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jmtorres ([personal profile] jmtorres) wrote2010-04-04 11:34 pm

quick, someone tell me I'm ludicrous

I need a punch in ego, my life is too friggin' weird.

eta: broke out the spendy booze for this. Ah, pomegranate liqueur.

juls: oh my god i'm outlining right now
the PRESTORY stuff is enormous
and storylike in its own right
greybard: I take it a prequel may happen, if only in your brain?
juls: probably what will happen is it will come out in bits and pieces randomly through the story proper, so I should damn well have it all worked out
seriously, they storm hell
greybard: .... As prestory?
Like, it is not in the fic?
juls: *cough*
greybard: Okay, fair enough, almost every writer doesn't write storming hell, they just allude to it as epic
But still
Talk about burying the lead
juls: Yes. While dean is dead. Sam and Ruby open the devil's gate and try to get him out
greybard: I can't believe you're glossing over storming Hell
I guess it doesn't have enough bloodplay or dubcon?
(Not a dig, just joking)
juls" *dying*
I kept trying to figure out where the story starts and fuck me, it starts when janie wakes up
and she slept through that one
greybard: Preeeeequel
juls: hahahahah
greybard: Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeequel
juls: fuuuuuuuuuuuck you *laughing*
greybard: Storming Hell!
Curiously fun for the whole family!
juls: cannot breathe for laughing
I'm about to spittake my expensive liqueur
greybard: "Mommy, why can I read the part where they're in Hell but not when they get to Earth where there are butterflies and flowers and 98% fewer demons?"
"Because, darling, when you're fighting demon hordes, you need to keep your pants on"