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that might, in some parlance, be called a vid, based on a certain SNL sketch entitled "Haunted Elevator." (right-click to download, thank you kindly)

Happy Halloween!
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Oh, my god, I'm tired, I'm exhausted, I can't stand up--literally, my calves are like jelly, my hamstrings keep deciding to cramp, and I resent how sore my feet are given I wasn't even wearing my ridiculous boots--but I'm not tired.

I wish I had enough brain left to write fic, but I don't think I do. Contemplating reading a novel, or fanfic. Really wish I could think of something to make my feet hurt less.

...we had a party, I cooked a lot.
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I'm running ragged and behind on my cooking. Today I went to FOUR grocery stores (and still ended up unexpectedly short a can of pumpkin, see also, my braintwin's finger, three stitches thereon) and also Goodwill ($8 boots! With enormous chunky heels I can walk on! And I can actually zip them up!) and the booze store (lots of cider was acquired).

Things I have done:

--pumpkin filling for dumplings made
--sugar cookies made
--chicken stock and chicken for octopies prepared
--jello skull in the fridge

Things that need to happen tomorrow between when I get up and like, 5-6pm
--laundry (in the interest of having leggings to go with my TOS tunic)
--apple pie
--pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (for which I need more PUMPKIN)
--pumpkin apple soup
--assembly and cooking of pumpkin dumplings (for when I need to sit down?)
--chocolate beetles
--you know I was thinking I was going to unpack clear the table by the door but hahaha.

the good news is it's couple things for stove, a couple things for oven, so it's not going to be vying for time too badly. I think my sequence is going to be:

--start laundry
--make pie
--flip laundry
--when echan wakes up, send her for pumpkin (since SHE wants those cookies!)
--assemble wontons while waiting for pie to finish, and probably after pie is finished
--break for lunch at baja fresh, do car trade with [personal profile] niqaeli
--flip laundry
--zoop (is pretty readily reheatable, if it finishes early, which it MAY NOT)
--while zoop simmers away, toast pumpkin seeds and make octopie filling(s)
--pretend there is time for chocolate beetles in here somewhere
--put on a costume
--put octopies in the oven
--fry or steam dumplings
--have some fucking cider
--watch Beetlejuice like a boss.

Let me go check my white board...

Okay yeah that's everything. I should get some sleep. Like a boss.


Sep. 30th, 2010 12:52 am
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So I'm contemplating making the meat dress for Halloween. Only vegan. I, I didn't start out saying "how can I make this vegan," I started out saying "how can I recreate this effect" and the answer I arrived at was algae. Hah.


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