eggplants and dragon's eggs

Jul. 30th, 2015 08:59 pm
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For [personal profile] lilacsigil and [personal profile] st_aurafina: These are the eggplants (and peas and beans) mentioned in my previous post:

07-27 harvest

From the left, the varieties are Rosa Bianca, Clara, and Ping Tung.

more veggies under the cut )
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Is Illyana left- or right-handed? I'm giving her friendlier horns and a tail; that's cool, right? Also, Piotr's going to be the youngest sibling, in the tradition of "First Class."

Now they're just missing Jean, Bobby, Angel, and possibly Rahne. And Kitty and Storm.

This story is going to be such a disaster.

...AND RAVEN, I FORGOT RAVEN. MY BAD. See, this is why I'm making a list. I'm sort of hoping that if I get a critical mass of students at the school I can ignore them more. Like, they'll keep each other busy so the main characters won't have to babysit as much.

I would be a terrible parent.

oh my

Jul. 30th, 2015 09:14 pm
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I don't suppose any of you remember back to Season 4 of Buffy, with The Initiative, and Riley's buddy Graham? Bailey Chase, who played Graham, now plays the deputy on Longmire. I watched all three seasons of that on Netflix in the last three days -- and it is *well worth watching.* It has a long long roster of very good actors -- including most of the award-winning native actors in the US (you will recognize faces) -- excellent writing and plotlines and characters that stay with you.

Bailey plays deputy sheriff Branch Connally. He starts out running against Walt Longmire, the sheriff and title character, for sheriff in the next election. But he's also involved with Walt's daughter, for a while. Katee Sackoff is another deputy. Lou Diamond Phillips runs a local bar. Bailey's father, a ruthless rich guy, is played by Gerald MacRaney, late of Simon & Simon. Do I really need to go on and list all the other players? You will recognize actors from Due South and Dances With Wolves and Powwow Highway and so many other places.

And all of them are playing solid characters and having a good time with it.

Myself, I've fallen for half the cast, just on the basis of really wonderful acting and season-long story arcs and dialogue to die for.

One other thing: there is respect for the Cheyenne people. There is respect for nature, and for animals. There is respect for women here. How often do you see that?

(Three seasons are on Netflix. Season 4 starts soon.)
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Posted by morgandawn

For the past few years, VidUKon has organized several European themed vid shows - Eurovision and Crea Space. The shows are being made available for check  out with VidUKon's permission from the Vividcon library this year. The shows  are stored as single mp4 files (1 file per show) on a  data DVD and will have a paper playlist inside the DVD case.

You can check out the online playlists at the 2013 -- 2014 -- and 2015 VidUKon pages.

ain't nothing like being 12 again

Jul. 30th, 2015 04:01 pm
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And I really don't like it.

Back to the time when all my family's problems were my fault. Or at least that's how it felt when we went to family counseling at one point.

In six days of staying with my parents, I've had to leave the room twice. That's entirely too often. And I'm actually *crying* now, so yeah. Leaving is not an option, unfortunately.

My parents are bigots and think they're not. And they just don't get much of anything. And I am so fucking frustrated and sad.


And mad in spots. Just a few minutes ago was the second leaving-the-room. Stuff had degraded badly and Mom and I said hey, we'll just stop here now. Nothing more. Only Dad says, no, one more thing. And I said no, and he said, in so many words, "It's MY house..."

Fuck you, Dad. I may just have to spend the rest of my stay here with headphones on.

"Never Laid Open" is now complete!

Jul. 30th, 2015 05:02 pm
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Thanks to an anonymous donation, "Never Laid Open" is now complete.  Watch Shiv flounder his way through new coping skills.  

This means that the sequel "As We Grasp Them" is unlocked and available to be sponsored and posted.

It's only made of short stories

Jul. 30th, 2015 03:33 pm
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Recs update:
[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for July 2015 with 37 recs in 5 fandoms:

* 15 Avengers & 3 Daredevil
* 14 Check, Please!
* 2 Star Wars
* 1 Gotham Central and 2 Arrow/Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossovers (well, one crossover and one remix of that crossover)


Wow, so I just had another round of chills and shakiness and now I feel wiped out again. Wtf?

Though it could just be a stress response to finding an email from in my spam folder from my management company (from last week!) telling me that there are apartment inspections today and tomorrow. I emailed them to ask to reschedule since I'm basically living in squalor right now and I need to clean it up a little before anybody sees it. (There's been no response, but at least I sent it and have a record?) I've been leaning towards staying another year, despite various issues, since the rent is supposed to be frozen, but I've yet to see the new lease, and now this...They've never done an apartment inspection in the 13 years I've lived there! It makes me wonder if they're not planning something to get us all out.

Either way, I'll be spending the weekend cleaning.

I'm just not cut out to be an adult, guys. It is the worst and I want my money back.


In other news, it's like my Mets tag: the existential futility of being a Mets fan came to life last night. I felt so bad for Flores. I don't want to see a guy crying on tv because he thinks he's being traded (or any other reason unless it's VICTORY*)! Let the man have some privacy! (I'm also glad the Mets are keeping Wheeler, at least for now. They really do need some help with hitting, though. And fielding. Basically everything but pitching is terrible.)

* to be clear, my problem isn't that I don't think men should cry, it's that I don't think anybody should be subjected to being on tv while they're doing it, unless it's for joyful reasons.


Hugo Nominees 2015: Novel

Jul. 30th, 2015 11:07 am
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Two nominees got punted on Did Not Finish grounds, but the other three - Addison's The Goblin Emperor, Leckie's Ancillary Sword, and Liu's The Three-Body Problem - have had me dithering.

3BP is good but flawed. If I can tell the physics is silly and inaccurate, the physics is really silly. AS is very much a middle novel; it's a competent middle novel, but my evaluation of its quality will be greatly influenced by Ancillary Mercy, out this October. And TGE is operating in such a different register from the other two novels, to the point where I ask whether you could strip out the genre aspects and have the exact same story.

In a good year, the Hugos are an embarrassment of riches, a diverse slate of competing innovative well-written ideas. I'm pleased these three novels give me a taste of that. I say with all my heart there is merit in stories where writers are figuring out their craft, or roughing out new things, or getting the bills paid in a competent but not brilliant fashion. But there's a difference between a story that demonstrates promise or developing talent and a story that merits Hugo recognition. That's why there's a lot of No Award going around this year.

My novel rankings right now are:
1 The Three-Body Problem
2 The Goblin Emperor
3 Ancillary Sword
4 No Award

But yesterday I had AS up top, and I still have a day to change my mind.

Ancillary Sword, Ann Leckie: already read, and reread it too. In case you were wondering whether I liked it, ah, yes, I did.

The Dark Between the Stars, Kevin J. Anderson: There are so many problems, and I'm only 100 pages in. You know what? I'm 100 pages in, there have been 13 PoV characters in 16 chapters, it's exactly like reading Exile's Song only I'm not 14. The terrible prose, the illusion of depth that would likely be shattered by reading the rest of the series, the failures at basic mechanics of storytelling, the gratuitous Indiana Jones bad archaeology... I can stop now! There's been enough exposure that I know how I plan to rank this when I cast my ballot!

The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison / Sarah Monette: already read it. And I reread it while considering rankings. It's sweet and cute and at the end of it I asked, "does this have to be genre?" The story of TGE works equally well as a Ruritanian epic: substitute trains for airships and the goblins for a European power, and you've got something not entirely unlike, say, Philip Pullman's The Tin Princess.

Cut for space. )

Skin Game, Jim Butcher: The prose is slick, though the protagonist is ridiculous. The story opens with Harry Dresden hanging out on an island with certain eldritch properties, mostly playing parkour and waiting to... die from a magical brain tumor... or... something. Clearly I am coming into the middle of this series!

I only read the sample chapters of Skin Game, which were enough to convince me of Butcher's qualities as a writer without generating sufficient interest for me to check the full novel from the library. Beach reading; competent but not award winning.

(Parkour in the eldritch catacombs. Oh, Harry.)

The Three Body Problem, Cixin Liu; Ken Liu translator: Now this is unquestionably science fiction. Spoilers. )

This is so very rooted in genre conventions. The aliens are hostile; the most critical science is cutting edge physics; a classic physics problem is a key aspect of the backstory. I'm fascinated that the author's note included with the English translation tells us that Chinese science fiction usually writes aliens as benevolent, since that's not my experience of the American approach to life in the skies.

I'm also surprised 3BP didn't show up on the Puppy slates, being the sort of gosh-wow SF they claim to support, but then I found Cixin Liu's Big Idea on Scalzi's blog, and for those of you who have been blissfully ignorant, the people behind the puppy slates are not rational on the topic of John Scalzi and anyone associated with him. Also, dare I suggest that a group that has consistently behaved as through straight white men of a certain socioecomic classes are the only group that counts might have, ah, not welcomed the contributions of a non-white non-American? Maybe I'm mistaken, but it seems like such an oversight not to include 3BP, when writers like KJA, Marko Kloos, and Larry Correira made it on the puppy slate in the novel category.
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I Am Not Your Jim Gordon by [ profile] WerewolvesAreReal
In which Daredevil trusts Sergeant Brett Mahoney, who is not his Jim Gordon, but may be the only honest cop in Hell's Kitchen.

Interregnum (The World on Fire Remix) by [ profile] igrockspock
In which the Black Widow lays low with the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. And the original story: Interregnum by [ profile] azephirin



The Ballad of Bucky Bear by [ profile] follow_the_sun
The story of Bucky and Bucky bear. Hee!

Doubleheader by [ profile] gwyneth
Steve and Bucky and terrible puns and baseball, with a side of mourning for Sarah Rogers. Lovely.

Dream of Caramel: or, A Recipe for Disaster by [ profile] gwyneth
Bucky learns to cook for Steve but keeps it a secret. Clint's POV on the shenanigans that ensue. Hilarious and sweet.

Floaters by [ profile] innie
His eyes were closed but his mouth still found Steve's throat and jaw; he had Steve memorized, after all. "You walked into there for me, I walked outta there for you." Really lovely look at Steve through Bucky's eyes both pre-serum and post. <333

Hard to Say by [ profile] sadrobots
Sweet, wistful story of Bucky recovering on Clint's farm.

How To Lose Friends and Alienate People (The Enemy of My Enemy Remix) by [ profile] theladyscribe
Maria and Pepper plan for the future after SHIELD falls. (the original story was recced previously.)

In the Blur of Serenity (The Wikipedia Twist Remix) by [ profile] angelgazing
Bucky discovers Steve's Wikipedia page and decides to correct all the people who are WRONG on the internet about him. Hee! (and the original story: In the Blur of Serenity by [ profile] brenda if I haven't already recced it)

Just Like The Movies by [ profile] Brenda
Angie has a run-in with the Winter Soldier, or, to be precise, with Bucky Barnes. Oh heart.

Keep Calm And Curbstomp HYDRA by [ profile] tielan
Maria Hill in the aftermath of CATWS.

Kelly, the Well-Meaning and Very Confused Barista by [ profile] chaya
Outsider POV on some Steve/Bucky/Sam/Natasha shenanigans that pays off hilariously at the end.

The Other Scottish Play by [ profile] Gray_Cardinal
Dottie turns up just in time to try to ruin Angie's Broadway debut. Angie and Peggy are on it.

A Sight for Sore Eyes (The Eye of the Storm Remix) by [ profile] echoinautumn
Peggy is a BAMF and she takes the stolen moments with Steve as they come. Oh heart.

so no one told you life was gonna be this way by [ profile] thundersnowstorm
Nice look at Steve and Natasha's friendship over the course of the movies.

straight-up masterpieces by [ profile] tremontaine
Super hot Steve/Bucky/Natasha.


we're the oil in this machine

Jul. 30th, 2015 01:29 pm
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Check Please!

Best Laid Plans by [ profile] Euphorion
Two adorably heart-clenchy stories in which various Samwell couples pine and work out their issues. Oh my heart.

Exeunt, Pursued by Heteronormativity by [ profile] psocoptera
35k words of Shitty trying to figure out what he wants for himself and for his people after graduation. Great Shitty POV, plus roadtrip shenanigans, Jack/Bitty pining and UST, and Lardo being amazing. <333

forget the wax and the feathers by [ profile] buchanan
Quiet, wistful look at Jack figuring out himself and his feelings for Bitty. Lovely.

love in the time of heteronormativity by [ profile] misandrywitch
Lardo and Shitty try out being friends with benefits but of course it's more complicated than that. Oh heart.

The Future Freaks Me Out by [ profile] sunfair
Nice look at Lardo in her freshman year. <3

The Man, the Myth, the Legend by [ profile] sparklyslug
All the Samwell acapella groups try to recruit Holster. Things don't go exactly as planned. This is ADORABLE. I laughed out loud a couple of times.

Maple-Flavored Pie Hearts by [ profile] ofherlionheart
Five times other people noticed how Jack takes care of Bitty, and one time Bitty himself finally notices. Adorable!

no distance that could hold us back by [ profile] misandrywitch
Jack and Shitty's freshman year origin story. Aw, boys.

now commence to kick each brick apart by [ profile] misandrywitch
Jack and Shitty celebrate their upcoming graduation. Oh Jack.

on the sidelines wishing for right now by [ profile] defcontwo
5 times Bitty bonded with Bad Bob + 1 time Jack tries to bond with Coach Bittle. Exactly what it says on the tin. This is very sweet.

Phone, Please! by [ profile] twentysomething
"Operation Maple Leaf is a go!" he shouts. "He's putting on pants!"

Eric can just hear Jack say, "Is Bittle going? If he tweets about this, I'm taking his phone."

"Bro hates your tweet game, Bits," Lardo says mournfully.

Eric makes sure after he tweets about it that he slips his phone in his jacket pocket before Jack and Shitty come downstairs.
It takes Bitty a while to clue in that he and Jack are dating. DARLING.

Positive Image by [ profile] twentysomething
AU where Bitty's a PR guy with the Falconers and Jack's their captain and they fall in love. Sweet.

simmer by [ profile] bropunzeling
Five times Jack cooks for Bitty. Oh heart. I love that Jack's learning to speak in a language Bitty understands.

Winter Clothes by [ profile] lilbookofkell
Chowder bears witness to a UST-filled moment between Jack and Bitty and makes it 1000% more adorable just by being himself. Oh Chowder.


i rode a tank, held a general's rank

Jul. 30th, 2015 01:23 pm
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Star Wars

Don't Unlace Your Madcap Abandon by [ profile] Rosbridge
Ahsoka learns a little about Anakin's past when a mission takes them to the racetrack.

The Father by [ profile] frodogenic
If you've ever wanted to read a story about Darth Vader being baffled and enraged (and eventually redeemed) by his young teenage offspring, have I got a story for you! 230k words of an AU where Luke and Leia (and Han and Lando) get tangled up in Vader's business about five years before actual canon, forcing Vader to confront his feelings about fatherhood, the Emperor, and his own sins. There's also a lot of action and some deeply hilarious scenes. It's on, so some caveats may apply, but I enjoyed this a lot, despite the length.


when the world gets too heavy

Jul. 30th, 2015 01:22 pm
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Gotham Central

Always Another One (The Robin Recruitment Remix) by [ profile] Redrikki
Excellent look at the various Robins from the POV of GCPD.



Arrow/Brooklyn Nine-Nine

'til black and white begin to color in by [ profile] hardlygolden
Oliver and Felicity help foil a robbery while visiting Brooklyn. Jake and Amy investigate. This is a very cute, clever crossover. (see also the original: i'll gather up the avenues and leave them on your doorstep by [ profile] htbthomas. )


Emotional Labor

Jul. 30th, 2015 08:00 pm
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I feel like the only person on my reading list who didn't have some kind of revelation when reading that recent Metafilter discussion on Emotional Labor

I guess it's a combination of already having read about all the concepts behind it and also it not being all that applicable to my life. A lot of these things, I just don't do - I am not managing our relationship with my husband's family, or reminding him of birthdays, I am not doing some kind of therapy replacement for friends, or get people to be nice towards each other at work. My husband gets just as annoyed as I do when other men talk about "babysitting" their own children or need their female partners to remind them to buy Christmas presents.

There are obviously trade offs in my life, and not everything is smelling of roses, not even in my marriage, but emotional labor investment just isn't really one of those areas.

Important article and discussion, just not a very personal thing for me, I guess.

OTW Fannews: Asking and Getting

Jul. 30th, 2015 04:06 pm
[syndicated profile] otw_news_feed

Posted by Claudia Rebaza


Banner by Ania of tiny stormtroopers putting out candles on a cake

  • The Daily Dot discussed Funimation's fanart stance with OTW Legal staffer Rebecca Tushnet. "'[I]t’s notable that there’s no mention of fair use...Fan art can be non-infringing fair use; elements of whether it is fair use include how transformative it is (how much new meaning and message it adds); whether it’s commercial or not; and whether it displaces a market for 'official' goods.' So it doesn't matter that they've declared they won't be going after commercially sold fanart? Not necessarily, according to Tushnet: 'It somewhat depends on what they actually do, but they are clearly claiming that fan art is in fact infringing copyright, even if they indicate they usually tolerate it. So I wouldn’t feel very reassured by this statement.'"
  • Perhaps JK Rowling's embrace of her fandom was key in a Fox Sports story about a fan whose fannishness influenced the University of Kentucky 2015 yearbook. "Towles has said that he's read each book in the series at least seven times and can 'quote the whole thing,' referring to the movies. And to take his fandom a step further, he annually celebrates Harry Potter's mythical birthday on July 31." The article concluded, "Harry Potter fan or not, you've got to appreciate the passion that led to...a yearbook titled 'Patrick Towles and the Order of Kentucky Football.'"
  • The Debrief reported on One Direction's new charity initiative, Action 1D. "Action1D is part of a brilliant wider campaign called Action/2015 which is all about the fact 2015 is the year loads of global issues begin to get resolved...What do Directioners need to do to save the world? Create pictures, videos, whatever, telling the boys what they want the future of the world to look like. Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis will then help put pressure on our leaders."
  • NPR featured a story on filmmaker Jennifer Nelson who is suing Warner/Chappell Music to make the song 'Happy Birthday' available for everyone. "If Nelson and her lawyers win, the song will be in the public domain. 'I think it's going to set a precedent for this song and other songs that may be claimed to be under copyright, which aren't," says [Nelson's lawyer]. As for Nelson, she jokes that if her lawsuit succeeds, 'People will be so sick of the 'Happy Birthday to You' song, because everybody will get to use it, finally.'"

What fan charity efforts do you know about? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

We want your suggestions! If you know of an essay, video, article, podcast, or link you think we should know about, comment on the most recent OTW Fannews post. Links are welcome in all languages! Submitting a link doesn't guarantee that it will be included in a Fannews post, and inclusion of a link doesn't mean that it is endorsed by the OTW.


Scanlations: Yasha ch. 33

Jul. 30th, 2015 09:28 am
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Title: Yasha
Author: Yoshida Akimi
Publisher: Flower Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Molly
Status in Japan: 12 volumes, complete
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Twelve-year-old Sei lives a normal, quiet life on a small island in Okinawa until one day a strange man who seems to know his mother shows up and tries to kidnap him. After that, nothing is normal or quiet in this sci-fi thriller from the author of Banana Fish.

Chapter Summary: Despite doing everything he can for the infected, Sei is at his wits' end. Nothing he tries seems to work, and they've already lost one patient. Then in a flash of inspiration, he comes up with a risky new idea...

Chapter 33


Jul. 30th, 2015 08:57 am
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Tansy Rayner Roberts: Jessica Jones is My Hero.
Yes. This. These are all of my feelings about Jessica and Luke and Civil War.

Now if only TRR would release Musketeer Space as an ebook. I don't do serials.

Watched Selma last night, which was excellent. I really love logistics, so a whole movie that was people talking about logistics was pretty great. And well acted, etc. Nenya to the screen during the scene where Gov. Wallace is talking about history: "Fifty years from now, you're going to be represented by an actor who knows he's playing the bad guy." Though it's depressing how hard everyone worked, and how little ground seems to have been gained sometimes.

It was interesting to see the note about Viola Liuzzo at the end, as Octavia Butler had mentioned her story as an inspiration for Parable of the Talents.

The New Fire Guide to Confronting Appropriation
More of each of these stories if you listen to the episode. This was a particularly good half hour. (Though, seriously, just listen to the whole show. It's so fun.)

CTV: Dramatic humpback whale rescue caught on camera.
Paul Cottrell has the best job. He was out our way last week, untangling a baby humpback, though I didn't get to help this time.
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I'd heard good rumours about it for years, but this week I finally managed to read Ben Aaronovitch's "Rivers of London", the first volume of what I take is an ongoing saga.

Previously I had known Ben Aaronovitch as a Doctor Who scriptwriter - he's responsible for Remembrance of the Daleks and Battlefield, both Seventh Doctor and Ace adventures -, so the DW nods didn't surprise me. But I think I'd have liked this book regardless. It's urban fantasy, with a hero, Peter Grant, who's a young officer with the London Met and runs into supernatural goings on early in the novel, with the result that he's simultanously engaged in solving a vicious murder series and becoming an apprentice wizard. And he has to broker peace between the female and the male divine embodiment of the River Thames.

The casual interaction with deities (and the fact that you can become one - Mama Thames started out as a Nigerian woman, while Father Thames started out as a Roman-era Briton) had some Neil Gaiman echoes for me, though it may simply be drawings from the same mythological sources. Peter Grant, our hero, is black, as are Mama Thames and her daughters (and that's how Selena after a few decades of visiting London, learns there are small underground and some above ground rivers flowing from or into the Thames). This is very much today's London, but at the same time, the novel evokes tropes (one of Peter's superiors is a grumpy Northerner from Yorkshire, because of course he is). There's a lot of humor, but the seriousness of the crimes is truly hard hitting. Especially once two of the characters who looked like they would be regulars get endangered, and yours truly suddenly thinks, damm, British series, I shouldn't take anyone's survival for granted, Spooks alert, X and Y might actually die! But please, not Y! I LIKE Y.

I shan't tell you whether or not Y survives, because I like sharing my agonized suspense. Instead, I'll praise another aspect of the book, which is the of St. Paul's in Covent Garden, the actors' church, and a particular obscure bit of British theatrical history. The play's the thing, indeed. I had my suspicions before the reveal, but fairly played, book.

The novel wraps up both cases our hero is involved with but certainly sets up enough to make me curious about further adventures. Not yet in a "must have immediately" manner, but if I find time - *eyes ever growing staple of recced books* - I will read more.
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Seasonal frost commonly forms at middle and high latitudes on Mars, much like winter snow on Earth. However, on Mars most frost is carbon dioxide (dry ice) rather than water ice. This frost appears to cause surface activity, including flows in gullies.

Mythcon schedule

Jul. 30th, 2015 02:38 pm
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Posted by Jo Walton

Mythcon is this weekend, and I'm Guest of Honour, and it's going to be fun!

My schedule

Opening Ceremonies in Summit at 9 am on Saturday.

"Jo Walton, Poet" in Aspen at 3 pm on Saturday.

"Norse Hour" in Breckenridge at 9:15 am on Sunday.

"Mythology and World View" in Breckenridge at 2:30 pm on Sunday.

"Trickster and King: A concert of Mythological Music" in Breckenridge at 9 am on Monday. (Not featuring me, but I am definitely going to be there!)

Closing Ceremonies in Summit at 11 am on Monday.

Also I'll be giving a 30 minute GoH speech at the banquet, I'm not sure exactly when that is. The speech is written, and it's about integrating the fantastic.
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Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

All attributed motivations are approximate. All races are unconfirmed. All crimes are alleged. All oppression is interconnected.


June 17, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills in order to feel powerful. He kills nine black parishioners because black people are all the same to him and he needs to do what he needs to do to remind the world that he is dominant.


June 17, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority tries to kill in order to feel powerful. He crashes in the midst of trying to run someone over with his car because “go back to the country you came from” and don’t tell him not to use the business’ phone because he is dominant.


June 21, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority stabs in order to feel powerful. He stabs three musicians because ew gay and “skinny jeans” and he will show them what happens to fags because he is dominant.


June 26, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills in order to feel powerful. He shoots a Muslim man in the head at a four-way stop because “go back to Islam” – or maybe a traffic dispute – because it was his turn to go, damn it, because he is dominant.


July 1, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills in order to feel powerful. He kills a lion because it’s one of the most majestic creatures he can think of and being able to kill it affirms that he is its dominant.


July 10, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority threatens murder in order to feel powerful. He retaliates against a black woman because she refuses to perform subservience and “I will light you up” if that’s what it takes to show you people that I am dominant.


July 11, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills in order to feel powerful. He opens fire on two Native American men he believes are homeless because he’s “tired of watching them” and it is not acceptable that he is uncomfortable or inconvenienced because he is dominant.


July 18, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority attempts murder in order to feel powerful. He shoots a person in the face because he believes he is an undocumented immigrant – “a fucking Mexican” – because this is his country and, therefore, he is dominant.


July 18, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills serially in order to feel powerful. He pulls a gun and strangles a woman with the intent to torture because he assumes she is nothing to anybody and murdering prostitutes makes him feel dominant.


July 19, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills in order to feel powerful. He, a police officer, shoots a man in the face because he might be getting away; black lives don’t matter because he is dominant.


July 23, 2015:

White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority kills in order to feel powerful. He kills women because they insist on doing and saying things that he does not approve of and he doesn’t have to take it anymore because he is dominant.


Summer, 2015.

(View original at

Daily Happiness

Jul. 30th, 2015 01:18 am
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1. I got everything done at work that I needed to do, so while I will go in tomorrow to see the people who are coming by who I need to see, I don't actually have any other work to do and can just go home as soon as that's done.

2. They changed the time of when these people are coming from "afternoon" to 10am, which...bleh. But at least it means I still get to sleep in, and I'm not going to rush to be there exactly at ten because chances are with traffic they're not going to be there until 10.30ish or later anyway, so...

3. Two nights ago Molly's right eye was swollen and leaky and I was worried she had an eye infection, but since it wasn't something urgent, rather than take her to the 24-hour animal hospital, we just decided Carla would walk her over to the vet down the street the next morning. Well, by the next morning her eye was way better, so we decided to just wait and see, and now it seems fine. So now I'm thinking maybe she just got something in her eye that irritated it, as that was the day she got up on the high bookshelf, which is very very dusty (it's too high for me to reach without a ladder, so it never gets dusted). Either way, I'm glad it ended up not being something serious and glad to not have anymore vet bills.

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Jul. 29th, 2015 10:29 pm
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Fwiw I'm doing better since my last post. It's just ... well.

When I started having major FOP symptoms (I was 10 or so and about to enter junior high) it was a bit frustrating and scary -- okay, probably a lot, not a bit -- but I was okay because I still had my brain.

When I started having depression issues (sophomore year of college) and could no longer trust my brain, it was frustrating and scary but I was okay because I could still take care of myself and live independently-ish.

When I got to the point where I needed help with physical tasks like bathroom use and getting in and out of bed, and where I was unemployed and unemployable, it was okay because I could still write.

When I stopped being able to write easily (ideas flow better when I'm writing by hand, which I can't any more, and I also put too much pressure on myself because it was the last "legitimate" way I had of being productive), it was okay because I could still play MMOs. Maybe not legitimate in wider society, but it was social contact as well as entertainment, it was productivity in a virtual sense, it was sort of a way in which I wasn't disabled. (Of course my play style was inhibited by physical restrictions, but I was an adequate player regardless, and not disabled in the game.)

...and then that went away too. And I haven't found an "it's okay because _______" to replace it.

I mean, there are things that make my life okay. I have Yahtzee and Monkey and the most expensive kitten in the world; I have a niece I can watch grow up; I have friends, online (including/especially y'all) and off; I can read, especially ebooke; I have netflix; I have yarn, even if my crafting is slow and awkward, even if I just pet the yarn and do nothing with it. All these things help.

It's just not enough, not yet.
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Start Menu is back!!!!!

(I am not to customizing anything yet, so very quick warning report.)

The following problems I had that could occur (Windows 8.1 upgrade):
1.) Qualcomm drivers/wi-fi - you may need to reinstall them after if you lose wifi. No, no one seems to know why (well Alienware tech support didn't). If you're under warranty, get tech support to do it and save yourself some stress.
2.) Nvidia drivers might not work. I didn't have this problem, but I've seen it mentioned and upgraded min before install and then uninstalled and reinstalled them after when I had the below problem, just in case.
3.) In Windows 8/8.1, if you downloaded the program Aero Glass, which mimicked Windows 7 Aero Glass in Windows 8/8.1, UNINSTALL IT FIRST.

In case anyone is googling, entering here the symptoms: after upgrading to Windows 10, splash screen displays and starts to flash to grey every three seconds. It continues through trying to login and eventually the screen freezes but not the pointer or touchscreen. It's weird. UNINSTALL AERO GLASS. It solves everything.

If you are already having this issue, do the following:
1.) When you hit the splash, get to the login as fast as you can before the freeze (you have about 10 to 30 seconds).
2.) On the login page, the restart is on the bottom-right; click on shift and hit restart.
3.) You're at a new page. Select Advanced, and in the right column of options that I can't remember the name of is one that lets you get to a screen that has different options for restarting. Just click until you see one that lists a whole bunch of things including safe mode.
4.) Click restart.
5.) You'll get a list of options. Select safe mode with networking (mine was F5).
6.) Login screen displays, login.
7.) Right click on Windows icon at far left bottom corner.
8.) Select Programs and Features.
9.) Uninstall/Remove programs page displays.
10.) Uninstall Aero Glass.
11.) Restart normally.

By the way, these instructions will work for anything you need to uninstall after installing if you have problems.

1.) this killed all my restore points. The second you're done and its' stable, start recreating your restore points. This may not be universal, but figured I'd toss that out there in case of emergency.
2.) More later while I stare blankly at it and try to decide my level of like, which is definitely higher than 8.1 but that's about it so far.

I'll probably spend my break tomorrow doing my customizations.


Per [personal profile] blueraccoon in comments:
One sort of important thing to note: At this time, DO NOT run a clean install that wipes your drive. There's a bug. If you're just upgrading and not reformatting, you're fine, but DO NOT wipe your drive and start over. If you do the computer will not recognize that you have a valid copy of Win10.

They're working on it, and I think it should hopefully be fixed in the next few hours, but it's still a problem as of the last information I have.
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Thanks to a donation from Anthony & Shirley Barrette, there are 12 new verses in "These Tiny Little Steps." Victor struggles with surrender; Kálmán tries to help.

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Jul. 30th, 2015 12:45 am
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Today I found out that open source community member, feminist, activist, and fucking awesome human being Nóirín Plunkett has died. I have no words for what we've lost in losing Nóirín; I think the open source community is going to keep running headfirst into that loss for years to come.

Nóirín, wherever you are now, I hope it's full of everything you would consider paradise. It's going to be a long fucking time before I stop looking for you at every conference I go to.

Good News

Jul. 29th, 2015 11:17 pm
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Good news includes all the things which make us happy or otherwise feel good.  It can be personal or public.  We never know when something wonderful will happen, and when it does, most people want to share it with someone.  It's disappointing when nobody is there to appreciate it. Happily, blogging allows us to share our joys and pat each other on the back.

What good news have you had recently?

Mourning Nóirín Plunkett

Jul. 30th, 2015 03:32 am
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Posted by addie

It’s been a sad day for many of us in the Geek Feminism community, as we process the news of Nóirín Plunkett’s passing.

Nóirín was a powerful force for positive change. We have lost a tremendous collaborator and friend, and they will be deeply missed.

Words are challenging in the face of a loss like this one; many thanks to those who have written in memoriam of Nóirín thus far.

The Apache Foundation: “Throughout Nóirín’s time at the Foundation she was an Apache httpd contributor, ASF board member, VP and ApacheCon organizer. Nóirín’s passionate contributions and warm personality will be sorely missed. Many considered Nóirín a friend and viewed Nóirín’s work to improving ‘Women in Technology’ as a great contribution to this cause.”

The Ada Initiative: “Nóirín will be remembered as a leading open source contributor; brilliant and compassionate and welcoming and funny. They were a long time leader in the Apache Software Foundation community, and a gifted speaker and documentation writer. Nóirín was key to the creation of the Ada Initiative in more ways than one. Since then they made invaluable contributions to the Ada Initiative as an advisor since February 2011, and a project manager in 2014. We are more grateful than we can say.”

Sumana Harihareswara: “When I was volunteering on the search for the Ada Initiative’s new Executive Director, I worked closely with Nóirín and could always count on their wisdom, compassion, and diligence. I am so grateful, now, that I had a chance to collaborate with them — I had hoped to work with them again, someday, in some organization or other. One of the last times I saw them, they were crying with happiness over the passage of the Irish same-sex marriage referendum. I don’t want to end this entry because there is no ending that can do justice to them.”

Rich Bowen: “Nóirín’s motto was Festina Lente – Hasten Slowly, and this embodies her approach to life. She considered things carefully, and rushed to get things done, because life is too short to get everything accomplished that we put our minds to. In the end, hers was far, far too short.”

Our thoughts are with everyone who shares our grief. Farewell, Nóirín.

Book Log

Jul. 30th, 2015 10:27 am
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Just finished Albert Hourani's A History of the Arab Peoples, with additional content by Malise Ruthven. It took me a while to get through because it's dense, plus I didn't have much free time during fasting month.

Mostly self-reflection, post-reading. )
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Apropos of nothing, here's a live version of Franz Ferdinand's Michael with "come all over me". (actually, this is the second live one I found, the other one was worse quality) (god bless youtube, since I'm sure I still have a copy or eleven of this stuff on my comptuer but lord knows where, and I may have lost it in the secondary-drive crash that lost me all my Tim Goebel vids)

I need a fandom with a character named Michael, because I've got vidding urges and it's either this or Gay Bar. I have never left 2004. (WHEN I DID IN FACT HAVE A FANDOM WITH A GUY NAMED MICHAEL AND OF COURSE I DID WHAT ANYONE WOULD DO.) (okay, this is entirely apropos of me being under the impression that someone kudosed that fic yesterday but apparently I was mistaken? why was that fic coming to my attention yesterday? ANYWAY GAY PORN.)

(belated realization: Graceland. Graceland has a character named Mike. Who is of course Michael. And is played by Aaron Tveit, aka the reason I watched the show. This is how much I still care about this show, I completely forget that.)

A Tactical Error

Jul. 29th, 2015 05:38 pm
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I'd been meaning to listen to An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz since it came out, and I was between books, so I set up as next on my mp3 player.

Meanwhile, The True Story of Canada's "War" of Extermination on the Pacific by Tom Swanky was next on the library list, so I started that.

I'm now just going to go read fluffy romance novels or something. Jeeze.

Nummy books

Jul. 29th, 2015 07:37 pm
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Wow, The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber made me happy. A pastor in space! Aliens! Epistolary fic! It is awesome.

And so is Cinder, the first of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles books. It's a fabulous fairy tale retelling, and it also manages to be a lot of other fabulous things besides. I am downloading books 2 and 3 even now.

Wednesday Reading Meme

Jul. 29th, 2015 05:36 pm
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Because it is sad not to make a meme post, even if I have read nothing! I have read nothing! Also I'm home now! [personal profile] lysimache is here and the dog is here and so is a small amount of Avengers stuff that I had been waiting for, because yay fandom presents. (Three Steve/Tony fanbooks and a miscellaneous assortment of SDCC stuff from someone on Tumblr, including a very nice Agent Carter S2 poster, one of those Skottie Young Secret Wars prints (!), some cute promo/ad Iron Man comics, that ESPN superhero Body issue, some coloring books and buttons, and an Avengers poster that says MAKE READING YOUR SUPERPOWER that Lysimache has claimed.)

I really enjoy that I am in a fandom with fanbooks. It's a lot like being in a fandom with zines again. Man, I miss zines. Okay, it's exactly like zines but without the fic. So... yay zines?

What I Just Finished Reading

Nothing! Because even though I have spent hours and hours on airplanes apparently what I wanted to read on them was comforting fanfiction where I already knew what was going to happen. So, uh, yeah. That.

What I'm Reading Now

Weirdly, I don't think there was anything in this week's comics I wanted to read. I read Thors (meh) and last week's Spider-Woman (also meh)

What I'm Reading Next

Hopefully books? I still have a bunch of comics to read for fic research. And I have a bunch of Amazon gift cards and am considering buying myself Reward Comic Books (okay, Reward Graphic Novels) for getting through my family vacation. I was going to buy the ones I actually need for fic research but I am seriously considering Capwolf and Iron Age instead or perhaps additionally. (Also, hey, hopefully I feel good enough now that I can write happy fic and not just sad fic, right?)

Aha! Talking dirty in French.

Jul. 30th, 2015 09:07 am
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So I was looking up how to talk dirty in French (for fic purposes, naturellement), and found this post, which ends with this comment:
Oh, and a Frenchie's take: there's nothing sexier than French spoken with a foreign accent. You don't really need a sophisticated vocabulary, foreign accent is a turn on anyways :-)
Which, aha, I'd never thought about that. To me, as an anglophone, French spoken in an obviously non-French accent just sounds gauche, but presumably to the French, it's like ESL people speaking English with delicious non-English-language accents.

O HAI THAR, mon petit anglocentric blind-spot. *facepalm*

French speakers, are there accents that sound more or less sexy in French?
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~2000 words, Jurassic World Barry/Owen, NC-17 sequel to Downtime. For the End of the World challenge on [community profile] fan_flashworks. Shameless PWP. No warnings. Thanks to [personal profile] mergatrude for beta. <3

Downtime Redux


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