved in Ruby's plan to stop the apocalypse, which at this point involves fucking with the seal count to buy time. I have a handful of seals I know they mess with that I swear are not all designed to get certain rarepairs I want (Ruby/Cas, Janie/Jo, Cas/Janie, what have you...) and there is ongoing back and forth between Ruby and Cas about how possession functions (and the fact that Jimmy is so totally Cas's sub) and how seals are constructed and deconstructed. Janie's pre-coma identity is eventually determined, and it's relevant, but mostly as a thing Janie gives up when Ruby offers her the out again and Janie chooses to stick around to be part of the fight instead. Ruby makes the guys train Janie to fight in case Ruby herself is ever out of commission, which becomes useful sooner than Ruby was expecting when they need a Trickster and Gabriel's reaction to the curiosity that is the Ruby/Janie partnership is to poke hard and damage Ruby in the process. Crowley pops up again. Among my primary clusterfuck (Ruby, Janie, Sam, Dean, Cas and Jimmy) blood and sex get exchanged in various lines. Tattoos are acquired. There is a too clever plan about Lilith, and a less clever back-up plan that Ruby is not admitting to herself she is setting in motion, although Cas and Janie back her on it. There is noncon snuggling. Many people well-meaningly ask, with varying degrees of tact, Janie if she's okay being Ruby's host. The answer sort of fluctuates, but Janie chooses Ruby over other options again, and again, and again. Ruby pushes her, but Ruby offers her the out, too, because it's important that Janie choose--particularly because Ruby is a demon, and there are things she can't choose, and needs Janie to agree to choose for her. I am sort of dancing around not blowing the ending on this one, so I will sum up thematically instead: it's about the limits of free will and the power of choice.


*sits back and stares at screen* I've been working on that for four hours, and by the way, those are only the epic stories in my head. I have a ton of smaller bunnies, up to and including the wtf how did I end up with this one Misha/Dean twitterfic. I also have plans this weekend to bang through my prompts post, though I have decided for the sake of getting things flowing that for those prompts I will write what I'm inspired to write and not worry about whether it fits the prompt exactly or might not be what the prompter intended. I feel kind of guilty about it, but it wasn't a secret santa prompt collection and the point was to get me writing, so get me writing we'll do.

And now it might be time to sleep.
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...that I am soliciting writing suggestions. Specifically, suggestions for the Kryptonian Neal story, because I swear once upon a time it had some kind of crime-solving plot in there somewhere, and now all the bits in my head are Peter being really nosy about the sex lives of Kryptonians, based on Neal's rap sheet.

So I was thinking that I would ask you guys who else from DCU you would like in this story, bearing in mind that you will probably have to tell me who they are, why it would be awesome, and where I can find more information about the character, as my knowledge of comics comes largely from the really good, cracky Smallville fanfiction. (My versions of these characters are... informed by early SV, and I say early because I had a look at what happened with late SV and I am honestly kind of confused as to how there is still a show; and also somewhat by the respective Superman and Batman animated series, which I haven't seen in years and am contemplating acquiring...) PS I am hoping idea for characters to toss in the story will result plot! and not more wacky sexcapades (touching. with ungloved hands. on the FACE. Kryptonians: kind of repressed).

People involved so far:

--Superman, who let Neal out of the Phantom Zone because he'd served his time, and for all Neal's shenanigans Superman really doesn't think Neal's done anything that needs a hero to stop him, Peter's doing just fine. Also Superman is generally embarrassed about Krypton--the more he learns, the gladder he is he was raised on Earth!--and he has the ludicrous idea that since Neal is on Team They Fight Crime! now he might be interested in joining the League, to which Neal's response is a succinct "fuck off and die."

--Lex Luthor, developer of the pink kryptonite which Neal successfully pitches to Peter as a safe way to keep him restrained (it's totally harmless! nobody will be mutating into anything! the only side effect it has is mild gayness. What Neal somehow failed to mention and various people including Lex, in his case because it's funny, have failed to clarify is that pink kryptonite does not actually have any effect on superpowers at all, its only effect is mild gayness). I have a scene in my head where Peter emails off a request to Lexcorp for a pink kryptonite anklet and like, half an hour later gets a phone call from Lex personally, because Lex wants to confirm the actual FBI sent him this hilarious stupidity and like, his son's friends didn't hack to send prank emails (Robin totally could, and it is possible Kon is a bad influence on him). So then Peter has a very strange phone conversation about princess-cut pink kryptonite and a platinum-plated titanium chain. Also Lex's senatorial, law-making activities come up later in the context of the legality of Neal's immigration and citizenship, and the Lex/Clark subtext is kind of a running gag.

--Batman. [section edited] Occasionally Batman gets in the middle of Peter's cases, much to his frustration. Also he would like to have Batman's prints and DNA on file for exclusion purposes. (BATMAN WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT HE DOES NOT LEAVE FINGERPRINTS OR STRAY HAIRS AT CRIME SCENES. THAT IS WHAT THE GLOVES AND THE COWL ARE FOR.) Also it is not general knowledge that Batman is not a metahuman, he's just fucking crazy, though Neal knows because he's heard all the best gossip.

--[personal profile] grey_bard was suggesting potential sources of League gossip, so I have some Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to poke through.

--I was considering have Neal fanboy at Catwoman.

Who else should I toss in? Tell me why!


Feb. 20th, 2010 06:23 pm
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Bela: You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.
*long pause*
Dean: *huff* Don't objectify me.

ETA: And now they just caught Harmony, the vampire?
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[personal profile] grey_bard contributed to my tattoo fund for a holiday gift, and I asked her what she would like for a snippet of fic for a thank you. She asked me to write something in the "Neal is Kryptonian" universe inspired by this picture. I fully admit that this snippet will probably not make super loads of sense to people who have not been listening to me snicker about it ever since someone handed me the pic and the plotbunny, so, to summarize: what is this universe? )

And now, the fic snippet, about 600 words:

Sex Crimes )
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More bunnies from the entirely hyperactive EPIC FANFIC matrix of my brain (previous bunnies).

white collar )

the numb3rs/SGA one where Amita goes to Atlantis )

More later! I'm late for work.
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(there's an entry at the edges of this that probably needs to be under whine filter, about how I can't put my brain on the rails for real world functionality)

These days my head is in kind of in a constant state of EPIC FANFIC, except I'm not writing anything. I pull up WIPs on the computer and nothing happens. The most fic I've written is a page and a half of iambic pentameter in my notebook from when I'm supposed to be taking class notes, and most of that was in September.

So in theory I'm going to talk out the inside of my head and maybe some of this entry will be useful for outlines later.

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Oh gosh, I thought I was going to get to other fandoms of EPIC FANFIC in my head, but that took an hour and a half to write and now I'm actually tired. So I think I'll lay down now.
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Number one weirdest appellation by fanfic writer reluctant to just call characters by name:

The Floridian.

So the like, three extant QL/Enterprise crossovers (every fan of Enterprise wrote one?) are all about Sam leaping into Archer. Which could be fun except for how everyone knows what's going on and honestly, watching Sam flail around trying not to out himself was uh, part of the appeal. And in any case, is not actually how I generally handle same-actor crossovers. I maybe be ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE on this one but my brain always tries to supply how the two characters could be THE SAME PERSON for same-actor crossovers. Weirdly there's been no doppelganger sex in the QL/Enterprise crossovers I've found. That's usually considered a feature.


Jun. 17th, 2009 02:11 pm
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Can anyone stand both QL and Enterprise long enough to talk to me about plot bunnies? Because I keep watching Enterprise and they keep having nonsensical time travel shenanigans and OH MY GOD.
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In honor of staying up all night watching the first two episodes of season 2 of Life on Mars (no s2 spoilers though, really). 871 words. Also on AO3.

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897 words of crossover in comment fic for [ profile] niqaeli.

This fic is rated ARGENTINA. Also on AO3.

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This is an Atlantis crossover written from a prompt, but for the sake of not revealing what it's a crossover with until whenever the reader may guess, I shall leave the rest of this note until the end.

977 words. Also on AO3.

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[ profile] cadetdru requested a Labyrinth/Zoolander crossover as proof of my love for her.

245 words. Also on AO3.

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[ profile] astrogirl2 requested a Farscape/Doctor Who crossover. 244 words. Spoils Farscape through the mini. No specific spoilers for Who. Also on AO3.

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