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current media consumption

I was going to title it "current fandoms" but I'm not sure I'm fannish for all of them.

Cherryh, in general; I'm collecting audiobooks of the Foreigner series to listen to on the metro and on long drives (I've read them all, which seems to be a thing I want/like/need in audiobooks? That it's a book I know and am sure I am up for having it poured into my ears?). read the Chanur and the Mri books earlier this year, got most of the way thru Morgaine before stopping bc not up to torture/execution opening scene of 4th book. And now I'm poking my way through various omnibuses that collect unrelated novels for anything with azi in; found Port Eternity interesting in the emergency interactions but kind of blah in the conclusion; most of the way through Serpent's Reach and torn between fascination and wondering if Raen actually comprehends azi mindset much at all. Planning to reread Cyteen... eventually. Or maybe listen to it, I got the audiobook of that but like. I'm not sure I want to take that one on tape!

Babylon 5 rewatch with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey, because we needed an ensemble show to prevent us from rewatching Grey's Anatomy again, and this was the one we agreed on. We just started s2, but it might be a bit until we continue because Fallout 4 dropped today. I remember the broad strokes of B5 but many of the particular moments are delights I had forgotten.

(in theory I'm still making a GA vid, which is honestly more fannish than a lot of my interaction with these various media, so I should probably include GA too even though not actively watching it now. Just for like. The past six months. you know. whatever.)

Hemlock Grove, I'd seen the first two seasons previously but did not recall them particularly so I'm rewatching for s3. I'm up to the surprise threesome Miranda wants them not to be awkward about. Does she die or turn out to be evil or something? I forget. This series is so weird. Not the gothic whatever, the narrative construction. Like, in the first season, the two boys who are ostensibly the main characters are utterly irrelevant to the plot--neither is actually the killer, neither actually stops the killer, I don't think you can even say they solved who the killer was, they just did various pointless things until she showed up and confessed, basically. And then the whole Letha's pregnancy thing--that was apparently Olivia's doing, her mindwhammying Roman into it. Basically all the white dudes on this show are whiners dancing on the strings of women puppeteers, Roman, Norman, you can make an argument about whether Peter counts since Romani, but played by a white dude; he makes Roman have more of a personality but he's not a particularly effective plot force. Dr. Pryce actually moves the plot occasionally, but then, he's definitely not white. And--I'm not complaining per se that the women and people of color are the most interesting and complex and active, but I wish the story was framed around them, then. Like, as far as I can tell, the show THINKS its overarching theme is the tragedy of Roman's decline and fall into upirism but like. In the list of things that are more interesting: Shelley, everything about Shelley, Clementine Chasseur's background in monster-hunting and moral conflict about it, Destiny's very grounded, bodily fluid-based magical practice, Olivia's background and manipulations and how she's gotten through the centuries and why it's been so difficult for her to have the baby she wanted, a wolf-girl afraid of sexuality turning to an unwed pregnant teenager for help-- anyway, I have feelings about this show and the things it should give me more of and fails to.

How to Get Away With Murder - finished the first season on Netflix a couple of days ago. Facepalming all over the place at various "reveals."

Portal. Played through Portal recently, might play through Portal 2, although from what I saw of [personal profile] jetpack_monkey's play thru of the first few chapters, GLaDOS's new habit of weight-based insults may turn me off. Kind of like how you may not want to play Katamari games if you have certain kinds of issues with your father.
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Thinking back, I was pretty facepalm about the HTGAWM finale too; it's just that I'm so irrationally in love with all these tragic and/or tragically manipulative characters that as soon as S2 showed up I was like OH FINE C'MERE. *hands*
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Cherryh: Have you read 40 Thousand In Gehenna?
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I'm not sure I want to take that one on tape!

I feel you on that.