Three positive things post day 3

Sep. 21st, 2014 12:43 pm
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1. Nice temps are lasting long enough that I am continuing to get much needed yard work done. Also, related, I got the lawn mowed a (probably) last time before it is covered in leaves.

2. I had a medical issue that could have been any number of serious (!) things but turned out to just require some antibiotics. Whew.

3. Mom and I have brought in over $3000 this summer, hosting people through AirBnB. It's the easiest money we've ever made. We've used it to fix some broken furniture, clean the carpets, pay for a regular cleaning service, buy a new dehumidifier, put some on the house taxes, fix a broken window, hook up a rain barrel and buy a new bathroom rug, in addition to buying breakfast food. The remaining $1000 will go to the house painter who starts this week. And! Although the touristy season has ended, we have some people booked for graduation next May (some people plan ahead) and a woman from Thailand may stay for 16 days in January because she has to come for training at the USGS site a half mile from my house. We'd be booked for half of JANUARY! Didn't expect that.

Feets go right way!

Sep. 21st, 2014 01:55 pm
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Who has two thumbs and is full of estimated 7-8 pounds of vertex baby? Aw yeah.

After nearly three weeks of trying everything, I was pretty solidly convinced she couldn't turn and that, specifically, her head was stuck on a loop of cord or just in my ribs. Everything else moved freely and often, but that giant baby head just didn't go anywhere (and, incidentally, contributed to all sorts of fun activities like waking up from a sound sleep choking on vomit. Isn't pregnancy beautiful?).

Anyway, ECV was a bit of a production – five hours in L&D, monitors, bloodwork, anti-contraction injections. And the consult beforehand contained such alarming pronouncements as, "we will probably have to try a couple different times. If nothing else, my arms will get tired!" O.O

However, when it came to it, she went around on the second try. Of the actual procedure I will say only: imagine what you think it feels like to have an OB grab one end of the baby in you, a resident grab the other end, and both of them shove as hard as they can, and then turn it up to about 8 on the weird/painful scale, and you've got it. Hogwart spent the next couple hours in what can only be described as outraged flailing, but seems to have settled in. There is a 95% chance she will stay put this time, which sounds comforting until you realize that there was a 97% chance she never would have been breech at this point. I've only had one bout of intense paranoia where I was convinced she'd flipped back, so pretty good all around.

And oh my God. If you ever want to genuinely appreciate the physical rigors of the late third tri, spend most of the trimester with a big, high breech. I am so much more comfortable now, I can't even. My ribs don't feel like they're going to dislocate. My diaphragm doesn't ache nauseatingly when I lie on my side. My left side uterine ligaments don't send out sparks of nerve fire when touched. Of course, Hogwart has, from her new perspective, been reminded of her mortal enemy also known as my bladder and has re-initiated hostilities. But in comparison? Bliss.

And now we wait for labor . . .

OTW Fannews: Spotting Fanworks

Sep. 21st, 2014 05:11 pm
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Posted by Jennifer Rose Hale


Graphic of digital music play screen with text Spotting Fanworks
  • Business 2 Community featured fan video work in a recent post and looked at some stats. "In the past 30 days, Doctor Who has garnered 7.9 million views on YouTube with 355 videos uploaded about the show. Doctor Who also had its series 8 premiere in this window of time...By comparison, BBC’s Merlin (which has been off the air for nearly three years) had around 33 thousand views across 140 videos in the past 30 days. It is apparent that new official content drives views, but fandom still makes videos even without any new footage available. If we compare Doctor Who with smash hit Harry Potter for the past 30 days, Doctor Who still wins. But Harry Potter still has a healthy 2.8 million views across 89 videos."
  • The Asian Age looked at audio works. "In an emerging musical microtrend, fans of many such literary and cinematic fictional franchises have taken to creating and downloading 'ambient mixes' in a bid to recreate their favourite spaces and sequences from the narrative...Vasudev Rathore sees in ambient mixes a way to give your life a background score and make routine or even tedious things feel more exciting. Add to this an association with your favourite books or movies and the outcome is unparalleled. 'You can make a novel come alive by recreating its environment using ambient sounds. I have started reading Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter again with these new sound mixes in the background. It is a whole new experience.'"
  • The Hollywood Reporter's feature on the future of films included the role of fans, though it was perhaps a little behind the times in not acknowledging that fan films were already here. "The accessibility of tech makes it all possible for us to produce — and own. The intellectual property of our own tales will be ours to use and repurpose in new innovative ways. We’ll see them screened and voted upon (like The Voice), with the winners getting widespread release. It will be an entirely new business model. You've heard about Fan Fiction? Get ready for Fan Film, in which self becomes film studio."

What fanwork features have you seen? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

We want your suggestions! If you know of an essay, video, article, podcast, or link you think we should know about, comment on the most recent OTW Fannews post. Links are welcome in all languages! Submitting a link doesn't guarantee that it will be included in a Fannews post, and inclusion of a link doesn't mean that it is endorsed by the OTW.

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Vidder: Kitty aka Winterevanesce
Title: How We Roll
Fandom: Jared & Jensen (Supernatural "Gag Reel Season 1-9")
Genre: Comedy, RP
Song/Artist: How We Roll by Britt Nicole
Software: Sony Vegas 12
Characters/Pairings: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Summary: "We are gonna dance everywhere we go"

Video Stream + Downloads + Notes

Comments are appreciated <3
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4.16 Methuselah's Gift
Original air date: April 28, 1996
Director: Adrian Paul
Writers: Michael O'Mahony and Sacha Reins


Synopsis: Someone is willing to do anything to put the Methuselah Stone back together and use its power—and Amanda has the last piece.

Please share your thoughts and reactions in comments. The master post for all discussion posts is here.

Episode Rewatch: 1.07 Mountain Men

Sep. 21st, 2014 09:33 am
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1.07 Mountain Men
Original air date: Nov 14, 1992
Director: Thomas J. Wright
Writer: Marie-Chantal Droney


Synopsis: While photographing petroglyphs in the mountains, Tessa is abducted by mountain men led by Immortal Caleb Cole, who wants to marry her. MacLeod pursues Cole and his henchmen on foot.

Please share your thoughts and reactions in comments. The master post for all discussion posts is here.
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SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft lifts off on the Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 1:52 a.m. EDT Sunday, Sept. 21, carrying about 5,000 pounds of NASA science investigations and cargo are on their way to the International Space Station.The mission is the company's fourth cargo delivery flight to the space station.

One of the new Earth science investigations heading to the orbital laboratory is the International Space Station-Rapid Scatterometer. ISS-RapidScat monitors ocean winds from the vantage point of the space station. This information will be useful for weather forecasting and hurricane monitoring. Dragon also will deliver the first-ever 3-D printer in space, biomedical hardware and other biological research including a new plant study.

Dragon is scheduled to be grappled at 7:04 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 23, by Expedition 41 Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency, using the space station's robotic arm to take hold of the spacecraft. Dragon is scheduled to depart the space station in mid-October for a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, west of Baja California, bringing from the space station almost 3,200 pounds of science, hardware and crew supplies.

Credit: NASA/Sandy Joseph and Kevin O'Connell
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The end of fog season is still hanging in there, but half-heartedly, drifting on the water and catching on the points. A few nights ago, we sat in the edge the fog bank with stars directly above, and the main beams of the light sweeping through the edges of the bank, six rays spreading out from a glowing core.

The mornings are darker. At the 0430 weather, I just saw the hair of the last crescent moon rising next to Jupiter in a sky still entirely dark. The sun is now just rising around the 0730 weather observation.

The native deciduous plants are dying back into a hundred shades of yellow and brown. Mostly brown. Most of the trees here are spruce and hemlock, and most of the brush salal, so stolid green will remain everywhere.

The hummingbirds are gone, and so are the robins are gone. I always thought it was funny that ours migrated, when the European Robins are such a symbol of fidelity. Most of the shorebirds have already migrated back to Mexico, stopping briefly on the way down. There were a few spotted sandpipers and sanderlings left, but they're soon gone. Sandhill cranes, as well, and presumably honkers soon.

It's funny how Spring is easier to watch for, as you always notice the first right away, but the last is always seen in retrospect, and dimly remembered.

(no subject)

Sep. 21st, 2014 11:54 am
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I am going to make one more attempt at triaging my incredibly-backed-up-because-I've-been-ignoring-it email, and then I'm taking a week-long holiday from the internet. Don't break the place while I'm gone!

(Hopefully I will be back just before yuletide noms end. If not, somebody make sure that Number Munchers and Young Avengers and the Asher novels get nominated. ^_^)

Sunday morning

Sep. 21st, 2014 10:23 am
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We're entering the busiest time of my year, and I'm trying everything I know in the self-care department. Yesterday afternoon after I got home from a few hours of being "on," I put Mr. Kid down for a nap and I napped too.

This morning I just couldn't rouse myself when Mr. Kid came upstairs around 7 (which is probably one part exhaustion and one part overnight cold meds, which often leave me flattened in the morning) so Y got up with him and I stayed in bed until almost 8, which is untold luxury. They're out running errands now and I'm walking on the treadmill. Trying to find the right balance between aiming for my usual step count these days (I know it helps me stay grounded), and cutting myself slack when I don't manage those steps because I'm on my feet all day in other ways.

But I got to read part of the latest Saveur over breakfast fried rice; and I made a pot of coffee; and this afternoon I get to spend some time in the beautiful outdoors; and these are all fine things indeed. Tonight I think we're going to watch a few more eps of Orphan Black -- I think we're up to episode seven of the first season, and it continues to be just fantastic.

One step at a time; one day at a time. I'm incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do, even though this month of the year tends to steamroller me a little bit. :-) I will just have to trust that it's okay if I'm fannishly boring for a little while, and don't have any scintillating meta or fic to post.

How are y'all?

Doctor Who - 805 - Time Heist

Sep. 21st, 2014 02:30 pm
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Blink and you missed half the episode.

spoilers )

I've probably forgotten bits I will likely add to the list later on, maybe on a second watching. If you read this and remember something you considered worth mentioning, feel free to remind me.
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I really need to start working on lesson plans sooner. Seven in the evening before the next day's classes is not the time to start. And actually, I haven't really started. I still need to make some dinner.

I know generally what I want to do. And theoretically I could do it without the work I'm contemplating on the computer. But the Chinese teachers like it when I use ppts. So.

The question... Well, it has to do with the work. One of the pages I have to teach this week has a segment called "culture corner". Has a couple lines about how in China, people eat dumplings, and in the UK they eat fish and chips. Seriously, it's two sentences. I need to fluff that up a bit. Any suggestions for other countries?

edit to add --- thanks, everyone! Got it done with your help. :) And it's not even stupid late. Yay!

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17:56 2013-11-29
It has come to my attention that people are woefully uninformed about certain episodes in the Thanksgiving narrative. For example, almost no one mentions the part where Squanto threatens to release a bioweapon buried under Plymouth Rock that will bring about the apocalypse.

Thanksgiving! (Thanksgayming)

As is becoming startlingly frequent for me, halfassed my Thanksgiving plans, but had a lovely time.

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breathlessly, links

Sep. 21st, 2014 09:56 am
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Briefly: am in the gorgeous Southern Tyrolia alps with the APs, must use the finally arrived sunshine, off to hike now, hence will be able to watch the latest Doctor Who not earlier than this late afternoon. However, have two links to posts I loved reading:

Doctor Who:

LISTEN meta on last week's DW episode which puts it excellently in a larger Whovian context.

Scriptwriter and Director of Breaking Bad's OZYMANDIAS look back a year later.

(Which reminds me I was here in the Southern Tyrolian alps, too, when BB ended. Tempus fugit indeed. Also, the article mentions Rian Johnson is set to direct the Star Wars sequel after the next one, if I understand it correctly, which, um, does that mean I have to watch it? I am that oddity, more invested in the prequels than in the classic trilogy anyway and really not interested in what happened next. Then again: Rian Johnson did some fantastic work on Breaking Bad and I'm glad he'll get a cinematic break. Presumably he won't use lense flares, either. Hm.)

Poem: "Dreams into Space"

Sep. 21st, 2014 02:33 am
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This is the freebie for the September Crowdfunding Creative Jam.  It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] ellenmillion.  It also fills the "beautiful" square in my 9-1-14 card for the [community profile] genprompt_bingo fest and the "space travel" square on my Wordsmith Bingo card.  This poem belongs to The Blueshift Troupers project.

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(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2014 11:36 pm
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I did get up and do things yesterday--bathing proved unexpectedly labour-intensive because the hot water boiler had run out of fuel, so I ended up making my own hot water with the stove, kettle, and microwave, and bathed in a few inches of water. (I wanted to shave my legs, which requires hot water.) Then I deposited my cheque, bought shelf brackets at Target, ate dinner at my local pub (at the bar, where the bartender was nice and complimented my handwriting when I pulled out my NCIS:LA story to add a few lines, and a couple drunk boys tried to impress me and I completely quashed their self-esteem without even trying) and headed home.

I'd had a glass of wine with dinner so I was tipsy, and I got home to find Raleigh Beckett roommate also tipsy with rum and coke, talking to my landlord (who had bought a Roomba, which Emily is afraid of). RBR got telling war stories from Afghanistan, which was mostly amusing so long as you rolled with the dark humour, but I was not so surprised when he came back from the bar he'd gone to with friends with a sprained wrist and chipped teeth from a fight. I iced him, hydrated him, hugged him, and put him to bed; and then today I subjected him to my "I think you're dealing pretty well but as a therapist and enough of an army brat by adoption to know, I am slightly concerned and giving you a lecture on mental health practices and things that should warn you to go seek help."

Then today my landlord and I put up shelves for the cat. Landlord did not much understand cats when I moved in--the two cats who occupied my room before I moved in were aggressive terrors who peed everywhere--so I've been teaching him how to be a cat person with some help from Jackson Galaxy, and now it's gratifying to see him revving up Emily, then spotting the signs of aggression and grabbing the big ostrich plume she likes to let her try to kill it. And also he took to "catification" like a duck to water (a duck, especially, whose next big project is installing the natural gas water heater, which looks intimidating and expensive, so he adores a chance to procrastinate) so he happily planned a kitty play-area on the wall behind the TV in the living room with me. (He wants a Victorian/steampunk aesthetic, and I floated the idea of making furniture from PVC pipe painted metallic colours; he declared he'd rather use actual brass, and found a used brass bedstead online for $40 and sketched up a plan to take it apart and reassemble it into a cat tree.)

Now we have two 4-foot shelves up near the ceiling (my brackets, and the discarded leaf from a table he threw out, sawed in half lengthwise). Then I bought some moulding to help support the smaller transitional shelves to help her jump up there, he cut the moulding strips and foot-long lengths of cedar, and I spent the evening sanding the rough cedar boards. He said he was allergic to cedar sawdust so I did it downstairs--and wow, I did not realize cedar sawdust was that much nastier than other kinds, but OH GOD IT REALLY IS.

I've put my sawdust-covered clothing in the wash, and will go downstairs and vaccuum things out in a couple minutes. Then I'd like to stay up and put a first coat of stain on the shelves and moulding, since it takes at least two, and has to dry for eight hours in between.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 20th, 2014 11:10 pm
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1. I forgot to order something yesterday so had to go in this morning even though I wasn't scheduled to work until the afternoon, because the order had to be in early. So that was kind of a pain, but I'm glad I remembered in time, plus this way I got extra exercise riding back and forth twice. :p (Also I'm really glad I live close enough that this sort of thing is possible!)

2. A former coworker stopped by tonight and we got to chat. It was good to see him!

3. Pizza for dinner. :)

4. Kitten has been such a sweet snugglebunny lately! I can't believe we've had her for a month! (She's so much bigger now, too.)

5. We got our employee gift certificates yesterday. They hadn't issued one in a while, so mine was $45! (We get 10% back on all purchases at the store, but rather than just do the easy thing and give us 10% off at the register, they add up our purchases and then give us gift certificates to use at the store.) The only thing is because they still haven't gotten the gift cards up and running, with the paper gift certificates we have to use the full amount at once, so I'm making a list of stuff to get. I don't usually buy $45 worth at one time.

6. Day off tomorrow! I might go in for a bit because I'm still so behind, but I don't have to, and I can sleep in. :D

3 Positive Things meme day 3

Sep. 20th, 2014 11:15 pm
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1. I had a lovely time this afternoon taking my stepmom to Bookmans, where I found a very nifty wooden serving object with three dishes that folds up into a flat, compact thing. And it fits (at an angle, but still) into the box I keep the pickle-plate dishes in.

2. Madame Faust posted a Lovely new chapter of Into The West.

3. My dad wants to put the poem I wrote yesterday into His book. The one that details his research.

Poem: "City of Sun and Rain"

Sep. 20th, 2014 11:56 pm
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This poem came out of the September 16, 2014 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from DW user [personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart[personal profile] zianuray, and Shirley Barrette. It also fills the "afternoon" square in my 9-1-14 card for the [community profile] genprompt_bingo  fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the series P.I.E.

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I maded a thing!

snow.txt (3883 words) by Sineala
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel 616, Avengers (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Characters Writing Fanfiction, Characters Reading Fanfiction
Summary: When Tony was a kid, he wrote massive self-insert Invaders hurt/comfort epics in which Captain America rescued him a lot. And cuddled him. He wasn't expecting that Steve would ever, ever read them.

As promised, it is a story about itty-bitty Tony Stark writing all the h/c fic about himself and Captain America. Because why not?

Three Good Happenings meme, day #3

Sep. 20th, 2014 08:33 pm
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Slim pickings today, but:

1. Pancakes for breakfast! I cannot remember the last time I ate a pancake. Probably at least 3-4 years. These were good.

2. Facetime session while I was waiting in the ferry line, which involved my folks on their smartphone and my bro and his adorable happy kid on Dad's laptop, with much silly switching of camera angles and giggling.

3. I am home, and Dave Brubeck's on the stereo.

Three positive things post day 2

Sep. 20th, 2014 06:06 pm
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1. I have friends with an enormous collection of fannish DVDs who lend them to me. \o/ (Rewatching Babylon 5 now)

2. Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow resumes on Monday.

3. Day trip on Tuesday for my mom's birthday -- cablecar, riverboat tour and museums!
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I've been reading David Halperin's How to be Gay and enjoying it a surprising amount, considering that I find his more historical writing opaquely theory-laden. It has interesting things to say about the relationship between gay culture and gay identity, and the limits of identity politics, including a passage about identification that reminded me strongly of slash as a queer female practice: students [in a course on gay literature]... enjoyed appropriating and queering works of mainstream, heterosexual culture. In fact they preferred doing that to reading gay novels.... At least, they discovered more queer possibilities in adapting and remaking non-gay material, and thus more uses for it, then they found in good gay writing.

...what gay men have always sought out is not only direct or literal representations of themselves, but also figural or metaphorical or encoded or encrypted representations of gay desire. There seems to be something about figurality itself that they like.

Another way of putting this is to say that gay identity affirms itself not only through identity... but also through identification.
Which makes me idly wonder whether slash is in fact the queer woman's equivalent of the gay male cult of the opera diva, the glamourous and/or tragic movie star, the female icon. But actually I didn't set out to offer you a review of this book, because I have more specific passages to discuss.

One section is an analysis of the films "Mildred Pierce" and "Mommie Dearest" (neither of which, full disclosure, I have seen) and their position as gay cult classics. Halperin feels that they gain a lot of their emotional power from an identificatory "fear that the adored mother might express... her unconquerable aversion to her offspring, her disgust at having begotten and raised a deviant child."

Via a discussion of Gypsy and the fraughtness of performance, in gender role terms, for men, he gets to the conclusion (I'm summarising wildly here) that:
The mother's final turn against her offspring reanimates the dread that her love had always excited, the dread 'of being exiled from her presence.' male culture can... restage in an exaggerated, ludic and reparative mode the horror of the mother's savage withdrawal of the warrant she once gave her queer child to perform, the warrant that licensed his very existence as a subject.
If you've been following my Dreamwidth over the past year you will guess that by this point I was vibrating wildly with thoughts of Elaine and Julian Fleming from Mary Renault's Return to Night (or, as [personal profile] legionseagle prefers to call them, Mama and Baby Fruitbat). Might the problem with chapter 18 of Return to Night be that it is actually not over-the-top enough? Might it not have come across better as a cathartic crescendo of camp, un-sabotaged by Mary Renault's inevitable turn towards rigorous emotional repression?

I'm now envisioning that never-made film adaptation of Return to Night with Joan Crawford (who would have been about the right age) in a scenery-chewing star turn as Elaine Fleming, and stealing the whole film, which would then inevitably have become a camp classic. Canon!Elaine says that "if I were a man, Julian, grown-up as you are, I should thrash you for that." (MR did have her turns of melodrama; shame that the rest of the scene takes refuge in exposition of backstory.) Film!Elaine would surely slap him across the face, and there are many readers of Return to Night who would say that's no more than he deserves!

TL;DR - I will come up with any excuse to write about Mary Renault novels. But Joan Crawford as Elaine Fleming is an intriguing thought.
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Posted by crantz

Nominations are afoot, which means that you'll want to promote the heck out of your fandoms to get requesters and writers!

Remember to comment there, not here!

As always, ask the actual mods if you have questions!

ALSO: if like me you enjoy writing letters to your author, this post has some great tips as well as interesting meta from past Yuletides!

New verses in "Pitfalls"

Sep. 20th, 2014 04:23 pm
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 Thanks to a donation from LJ user Kestrels_nest, there are 5 new verses in "Pitfalls."  See what resources Brenda finds.

(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2014 01:22 pm
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Shoutout to The Montmaray Journals by Michelle Cooper for being historical novels with very historically accurate attitudes about sex.

Like, "Darling, we're aristocrats; if anyone were going to mind about homosexuality, they'd have to arrest half the British upper classes." "That's true for everyone at Eton you snogged, but if YOU don't stop pissing off your RAF superiors, they're going to use it as a manufactured reason to discipline you." "Of course they wouldn't; I'm much too good a pilot, and anyone who can fly a Spitfire right now is untouchable."

Or, "The Blitz has been ongoing for three years and the house next door just got levelled and nothing is safe and life is ephemeral and we're probably all going to die SO even though we're not really in love and understanding that I don't have a Dutch Cap and therefore we can't do PIV sex but I know you can work with that, FUCK ME NOW."

Crowdfunding Creative Jam

Sep. 20th, 2014 02:48 pm
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The September Crowdfunding Creative Jam is open on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.  This month's theme is "new ideas in old problems."  Come give us prompts, or claim ideas for your own inspiration!

From My Prompts

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has written to my prompt about an alien helping an injured man.  Click to read an excerpt now, and watch for more to appear on her website later.  So far this looks like pretty awesome science fiction.

What I Have Written

"Dreams into Space" -- this session's freebie.

"An Inconvenient Proposal" -- 132 lines, $66
This inspired the free-verse poem "An Inconvenient Proposal." Victor has never been good at dissuading unwanted suits, but he's not alone anymore. 

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So, I just read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin, and I 90% loved it to pieces and 10% really didn't -- I already bought the other books before reading this one, so I suspect I'm going to read them at some point, but I'm not sure whether I want to read them now on my lovely holiday of loveliness:

Request for (very specific) spoilers, based on first book only )
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My plan was to nominate Ghostbusters, Legend, and Bewitched when the Yuletide nominations begin on Monday. However, I just rewatched Murder By Death (1976) and would love to see that included, too. Is there anyone on my friends list who doesn't have their three fandoms picked, and would be willing to throw that one in? Given how often Bewitched is on courtesy of Me-TV, Antenna TV, and Family Net at various points (which makes it easier to check up on something should I end up getting that fandom for an assignment) in the series throughout the day, I'd rather not switch it out.

Crowdfunding Creative Jam

Sep. 20th, 2014 02:21 pm
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith posting in [community profile] crowdfunding
Welcome to the thirty-third Crowdfunding Creative Jam! This session will run Saturday, September 20-Sunday, September 21. The theme is "New Ideas in Old Problems." (Visit the Creative Jam over on LiveJournal.)

Crowdfunding Creative Jam

Everyone is eligible to post prompts, which may be words or phrases, titles, images, etc. Prompters may request a specific creator, but everyone else may still use that prompt if they wish. Prompts may specify a particular character/world/etc. but creators may use the prompt for something else anyway and post the results. Prompters are still encouraged to post mostly prompts that anyone could use anywhere, as this maximizes the chance of having creators make something based on your prompt. Please title your comment "Prompt" or "Prompts" when providing inspiration so these are easy to find.

Prompt responses may also be treated as prompts and used for further inspiration. For example, a prompt may lead to a sketch which leads to a story, and so on. This kind of cascading inspiration is one of the most fun things about a collective jam session.

Everyone is eligible to use prompts, and everyone who wants to use a given prompt may do so, for maximum flexibility of creator choice in inspiration. You do not have to post a "Claim" reply when you decide to use a prompt, but this does help indicate what is going on so that other prompters can spread out their choice of prompts if they wish.

Creators are encouraged, but not required, to post at least one item free. Likewise, sharing a private copy of material with the prompter is encouraged but not required. Creative material resulting from prompts should be indicated in a reply to the prompt, with a link to the full content elsewhere on the creator's site (if desired); a brief excerpt and/or description of the material may be included in the reply (if desired). It helps to title your comment "Prompt Filled" or something like that so these are easy to identify. There is no time limit on responding to prompts. However, creators are encouraged to post replies sooner rather than later, as the attention of prompters will be highest during and shortly after the session.

Some items created from prompts may become available for sponsorship. Some creators may offer perks for donations, linkbacks, or other activity relating to this project. Check creator comments and links for their respective offerings.

Prompters, creators, and bystanders are expected to behave in a responsible and civil manner. If the moderators have to drag someone out of the sandbox for improper behavior, we will not be amused. Please respect other people's territory and intellectual property rights, and only play with someone else's characters/setting/etc. if you have permission. (Fanfic/fanart freebies are okay.) If you want to invite folks to play with something of yours, title the comment something like "Open Playground" so it's easy to spot. This can be a good way to attract new people to a shared world or open-source project, or just have some good non-canon fun.

Boost the signal! The more people who participate, the more fun this will be. Hopefully we'll see activity from a lot of folks who regularly mention their projects in this community, but new people are always welcome. You can link to this session post or to individual items created from prompts, whatever you think is awesome enough to recommend to your friends.

Virtual Garage Sale: Repost/Update

Sep. 20th, 2014 03:02 pm
settiai: (Carol -- atomiczgraphics)
[personal profile] settiai
If you bought anything from my previous post, it's now been shipped. (A few of them went out fairly early in the week, but some didn't go out until today. Sorry! The post office is only open 9-5 on weekday, so my only option Mon-Fri is during my lunch break, which was a bit of an issue this week because of lunch meetings at work and doctor appointments.)

I thought that I'd post the list of items one more time, minus the ones that have already sold (or that someone has asked for and is going to be paying for in the future). If you're interested in anything, please let me know.

ETA: Oh! I almost forgot! I also added a couple of board games to the list, because I realized that I own multiple copies of them (which is just silly).

Movies on DVD. )

Comics. )

Manga )

Doctor Who/Torchwood action figures. )

Board Games )

Shipping costs will depend on exactly what you want. Please feel free to point people this way if you think they might be interested in anything listed here. I'd really like to clear out at least some of these things.

Once again, I'm willing to haggle.

OTW Fannews: Fandom Business

Sep. 20th, 2014 05:07 pm
[syndicated profile] otw_news_feed

Posted by Janita Burgess


Banner by Robyn of the post title with $ signs as S's laid over a photo of world currency

  • OTW's ally organization, Public Knowledge, is sponsoring a contest for remixers. In an effort to highlight the problem of consolidation in the U.S. cable industry, they are asking remixers to "[t]ake one or more of the recent highly publicized customer service calls with Comcast (or go to town with one of your own experiences) and let your imagination go to work. We want to see remixes, mashups, autotunes, interpretive dances -- whatever you think of to broadcast these real customer service calls with Comcast." If you win, "Public Knowledge will pay your last Comcast bill, up to $200, and spread the word about your creation." Visit their post for more details.
  • OTW's Legal Committee recently submitted comments to the Australian government, opposing a copyright proposal, which has now been withdrawn. "'Unanimous' opposition to the federal government's proposed copyright law changes will force it back to the drawing board to tackle online piracy, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says. Representatives from both sides of the online piracy debate - including the telecommunications companies and rights holders - have warned the changes to copyright law outlined in the government's discussion paper on online piracy are too broad and could have negative unintended consequences."
  • A Viacom study of U.S. TV viewers was reported in numerous places. "The most interesting part of the research is what Viacom calls the 'Funnels to Fandom' – the process of becoming a fan, Viacom has found, takes place in five steps: Discovery, Research, Selection, Fandom, and Sharing." Fans have a strong influence since "in-person word of mouth is the #1 source for show discovery at 90%, closely followed by TV promos at 85% and word of mouth online or via social media at 78%." What's more, "[a]mong fans, marathoning is popular across all age groups: 83% of Millennials say this is one of their favorite ways to watch, followed by 72% of Gen Xers and 65% of Digital Natives."
  • Yahoo! Finance reported on the rapid aging of U.S. television viewers and what this could mean for programming. "Programmers will be increasingly willing to experiment with alternative distribution platforms for their content. With less risk of cannibalizing one’s core younger audience by offering shows on Netflix Inc., networks will try to cut deals to reach the mobile, 'time-shifting' viewer, wherever he or she can be found...we might see even more formulaic dramas and sitcoms, more pharmaceutical commercials and more older leading men and women in primetime, to better reflect the core viewing audience, rather than the sleeker, younger people who aren’t paying attention now anyway."

What business stories have you seen that relate to fandom? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

We want your suggestions! If you know of an essay, video, article, podcast, or link you think we should know about, comment on the most recent OTW Fannews post. Links are welcome in all languages! Submitting a link doesn't guarantee that it will be included in a Fannews post, and inclusion of a link doesn't mean that it is endorsed by the OTW.


(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2014 04:48 pm
synecdochic: torso of a man wearing jeans, hands bound with belt (Default)
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Cutest damn blissface in the world. Read more... )

oh my dieu

Sep. 20th, 2014 12:03 pm
the_shoshanna: Foucault Flakes breakfast cereal (Foucault flakes)
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Possibly I would not have laughed quite so hard at this if I didn't live in Quebec.

(If I were on Twitter I would have long since followed The Worst Muse; since I'm not, I just load the page every few weeks and catch up.)

(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2014 03:42 pm
synecdochic: torso of a man wearing jeans, hands bound with belt (Default)
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Can't go to bed, cat has all the covers. the one flaw in our "don't bother making the bed" thing: Gabe likes high places. Like Mount Duvet. )

(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2014 10:43 am
twistedchick: (Default)
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As a result of the Scotland vote, Britain begins work to devolve power from London to the countries themselves.

And, in less exalted news, Beautiful caught a mouse outdoors yesterday, and was on the way to present it to me when it escaped; this happened twice more, and it finally vanished under the tangle of English ivy in the side yard. I am a bit relieved; I don't know exactly what she would have wanted me to do with the mouse: admire it? eat it? cook it for her? At least she was not pursuing either the red-headed woodpecker that has been coming through lately (not one of the usual varieties and so fairly unusual) or the chipmunk that likes to chirp loudly toward the back of the house so that all the windows will echo at him. It is a bit annoying at times; think mechanized Disney chipmunk on stun. But I keep telling Beautiful that the chipmunk is all fur and really not tasty, and so far that has worked.
[syndicated profile] sociological_images_feed

Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

Ray Rice’s violent assault of Janay Palmer has placed a spotlight on the criminal records of professional football players more generally. It is tempting to presume that men who spend their lives perfecting the use of violence are more violent in their day-to-day lives, but we don’t have to speculate. We have some data.

USA Today maintains a database of charges, citations, and arrests of NFL players since 2000 (ones they found out about, in any case). According to their records, 2.53% of players are arrested in any given year. This is lower than the national average for men of the same age. And, despite the publicity, this year looks like it will be the least criminal on record.


Domestic violence is the third most common charge or cite, following closely behind another violent crime, assault and battery. But by far the most common trouble NFL players face is being charged with a DUI.


Interestingly, not all teams have similar rates of arrests, charges, or cites. These data below reflect 15 years of data, showing the wide disparity among teams. The number of run-ins with police tend to correlate well year-to-year, so this chart represents a stable trend.


Neil Irwin, writing at the New York Times, says that varying levels of criminal activity may be related to club culture (that is, some franchise’s may be better at suppressing or inciting criminal activity than others) or it may be influenced by the cities they play for (e.g., there won’t be as many DUIs in cities like New York City where there’s substantially less driving). Both are great sociological explanations for the variation between teams and consistency across seasons.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

(View original at

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Sep. 20th, 2014 09:01 am
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Good morning! It is my 35th birthday today. Indeed, you may leave birthday wishes, tributes, and unkind remarks about my age here.

Like any good 35-year-old, I am going to spend the morning at Costco. I'm even going to drive a car there, like a goddamn grownup. (It's a ZipCar.) I shall have a $1.50 hotdog-and-coke birthday lunch, and return home laden with food staples and more toilet paper than I know what to do with. I shall then likely engage in some home-improvement tasks, as well as cooking a pork loin and possibly making yogurt. It is a rich life I lead. :D

I hope all of you are having as productive a Saturday as I am, except for people directly to the west of Hawaii and Alaska, who I hope are having a productive Sunday.

Yuletide meta of yore

Sep. 20th, 2014 09:38 am
naraht: (other-Yuletide squee)
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Yuletide nominations open on Monday, but what is a Yuletider to do between now and then? Personally, there's very little I enjoy more than reading old meta, so I've collected some of the greatest hits of the past. The information in these may be a little out-of-date, so don't take anything as gospel, but there are some useful tips here on letter-writing (if you enjoy that sort of thing), as well as some juicy stats to ponder.

If anyone has any links that I've missed, please share! And if you fancy doing any number-crunching for post-2011 Yuletides, I - and probably a lot of other people - will love you forever.

[ profile] yuletide: Signup tips and tricks
[ profile] yuletide: Tips on prompting/Dear Author letters/Doing Yuletide
[personal profile] thefourthvine: Random Blithering and a Poll on Prompts
[personal profile] thefourthvine: The Yuletide Prompt Poll Results
[personal profile] thefourthvine: Yuletide: My Sordid Signup History
[personal profile] liviapenn: Thoughts on Yuletide prompts and requests
[ profile] shusu: Postcards from Yuletide
[personal profile] thingswithwings: Untitled [A poll on prompting]
[personal profile] ranalore: How not to ruin your own Yuletide
[personal profile] eruthros: I like everything but the non-traditional, non-normative, gross and icky stuff!
[personal profile] naraht: Yuletide letters and -isms in fiction
[community profile] fail_fandomanon: The Art of Writing Fic Exchange Dear Writer Letters (Not Yuletide-specific but v useful)
[personal profile] penknife: Eight ways to break your ficathon writer's brain (Ditto)

[ profile] rivkat: Yuletide! [First five years in review]

[ profile] hradzka: yuletide 2009: hit counts, comments, and predictions for 2010
[personal profile] not_unwise: Yuletide 2009 Statistical Analysis of Fics' Lengths
[personal profile] not_unwise: Yuletide 2010 Statistical Analysis of Fics' Lengths
[personal profile] not_unwise: Yuletide 2011 Statistical Analysis of Fics' Lengths
Even more stats posts from the Yuletide comm

And of course it wouldn't be Yuletide without a little self-promotion for HOW TO HAVE FUN AT YULETIDE (consequent bans are your own responsibility).


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