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So, okay, you know how Marvel Movieverse, aka Earth-199999, is: Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Hulk, Avengers, but not X-Men or Spider-Man, those are not getting the tie-in Phil Coulson in your movie?

It was bothering me that searching Marvel movieverse or Marvel movies pulled up everything, including lots and lots and lots of XMFC, which, you know, weren't tagged Marvel movieverse, they were tagged X-Men First Class, but they got wrangled in. I submitted a support request about it, and AO3 responded by creating a new tag:

Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, which of course no one has used yet, but if you tagged for the individual films in the series, it sorts in. So I guess--keep tagging for the individual films, or use their new Marvel Avengers Movies Universe tag, but know that "Marvel movieverse" is going to continue to be treated as a general catch-all and not be separated from the X-Men or Spider-man series in AO3 wrangling.

(I would vote using Earth-199999 or Marvel 199999, since I know people do use 1610, 616, and 3490 at times, but um, apparently most people didn't go geek out at the universe numbering system like me. And no one has tagged 199999 on AO3 at all. I AM A GIANT GEEK. MOVING ON.)
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So apparently I'm attempting to write a story for which I can do the author's note: "It's gen, okay? It's gen with queer people and bi people and maybe even het people and do they have sex, I don't even know and if I did, I wouldn't tell who with who, and I'm not even sure how I would categorize some of the potential sex which is not in this story, so it's GEN, okay?"

Hmmm. I don't think AO3 has this setting. And it's a bit long for a tag.

(this is the Steve and Lady Gaga story. And Tony being an ass. And some other things.)
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It hit yuletide length, so I figured I was morally obligated to post it to the archive.

Title: The Secret Lives of Muses
Author: [personal profile] jmtorres
Fandom: Vorkosigan, Dresden Files by allusion, and Meta, meta as hell.
Summary: In which Gregor wants to hear all about Ivan's adventures in the author's head.
Word Count: 1056

I may have mentioned in the past about Ivan being the only muse who hides from me. In the back of my own head. In other fandoms. Where he gets his just desserts. (Hiding from your writer, honestly.) [personal profile] azurelunatic asked if he could be convinced to talk about that time in Chicago, and the answer was--I definitely could not convince him, but he won't lie to Gregor. And I'm not above using that against him.

Gregor, at least, forgives me.

Fic on AO3.


Aug. 22nd, 2011 03:13 am
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For those of you who follow me at [ profile] jmtorres, new plan on the backlog that needs to be posted. Every day I will post to AO3 whatever fic I posted on that date in years past in my journal. (Unless it's unfinished in a way I'm still working on. Or Smallville. For some reason everything I've written for Smallville makes me go AGH.)

This means I will:

--probably be posting something to AO3 more or less every day
--catch up and get everything archived that's going to be archived within a year
--not have to look at everything from my wee years all at once, thank fucking Loki.
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Answer: Apparently.

I am frustrated by how people keep using the AO3 tag "Alternate Universe - Canonical" in a way that makes no sense to me. Like, they use it for things that I would just call Alternate Universe. To my mind, a canonical AU is one that makes an appearance in the canon, like:

--the classic Spock's Evil Beard universe
--any of the eleventy billion universes Stargate discovered via the mirror device
--and also that alternate timeline where no one discovered the Stargate and they all had sad, unfulfilled lives as ESL teachers
--or the thought-universe where Daniel went mad with power and blew up Moscow
--or the one where Rodney wears leather and is secure enough to go by Mer
--frankly Stargate had rather a lot of them
--*points up* the universe of my icon, that one episode of Andromeda where Rhade killed Dylan and the entire series was his journey to um, time travel suicide
--"unrealized realities" shown to us in Farscape, like the one where Scarrans took over the Earth in history or the one where everyone wore each other's make-up
--or like, I guess if you wanted to stake a claim on a particular episode of Sliders and write about the universe where sexism worked backwards and Quinn got slapped on the ass in his temp secretary job
--or that dream universe in Supernatural where their mom didn't die and Dean had a hot nurse girlfriend
--or that one time bisexual vamp!Willow wandered into Buffy's universe from next door


*breathe in, breathe out*

But since it seems that a lot of people are not using the Alternate Universe - Canonical tag in this way, and are using it as like, I don't know, "this AU is an 'I changed one decision from canon' AU and not a 'they are all girl scout cookies' AU or 'I transplanted them to the age of sail' AU or 'suddenly, there are dragons' AU" --I guess that is how they are using it?

That being the case, wtf tag could one use to indicate the first case outlined here--the AU whose existence was presented in canon? I tested "canonical AU" and it has been wrangled to point to "Alternate Universe - Canon" so that's out, which, fuck, that's what I use. And it becomes meaningless and impossible to find the thing I actually want when it's all wrangled together. Damn it.


Jun. 29th, 2011 07:42 am
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My tags have been wrangled thusly:

"how am I writing this story" and "no seriously the archive doesn't have enough warnings" have been wrangled into "author's eccentricity" (along with gems other people have produced such as "written long before I knew better," "authorial obsession with rain," and "Pretentious Latin Title")

"consider this a warning" has been wrangled into "Additional Warnings Apply," where I frankly think "no seriously the archive doesn't have enough warnings" may also belong

and, my friends,

apparently "what is this even" (which of course I was not the first to use) is wrangled into "Crack."

Excuse me while I go die laughing.
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I finally figured out how to find more than one author's Harry/Bob on AO3.

You have to call Bob "Hrothbert of Bainbridge."


Left a note asking the wranglers to link those up and possibly giving TMI about my reading habits.

In other news, the sky is blue.
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For those who care to subscribe to me on AO3, I am [ profile] jmtorres, and currently on my writing queue is Vorkosigan, Supernatural, and apparently, um, Echo Bazaar.

I am still in the process of getting my old fic archived at AO3. To that end, with the intent of: making it less annoying to subscribers, getting myself to finish archiving old fic, and getting myself to write new fic; I resolve to add one old story to AO3 per new story I post there.

Eventually I have to go around and subscribe to all the authors I love there. But not this week. *facepalm*
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(eta: this was a suggestion I made. so my happiness is inflated by ego.)


Sep. 8th, 2010 02:08 pm
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I started reading at the very beginning of my journal, and wow, seriously testing my resolve to put up all the fic on AO3.


Sep. 7th, 2010 12:47 am
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Longtime readers of my journal may recall that I once ran a fic exchange for the Vlad Taltos and Paarfi novels about Dragaera by Steven Brust, and relatedly, an lj community named [ profile] valabars. I am now attempting to kickstart the community on dreamwidth: [community profile] valabars; and to get the ficathon fic archived on AO3 (if you wrote fic for that ficathon back in 2005, you can read how to post to the Valabar's collection on AO3 here).

But! This community is not just for the oldtime members who survived my first travesty of an attempt at running a fic exchange! It is also for anyone who thinks they might enjoy participating in a fic exchange for the Dragaera books in the future! Because AO3 automates so much that I might actually make the damn thing annual! If there is interest! I promise to use fewer exclamation points in the future. Really. I'm slightly drunk right now, is my only excuse.

Also, for anyone who wants to talk about the Dragaera books!. I myself just finished reading Iorich. spoiler? )

Who's with me?


May. 29th, 2010 04:00 am
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I think [personal profile] viridian5 broke AO3 on story length. Glass Houses is currently at 791,444 words and she's got a year and a half left of posts to add to it before she catches up to present and it's throwing an error 500 at the moment. For her trying to add parts and for me trying to read it.


(It's the longest story on the archive by a LOT. Word count search only produces one other story more than 500,000 words. If someone was going to find the practical upper limit...)

ETA: w00t, LOADATION HAS OCCURRED. *goes back to reading epic fic*
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So I was typing tags in on stuff I'm posting to AO3, and I typed "safe sex" in on a story in which Jack confirms Gwen and Owen have been using condoms and you know how AO3 suggests canonical tags? The only canonical tag it suggested for "safe sex" was "Unsafe Sex."


Apparently the canonical tag that means something close is "Safer Sex," which I don't get? Is this a terminology change in sex education? Like how STDs have become STIs since I was in high school? Or... what?

I've been complaining to [personal profile] viridian5 about it and she mentioned that some of her tags have changed (like character name formats) or vanished from her stories. Is that a result of tag wrangling? If so, WTF? The way I understood tags and tag wrangling on AO3, the idea was you could tag however made sense to you, and tag wranglers would link tags that meant the same thing so a search for one would bring up linked others--but your tags would still be your tags.

So confused.
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So I seem to remember something about a way for an archivist to request to upload a pre-existing collection to AO3, and I can't find anything about it in AO3's FAQ, which says that only the author of a work can add a work to a collection. I wanted to put up the [ profile] valabars archive, which held the Dragaera ficathon from... 2005-6, and hasn't been on the actual internets in a couple of years, but which I have all the fic from. But I can't figure out if there's a way for me as an archivist to do that, as I thought there was, or if I would need to create a collection on AO3 and then email all the participants to ask them to post, which would be... not ideal.

(I am also giving consideration to whether I want to put up a [ profile] militarydogs collection. Given the inauspicious circumstances under which that game went belly up.)


May. 9th, 2010 04:28 am
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I more than doubled what I have up on AO3 today, though I am still far from getting all my work up.

Biggest pain in the ass: the fluffy marshmallow arc, now titled Alchemy and Other Lies, an epic ot3 wip for Fullmetal Alchemist that I was hunting down all the odd bits of on DW and LJ to provide appropriate reference and linkage.

I have to say, I kind of miss the days when I was multi-fandom enough to write Weiß Kreuz/Firefly and Taltos/Getbackers and Highlander/Earth: Final Conflict at the drop of a hat, all in one month. Like, seriously. I wish I could open a prompts post to any fandoms I've ever written and be able to pick them up again. Even aside from that, though, I think I used to write a lot of instant reaction fic to movies and books that didn't become ongoing fandoms for me, like Howl's Moving Castle and Logan's Run or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Random surprise of the night: vampire het chan desk porn. (Random surprise of last week: angel/demon porn.) Hey, guys, weird fact, I actually occasionally write porn.
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fucking research paper, fucking everything's on reserve so I can't just take books home, I'm going to have to come back to the library tonight, and to top it off, Kryptonian!Neal has woken up and wants to be written. My brain, I don't even know.

ETA: One of my great joys in getting my old fiction transferred over to AO3 is when I type a recipient's name and AO3 autofills because the person I wrote the story for five years ago has an AO3 account now. Which means they get notified and I get to share the love all over again.

I had to douse for wireless signal to be able to edit this entry! How the hell did five feet get me from "very low" to "excellent" connection?


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