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So I have a complete draft of a vid for Club Vivid, but it needs polish, and I have not gotten critical feedback! Well, I've gotten detailed feedback from [personal profile] enemyofperfect but they liked everything! I mean that is very encouraging but I feel like I cannot possibly need absolutely no tweaks. (I mean. I should probably put credits on at some point, and there's one frame of digital noise that needs re-render. But like, clip choices and flow and stuff!) I sent my brother a list of questions; I was teaching him how to (how I) vid by having him skype in and watch my work, which is the only reason it is done(ish) this far ahead of the deadline. He was worried about his OCD getting in the way of providing feedback and I was like "here just answer the questions" but I haven't heard from him. I should probably poke him. And [personal profile] niqaeli sent me "eeee adorbs!" from bar, but I don't want to poke her rn because she's finishing her semester and her degree about the same date the vid is due :p I also dropped the vid on an old friend that I'd sort of let the friendship lapse while I fell off the internet for like 3 years and probably "give me feedback!!!" is not the most uh, uh, the um best way to re-initiate contact but apparently I'm still a failboat in her general direction. Facepalm.

Anyway I have this vid that all I've done with it for the past week is watch it and re-watch it and giggle to myself, and I'm like is it done?? Is it not done?? What does it need?? and, hands
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A fun-filled weekend of fun has been had! And it's still a holiday tomorrow!

On Thursday night after [personal profile] niqaeli got off work, we drove out to LA to visit [personal profile] echan and [personal profile] jetpack_monkey. An all-night trip; we hoped to get there before the morning rush so I left 21 minutes from the end of the first episode of BBC's Sherlock, which [personal profile] traykor had put on while niq was still at work. Because those 21 minutes might actually matter to whether the freeways were totally clogged or just impenetrably labeled. Never mind spoilers, imagine being 3/4 of the way into any iteration of any Sherlock Holmes story and having to walk away. We arrived on [personal profile] echan's doorstep and despite being dead tired, I asked if we could put it on (I figured we'd watch it from Netflix, turns out they own the DVD). So we did. I have now seen Sherlock. Whoo.

On Friday, [personal profile] niqaeli and I slept in weird bits on and off but not at the same time as one another mostly, and [personal profile] echan came out as genderqueer on the internet, which I had known about for some time and [personal profile] niqaeli hadn't and wow, it was a relief to be on the same page as my braintwin finally. ([personal profile] jetpack_monkey's reaction, which [personal profile] echan IMed me about a couple weeks ago, was an adorable sleepy "Not that surprised. Still my [personal profile] echan." *heart* He is a sweet husband.) Also on Friday, we went out for sushi! At some point, we watched the Tik Tok vid for vampire Nikola Tesla from last year's Club Vivid and I explained in detail what was going on for [personal profile] echan, who has seen about five Sanctuary episodes, out of order. There was dinner from their favorite 24-hour delivery service because apparently most things in downtown LA close at like, six (including Starbucks! I've never known a Starbucks that closed that early!). Then the household (which also includes [ profile] diannelamerc and [ profile] lizbetann) decided to watch Being Human UK while niq and I variously went to sleep and passed out. Naturally, having fallen over before midnight, I woke up at about one in the morning and put some Dresden Files on (I watched three episodes! I remember what happened in some of them! I laughed at Netflix's description of Harry as ethics-challenged, because he seems to have a fairly strong personal ethical code to me! but maybe he fails it up later? who even knows).

On Saturday I did not wake at six in the morning like niq, who had fallen down and stayed down instead of Netflixing in the middle of the night, but I did manage to pull myself out of couch for trip to Little Tokyo with her and [personal profile] echan. I had a honeydew melon smoothie, then we went to bookstore and niq got lots of origami paper, then we had enormous bowls of noodles and niq forgot that my tolerance for alcohol is significantly lower than hers, so yes, half a bottle of sake will get me tipsy.

After that we went to Santa Monica: I had expressed interest in beach (any beach) and niq wanted to go to British import shops/a restaurant for tea in the area. Both beach and tea were lovely. Like, half an hour on the freeway + forty minutes finding parking + a good ten minutes of walking across the deepest beach on the coast to dunk myself in the ocean for fifteen minutes (priceless). Neither niq nor echan came in more than knee-high with me (though I full-body hugged echan when soaked to hear zir squawk), both feeling that the water was much too cold for my shenanigans, and it was cold? but I'd been expecting it to be cold and had sort of over-anticipated it so it wasn't as cold as I actually thought it would be? So for me it was pleasant. And wave-diving is fun. Mostly if you dive under waves right it rolls over you and you come back up behind it a few seconds later. Once I hit my dive wrong and got tossed around in the turbulence of the breaker a bit more and came up laughing in glee, so much so that I startled a woman nearby that I hadn't known I'd washed up next to into laughing with me. I, I sometimes forget other people are there when I'm staring out at the wild, wide ocean. On a wading beach, no one much comes out as far as me (you have to be waist-to-chest deep to get waves big enough to dive under), and also I have sort of um. Great transcendental fierce pagan joy that possibly puts me in an altered state with the ocean? Although part of that is wave-diving related endorphins. Even when you do the dive right, you end up with sore shoulders, and when you're standing there letting the little ones hit you waiting for the big ones, you end up with sore thighs. The ocean's like, big. It's all-encompassing and humans are so tiny and you get a bit battered. Endorphins: apparently I was kind of stoned for tea.

(For the record: it is possible I am not a traditionally sane person. Don't try this at home?)

I have always thought I would like to live by the sea. I think I must be part selkie. And I currently live in a desert and my families of blood and choice both live here so I don't know if I'll ever leave, really. But we fantasized about everywhere we would have residences if we won the lottery during tea and I think having a villa on the Mediterranean would be nice.

After that, we went to see My Chemical Romance. Apparently people had been standing in line since like, noon, and so we got there after the line had gone in, around eight, resigned to standing nowhere near the stage but frankly okay with with having done other things besides camp out for the show. [personal profile] echan noted that the mass of people in front of the stage was very tightly packed and not moving at all, no one leaving for drinks or food or bathroom or anything, fairly completely impermeable. Then during the opening number Gerard Way went crowd-surfing and I yelled in zir ear, "Now you know why." They'd been waiting for their opportunity to touch him.

Since I am apparently incapable of not snarking to the internet, I tweeted a fair amount during the show. Er, so I have a twitter account? It is [ profile] decontextual, I um. Never mind. Here:

[Re the opening act] "Get that girl up onstage, I'm gonna eat her!" "Performance would probably be improved by onstage cunnilingus."
Friendly fans. At top of stair letting people coming up pass before I go down. A dude hugs me and says I smell nice. Seems stoned not scary.
The song "the only hope for me is you" sounds slightly less creepily psychotic when sung in concert to fans.
As per your request: you're a bad bad bad bad man, G-way. #mcr [I actually like House of Wolves a lot, but hahahaha I just. Watching him crawling all over the mic stand...]
"you ready *mumble*" is part of the song permanently in performance??? #mcr [re "Vampire Money"]
E says re Destroya: they burned the dictionaries first? #mcr
Okay sometimes I enjoy them unironically. #mcr [Re Teenagers]

Lost my bet on what their encore would be; they went back to Black Parade to close out the show rather than pulling out Sing.

We tried to go to a bar with food after the show, but that didn't work out well. We ended up getting food from Famima!! which I wish we could have in Valley of Hell, but wiki says they closed like half their test sites and now exist solely in downtown LA. Then we fell down.

Come Sunday morning, brunch was delivery, much hugging was hugged, and niq and I got on the road about 1:30. We plotted many terrible things to do to Ivan on the way, which also involved doing terrible things to Gregor. Having Illyan in my head is oh, my God, a trip and a half. *flail* I cannot even describe. Eventually there will be fic. I hope. The shortish snippet I was going to try for wants to be about 8-12K because Ilyan's going to cross-reference everything. Cry. Yay. Something.

My calves, my thighs, and my shoulders are all sore and tired. When I lay down I can feel my legs vibrating. When I get up it hurts. Muscle aches everywhere. I mean, I was expecting this? Walking, walking in sand, swimming, more walking in sand, more walking, standing at a concert for two and a half hours, then driving several hours will do that to you. (Interestingly my legs didn't hurt while I was driving, only when I stopped. Yet I kept stopping to stretch them out, because I was afraid they would like, calcify in driving stance.) Also that whole paragraph up there about endorphins is pretty hilarious to me now. But I've almost entirely gotten my hearing back after only a day! (Concerts. Concerts are loud.)

Plotting for future trips in both directions proceeds apace. OCEAN. In related news: I am interested in becoming a touring fangirl and driving to visit people I have met on the internet. Contemplate this entry and imagine all the fun you could have with me!
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I cosplayed Ruby at Club Vivid and [personal profile] luminosity commented that I was playing the dead femme fatale. I had to headtilt and remember that for the rest of fandom, yes, she is dead. But not for me, because I live in another universe as far as Supernatural is concerned.

I happened to mention this [personal profile] niqaeli, whose response was that, well, okay, the host body's kind of a walking corpse, but Ruby isn't dead in any meaningful way, and how do we dissect the deadness of demontude. We were stopped at a red light so I let go of the wheel and took her hands and said, "No really, honey, she was stabbed with the demon-killing knife. As far as canon and most of fandom are concerned, she's really, really dead." And niq started cracking up because she had completely forgotten, as she also lives in another universe with regards to Supernatural, although hers involves the phrase "Ruby, the archangel" and Gabriel being an asshole for kicks.

In case you were wondering about Olga, it's not like I didn't specifically go looking for all the blood and gore and demon-shooting and demon-stabbing and somehow I left out that part of the season 4 finale, so I think it's safe to say she's not dead either.

The funny thing is that there are shows for which fandom has declared Didn't Happen (see also: Richie Ryan, Alex Krycek, and Daniel Jackson, where the power of their denial combined with lack of regular work for a scifi-turned-serious actor combined to MAKE IT CANONICAL), but as far as we can tell, there isn't any organized/widespread denial about Ruby. So hey. Put your hands up if Ruby lives on in your hearts, regardless of what may or may not have happened on the show.
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So post-Premieres the entire con is trying to use the internets, and the internets (being crappy hotel wifi) are resisting use. Leading to a couple of people in my room positing Vividon/Internets non-con.

Meanwhile, we were discussing the vastly over-exaggerated, even mythologized stories of random hook-ups at Vividcon. Said I, "How many witnesses were you that time you were making out with someone in the restroom?" [personal profile] niqaeli does not recall, as she was very drunk that year. It is worth noting that when she started licking my ear in Club Vivid I dragged her up to the room, which may have led people to erroneous conclusions. In conclusion, we may have contributed to the mythology. YET SADLY WE HAVE NOT ACTUALLY HAD ANY VIVIDCON HOOK-UPS. Woe.
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What shall I wear to Club Vivid?

Financial aid just doubled my aid for the summer so I actually have some money to play with; I could buy a new dress and/or other things to wear. I could also afford Lady Gaga tickets now! [personal profile] echan won't play dress-up with me tomorrow; she said maybe Monday and. I don't even know. I want pretty shiny things now.

Welcome to the land of shallow.

I keep wanting to tackle deep and being unable to figure out how to phrase my issues.

So I am at: I want to wear pretty, shiny things to Club Vivid.

(ETA: well, that was a spectacular failure, and I am now in tears.)

(ETA2: FUCK. Completely unrelated to the previous eta, I am now flailing about picking out things to wear for club vivid because I FEEL TOO FAT TO COSPLAY. I KNOW THIS IS DUMB. I DO THIS EVERY YEAR. Can I go back to the year I spent entirely too much time deciding if I was going to shave my pits? I think I prefer that level of intellectual body image dissection.)

(ETA3: So I'm considering for my primary expenditure on costume this year, demon contacts. Who wants to lick red corn syrup off my arm at Club Vivid?)
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[personal profile] echan's first vid ever premiered at Club Vivid last night, a Hustle vid called Smart Con. But to our bafflement it had the weirdest glitch I've ever seen--it looped. Seamlessly. It wasn't even out of sync. The part that repeated covered up another part of her vid, so the hilarious MTV con she vidded was not shown.

[personal profile] echan seems to be taking it fairly well. We assured her that someone's vid gets screwed up every year, it's just one of those things that happens when you have eleventy-billion vids to deal with, and it really was seamless. We don't yet know what it'll look like on that DVDs we all get to take home from con, because I checked the version we submitted and it was correct--so it could be a glitch specific to the Club Vivid playlist burn. In any case, it will be correct on the House of Torres DVDs ($3 in con suite on Sunday and thereafter perhaps on the internets) and for download when I get home on Monday.
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Get Off, a Chuck vid to Republica, by [personal profile] jmtorres. A Club Vivid Premiere.

Stop the world, Chuck wants to get off.
Warning: Het. Slash. Guns. Car crashes. The Flail School of Kung Fu.

Download link (please right-click or ctrl-click and save): (22MB)

8/15/09: Ahahaha. OMG. I managed to miss the premiere of this because a) I didn't realize it was so early in the Club Vivid line-up and b) I was doing [personal profile] niqaeli's make-up and [personal profile] traykor was doing my hair. So I missed all the live reactions! If you happened to have seen it tonight at Vividcon, I would love to hear from you.

6/3/09: I write the introduction to this entry in July, after having completed my vid for Premieres show. With any luck, you all will be reading this entry and watching this vid before Premieres show. I am sort of terrified of how things will go after Premieres show. If you happen to be reading this after [personal profile] niqaeli and my premieres vid was released, know that for an entire two months I thought that THIS vid, the Chuck vid, was going to overshadow the rest of my vidding career with its sheer awesome.

5/1/09: As I write these notes, it's within hours of completing my eleventh hour upload to turn the vid into Vividcon. I wanted to set things down while I still remember what the hell I was doing, and it's three and a half months between completion and airdate. You guys. Three and a half months. Know that I have wanted to show this to you all for three and a half months.

I am really, really proud of it. I keep watching it and I don't hate it yet. The vidders among you will know what I mean--usually, there comes a time in the cutting of a vid where you just want to throw your entire editing set-up out a window and scream at the sky. The thing is done and I still like it and furthermore I think it's awesome. I just watched it some number of times that I had to figure out from looking at timestamp on the last instant message I'd sent (three time, I think I watched it three times in a row) and I still love it.

(And I just went to watch it again.)

Acknowledgements )

Cheats )

some fruity, squishy "what does it mean" crap )
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After about twenty-five hours on the road, we have stopped (as planned! just not quite so late!) at a Motel 6 just short of St. Louis. We'll be in Chicago tomorrow... evening, probably. Yay Vividcon!

Things left to be doing:
I am making a Merlin vid with [personal profile] ysobel. I have clipped up to... halfway through the Lancelot episode. OMG so screwed.

I am needing to be mastering the DVD for House of Torres that we are, theoretically, selling at Vividcon! (For $3 a pop. Orphan vids table takes cash only. Plan ahead.)

I am about half done embroidering the insignia on my cosplay for Club Vivid.

I have a hard time walking up to people at con to whom I don't talk all the time online, so if I do not approach you, it is probably because OMG YOU ARE TOO AWESOME FOR ME. Feel free to approach me. You will recognize me by the blue hair. Yes, I dyed my hair to match my dress again.

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I uh. I may have bought some boots.

In aid of cosplaying TOS miniskirted awesome at Vividcon.

Bought them online! Bought them from which has a 365-day they-pay return policy! Because I'm crossing my fingers that they fit my fat calves but I HAVE BEEN BURNED BEFORE.


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