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fandom quiz

[personal profile] echan and I have spent seriously, like, three hours, discussing fannish categorizations of material as it strays further and further from canon. We are interested in your opinions on the following:

In reference to vidding:
What constitutes canon (or nonviolation of canon)?
What constitutes an AU?
What constitutes constructed reality?

Where are the lines between these categories? What separates them? What rationales and characteristics can you use to differentiate between them?

Where does crossover fall in this scale?
Does the use of secondary sources make a vid fall into one category or another?

Second verse: would you care to tackle the same questions (as relevant) wrt fanfiction?

If you're very good, I may post my own thoughts on this matter when I am less drunk.
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I've been wondering about AU vs. constructed reality for years now. Fic just seems to have AUs, with "constructed reality" being a term only used for vids. But is there a difference? Is "constructed reality" just an AU in vid form?

I have no idea.

I feel like there's a clear line between CR and canon, but things like slash or unconventional het pairings (Claire-Sylar ::shudder::) make it seem fuzzy again. Those who privilege authorial intent would argue that all shippy vids in which the characters are not canonically in a romantic/sexual relationship are by definition CR/AU, but I don't see it that way, exactly.

It's confusing!