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Katta ([personal profile] katta) wrote in [personal profile] jmtorres 2010-04-09 11:24 am (UTC)

Most people would label the last AU but not the first, but inbetween there is sliding scale where you could label it AU or you could say it's canon fic.

I guess I have a stricter definition of AU than most, then, because I wouldn't call any of those things AU, as long as they don't directly contradict canon. Otherwise, wouldn't all fic be AU?

But yes, you have a point - fic AUs can be hard to define too. I guess the difference to me is that with fics, the author states something upfront and the reader can go "Well, that's not canon." With vids, unless source is taken elsewhere, everything is from canon, and the context makes it CR or not - but vids always consist of clips in new contexts, so it really depends on the viewer seeing the same narrative as the vidder. (Or indeed any narrative at all; not all viewers do.) So it's harder both to create an AU and to make it appear as such.

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