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ahahaha so

that thing i said the other day about having overcome my need for soulmate perfect song matches for vids, and being able to cut songs for my vids now?

I am currently gnawing my fingernails over IF I CUT THIS VERSE AM I GUTTING THE SONG? How about the haha no sarcastic stinger after the theoretically serious chorus? Am I destroying the song if I want to end it on "I love you" not "at least I think I do"? Am I doing the song 100% wrong in the first place if I am trying to decide if the girls verse is superfluous to my dudeslash ship?

(/o\ at least it's not two white dudes? only one of them is white? and like. I can think of parallel things I want to do with the ladies in the fandom for the "girls" verse like it's totally possible to read the separation of verses as divided rather than complementary, but like, am I ruining the song by reinterpreting it????)

in other news: juls has still not gotten the memo that vidding is almost always more about the fandom than the song?
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Am I destroying the song if I want to end it on "I love you" not "at least I think I do"?

If I were already familiar with the song, I'd know that "at least I think I do" is there and it'd probably affect my reading of the vid.
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I don't believe that any song used for a vid is sacrosanct and must run full length and never be cut, but in this case I think it might be an issue. Sorry!