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For reference: my vids.

ETA: For more recent work, see [community profile] houseoftorres.

27 October 2008: Industrial Strength Tranquilizer, Eureka vid to the Austin Lounge Lizards. Wedding present for [personal profile] niqaeli. Premiered at [ profile] vidukon 2008. 24.1MB avi.

18 August 2008: Highway Café of the Damned, Stargate SG-1 vid to the Austin Lounge Lizards. Co-vidded with [personal profile] niqaeli. Premiered at [ profile] vividcon 2008. 24.6MB avi.

13 August 2007: Tokyo Sling: Remix, Weiß Kreuz vid to Smashmouth's Waste for [ profile] keelieinblack and the [ profile] vividcon 2007 Auction. 26.5MB avi.

4 September 2006: Miracle and Wonder, Star Wars original trilogy to Paul Simon's Boy in the Bubble. Blind remaster of baby's first vid. Wedding present for the high school best friend. 27.1MB avi.

16 August 2004: Change, Fight Club to the Getaway People. For [ profile] cadetdru. Premiered at [ profile] vividcon 2004. 30MB avi. There is also Commentary, 22mb mov, as of Nov 07.

16 August 2004: Shot in the Head, Touching Evil (US) to David Bowie's Seven Years in Tibet. Mostly done because the source was damn pretty. Premiered at [ profile] vividcon '04. 13.5MB avi. Or

27 May 2003: Rain, Farscape to Paul McCartney's Mamunia. A serendipitous shift in the weather. For [personal profile] ysobel. 8.4MB avi.

11 March 2003: American Tune, Andromeda (the downfall of Rhade) to Paul Simon. My least favorite of my own vids, but I know that it works for some people, so. 30.8MB avi.

17 February 2003: I Want You, Witchblade (Irons's obsession with Pez and the blade) to Elvis Costello. For [ profile] boniblithe. 54.5MB avi because it is an effing six and a half minute vid, but I have to say, this encode gets the luminosity to viewable levels.

15 November 2002: Kryptonite Andromeda (Dylan/Rhade) to Three Doors Down. First vid that saw web (remastered for the bits that weren't out on DVD yet originally). Premiered at [ profile] vividcon '04. 30.5MB avi.

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Shot in the Head, Touching Evil (US) to David Bowie's Seven Years in Tibet. Mostly done because the source was damn pretty. 8.6mb zipped mov.

Yay, I can finally watch it!

By the way, do you happen still to have my I-Man tape?

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....Yes. Let me look for that when I'm home (I'm currently at a friend's).

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::nods:: That's fine. If I were particularly concerned about it, I would've bugged you about it much sooner/more often. And you're welcome to hang onto it longer, if you want to watch it again first. I just figured I'd check in on it.

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Found it! I actually have all of I-Man on .avi now, so there's no reason I should hold onto it. Email me and remind me your address to return it?

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Cool. I'm glad you liked the series. =) I sent my address from my whale-mail account to your LJ account.

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Sent! It, er, may have a scent of Lindt. Apparently my bookbag is a black pit of chocolate. I pulled it out at the post office and went, "Hey, what's that? *sniff* *lick* Yum."

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Hee. I'm not opposed to chocomedia, via scent. Now, if the tapes innards had been replaced with chocolate sauce, I might've objected, but I think I can handle this.

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IIRC I also taped a Vincent Ventresca Scifi movie of the week on the back end of there. I think.

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Yep, Larva. I'm not sure when my brain will feel up to that one, but I appreciate the, er, opportunity, or something.

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Downloaded "Shot in the Head." It's gorgeous, and the song is a neat match. Thanks for sharing it.

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Isn't it? (I can say that modestly because it's a case of source pretty.) I'm toying with remastering it, considering I could get DVD-source for about $5, but redoing all the effects makes my brain tense up.

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I really love what you did with Tokyo Sling: Remix. It's just brilliant.

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Aw, thank you!

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Nothing to do with this entry AT ALL (except that I love the icon)

wandered in from ihasatardis and fell in love with all (ALL) of your icons. can i steal some? (most importantly, the "i don't have an icon for this" one...that is so, so, so brilliant).

also, uh, fellow doctor-house-and-doctor-who fan, want to be BFFs for life?

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Of my icons--if I noted another creator on my icons page, you should ask them if they're shareable. The rest are made by me and I am fairly uptight about them (it always weirds me out to see someone else's post with a picture I associate with me!). I'm fine with you using the "I don't have an icon for this" one--if there's other specific ones you'd like to use, please tell me. I am occasionally able to make rational decisions about how attached I am on a case by case basis.

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Hey! I first came across your fic while in the FMA fandom; now I've read some of your DW/TW stuff. I like it very much. Mind adding me?

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Your journal is beautiful!

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Thank you.
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random test comment for gmail bug.
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Hey, just watched Miracle and Wonder (via the post that got linked to veni vidi vids) - omg how adorable. I loved it! And it made me want to watch Star Wars again after a good couple of years, which I always think is one of the best things a vid can do. :D
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A friend just got me into Andromeda (and by "got me into" I really mean "metioned" because I am easy like that), and I love your Kryptonite vid. It's really beautiful, and the song works perfectly.

Also, the link for American Tune seems to be broken. Is that fixable? Thanks!
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Works now, thanks! (And, wow, that was fast.) It's lovely, and heartbreaking, and I think I need to go watch it again right now. Thanks again!
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I downloaded Miracle and Wonder (ahem, ages ago) and love it - it's a major happy place for me, and I can't watch it without smiling and having, as they say, all the feels. Thanks so much for making it.