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Katta ([personal profile] katta) wrote in [personal profile] jmtorres 2010-04-09 01:04 pm (UTC)

I think most people count the implicit assumptions a universe makes as canon too, e.g. that Criminal Minds and CSI do not have hidden magic because they are procedural cop shows

But if so, any fic that wasn't in the same genre as the canon would be an AU. A Leverage ghost story, or Golden Girls angst story, or Gilmore Girls mystery. The genre already sets the tone, why unnecessarily use (and thereby weaken) the term AU as well?

So you wouldn't call a story that works with everything we saw on screen but twists CSI into some kind of urban fantasy and has for example Nick Stokes secretly as a shapeshifting dragon who hid that fact from his colleagues AU?

I would probably call it crackfic. Unless it was meant to be taken seriously, in which case I suppose it'd fall under "genre: supernatural" or something like that. Or just labelling it "urban fantasy". Things like wingfic are usually labelled with their particular trope, after all.

I'm not even entirely happy about elseworlds being mixed up with AUs, but since I can usually figure out what kind of story it is from the summary, I don't bitch too much about that.

I can't really say anything about vids because I watch very few, and usually I don't understand them, unless they are either funny or have a very clear story.

...I thought vids - in comparison to fics, admittedly, but still - were the topic discussion at hand?

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