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Hey, do you guys have any fave Stargate vids? SG-1 or Atlantis, not picky. Or even the like, movie.

I'm teaching my brother how to vid, and he wants to make a Stargate vid, and I figured one of the things I should do is introduce him to the extant fannish vidding culture and also it'd be fun just have a vid watching party.
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Oh boy, do I!


"Welcome Home" by kanzeyori/permetaform

"Halleluja" by Rayne & Rache

"Poker Face" by Crysothemis

"This Is How It Works" by lim


"Solsbury Hill" by astolat
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Going through her AO3, I see she's now Ask her there?

I have a DLed copy I can give you, if she doesn't have a link.

I could put it up on my YT account if she's OK with that:

As you can see, I put "Hallelujah" up with the vidders' permission.
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SGA - The Temptation of John Sheppard" because I still think its pretty and just lovely. But McShep so keep that in mind.
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I think fabella's SGA vid "Four Years" was the first vid I ever watched, so it has a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately, the only unbroken link I can find for it is someone else re-uploading it to YouTube here. I may have the file on my external drive -- I can check if you're interested in it.
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The one where Daniel's a prostitute, but with guns, set to 'Fancy' jumps to mind. Can't find it though.
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Thank you!