My Old Fandom Pinch Hit

May. 24th, 2016 07:51 pm
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Posted by myoldmod

We have one pinch hit in need of a creator. The fandoms are:
Jake and the Fatman (Jake Styles, group: Jake Styles/Derek Mitchell, Fanfiction)
Nash Bridges (TV) (group: Nash Bridges/Harvey Leek, group: Nash Bridges/Lisa Bridges/Harvey Leek, group: Harvey Leek/Evan Cortez, Fanfiction)
Magnum P.I. (TV) (Orville Wilbur Richard "Rick" Wright, group: Orville Wilbur Richard "Rick" Wright/Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV, Fanfiction)
The Gangster Chronicles (1981) (group: Dutch Schultz/Chris Brennan, Fanfiction)

Please comment here with your AO3 name if you can produce a story of at least 1000 words with at least one requested character/group in any of these fandoms before June 16.

Fic: His Brimstone Bed - Lucifer (TV)

May. 24th, 2016 04:21 pm
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Title: His Brimstone Bed
Author: Taz (aka tazlet)
Fandom: Lucifer (TV)
Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar/Dan Espinoza
Word Count: 2000+
Rating: I don’t do no stinkin’ ratings, so let’s just say it’s farily light and flimsy.
Summary: (Post episode 13) What are we going to do about Mom? And what are you going to do with the detective now that you’ve got him in bed?

His Brimstone Bed
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Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

Taking a cue from sociologists, The Nightly Show has started a segment called the “Super Depressing Deep Dive.” In the five minute segment I’ve embedded below, they explain that we’ve known that lead was highly toxic since 1904, but the US didn’t ban lead paint until 1978 and lead pipes even later. Why not?

Looking at the evidence piling up, the League of Nations encouraged all nations to stop the use of lead paint in 1922, but the United States didn’t sign on. They deferred to the industry — the Lead Industries Association and the National Paint, Varnish, and Lacquer Association — who successfully lobbied the federal government. Not only did the US decline to ban the substance, in 1938 the government actually mandated that lead paint be used in housing projects for poor people, putting the lead industries profits above the health of poor children.

The industry also fought warning labels, criticized the science, sued at least one source — a television show — for telling the truth about lead, and blamed the victim, claiming that the real problem was “uneducable Negro and Puerto Rican” parents who failed to adequately protect their children. They even dispensed pro-lead propaganda directly to kids, like in this page from a free children’s book distributed by a paint company in which a pair of rubber boots say to the child (bottom right):

You knew when we were moulded
The man who made us said
We’re strong and tough and lively
Because in us there’s lead.


Because of the disproportionate impact on the poor and racial minorities, the Black Panthers made fighting lead paint a part of their mission and their work ultimately contributed to the banning of lead paint in 1978 and pipes in the 1980s. By that time, though, the damage was done. Lead pipes are still in the ground and lead paint continues to be a serious threat in poor neighborhoods, doing irreparable damage to the lives of poor children and the communities they are a part of.

Lisa Wade is a professor at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. Find her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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awake as a rumor of war

May. 24th, 2016 01:10 pm
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Have a grab bag of thoughts and things:

» This morning I had that dream where you get up and get dressed and go to work but then you wake up and realize that you have done none of that and instead you snoozed it an extra ten minutes and are now running late. Sigh.

» Work continues to be stupidly busy. And irritating. People, why are they?

» I hope to eventually have enough brain to write again, but I've still got a few weeks to go until this event so probably not until mid-June. Sigh.

» Last night was another good sports night for me! Mets beat the Nats 7-1 (and hopefully they will come up with a solution at first base while Duda is out) and the Sharks beat the Blues. I'd never seen anyone score two empty netters before, but it was pleasing to me! Now tonight, I need the Lightning to close out the Pens. I still don't like the Lightning (or, I really don't like their coach), and I still wish Hagelin was on a different team so I could root for him (also, Kessel), and if the Sharks win out, I will be rooting for them all the way, but I would also be pleased for Stralman and Boyle and even Callahan (about whom I have mixed feelings) if they got to the finals and won.

» I enjoyed this discussion of The Raven Cycle (contains spoilers for The Raven King).

» I was thinking this morning about how every fandom has a Casablanca AU, but Star Wars already is kind of a Casablanca AU: Han is Rick (Chewie is Sam), Luke is Ilsa, Leia is Victor Laszlo, Lando is Louis (you know you want to see Billy Dee Williams be "shocked! shocked! to find that gambling is going on here!"), and the Empire is the Nazis. I don't actually ship Han/Luke, so I have no real interest in reading it as fic, but it's a nice thought experiment.

» Have a poem:

Awaking in New York
by Maya Angelou

Curtains forcing their will
against the wind,
children sleep,
exchanging dreams with
seraphim. The city
drags itself awake on
subway straps; and
I, an alarm, awake as a
rumor of war,
lie stretching into dawn,
unasked and unheeded.


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May. 24th, 2016 11:33 am
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Also! I almost forgot, I have a new PO Box number because I was tired of getting yelled at every time I checked my post office box. So the 15151 number is now a thing of the past; my shiny new address is:

PO Box A3309
Chicago, IL 60690

ENJOY IT. I plan to!

Dear stranger who made my whole day:

May. 24th, 2016 03:48 pm
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Posted by thebloggess

Dear anonymous stranger in the car ahead of me who paid for my breakfast: You made my whole morning brighter and you inspired me to pay for the next person behind me.  Which actually made me feel even better, which is … Continue reading

CON.TXT call for vids!

May. 24th, 2016 11:42 am
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CON.TXT, being held July 29-31, 2016 in Arlington, VA, is looking for vids! In past years the CON.TXT vid show has been slash-only, but this year we're open to all vids. The show theme for 2016 is fannish diversity and celebration. Sell us on your OTP, make us fall in love with your fandom, show us why your fave is the best, or give us a vid that takes an older beloved fandom and makes us all remember our love for it. Comedy and drama are both welcome!

We're accepting vids in three tracks: Premieres (vids that have never been screened at another con and have not yet appeared online), New (vids that have been released since last CON.TXT, 15 June 2014), and Favorites (vids that were released before 15 June 2014). The vid show will be assembled for flow, balance (of fandoms, pairings, musical artists, etcetera), and time. Priority will be given to premiering vids.

To give us time to curate and assemble the final show, the deadline for vid submissions/suggestions is June 11, 2016. All submissions for the New and Favorites tracks must be received by that date. If you're submitting a Premiere and you need more time to finish it, we still need your submission entered into the form by that date. Please upload a preliminary draft (so we can get a sense of the vid's subject, feel, music, etc.) and mark it [draft] in the title. We'll contact you for the final version, which must be received absolutely no later than July 1.

Vids can be submitted through our submission form. Even if you aren't submitting a vid of your own, we'd love it if you suggested some of your favorites, yours or others'.

If you have any questions, you can email the vid committee or ask here!


May. 24th, 2016 11:30 am
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Today is better. it really is. )
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On May 19, 2016, NASA's IceBridge, an airborne survey of polar ice, crossed Greenland to fly central glacier flowlines in the east-central region of the country. This photo captures the fjord of Violin Glacier, with Nord Glacier at the upper left corner. This is IceBridge's eighth spring campaign of science flights over Arctic sea and land.

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May. 24th, 2016 08:10 am
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(Originally posted this to tumblr, then realised I should share it here too...)

I went running a little later than usual on Sunday, which means I caught the sunrise; sunrises are nice and all, but sunrise is way cooler reflected in the faces of the buildings on Michigan Avenue.

And then I punched a pigeon in the face. Possibly to death. I’m not feeling good about it.

I was on the return leg, near the CSO, and there was a homeless dude to my right and some pigeons to my left up ahead. I was just running along, mostly thinking unflattering thoughts about Coldplay and why they had to make Viva la Vida so very long, when I startled the pigeons and they took off.

And you know, sometimes when you startle a bird they fly straight towards you.

So I startled too and ducked right, but as I ducked right, my left foot came forward and both my hands came up to block. And because my left foot was forward, right arm was blocking, and my left arm was already raised, I just like….instinctively threw what I have to admit was a frankly amazing left hook.

I didn’t mean to. It just happened. It’s probably the most beautiful punch of my life (not difficult, I haven’t punched much) and I socked that pigeon right in its poor tiny face.

Feathers went everywhere (including up my nose, oh my god) and I stopped and did like a weird hop-turn thing to slow my momentum, and what I saw was just freaked out birds and a cloud of feathers and homeless dude losing his shit laughing.

And I didn’t know what to do, I don’t know what one does when you’ve just punched a bird probably to death. I couldn’t even see a body. Did I vaporize the bird?

So I looked at the settling feathers and I looked at the homeless dude, who started laughing all over again, and I turned around and legged it (Viva la Vida was still playing).

So IDK if I can trust any pace I set that morning, because man is inherently destructive and eternally at odds with nature.

But I did 1.93 in 26:37 for a pace of 13.47 which is slower than my average and likely does account for the bird punching.

I am almost definitely going to hell.


May. 24th, 2016 09:48 am
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I wanted to knit a small cuddly animal for Cousin Pam's new grand-daughter Sadie. I accomplished a small white bunny (don't have a picture of it completed) that was sent off to her and on needles I have an owl and a hedgehog. I finished this very huggable but large rabbit also. His seams are a little wonky (it's a vintage pattern) and he was a real pain to stitch together. Cute, I think, and patient, and very nice to hold. He needs a home. I may end up surrounded by knit critters by the time this trend ends.Read more... )

Car Parks and Kings

May. 24th, 2016 12:11 pm
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Posted by Jo Walton

Your car parks also bear the bones of kings
We may not know their names or where they lie
Their tragedies, or how they came to die,
But there they are, beneath our daily things.

All Earth holds history, and it lies near,
Though jumbled, partly known, and part forgot
To time and chance and memory and rot.
But layered lives lie close, who lived right here.

Kings, poets, fools, boatbuilders, leaders, led...
We need no pilgrimage, they're never far.
Lost stories dot the landscapes where we tread.

Conquests, new language, centuries, no bar...
We live surrounded by the fabled dead
Remember them, next time you park your car.

(The context for this is of course the discovery of the bones of Richard III in a car park in Leicester, but specifically the tone in which a young American student mentioned this at a showing of Richard III yesterday.)

Sponsored by my backers at Patreon, or the "get Jo a bed on a train for a song" fund, thank you so much if you are one of them, and do consider kicking in a dollar if you enjoy reading my poetry.
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In 'Instagram Changed Its Logo and Everything Is Going to Be OK' for Los Angeles Magazine, Josh Scherer wrote Adweek called Instagram’s logo change “a travesty” and “the worst design fail of the year,” which is a huge statement considering Uber changed its logo to look like a Matrix fan fic app two months ago.

From Boston Globe’s Isaac Feldberg: Though there’s no shortage of teenagers keen on the pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, few fans have channeled their enthusiasm into action as effectively as Peabody resident Ashley Royer, 17, who last month published “Remember to Forget” through HarperCollins. The book, which follows the life of a depressed teenage boy following his girlfriend’s death, started out as band-centric fan fiction. This is kind of the opposite of rubbing off the serial number - she stenciled one on, for market share, as, despite this quote, if you believe Ashley this was never actually fanfic. I think there's a pretty big story here... it's one thing to develop your fanfic chops in lieu of non-fanficy ones because you want an audience (this describes me); or to use a character to work out your own issues; it's another thing to co-opt an audience. <- I need a better word than 'co-opt', because she was very young when she started (and is still very, very young).

High School Musical, trigger warnings, Brontës, Bernie Sanders, Star Wars, Divergent, Monkey King, British politics, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Harry Potter, The Testament of Mary, Ophelia, Nicholas Chim, Assassin's Creed )

In a Jewish Chronicle review of Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson’s Gena/Finn, Angela Kiverstein wrote Gena and Finn are (female) fans of the TV programme Up Below - Gena posts fanfic and Finn illustrates (sadly we do not see her drawings - graphic sections would have added to the bold narrative mix).

From Charlotte Eyre on The Bookseller: C J Daugherty, whose Night School series is published in 22 different languages, said that in the past six months she has found 20 plagiarised versions of her books on Wattpad in Spanish, French and Polish, as well as the original English. The site was designed for users to post their own stories or fan fiction but Daugherty said fans are ripping PDF versions of her books onto a Word document then uploading the text.

For Leader & Times, Elly Grimm quoted Library Assistant Director Tammy Garrison "I want to give points not just for how much they’re reading, but for my personal theme of training the brain and general learning and experiencing new things. […] For example, last year, you had to read five hours in order to get the T-shirt, which I felt was a fine amount of reading for a month, you can squeeze some reading in there. I also count fanfiction in there along with audiobooks, reading graphic novels, a subtitled movie or TV show, a documentary, anything that will expose them to new ideas and learning something new."

From The Economic Times: There can surely be no more proof of the indisputable place Britain has in the life of mainland Europe than the increasing incidence of English words in the lexicons of linguistically snooty nations such as France. Even with the Brexit debate becoming increasingly acrimonious across the Channel, the dictionary called Le Petit Larousse — a must-have when schools reopen in France in the autumn — has added what seems to be an unusually large number of English and English-inspired words this week, including selfie, troll, emoticone, fanfiction and retrofuturisme.

Finally, for Straits Times, Yip Wai Yee wrote Fans will want to tune in and be a part of the conversation, no matter what others say. They take to forums to analyse at length even the tiniest details of a film or TV episode, and they are the ones who write fan fiction and paint fan art.

Daily Happiness

May. 24th, 2016 01:11 am
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1. I had a nice, relaxing day off.

2. I got another chapter of manga finished, as well as some other stuff. Not as productive as I had hoped to be, but whatever.

3. I finished reading another book! That makes a whopping six this year, but considering how dire the last several years have been for me readingwise, I'm pretty excited about it.

4. I finally got my ballot filled out and mailed. As always, I'm eternally grateful to live in a state where you can vote by mail. It just makes things so much easier.

5. Lately Chloe has been enjoying this box that [personal profile] kiwimusume sent her all the way from Japan.

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There are two reasons I like "spoilers": one, knowing bad things in advance makes the initial viewing less traumatic for me, and two, knowing good things in advance helps convince me the movie is worth seeing in the first place.

X-Men: Apocalypse contains both good and bad things. I've compiled a short list of the bad things, mostly because I can. If you are particularly sensitive (at least, to the same things I am), and/or don't like being surprised, perhaps it will be of some use. Alternatively, if you have zero interest in the movie but are for some reason curious about what I consider a spoiler: examples!

I absolutely do NOT recommend reading the cut text below if you have any investment in being surprised by this movie.

spoilers ~ REAL, factual spoilers, not just 'me talking about the movie' spoilers )

That's it. As far as I know. Those are the important things, not already obvious in the previews, that I expect will reduce my own horror and suspense levels while watching the movie for the first time.

Also, early complaints about the portrayal of Apocalypse included unflattering comparisons to Power Rangers' Ivan Ooze. I found that news amusing ♥

Joe: I'm glad I didn't know how bad it would be, because doing it made me a better person, you know?
*Andrea: My mom says that's why we can't see the future. Because if we could, we wouldn't do the hard things, even if they help us.
Joe: Can you see the future?
*Andrea: Yes.
Joe: I thought so.

ETA: Spoilers in the comments as well.

Arrrow 1.3

May. 23rd, 2016 11:29 pm
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Arrow. 1.3. "Lone Gunmen." Read more... )

Penny Dreadful 3.04.

May. 24th, 2016 06:14 am
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In which it's the Eva Green and Rory Kinnear acting hour, and it's marvelous.

Read more... )

Poem: "The Passport to the Future"

May. 23rd, 2016 06:37 pm
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This poem came out of the March 1, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer and [personal profile] technoshaman. It also fills the "rebel" square in my 2-29-16 card for the Villain Bingo fest and the "candy" square in my 7-1-15 card for the Winter Fest in July Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by EdorFaus. It belongs to the Shiv thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem contains some intense topics. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. There is tension due to external demands, angst and confusion over the future, more angst over the past, and also the present, because the inside of Shiv's head is always a warning, stress over educational experiences and expectations, Shiv asking for help and then freaking out over what he gets, struggles to communicate very different perspectives and needs, floundering with paperwork, emotionally complex reactions, a very fraught bet, and other stress. It's nice of Dr. G to try, and he does his best to be supportive, but there is no way in hell for Shiv to be comfortable with this stuff. If these are sensitive issues for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

Read more... )
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1) Dude, I just won a bicycle.
2) Three days to X-Men: Apocalypse! Will I finish writing by then y/y?
3) Mark Knopfler's song "Sailing to Philadelphia" is the best fanfic on the radio.

Robin D: *Andrea, when is your birthday?
Aaron: June fourth.
Robin B: Wow, that was fast! I guess we know whose birthday is important around here.


May. 23rd, 2016 09:43 pm
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was sick Friday, so we went to the vet Saturday.

cat illness details )

Good story - we were waiting for test results at the vet and she fell asleep in her carrier for like 15 minutes. It was SO SO SO CUTE.

Arrow 1.1

May. 23rd, 2016 09:30 pm
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Arrow 1.1 "Pilot." Read more... )
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Posted by skzb

1. That the Democratic Party is in such a crisis (not since ’68 have I seen anything like conflict so bitter) at the same time as the Republican Party is ripping itself apart, is not an accident. It is a product of wide-spread perception, and accurate perception in my opinion, that there are problems that the capitalist parties simply cannot solve.

2. There is no question that the Sanders campaign has pulled in large numbers of people who had not previously been involved in party politics. They perceive that the forces (ie, Wall Street) that have caused most of the problems in their lives are the same forces, personified by Clinton, that are preventing them from having a voice.

3. The “liberal elite” (the upper middle class and white collar urban liberal) that has been the foundation of the Democratic Party for the last two generations, with its focus on identity politics and its open disdain for the worker, is directly clashing with the those forces that are still trapped in the idea of party politics but are angry that the Democratic Party has nothing to say to the millions of poor and working class people whose lives have been shattered by capitalism.

4. I doubt there is a single billionaire, a single Wall Street banker, a single oil executive, a single Washington power broker or politician, a single media mogule, a single Halliburtan executive, a single general, who is pleased about how furious people are at the two parties.  None of them are happy about the general hatred of both Trump and Clinton, at seeing the Democrats squabbling like unruly fourth graders while the Republicans stare at Trump like a smallpox patient looks into a mirror trying to convince himself it doesn’t look so bad after all. And if they don’t like it, and they can’t fix it, that indicates the problem is the capitalist system itself, not who happens to be running it at any given moment.

5. The mutual frustration and hostility between Clinton and Sanders supporters can be reduced to one group that wants business as usual under conditions where business as usual is a dead-end, and another group that wants to change the Democratic Party into something that it is fundamentally incapable of being.

6. Bottom line: Both political parties are in crisis because the ruling elite are in crisis about what to do about the tremendous anger and resentment directed at the out-of-control juggernaut called American capitalism.

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I can tell it finally feels like spring here despite - or perhaps because of - the brief showers we had this evening, because I can smell someone grilling meat somewhere in the vicinity and it smells so good. Or I'm just really hungry for a steak dinner. I guess it can be two things

While I was getting my hair done a couple weeks ago, River by Iyebi played a couple of times and it has stuck with me. I like this live version I'm linking here better than the album version. I've listened to it a lot.

And you can laugh, but I've also been listening to "Call Me Maybe" a lot lately. It's a true pop gem. Very peppy for the morning commute.

And on my commute home this evening, Out of the Woods came on and I still would like a Steve/Bucky vid to it. I am just saying, I think it would work pretty well.

And speaking of vids people should make, it recently occurred to me that I finally found the perfect character for a vid to Afghan Whigs' Debonair: Anakin Skywalker. I am just saying. I suppose it could already exist. I haven't gone looking. But if it doesn't, someone should make that.

Also, I'm still waiting for the Ahsoka vid of my heart to "Fight Song." That I have gone looking for, but nothing I've found is quite what I want. [Too much talky-face for some reason. It seems to be a popular vidding choice these days, to include a lot of dialogue, but it rarely works for me.] Sigh.

And I still haven't found a song that's made my ears perk up and say "Rey!" or "Finn!" but I probably have one somewhere in my collection.

Otoh, I bet you could do a great Rex & clones vid to "Drive" by Gaslight Anthem.


Poem: "See Clearly Now"

May. 23rd, 2016 04:24 pm
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This poem is spillover from the March 1, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl and was inspired by discussions with [personal profile] siliconshaman regarding Adalina's reaction to what happened in his stories about her kidnapping. It has been sponsored by EdorFaus. It belongs to the Berettaflies thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem contains things that may be squicky for some readers. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. It's in the aftermath of a nasty fight, so there are messy medical details and a lot of closeup attention to Facet's insect eyes. Adalina has mostly gotten over her uneasiness about his face by now. Also they're not being very sympathetic to the downed enemies. It's basically a lot of hurt/comfort. If these are touchy topics for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward. It's a major turning point for the team, though, so skipping it would leave a gap.

Read more... )

Remix Me 2016 Nominations

May. 23rd, 2016 08:55 pm
[syndicated profile] yuletide_feed

Posted by scribble_myname

[community profile] remix_me is a claims-based multifandom remix challenge
where participants offer up specific stories they'd love to see
remixed and claim the particular stories they want to remix.


Monday Yardening

May. 23rd, 2016 04:09 pm
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Today Doug and I went out and walked the whole yard, discussing and prioritizing things to have a tree crew come and trim/groom/remove/reduce/etc.  

Happy News: I have BEES again!  :D  When we went out, there were clouds of golden honeybees busily to-ing and fro-ing from the bee tree.  \o/  We had a hive in there for a while, and then they went away, and now they are back.  *Numfar does the Dance of Joy


Second round: shoveled the remaining loose ash from inside the firepit and some around the outside edge.  Next we need to dig out the packed-down, older ash and then rake in the unburned stick ends.

Third round: trimmed grass around the goldenraintree.

writing question of the day

May. 23rd, 2016 02:49 pm
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By [personal profile] swan_tower's request: Tactics Kit.

Notes on Victory and Deceit: Dirty Tricks at War by James F. Dunnigan & Albert A. Nofi. Notes are by no means complete; I picked the stratagems that appealed to me most and seemed to fit in best with the story I had in mind. If you like these, you'll love the book, which goes into more depth and has more stuff.

Cut for length.
Read more... )

Have a writing question? Leave it in comments--remember, NO QUESTION IS TOO RANDOM! =)

[Back later, have a bunch of stuff I need to write today.]

Thud: Poor Relations

May. 23rd, 2016 06:55 pm
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Posted by Jo Walton

Words: 2095
Total words: 58568
Files: 3
Music: No music
Tea: Blue People
Reason for stopping: end of bit and nearly lunchtime

I've been revising the previous chapter for a while, and now I've started on the new chapter and this is the first chunk of it. Feels good to be writing new words. Getting there.

Of course, there is no alien invasion in the original Mansfield Park. But it's a problematic book for a number of reasons, and I think that's one of the problems with it.

I'm in Chicago, by the way. saw a brilliant combined Edward III, Henry V and Henry VI yesterday. The transitions were incredible.

(no subject)

May. 23rd, 2016 03:38 pm
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[personal profile] twistedchick Where the hidden money comes from in politics.

The cult of ignorance in America.

"Blue Lives Matter. What the fucking fuck?

The riot that did not happen. I can support what this says; my friend Pat Hinu was there, and said the same thing.

A psychiatrist says Trump's a narcissist. But you knew that, right?
[syndicated profile] sociological_images_feed

Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

Until as late as the 1950s, there was no widely accepted set of terms that referred to whether people were attracted to the same or the other sex. Same-sex sexual activity happened, and people knew that, but it was thought of as a behavior, not an identity. It was believed that people had sex with same-sex others not because they were constitutionally different, but because they gave in to an urge they were supposed to resist. People who never indulged homosexual desires weren’t considered straight; they were simply morally upright.

Today our sexual object choices are generally believed to reflect more than a feeling; they are part of who we are: as a static, essential identity, one that it inborn and unchanging. And we have a plethora of language to describe one’s “sexual orientation”: asexual, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, demisexual, and more. It has been, as Michel Foucault put it, “a multiplication of sexualities.”

Undoubtedly, this has value. These words, for example, give a name to feelings that have in recent history been difficult to understand. They also enable sexual minorities to find community and organize. If they can come together under the same label, they can join together for self-care and the promotion of social change.

These labels, though — and the belief in sexual orientation as an identity instead of just a behavior — also create their own voids of possibility. It’s significantly less possible today, for example, for a person to feel sexual urges for someone unexpected and dismiss them as irrelevant to their essential self. Because sexual orientation is an identity, those feelings jump start an identity crisis. If a person has those feelings, it’s difficult these days to shrug them off (but see Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men). Once one comes to embrace an identity, then all sexual urges that conflict with it must be repressed or explained away, lest the person undergo yet another identity crisis that results in yet another label.

This train of thought was inspired by this anonymous secret sent into the Post Secret project:


“Even though I’m a gay man,” he says, “I still sometimes think about women’s breasts.” I AM, he says, a GAY MAN. It is something he is, essential and unchanging. Yet he has a feeling that doesn’t obey his identity: an interest in women’s breasts. So, “even though” he is gay, he finds himself distracted by something about the female body. It is a conundrum, a identity problem, even a secret that he perhaps confesses only anonymously. To be open about it would be to call into question who he and others think he is, to embark on a crisis.

But none of this is at all necessary. It is only because we’ve decided that our sexual urges should be translated into an identity that thinking about women’s breasts seems incompatible with a primary orientation toward men. In a world of no labels at all, one in which sexual orientation is not an idea that we acknowledge, people’s sexual urges would be nothing more than that. And if that world was free of homophobia and heterocentrism, then we would act or not act on whichever urges we felt as we wished. It wouldn’t be a thing.

Most people think that the multiplication of sexualities is a good thing. From this point of view, language that can describe our urges, however imperfectly, makes those urges more visible and normalized, especially if we can make a case that they are inborn and unchanging, just a part of who we are. I don’t disagree.

But I see advantages, too, to a different system in which we don’t use any labels at all, where the object of one’s sexual attraction is an irrelevant detail or, at least, just one of the many, many, many things that come together to make someone sexy to us. In this world, we would be no more surprised to find ourselves attracted to a man one day and a woman the next than a construction worker one day and a lawyer the next, or a tall person one day and a short one the next, or an extrovert one day and an introvert the next. It would be just part of the messy, complicated, ever-shifting, works in mysterious ways thing that is the chemistry of sexual attraction. Nobody would have to have angst about it, seek support for it, defend it, or confess it as a secret. We would just… be.

Maybe the idea of sexual orientation was critical to the Gay Liberation movement’s goals of normalizing same-sex love and attraction, but I wonder if sexual liberation in the long run would be better served by abandoning the concept altogether. Perhaps a real sexual utopia doesn’t fetishize genitals as the one true determinant of our sexualities. Maybe it simply puts them in their rightful place as tools for pleasure and reproduction, but not the end-all and be-all of who we are.

Lisa Wade is a professor at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. Find her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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state of the chick, continued

May. 23rd, 2016 11:17 am
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Meds drawdown continues. details, for them as wants 'em )

Up and Over

May. 23rd, 2016 10:22 am
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Cassini orbited in Saturn's ring plane -- around the planet's equator -- for most of 2015.
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Trances of the Blast is interesting. I'm not sure I like it, exactly, but it's interesting.

Women in Labor

Women who lie alone at midnight
because there is no one else to lie to

Women who lie alone at midnight
at noon in the laundromat
destroying their own socks

Women who lie alone at midnight:
Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates

Women who lie alone at midnight
as the first furl of starlight
purls the moon with nacre

Women who lie alone at midnight
sending a postcard bearing
the face of a bawling infant
who cries I am for the new!

Women who lie alone at midnight
reciting the names of shoes

Women who lie alone at midnight
spurting unjustified tears,
the kind that run sideways
never reaching the mouth,
the kind you cannot swallow

Women who lie alone at midnight
singing breast away the burden of my tender
and afterwards burp

Women who lie alone at midnight
obeying the laws of physics
Women who let their dreams curl at the end
Women in a monastery of flamingos

Women who die alone at midnight
contributing to the end, to
lost time, to the rain and flies,
seeing the bird they saw trapped in the airport
surviving by the water fountain

What's more, try it sometime
It works

— Mary Ruefle
from Trances of the Blast

Hikago rec

May. 23rd, 2016 10:16 pm
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Caught in a Thousand Strings, Hikago, AU, WIP, by Thai_Tea_Addict. I'm over the moon at finding good, long fics, especially when it's Hikago. It's WIP, but at over 200,000 words, there's enough for a satisfying read, with the anticipation of more to come. Please heed the warnings for child prostitution. It's a definite AU but the characters are strongly drawn, and as distinctive as in canon. I was struck by how likeable Ogata is - in canon I didn't care for him much, but here he's somehow more compelling. Sai is impressive, and Hikaru... oh, Hikaru.

If the name DJ Stark-Rogers is at all familiar to you, then The DJ Shorts, WIP, AU, Avengers/Iron Man, by scifigrl47


May. 23rd, 2016 09:20 am
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Shout if you want in on the filter. DW|LJ

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May. 23rd, 2016 08:08 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways to Give:

[personal profile] amadi linked to a fundraiser for her friend Serena and her toddler; her ex-partner has now ceased to pay his child support and she needs funds to finish her degree and keep her son safe. You can read more and help the family out here.

[personal profile] killing_rose has had health issues which have kept them out of work repeatedly; they're currently trying to raise money for food and to prevent eviction from their home. You can read more and help out here, and also check out their Etsy store (with cute monsters!) here.

[ profile] ladymoonray linked to a fundraiser for Matthew, who was disowned by his family when he came out as gay. He's currently living on friends' couches but is also suffering from stage II colon cancer, and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. His boyfriend has set up a fundraiser for him; you can read more and help Matthew get the funding he needs here.

[ profile] uberniftacular linked to a fundraiser for [ profile] sweaterkittensahoy, who has endometriosis and needs surgery; the funds will also help to supplement short-term disability, which is only 60% of her usual salary. Her work is also phasing her out at the end of her disability period, and every little bit helps. You can read more and help out here; she also has an etsy store here and a rebloggable post about the fundraiser here.

[ profile] asmilelikestarlight is enrolled to attend Brooklyn College in August, and needs somewhere to stay in NYC for August and September until her financial aid is dispersed. She's also raising money for books and travel expenses; you can read more and help out here, and there's also a rebloggable post about the fundraiser here.

[personal profile] pocketmouse is attending a library conference this summer, and their employer won't pay for anything besides registration. They're looking for a couch to crash on for all or part of August 11-18th in Columbus, Ohio; they're also interested in sharing a hotel room with other library people attending IFLA. You can contact them at to get in touch!

[ profile] athousanderrors linked to a fundraiser for [ profile] daynapapaya's dog Eva, who was recently diagnosed with canine lymphoma. They're raising money for chemo for Eva; you can read more and help out here, or there's a rebloggable post (including an image of Eva that went viral a few years ago) here. (Linking to athousanderrors' reblog of it because daynapapaya has autoplay music on their tumblr.)

[ profile] rilee16 is still struggling to cover medical expenses after two head injuries last year, and hasn't been cleared to return to work, thus can't earn money to cover basic living costs, let alone the bills they've received. You can read more and help out here.

[ profile] editrx has been struggling to keep her indy bookstore afloat for this past year, and on top of her troubles there, she's now been the subject of a violent assault by her housemate. She's dealing with mounting medical bills and trauma from the assault. She doesn't have a new fundraising site yet, but funds from her ongoing YouCaring fundraiser will reach her, as will income from the Starcat Books online etailer. She also has jewelry for sale on Etsy. (Obviously if you're shopping her etail or etsy there may be a delay in delivery.)

Buy Stuff, Help Out:

[profile] dr_kara has recently had a bunch of health issues and as a freelancer has no health insurance; she's got some big and unplanned bills she needs to cover. She's selling nautical-themed awesome t-shirts in her teespring store; you can read more, find links to the shirts, and reblog here.

[ profile] dreamwaffles has a shop on Etsy with cool beaded art and earrings for very reasonable prices! You can shop and purchase here!

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.


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