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We were all wearing futuristic armor with the ridiculous boob cut-outs and waving bat'leths.

Dear id: feel free to run that fantasy again as much as you like.
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I'm rereading [personal profile] viridian5's Glass Houses, a Weiß Kreuz AU epic WIP that I was reading along with early on, but somehow lost track of over the years. I love this story to pieces and I have unfinished fic for it floating around on my hard drive, more than I thought I did, actually--over 5,000 words of fluff about Schwarz & co invading Crawford's family, 2100 words of Yoji and Schuldig's relationship drama (they are in no way exclusive, but when Yoji, with help, blocks Schu's telepathy, that's totally cheating), and an actually complete scene, at 1500 words, of did I really? yes, I really did, why god why Nagi/Omi lifted directly from my own personal experience that I thankfully did not ever post.

(Gosh, I have a lot of half-finished WK fic in general, actually. Conveniently I even wrote the end of the Quantum Leap crossover, so I know how the plot on that one works.)

I went skimming through vid WIPs too and I seem to have vidded 90% of a Weiß Kreuz vid, though I think I would have to take it apart at the seams and put it back together before I'd be happy with it now: it doesn't move enough.

Other things in the vid WIP pile:

--The first 19 seconds of an Enterprise vid that makes me cackle with glee (WHO'S YOUR MOMMY)
--The first 58 seconds of my thesis on s4 Supernatural that includes, among other things, Ruby flirting with Cas and Cas giving WTF face
--About 48 seconds of a Fullmetal Alchemist vid, from the middle, being all about how Roy is a broken, fucked-up moppet because Hughes dies
--The first 23 seconds of a Being Human vid that is pretty but also depressing.

I am making an effort to commit fic to computer as it happens in my brain. Last night I wrote 800 words of Janie's declarations; tonight I wrote 600 words of the John and Ruby show. I love the John and Ruby show, and the piece I wrote tonight clears up part of the plot that I was banging my head against. So yay for that.

It's harder to commit to the braindump as instantaneously with vidding because the stuff I've been running in my head is stuff I'm going to have to hunt material to construct, it's not "and this clip from this episode would be perfect!", it's "where is a clip of Ruby lying on her back I could manip into this part of this story." So that's hard.
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So there's this thing, and they want to show Long Spear, and so I thought I'd check in with you gals--contributors to the vid that ate my summer, you up for this?
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I went ego-deliciousing last night and found someone had written a blog entry about fan works as transformative, listing my Dollhouse vid She Walks as feminist critique and putting me in the company of a couple of vidders whose work I love and admire. So, you know, good things! Blushy good things!

By the way: if you left me a comment on She Walks and I never answered it, I apologize. I looked at that entry and realized I never answered any of the comments. I've never been in a place where I was at peace enough with that vid to converse about it much even to the extent of thanking people for feedback. I know it's like, five months later? But thank you.

I am currently trying to beat down the urge to make a second Dollhouse vid; I don't know that I have enough anger left in me. I do have backburnered a different, more hopeful vid that was going to be the spiritual successor of She Walks without being a Dollhouse vid at all; though "more hopeful" is sort of relative, since the source is all filmic dystopias and is meant to represent modern American society. But it's to be a vid about that moment when you get out. So maybe. I hope to finish that one someday.

But the Dollhouse vid bunny that's eating my brain now is actually threatening to become a full-on Jossverse critique, evil dead lesbians and crazy broken supergirls with protective father-figures and all. The song I've bunnied on would make it pretty much a direct missive to Whedon, with the "I" and the "you" and the repeated question. My main complaint about this is damn it, this is not what I do, I refuse to be the vidder who tries to make vast sweeping statements about vast sweeping canons. I will not follow up History of Trek Fandom vid with History of Jossverse vid nor with History of Whoniverse vid nor with More Than A Century of History of Fans Asking This Question: Holmes and Watson, Doin' It or Not? vid. I have vid bunnies for all of these concepts. Goddamnit I have learned my lesson, I will not be that vidder.

The thing is, I don't know how to address some of the problems in Dollhouse without pointing out that they're repeating patterns in Whedon's work. Maybe no one will notice BECAUSE ALL THE ACTORS ARE THE SAME FOREVER AND EVER? Ahem. Not that I want to mock his casting choices either.

I want to make my points... more pointed. No more grand, sweeping vids, as much as they eat my brain. So the Sherlock Holmes vid will not be the history of everything, it will be about the cannibalization and reinterpretation of the source under female gaze WHICH IS NOT GRAND AND SWEEPING AT ALL I promise you.


eta so apparently I will be feminist critique vidder for oh, the next six billion years. Jeez. The last time I tried to make a classic slash vid it turned into a classic slash fandom vid. Hello, my name is Juls, and I have a problem with meta.
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me: [dinner suggestion]
echan: Sure. ...Did you want me to say no?
me: Why?
echan: Your face twitched. It was like a Vulcan expression.
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Are we still spoiler cutting for the reboot movie?

[personal profile] niqaeli and I went to see ST:Reboot for the, uh, seventh time. In addition to vid-related "covered in fangirls!" moments and our usual assorted fanwanks regarding Daddy's wink and sex on the bridge and how the f-bomb was clearly used, we, uh, developed a new theory.

supernova my ass, also interstellar politics )


Aug. 27th, 2009 11:14 am
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Meme ganked from [personal profile] daegaer: Dump first lines of your last ten stories into Translation Party, post results.

1. He dreams. On top of him and woke up with snakes. He is breathing hard. Sore throat.

2. Jim're bored. All his classes acing, he is without breaking a sweat, he has published in Starfleet Academy.

3. Our sun is a very Chuck. His list of all: Morgan Devonbiggumaiku, Morgan, Anna, Jefuresuta, Kodochito by his stage name of the video memory of my big day, they are interested can learn about the history of interest in the game .

4. Oral text: TAPESTUDY Emorikasutamu subject ALX - 972768 Reseune Copy: 9742 No, the content of the committee - the file is given to the 1768-2

5. "It's under my administration," was supposed to know that you can place your order Hornblower him.

6. 1 Kareen Vorbarra I, for example, at an appropriate time, the meeting was born the crown of the decedent.

7. Both citizens and children of immigrants Xingian Amestrian Sutetasudorahha The boy's mother, a father is born in the registry. He described the face of the Drach blood. Xingian blood, hair and eyes explains.

8. If the rest of the world, many of these people, only 3 Athosians 1 Rentarusuitoshotto will be expected to know the fate of.

9. "Donna", "Why, my destiny, NASA has, Fakusujoshu was discovered last week?"

10. She said, "13," he said, Martha, the captain said: "We called my cell phone - a big fight with him," and, in fact, I can have her cell phone was involved in his scale-Provence Mon. Lily is Teita slate my work phone number. He said he was looking for.
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Vid: The Long Spear
Vidders: MANY--Please credit to "[personal profile] jmtorres, [personal profile] niqaeli, et al", not JUST to [personal profile] jmtorres. This was NOT a solo vid
Music: The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel, with additional material
Fandom: Star Trek and... Star Trek. Yes.
LINK (right-click or ctrl-click to download and save): (39MB)

I promised since, oh, about the second time I saw the movie that this vid would say everything I wanted said and that if it didn't I would cry and hang up my hat as a vidder because clearly I would be no good at communicating in the medium.

So I will limit my remarks here and let the vid do most of the talking. I really only want to say three things:

1. An expansion of the credits:
[personal profile] jmtorres and [personal profile] niqaeli were the primary vidders in the sense of putting material on the timeline.

[personal profile] traykor, [personal profile] echan, and [personal profile] grey_bard did lots and lots additional clipping above and beyond what [personal profile] jmtorres and [personal profile] niqaeli managed.

[personal profile] grey_bard also recorded the vocal track for the last verse specifically for this project. The other women whose singing I sampled for this vid are Joni Mitchell and Lorenna McKennit.

[personal profile] killabeez and [ profile] slasher69 are two vidders to whose work we paid homage. Those vids were: Killa's Dante's Prayer, because Killa is a seminal Trek vidder of the modern era (Dante's Prayer has been cited as "Hey, you guys! We can use those computers things for vidding!"), and Kandy Fong's Both Sides Now, which is, so far as I know, the earliest vid of which we have visual record (see this OTW journal article for more on the history of vidding).

The following fangirls took pictures of themselves in Vulcan salute for me to use at the end of the vid: [personal profile] ysobel, [ profile] lierdumoa, [personal profile] settiai, [personal profile] lferion, [personal profile] azurelunatic, [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, [personal profile] gchick, [personal profile] zarhooie, [ profile] missingwatch.

[personal profile] elfling made the awesome costumes we wore to Club Vivid.

I would also like to give a special nod to [personal profile] nshoe, who, while not one of our women's voices in the traditional sense, did help out with Memory Alpha abuse for clipping and making one of my hard drives live again. His wife, [personal profile] niqaeli, also notes that he was very patient with the crazy women in the house.

2. I did, briefly, want to explain the title, because I used a metaphor that I thought was not uncommon, but google entirely disagrees. So you may never have heard it before unless you read all the same stuff I do. [ profile] papersky writes about her spearpoint theory; the example she was using it on when I appropriated it into my personal vocabulary was the Vorkosigan novels, how the later novels like Brothers in Arms and Memory are that sharp point on the long spear, they have an emotional impact because of the history of the other novels they carry. I consider the Star Trek Reboot movie to be the sharp point. Since I'm trying not to overexplain the vid, I'll leave the rest of the metaphor unspoken.

3. My hat is made of tin.

I will now take questions from the audience.

(Holy cow, it's harder to hear people cry than to hear them laugh.)
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1. I finished watching Enterprise!

2. Alas, my love affair with the trashy holonovel is not over. I'm reading fic. None of it is what I'd call good fic, which is why I'm leaning heavily on comedy--a well-formatted comedy can live without a plot and with mangled characterizations, whereas drama with the same flaws make me stab the back button.

But my actual second comment was a related issue to the bad fic: I keep trying to figure out what woman on Enterprise Archer might be talking to who would be considered blonde (not T'Pol, surely not Hoshi), only to realize he's talking to Trip. You guys! Blonde with an e, girl!Trip. Blond without an e, boy!Trip. Continually referring to characters by their hair color instead of their name, so last decade.

[personal profile] niqaeli and I discussed it and girl!Trip is awesome and I want actual fic about her (as opposed to whoops, stop calling boy!Trip the blonde mmmkay?). She's totally queer. Like, not completely lesbian, about the same ratio of hitting on alien women and bonding in highly suspect ways with Archer and Reed as the next Trip--but she is queer, and self-aware about it, which means she totally calls Reed on his shit, Reed being the least self-aware queer in the history of Starfleet. Also, she's about ten times less ass-hatty about the one-night stand with T'Pol. In my head her name is still Trip which means she's probably actually also still Charles Tucker III because her father so desperately wanted a son to carry on the line that he gave his daughter massive issues to carry around. Fun times! Is there any chance this story has actually been written? Is there any chance it's any good?
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So I've said that if I ever made an Archer/T'Pol vid it would be like, 90% Archer's WTF face. They'll be going along slowly, feeling each other out and building trust with careful stubbornness like proper representatives of adversarial cultures and then all of the sudden T'Pol will cop to 1) being an individual 2) having a sense of humor and 3) either having been amused by something Archer said, or having pulled a practical joke on him. And then the facade slides back in place and Archer is left going, "Did that just happen?" (Like the time she spins this long yarn billed as factual about her great grandmother that Archer and Trip are going, "No way, did that really happen?" and she concludes with, " asked me to tell you a story." Archer's head is SIDEWAYS in wtf, I tell you. Or the time the Ferengi took over the ship, which despite being totally implausible from a timeline perspective is one of my favorite cracky this-is-a-holonovel episodes because Trip spends literally half the episode running around saving the ship in his underwear. Also Archer attempts to tell the Ferengi that T'Pol's not worth kidnapping, she's way too boring, no sense of humor, and T'Pol later gives him shit about claiming she had no sense of humor and refuses to unlock his handcuffs until he gets into the swing of the game and bribes her with the completely mythical gold the Ferengi have been after.)

Archer, T'Pol and Trip have dinner in Archer's ready room a lot, this is going to contribute to my threesome love I think. In any case! There is an episode that starts with wtf face. Archer is choking on his dinner and Trip is going, "Excuse me?" and when T'Pol starts to repeat what she said, they're like, "Nonono omg we HEARD YOU." Apparently she asked them if they were suffering from a lack of sexual activity. They ask why she would think so; she points out that if they followed frat regs, they haven't had sex in ten months.

(Time out to pat Enterprise on the head for having frat regs. Those poor bastards, none of the other Treks did.)

Trip points out that T'Pol is not subject to Starfleet's frat regs (why I do not know, she subject to things like chain of command, you'd think that would be a related issue) and how is her sex life doing? T'Pol replies that Vulcans only have sex every seven years. Thereby shooting down their hopes that her inquiry was an offer. But Archer keeps bugging her about why she's so interested and her reply is that she understands the human mating ritual is supposed to relieve stress, and their efficiency ratings are down three percent. They need an optimally efficient captain, clearly he needs to do sex.

Which is why she has picked out a planet for them to visit for shore leave. At this point I am going, "Risa? The way this episode has been going it has to be Risa." Sure enough it is Risa. T'Pol hilariously informs them that she selected it as a shore leave planet for its pristine beaches. Archer asks if it is populated, at which point the truth comes out, for T'Pol admits that the population is humanoid and quite willing to help relieve stress.

This is canon, yo, for varying values of canon. Mind you, they do not get to Risa in this episode, they spend the next three episodes taking detours and answering distress calls, but opening every episode with "we were on our way to Risa when..." so I choose to take the fact that they get there in the end as proof of T'Pol's stubbornness on the getting-the-captain-laid plan. When they finally get there Archer is all guilty about going down when half the crew has to stay aboard. T'Pol points out that there was a lottery and he had the same chance as anyone else, which I choose to read as T'Pol rigged that sucker because by Surak's big toe she was getting the captain laid.

Speaking of Surak, she arranges to have a present waiting for Archer in his villa by the sea on Risa. You just see the note first, it says "For relaxation." I half-expected it to be a horga'hn, the Risian symbol of fertility that you display as an invitation to casual sex (ie the souvenir Riker asked Picard to pick up for him without explaining what it was so that Picard was fending off hot girls for days and cursing Riker's name when he found out). But no. T'Pol sent Archer a copy of the philosophy of Surak. Honestly for that to have any relevance to T'Pol's averred interest in getting the captain laid for his own good, I think the unexpurgated Surak must have some choice bits on My Vulcan Brethren, When Your Time Is Upon You, You Must Embrace Your Sexuality For It Is Illogical To Die Rather Than To Have Sex. Not that most humans have ever seen unexpurgated Surak and Archer may be rather surprised if he ever compares his copy to the standard library editions back on Earth.

*SQUISH* I love them so.
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So I'm compiling a DVD of our vids to be selling at Vividcon (and possibly on the webs if there is demand) for some cost in the range of $3-$4 US (plus a couple bucks shipping if webs) and I am trying to decide what all should be on the DVD, mostly because I have recently discovered that some of my early work makes me wince.

(My vid post, because I'm not going to link them all individually.)

lists of vids, cut for length )

Vids of Juls' that Juls is considering not putting on the DVD because old and wince:
  • I Want You, Witchblade

  • American Tune, Andromeda

  • Rain, Farscape

And now, a poll. This is partially to give me a clue how many DVDs we'll need to be making for VVC, partially to demand your advice re vids to disinclude.

(If you are coming from LJ, sign in at the OpenID page to be able to vote.)
Poll #675 House of Torres! Qapla'!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

My interest in buying a DVD:

View Answers

I am offering you advice without any intent to purchase
1 (16.7%)

Might get one at VVC
0 (0.0%)

Definitely getting one at VVC
1 (16.7%)

Might get one on the webs
2 (33.3%)

Definitely getting one on the webs
2 (33.3%)

Juls is wrong about vid X, Juls should include it anyway:

View Answers

2 (100.0%)

American Tune
1 (50.0%)

I Want You
1 (50.0%)

I have a justification for my above belief:

Juls is right not to include everything, and furthermore, Juls should also not include some other stuff:


Jun. 27th, 2009 07:14 pm
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I feel like throwing up. I am not sure whether I'm actually getting sick or just having fucking jitters about the vid.

The happy place in my head right now is T'Pol being extremely smug in bed with Archer and Trip.
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So I am working on this vid, this crazy vid that runs all over Star Trek from TOS to Reboot and back again plus fandom on top of it. I am looking for two things right now that I would appreciate your help with, internets:

1. I am looking for media which is not Star Trek wherein characters or famous people do the Vulcan salute. I have started with this list from wiki but if you know of more, especially if you know of instance of women saluting ala Vulcan, please tell me.

2. I would love to use also in this vid images (still or video) of YOU doing the Vulcan salute. If you have ever dorked it up on camera in the past or would like to do so now, SEND IMAGES OF YOUR VULCAN SALUTATIONS TO: juliette dot torres at gmail dot com.

Feel free to dress as far up or down as you like. Seriously, this can be, like, off your webcam, or if you're into photography and wanna do something really snazzy, that's cool too. If you have a disability that prevents you from saluting ([personal profile] ysobel, I am looking at you, I totally want you in this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE), I invite you to take one of the images from wiki or Memory Alpha or to make your own, print it out, and mount a paper hand on a popcicle stick to hold while you are photographed. Personally, I think foam fingers might be even more awesome, but I don't think we have time to mock them up.

Because you see, this is for a vid due in two days. Therefore I need your images by Thursday, June 25th, 2009.

Again: Send me your images or videos of you doing the Vulcan salute! Especially if you are a fangirl! (Fanboys: I love you too. But I want my women less invisible!)

--Email to: juliette dot torres a gmail dot com
--Use the subject line: Vulcan salute
--You can send an attachment up to 10MB or send me a link. If you are using a file-sharing service I prefer to download from sendspace or megaupload.
--Include in the text of the email the name under which you would like to be credited in the vid. (I will not be linking any specific names to any specific images, but I would like to thank contributors)
--Deadline: Thursday, June 25th, 2009!

Feel free to spread this far and wide. The more the merrier!

ETA: if you are visiting my dreamwidth from livejournal and would like to comment, you'll need to go to the open id login page as there is a bug that doesn't let you login in with open id on comment pages. However, I do prefer to receive your (many and adorable) images via email, which is: juliette dot torres at gmail dot com.

ETA2: By "Thursday" I mean if it's still Thursday somewhere on the world, you can bet I'm still not done yet and you can send me salutes. Probably also on Friday, but only while it's still Friday Eastern time. Live long and prosper!
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With all the tools at my disposal (I am sitting in front of a computer as we speak converse textually here on your monitor, I know you are all shocked to learn I am not communicating with the interwebs via direct neural connection)--with all of the resources I could be using, I am still paper vidding.

For some reason this works for me. Not just planning out, but planning out on paper. On dead trees. Column A, lyrics with lots of space. Column B, lots of clip thoughts.

Favorite note so far: "Time travel fangirling." You guys. The ENTIRE STAR TREK UNIVERSE post-TOS is made of fangirls who want to be Kirk and Spock et al. I AM NOT KIDDING.

At any rate--at least I'm vidding.
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I have a talky Vulcan in my head.

And by "talky Vulcan" I mean a characteristically taciturn Vulcan speaking through a human mouthpiece.

pop quiz

Jun. 18th, 2009 11:28 pm
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What is your favorite episode or movie of Trek? Any series. Tell me why.

I am exceptionally fond of DS9 "The Wire" personally. Because you know, I ship Bashir/Garak a lot and Garak snarking about the value of truth and lies is awesome. I also quite like TNG "Tapestry," for the moment where Picard rolls over to discover Q in bed with him.

If you are visiting my dreamwidth from LJ: sign in with openID and then come back to this entry to comment.


Jun. 17th, 2009 02:11 pm
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Can anyone stand both QL and Enterprise long enough to talk to me about plot bunnies? Because I keep watching Enterprise and they keep having nonsensical time travel shenanigans and OH MY GOD.
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I should really, really be writing a paper right now! Or at least doing research? And instead, I am plotty fic in my head. But not just any fic, no. Enterprise fic. Which I rightfully suspect no one will read and if anyone does read it, no one will admit to it. Oh Enterprise, you unacceptable racial epithet step-child of Trek canon.

plot bunnies, cut because no one will actually want to read these, right? )
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Does anyone know anything about casting faces and creating prosthetic appliances? My experience: one undergraduate make-up class, in which we used liquid latex and kleenex to make scars.

My current goal: making custom Vulcan ears for [personal profile] niqaeli. Also pointy eyebrows for the both of us (but I am less concerned about that).

Most of my questions have to do with materials. Like, my textbook here says use alginate to do the cast of the face. [personal profile] echan claims we could do it with papier maché, though I am thinking I don't want to try to get newsprint strips fine enough to deal with the ear. So, alginate. (My book is all about the accu-cast brand; I admit I am looking at mold gel purely for local availability.) Do I want quick set (like, 3 minutes) or slow set (like, 8 or 9 minutes)? I mean, as a beginner at this, will I actually get the stuff on before it sets in three minutes? Or if I get the slow set will I end up going "Hold still, it's almost set... almost..." for like, five minutes?

So then, making the positive plaster cast off the alginate face ear mold (ps: I am thinking I will be casting just her ears since that is all I need to make appliances for. Is there any compelling reason to do a full face cast?). Materials for the plaster cast--is there any reason I need to be using hydro super stone pro stuff, vs plaster of paris I could pick up at Joann's?

Once I clay model the pointy ears and make a negative plaster cast of that, I am then a little waffly about what to make the actual appliances out of. Like, I'm reading about painting layers of liquid latex into the mold which would make an ear that conforms externally to what I sculpted but which would not be perfectly molded to the top of her ear. It would be... hollow, I guess? I get that you can't fill up the whole closed mold (inclusive of the positive cast of the ear) with liquid latex, that that won't set because liquid latex needs air to set? That if I want to do something that matches up perfectly to her ear, I'm looking at foaming materials--foam latex, poly-urethane foam, silicone foam, foam gelatin. Any recs re: my low experience level and affordability of materials? Or is a foam appliance overkill for this--should I just make the hollow latex appliance?

current materials list for niq's approval )


Jun. 8th, 2009 02:26 am
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So I'm watching Journey to Babel, which I had not seen before, and clearly I should just cut for long commentary here.

Read more... )
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Can anyone explain the first thirty seconds of "Shore Leave" in a way that doesn't involve Kirk and Spock being totally gay for each other?

embedded youtube clip )
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I uh. I may have bought some boots.

In aid of cosplaying TOS miniskirted awesome at Vividcon.

Bought them online! Bought them from which has a 365-day they-pay return policy! Because I'm crossing my fingers that they fit my fat calves but I HAVE BEEN BURNED BEFORE.
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[personal profile] niqaeli informs me that me and her and uh, fandom are engaging in graduate-level criticism of our media. I had not thought I was in such a rarified atmosphere but considering my classmates in a 200-level undergraduate class can't differentiate between a racist film and a film about racism, I FUCKING GUESS WE ARE THAT FUCKING SMART.

Today I linked them to something that uses the fannish jargon OT3, OT4, slash, K/S, etc. I suspect they will figure out how much of a dorkface I am any day now.

At least I know I'll be participating sufficiently on the discussion boards in these courses. I'll be participating all night long.
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Tell me what to write.

Poll #450 How should jmtorres procrastinate tomorrow?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 33

Juls should be working on a Dollhouse vid. Juls will probably be procrastinating with fic tomorrow. What fandom should she write in?

View Answers

Dollhouse, so at least her head's still in the game
3 (9.1%)

Star Trek: Reboot, because that's what game everyone else's head is in
30 (90.9%)

What genre should she write in?

View Answers

smutty and humorous
28 (84.8%)

thinky and sad
5 (15.2%)

Oh, did you want to vote on specific plot bunnies?

View Answers

the level on which Echo's processing in doll state (tag for spy in the house of love)
1 (3.4%)

the army of Topher, and why Boyd is his "manfriend"
5 (17.2%)

the fate of the Vulcans
4 (13.8%)

Uhura and Sarek talk about Spock's limitations
13 (44.8%)

transporter accident girl Kirk would like to get some goddamn service here
25 (86.2%)

Some uppity bitch thinks she can dictate to the muse. Insert plot bunny here:

ETA: Dear everyone I've never met voting in this poll: who are you people? Maybe a comment of introduction might be nice.
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Star Trek linkspam III: the search for more money! Wow, I am not mixing my references at all. I haven't been keeping tabs open as religiously since [personal profile] ysobel saw the movie. I think this is most of the meaty stuff?

[ profile] liviapenn writes about how Uhura's role expanded in the new movie, and Kirk, Spock, Bones and Uhura is the new OT4.

[personal profile] niqaeli did some compare and contrast on characters in Prime and Reboot.

[personal profile] butterfly has some meta and some fic recs. And more fic recs here. And even more.

In general I am not linking to fic at this point because of the sheer volume (other than mine mine you should go read mine), but I want to point out [personal profile] bravecows's The First Time, which is totally world-building exploration of race meta in fiction form.

[personal profile] beatrice_otter wrote about how the Vulcans will likely proceed, based on their culture.

[personal profile] niqaeli wrote about some non-obvious changes in reboot, such as Vulcan society and when Kirk as born.

[personal profile] seperis analyzed a lot of Reboot changes.

[personal profile] ysobel pokes at plotholes and timeline issues.

Discover Magazine posted a tangentially related Rules For Time Travelers.

[profile] catalysticat picspammed about Captain Pike and has made several posts about enlisted ranks in Starfleet.

DW comms: [community profile] star_trek_flashfic, [community profile] vulcanreforged
LJ comm: [ profile] startrek_crack

[personal profile] zvi posts recs, Spock characterization spec. Also she wants to know how Uhura could have been more awesome, as she was already awesome. She has more fic recs. She's pissed at K/S fic that makes Uhura disappear.

[personal profile] coffeeandink has a list of reactions ranging from self-advertised shallow to deeper criticisms.

[ profile] yahtzee63 has a talky Spock muse.

Journey to Drabble is a Star Trek Reboot Drabble Challenge.

[personal profile] kate dissected the movie score vs previous trek theme songs at a level waaay above my head.

Vids: (some of these I like a lot, some I consider to be conversation pieces)
--Closer v2, a remake of [personal profile] killabeez and [personal profile] tjonesy's TOS vid with Reboot footage
--Steady as She Goes, TOS vid for which I believe the premise is: the crew of the Enterprise will never have a successful relationship with anyone else, because they're all doing each other.
--Stuck to You, upbeat Kirk/Uhura/Spock OT3 vid.
--We Go Together, team vid for Reboot (works better at a metatextual level than a contextual level, in my opinion)
--Kobayashi Maru, about how Kirk and Spock are defined by so much death in Reboot
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Reboot actually does stardates in a transparent way, if a little like candy bar expiration dates: it's the year point day of the year. So for example big important events occur on 2258.42, aka Feb 11, 2258.

Kirk's birth occurs on 2233.04, aka Jan 4, 2233.

This is significant because in prime, Kirk is born on March 22, 2233.

I would like, once again, to put forward my theory that new Winona went into premature labor due to the stress of lightning storm in space. By apparently a lot.
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The Ex-Wife
(Because there's really no reason to assume McCoy's marriage was the same as in Prime.)

Read more... )
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(Everyone knows why I say Part II: THE REVENGE, right? Everyone knows about Vulcan Love Slave Part II: THE REVENGE, right?)(PS: it's google-able.)

So it looks as if [personal profile] ysobel may have actually gone to see Star Trek: Reboot in the last day or so but hey I've been keeping like eighty tabs open in several windows to write this entry as soon as I had the spoons, so hey, more linkspam. tries to figure out how much series canon this movie negated.

[ profile] st_xi_kink has produced a lot of fic, as archived on delicious.

More LJ comms:
[ profile] trekfics - says is for all iterations, banner is notably Reboot
[ profile] trekanon - I don't actually understand this anon confession meme thing but hey there you go
[ profile] kirk_mccoy - title "The Captain and the Doctor" confused me in a Whovian way for a minute there, but is actually re Kirk and McCoy, yes
[ profile] trek_news - newsletter, may potentially be making me obsolete here
[ profile] chekov_sulu - lieutenants and ensigns need love too?
[ profile] newtrekslash - unabashedly all about the reboot
[ profile] spock_uhura - another of those "TOS and new movie!" things, with lots of reboot pictures everywhere, gee I wonder what inspired you
[ profile] startrek2009 - comm for talking about the new movie

[ profile] sineala posts about more comms, links to my linkspam, causing internet-ending paradoxes

More DW comms:
[community profile] startrek_reboot
[community profile] chris_pine_daily
[community profile] singularity

[ profile] silviakundera posts vid and fic recs.

[ profile] ethrosdemon has criticism of JJ Abrams re: his interview on Talk of the Nation.

[ profile] taraljc posts 10 things everyone should know about Star trek (before trying to write pr0n based on the new movie), including which episodes and books to check out.

Relatedly, [ profile] cofax7 posts remedial Trek for newbies.

darthmojo@wordpress talks about a lot of deleted scenes and script choices based on a Q&A with the screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

[ profile] talitha78 made a vid called Poker Face.

[ profile] ethrosdemon wants to know why we apply modern social norms to a story set centuries in the future.

[ profile] apocalypsos spotted women in pants.

[ profile] sparky77 has baby Chekov picspam.

[ profile] sineala has telegram style squee.

[ profile] grey_bard says, "I'm predisposed to like this movie because I liked original Trek and I universally hate Trek movies. Hold up, what?"

[personal profile] thedeadparrot found her love of classic K/S reinforced. She wrote about original flavor Spock.

Pro effects artist posted a combination of new and old Enterprise.

[ profile] amireal fanwanks ST:ENT into/out of existence.

[ profile] brokenbacktango found the IDIC.

[ profile] ethrosdemon is amused at the summary of ST: Final Frontier.

[ profile] bethos on a rewatching spree, in DS9.

[ profile] ethrosdemon asks for ST links.

[ profile] maryavatar has OMG OMG OMG for the movie.

theplaylist@blogspot's 9 Silly Things About Star Trek We Can't Help But Laugh At.

[ profile] sineala was tempted by TOS episode DVDs.

[ profile] sparky77 contemplates ST wingfic.

[ profile] brokenbacktango informs us that Zachary Quinto will read you the novelization.

[ profile] imadra_blue writes Sulu fic.

[ profile] apocalypsos requests fic recs.

[ profile] brokenbacktango found hilarious TAS clip.

[ profile] quigonejinn liked the reboot, liked Vulcans and liiiiked Spock.

[ profile] ann89103 fangirls and vents.

[ profile] brokenbacktango with complaints on n00bs in the anon kink meme.

sfsignal asks if new ST movie will be good for science fiction in general.

kfmonkey@blogspot discusses revelatory vs transformative heroic arcs in hollywood scripts, Star Trek movie.

[ profile] amireal would totally make out with Star Trek.

[ profile] taraljc likes new Uhura, examines her role.

[ profile] redscharlach is making mini icons.

[ profile] sineala wrote Sulu/Chekov.

[ profile] quigonejinn wrote Spock fic.

[personal profile] ellen_fremedon fanwanks the two Delta Vegas.

[personal profile] niqaeli has started rewatching TOS.

[personal profile] laurajv wrote fic about Spock and Sarek.

[personal profile] ingridmatthews likes the new pairing.

[personal profile] jmtorres wants to talk about specific references to TOS. LAZY-WEBBING FTW.

[personal profile] lizbee found Picard's scrapbook.

[personal profile] butterfly posts fic recs.

[personal profile] niqaeli talks about Kirk's special snowflake status.

[personal profile] niqaeli is rewatching TOS. If a science officer dies, is it still red-shirting?

[personal profile] niqaeli finds TOS Spock fascinatingly broken.

[personal profile] mecurtin has achieved star trekkin'.

[personal profile] ysobel (hi, love!) is totally not writing fic (and why not!). (Also in that entry: fanwank for making the macguffin more sensible.)

[personal profile] ysobel's first brush thoughts.

[personal profile] ysobel totally claimed to be half Vulcan as a child.

[personal profile] blueraccoon's exploding squee.

[personal profile] zvi is pissed about fic disappearing Uhura.

[personal profile] butterfly has a hotness deathmatch poll.

[personal profile] butterfly made a vid.

Wil Wheaton finds new movie spectacular.

Henry Jenkins was nearly a Klingon extra, part I and part II.

[personal profile] niqaeli points out the special of the stunned romulan on aisle 7 (broccoli test: pass with unexpected flying colors).

[personal profile] dayblaze wants slash recs.

[personal profile] niqaeli writes fic about Vulcan blood.

[personal profile] laurashapiro pissed off at 'bromance' rather than slash in mainstream media.

[personal profile] sarah was squeeful.

[personal profile] panthea has a comment re Kirk getting punched in the face.

[personal profile] niqaeli on obsessive tendencies.

[personal profile] niqaeli points to her delicious for ST fic finding.

io9 talks about a cut Shatner scene.

[profile] catalysticat wishes for more real space exploration, real military, real ethical, political, social, and religious issues.

[personal profile] abyssinia has a lot of problems with the new movie.

[profile] jooj has some links, especially re novels.

[personal profile] revolutionaryjo has fic recs.

[personal profile] seperis talks about the reboot, canonical AUS and how Trek and other shows have dealt with them in the past.

Wil Wheaton with embedded Onion video on how Trekkies bash new film as fun and watchable.

[personal profile] mecurtin, before having seen the movie, talked about the social and political milieu of the sixties vs now and Trek's relevance thereto.

Henry Jenkins with lots of interesting meta.

[personal profile] laurajv with 5 things you should know about (original flavor) Uhura and how awesome she is.

[personal profile] musesfool liked it! she even didn't hate Kirk!

[personal profile] zvi on dreamcasting women who didn't appear in this movie, in poll form.

Racialicious gives the movie a positive review despite some ridiculousness; thinks Uhura and Sulu did well in this version.

[personal profile] niqaeli has picspam of one of Karl Urban's previous roles. Prepare to giggle.

[personal profile] flourish understands where the K/S comes from now.

[personal profile] inarticulate is happy with Trek and with Uhura.

[personal profile] cesperanza questions casting a Korean as Sulu.

[ profile] taraljc's star trek tag.

[personal profile] niqaeli is a bad person. She likes porn!.

[personal profile] niqaeli's love of space and science fiction and wanting it to be now.

[personal profile] butterfly's detailed list of adoration, re her third viewing.

[personal profile] minotaurs makes economic jokes out of the naming of Spock Prime.

[personal profile] niqaeli talks about Vulcan colonies and the nonexistence thereof.

[personal profile] niqaeli's early squee.

I WAS POTENTIALLY GOING TO POST MORE OF MY OWN REACTIONS BUT I HAVE TO GET OUT THE DOOR BY SIX TOMORROW MORNING TO CATCH A BUS SO I THINK I WILL SAVE MY ENERGY AND VID INSTEAD. Really, if I manage to get the vid done, vid should say every goddamn thing I want to say about this movie. Really.


May. 15th, 2009 09:13 am
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Oh, dear [deity], there are two Star Trek: Reboot vids on my reading pages this morning.

(Which camrip are you gals using?)
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[personal profile] ysobel is concerned about missing out on everyone's squee by the time she gets to watch Star Trek: Reboot. So I figured I'd collect some links as I catch up on everyone's squee.

[personal profile] mamadeb posts squee for the new movie interlaced with her fannish history with Trek.

[personal profile] verstehen feels the movie delivered all that was expected of it, plus frienemies.

[personal profile] cesperanza: seven things she loved, four she hated.

[personal profile] zorkian had to work at Star Trek. No spoilers.

[personal profile] anoel is squeeful about the slash.

[personal profile] copracat with a one-line indictment amidst an entry about other things.

[personal profile] azurelunatic has a line by line GLEECAPS fest. OH HI SPOCK YOU ARE SEXY.

[personal profile] puppetmaker's review is squee couched in more adult costuming/casting/performance/plot notes.

[personal profile] lizbee found it awesome, had some Doctor Who comparisons.

[personal profile] bethbethbeth opens with: I probably shouldn't have liked the new Star Trek film... but I loved it.

[personal profile] gelasius gleecaps at all the performances.

[personal profile] butterfly likes respect for the source and handling of the reboot.

[personal profile] butterfly pokes at the timeline.

[personal profile] butterfly goes back to watch it again.

[personal profile] ase's reactions combine glee and more critical meta.

[personal profile] mecurtin, not yet having seen the movie, expresses hopes and fears for it. Spoilers in comments.

[personal profile] zvi has squee and plotholes.

[personal profile] cedara has a brief "yay my pairing!" entry.

[personal profile] everysecondtuesday links to TOS vids.

[personal profile] kass has squee and mention of JJ Abramsiness.

[personal profile] lady_stiletto had squee at casting, respect for source, diversity, ships, etc; a couple of quibbles.

[personal profile] tzikeh is collecting links. I'm duplicating a lot of them, but there may be more by the time you go look!

[personal profile] lapislaz feels could have been worse, is unresolvable for hardcore trekkies. Spittake worthy final line.

[personal profile] ellen_fremedon feels it was totally, totally awesome.

[personal profile] ellen_fremedon went back for more.

[personal profile] fajrdrako wasn't expecting too much, liked it.

[personal profile] gchick has love for Kirk, Scotty, sets and women.

[personal profile] mara had flaily hands.

[profile] jooj has three lists: liked, ridiculous, want fanfic now.

[personal profile] kelliem loved it with 1.5 quibbles.

[ profile] redscharlach has a bullet point list of glee.

[ profile] ancalemon talks new ships and old ships.

[ profile] brokenbacktango talks about the movie-going crowd. No spoilers, except for First Contact *G*

[ profile] sineala has a thorough review.

[ profile] slippery_fish has a few notes.

[ profile] sandrine says this is not the squee you're looking for.

[ profile] mimesere loves them all.

[ profile] ethrosdemon is apparently writing fic. No spoilers, just amusing problems. Oh, and here's the fic! Is about OC doctor on the Enterprise.

[ profile] mustangsally78 has no spoilers, just pretty picture.

[ profile] tarzanic has brief list of yay, family history of trekkiness.

[ profile] matt_doyle didn't like the camerawork and skience, dug everything else.

[ profile] settiai has a lot of love and contemplates differences in the reboot.

[ profile] cofax7 has an enumerated list of yay and hmm.

[ profile] sparky77 liked Kirk a lot! And you know, other people.

[ profile] silviakundera feels this movie was made for her.

[ profile] brokenbacktango found some hilarious parodies on youtube.

[ profile] popfantastic tries to make sense of plot points, notes Enterprise canon of interest.

[ profile] yahtzee63 on Uhura.

[ profile] calligrafiti squees.

There's comms on DW:
[community profile] ncc_1701
[community profile] singularity

And uh, now from me: spoilers? probably? I have no idea what I'm going to say yet )

PS according to the GI Joe preview we saw, Ninth Doctor will be destroying the Earth. Will you all disown me if I go to that movie for him?


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