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The Gauche in the Machine ([personal profile] china_shop) wrote in [personal profile] jmtorres 2010-04-06 08:15 pm (UTC)

I'm still new to vidding and probably wrong about everything (*g*), but this made me wonder whether a vid is AU or CR (and I guess I tend to think of vids as more CR than AU simply because with vids, the reality is so very constructed, whereas with fic, we were making up all of the words from scratch anyway /digression) if there is substantial re-purposing of footage. By which I mean, if you approach the footage out of context, ignoring what came before or after each shot, and try to create a new story. Use X's reaction to an apple and re-contextualise it as a reaction to the TARDIS, or fudge it so in context it looks like it's person A in that long-shot when it's actually person B. Plus manips, etc.

I know all vidding has an element of that, but in non-AU/CR vids, don't we generally assume the viewer will bring the context to the vid, whereas with AU/CR, we're hoping they'll be able to put it aside?

Actually, now I've confused myself. Ot1h, there's [personal profile] trelkez's OT3 White Collar festivid, Let's Misbehave (I'm late for work, so no link, sorry), which I don't think of as CR, really, but which tells a new story by re-purposing clips with abandon. Maybe it is CR and I'm just not classifying it as such because I want to believe? And otoh, I read the BtVS bootcamp thread from way back when, and the posters there were very aware of the context of each clip, and the connotations and resonance that flowed from the surrounding scene/episode, and I've totally lost my train of thought, sorry... *fail*

*scampers off to work*

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