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it is now officially december

fuck my life

i am apparently one of those people who doesn't bother with capitals or punctuation anymore, but i console myself that i have become like lady gaga in the Lady and the Captain fic.

Meanwhile: i keep trying to capitalize "i" and it doesn't go through. dear keyboard: wtf.

Things I need to do in order of priority (oh hey i found the fucking shift key... or not. what.)
--scramble through my classes
--or gtfo of my classes
--cap_ironman sesa (the good news is I've started on it, the bad news is I should probably check something with the mods and the worse news is I'm going to need to do ~research~, wtf is up with my formatting I BLAME TUMBLR)
--yuletide (to which end, I need to review some source, and would like some company)
--the pinch-hit I picked up, fml
--probably the escapade vid should get higher priority than treating for festivids
--maybe I should go put a load of laundry on. In, in aid of that.

Also, my hours at work are doubling due to we're hitting a busy stretch and we have no shipper/receiver.

I think I have managed to work more daily on the Assembly Con fic than on any of the above items. Oh god.

Everyone keep calm and imagine Steve subbing for Pepper. (what? it's my happy place.)
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Fuckity, I knew Festivids nominations period ended today but forgot the time zone change, so I didn't get my nominations in. And you can't even see the list right now, so I can't sigh over whether anyone else nominated my fandoms yet.

In other news I have been awake for approximately three hours and I am omg so tired. A nap may be in order.
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It is already that time of year. Brainstorming nominations.

--Anne Mason's two novels (The Dancing Meteorite, The Stolen Law) about a teenage girl trained to be an interstellar translator, who has been to so many planets and met so many aliens that regular humans who just live on space stations and ships mostly do not get her at all.
--Elizabeth Pope's novel Perilous Gard, a take on Tam Lin where the female & male protagonists are not actually romantically involved until the Fae fuck them over a bunch, yet still totally win (it's neat to see her fighting just because she's stubborn and she wants to find out what's going on and also this is wrong! not necessarily because she's in love)
--I seem to recall I had a third book fandom I wanted to add. I'll have to go look at what's near my bed.

--The Losers
--Someone has nominated Unholy Ridiculous (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes)! I may second the nomination out of EEEE and also the fact that you get 20 noms with festivids. OH OH BUT WHERE WILL I FIND AN APPROPRIATELY EMOTASTIC SONG TO VID TONY IN HIS TECHNO-UNDEWEAR, I ASK YOU
--Nero Wolfe (has already been nominated, may second, just because I still have that bunny)
--...huh someone else nominated Big Wolf on Campus? reeeeaaaally.
--wow, Eureka vids are actually kind of thin on the ground, huh
--dude it's weird to keep running across fandoms I have vidded on here, like Fight Club
--Janelle Monae videos have been nominated. Can I also nominated Lady Gaga videos? Can I then request a hilarious crossover?
--Once a Thief is up! May second.
--no one's nominated daily show and/or colbert report yet. Can one nominate both as a single fandom? Like, Fake News (Daily Show + Colbert Report)?

...ha, haha, remind me to go knock Utena off in disputes. Ask me how many Utena results come up on, go head, ask. 1174. Hold on, I need to all-caps that. ELEVEN HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR. ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR. Shyeah.

Hmm, clearly I need to contemplate my Festivids nominations further. What do I want?
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Title: Want You Bad
Music: The Offspring
Vidder: [personal profile] jmtorres
[community profile] festivids recipient: [ profile] theanonsisters
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Warnings: Contains Q, so, flashy lights and asshattery.
Summary: When you're omnipotent it's difficult to convince anyone else to top.

Please right-click/save-as to download: Want You Bad, .avi, 27.1MB

embed from youtube not viewable in all countries )

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I want to make a Girl Genius vid to "Banditos," but downloading all the pages is going to take seriously forever oh my god. But it'll be hilarious? Mistaken and misrepresented identities! Idiots EVERYWHERE why won't they get out of the way.

I want to make a Nanny vid to "A Simple Desultory Philippic," and I will be the only person who ever thinks that's funny, amirite? Also I kind of want to filk/replace part of it, and I don't think I can do just part of it and carry it, and um. Life is hard, yo.

Glee is coming back! When the hell is that? I've been told but I didn't process. [personal profile] traykor and I are making an awesome Glee vid and I should get some stuff on the timeline, ever.

I wanted to make someone a festivids treat based on their dear festividder letter, but I didn't get to due to a combination of factors (the holidays became extra crazysauce family time there, I enrolled in winter session class, I got an extension on my primary assignment and spent several days I would have spent on the treat making my main vid really shine) and now I don't know what to do about that. Do I a) admit that I may never get to that vid without a deadline hanging over my head, b) try to make it anyway in my copious free time, c) stop being coy and say what it is since I'm not making it for an anonymous gift exchange anymore?

White Collar convinced me I should keep working on that vid, I mean it's half done and the show handed me more footage.

And if I make the White Collar vid, I should make the Tru Calling vid to "Madeliene," and let's face it, Tru Calling is terrible brain rot [personal profile] niqaeli will probably watch with me, unlike Nanny.

I am occasionally getting twinges on the stack of Supernatural vids I had wanted to make but I so am not in the fandom anymore so um. We'll see if that ever changes I guess?
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My festivid is a hit. I am refraining heroically from answering comments, which are awesome. (I also keep seeing my gift, the awesome Marion from Indiana Jones vid, on recs lists, which brings me glee.) [personal profile] niqaeli is collecting an entry of quotes from the vid mines that I wouldn't let her post at the time because they're spoilery, but the schedule on festivids is so stretched out that we're reaching the point of losing context. "Why was [char] a vampire?" I found myself asking regarding one of the quotes that was hilarious at the time. I remembered eventually. It's spoilery.

Today I discovered a new portmanteau for [personal profile] niqaeli's favorite SPN pairing: Casquatch. We died and died of laughter.

Last week we went to see Red at the dollar theater--that being the flick where aging ex-spies (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren) are on somebody's hit list and being pursued by up-and-coming spy (Karl Urban). We found it hilarious and adorable. It almost but not quite passed Bechdel. I'm not sure I would find it as charming on second viewing because violence against women )

Watched the last two episodes of White Collar. My memory for the one last week is full of holes. Oh wait, it's coming back to me. Burke's Seven. Right. Did you know [personal profile] niqaeli and I have a pet theory that El totally was a con and Peter figured her out in a way he couldn't arrest her for (among other things I like this theory for decreepifying the surveillance photo courtship: it was legitimate case surveillance!) and either she knew Neal and lets Neal think Peter doesn't know this for hilarity or Neal has only recently discovered her shadowy past and recognizes her reputation and is all OMG HOW WHAT YOU WERE SO AWESOME I DON'T EVEN. Anyway, with that theory, most El scenes get an extra twenty points of sweeeeeet.

So the most recent episode had the potential to joss the vid I'm working on, and I've been expecting to be jossed since--okay, no, I was expecting to be jossed last November but I've since given up on it (my attitude at this point is SHOW, PROVE ME WRONG! JOSS ME!)--but far from jossing me, this episode provided more fodder for the vid. my thoughts on this week's episode )

In other news, Ivan quietly went under and waited out Yuletide and Festivids and this week resurfaced. Bits of three of my four active Vorkosigan novellas of last year are once again taking over my brain (and the fourth is waiting for Bel to come out of hibernation). And I haven't even reread the books again or read any fic lately (except for [personal profile] dira's this evening, which made me cry at the sweet, and I would link but I'm on bit and I can't be bothered to deal with the annoying screenness to hunt down the URL ETA /ETA). So I decided to try for 300 words a day all year on one of those four plot bunnies, which at this point in the year would give me 100K by December 31, and hopefully enough pieces to string together a whole postable story or two and a lot of hilarious outtakes. Those of you on my WIP filter will get to watch me muddle through out of order!

Work: my hours are getting cut stupid low sigh.
School: I have another nominee for the "film class from hell" tag.
Cope: Hahaha what is that. At least I am still to some extent getting shit done?


Jan. 23rd, 2011 11:42 pm
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Does anyone want to play "what did juls make for [community profile] festivids?" You can guess multiple times, up to, oh, what seems reasonable, a dozen? But if you give me more than one guess at once I won't tell you which one is correct *G* (People on my festivids flailing filter are disqualified from playing, sorry.)

Prizes, prizes. Hmmm. A drabble in vid or written form, in a fandom I know, of your request.

Comments will be screened in case of correct guess, but incorrect guesses will be unscreened.
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I. Dear boss, fuck yoooooooou.
II. Sushi is nice. Booze is delicious.
III. Naps are unexpected.
IV. White Collar is so much better when they're not doing arc.
V. Red is adorable!
VI. I can haz festivid?
VII. Zonk.

I have just managed to get up from zonk. My brain is trying to convince me to write a Danger Days story about FTM!Party Poison, for which I blame [personal profile] niqaeli. By the way: I want to read fic about the Killjoys, but I don't want to read fic about the band, and I've spent particular effort not learning the names of all the band members precisely because I don't want to lose my brain down the timesink that is RPFandom. Can anyone rec me Killjoys fic that is JUST about the CHARACTERS of Danger Days and doesn't name them as band people?
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So, um, I know some people are going to be waiting by their computers for [community profile] festivids golive, but I won't be one of them. I'm working on Saturday, which is the capper of a hellish work week so when I get home I am demanding friends take me out and feed me sushi and booze, after which my coherency level may be ??!murgle.

So I'm not totally sure when I'll be responding to my festivid. It's not you, it's me rush week at work.

Oh my god I'm so exhausted I wish it were sushi time now.

*falls over*
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Dear Festividder,

I think the number one thing I want out of my vid this year is joy. I want a vid that makes me laugh or warms the cockles of my heart or incites squee noises only audible to dogs. I am not up for angst or woe unless we are mocking angst and woe. A couple of my requests fall into this category; if you got matched on those/decide you like them better than the one you matched on, please keep in mind: I only want angst and woe if it is funny! Otherwise: happy happy joy joy. As general vid content and maybe also something to consider when selecting your music.

My taste in music spans decades--I like rock and pop and glam and jazz and swing and indie internet-famous geeks and alternative (whatever that encompasses at this point) and some punk and funk and soul and folk and a little country, mostly if it's funny. I like lyrics with some cleverness or snark to them (I have been guilty of punny vidding the last few vids I worked on). I like stuff with a beat you can bop along to. I've been known to refer to songs as "overproduced, but in that way that I like," though stripped down singer-and-guitar or singer-and-piano or even a capella can work for me too.

I don't have much to add to my fandom-specific notes, other than to say that of course all the details are optional and it's entirely possible you will have some brilliant idea completely different from everything I suggested.

Thank you for making me a vid.


for reference, or treat-making, my requests )


Jan. 3rd, 2011 03:22 am
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I am 2/3 of the way through my class, and 38 seconds (plus intro and topper) done with my festivid. I will not stay up another three hours for either of those. I did write some notes down on the vid to help keep track of which bits go where in sequences since I've decided to vid out of order...

I'm about 24% done with the vid by timeline so maybe by Wednesday or Thursday I'll have a full draft, which will at least give me a day or so for beta? Oh my god, I'm terrified I'm not going to have enough footage. Must finish throwing what I have at the timeline before I freak out about that, because honestly, so far ACTUAL problem has been "OH NO THIS INSTRUMENTAL STRETCHES ON FOREVER wait what do you mean that's only about five clips worth? I can't do that amount of story in five clips!"


Raise your hand if you want to be on a festivids filter and be in the know about my subject matter so I can flail more specifically.
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So I'm going to try to go to sleep while it's still night time, because I'm tired, so it might work!

If I wake up before six, I am going to force myself to do laundry until I want to fall down again. Hopefully the mere idea will send me back to bed (although I could stand to do some laundry).

If I wake up before eight, I shall open up a window and start writing any of the like, eight scenes cycling through my head.

If I wake up before ten, I shall clip an episode of my festivids source.

If I wake up after ten, I really should head directly to my family's for Thanksgiving cooking.'s sort of scary that I am planning my sleep/wake schedule so regimentally. Sleep, something I have to work at.
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So: I'm tired and depressed. Not depressed in the way that impacts my ability to enjoy the things I can do, like read novels and hang out with [personal profile] niqaeli, just depressed in the way that keeps me from getting things done, like writing or computer repair or dealing next semester or family or laundry. I should probably write another to-do list and have a go at it. My uterus finally rebooted anyway; note to self: five months is a little long, and since you KNOW you skip when you're stressed, you should probably have taken the hint and dumped some stress sooner.

I have not finished clipping for festivids.

I have not started writing for yuletide.

I have a lot of scenes of the (oh god) four semi-nano stories in my head, but very little is filtering down to the keyboard.

There is a kitten. Her name is Mia.

oh shit.

Nov. 7th, 2010 03:18 am
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There IS a canonical riding crop.

Dear show: stop giving me everything I ask for, it's creepy.
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I have just received a Festivids assignment!

It contains 171 requests.

(Bad dress, good open?)


Oct. 16th, 2010 04:39 pm
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I went on a song search re [personal profile] niqaeli's current favorite thing, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and I appear to have instead discovered that across three decades, [artist's redacted]'s snark is a match for [character redacted]'s in an entirely different fandom which I may or may not be vidding for festivids--for a treat if nothing else.


Oct. 11th, 2010 03:08 am
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It's really, really hard to come up with requests for [community profile] festivids sign-ups without giving myself vid bunnies I really, really want to keep. I also thought it was going to be hard to come up with six requests; I think the harder thing for me is going to be coming up with a set of requests that is balanced in terms of gender if nothing else--I think there should be more vids about women, and while I don't think that this should exclude the existence of vids about men, I do think that if I only ask for vids about men I close off any possibility that I will get a vid about women; this is common sense on the face of it but something I have to rewrite my socialization to recall. If I were making a feminist statement I could draw up a list of requests that were only for vids about women, but instead I am drawing up a half-and-half list and letting fandom match-up and vidder preference fall where they may. (And the details are optional. I could still get things other than what I ask for: an uncertainty of unassignable awesomeness value.)
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Having fun with disputes process for Festivids, which is awesomely automated and I wish Yuletide had something like that. The one thing I wish it had: some way disputers would sign in and therefore be associated to their disputes and THEREFORE receive notification of further commentary on the disputes.

It is common for people to do youtube searches to show number of vids, but then you have to count what is and isn't a vid. And while there are things up on youtube that are totally not vids (clips of show, interviews, con videos) the way some people phrase it make me wonder if they're judging whether fan-edited videos like... trailers, or whatever else people do, are Proper Vids. Which bugs me. I think if it's a video using clips from the show edited by the fan, it's a vid, regardless of if it meets other format qualifications. Like, I realize that's fairly loose but seriously, it doesn't have to be to what [personal profile] seperis calls "vividcon house style" to be a vid. But I can't tell if they're actually doing that or not.
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[community profile] festivids is being mirrored from [ profile] festivids! It is now possible to participate without wandering over to LJ! I am very happy. I think I might play this year.


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