The Arrival; some other things

Sep. 25th, 2016 12:27 pm
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I am weepy and tired and verklempt. I spent yesterday afternoon "reading" The Arrival, by Shaun Tan; [ profile] troyswann recommended it to me when we were up in Scotland and I saw it in Housman's bookshop at King's Cross and bought it on impulse. (And had a weird encounter at the counter, where the clearly-very-new person behind the counter asked me if I were a student or a trade union member, for reasons of discount, because it's that sort of bookshop. "You don't look like you're in a trade union," she said, which made me huff a bit, because what does a trade union member look like? I am in two, for the record, depending on how you count: both on the roll and as a civil servant. Hmph.)

Anyway, The Arrival - it's a fantasy graphic novel told without words, depicting the story of an immigrant family's journey to a strange new place. And I find I don't want to use words to describe how powerful and beautiful it is as a piece of art. I just cried wordlessly at it. This is an unqualified recommendation but it's not something where a brief snippet will give any sense of the enormity of the whole.

So there's that. Here are some other things:

-I've had the flu all week, and am still feeling insubstantial; I went to work on Friday and realised in the middle of the afternoon that September 23rd represents the halfway mark of this posting that is killing me. (I will be glad to have done it I've learned a lot everyone pays their dues etc, you've heard it.) I look back on the last eighteen months and I'm not proud, exactly, because that's not a word that means much in these circumstances, but I have made it this far and I'm glad of it.

-Gaelic restarted this week, and I trundled down to the class on Wednesday and enjoyed it moderately. It's the beginners' class, and the teacher kindly suggested afterwards that gratifying as it may be for one's ego to be the best in the class, it's much better for me to be remedial. So I've been bumped across to the second-year class, which is scary because I really will be the worst in it. Tha mi ag ionnsachadh an-dràsda, etc. After a couple of months away, I still love the language inarticulably outwith its own terms.

-A. and I are going out tonight to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have been married for three years, together for nine. I ran out of things to say about this years ago. We are what we are; we go on.

-I have several batches of beta comments on the novel, and keep crying at these also; not because they're sad - they're helpful and heartening - but because I've been working on this thing alone for a long time and the externalisation has been a process. (And also because I've now got to pick it up again, in a while, and go on with the work. The first six months I was writing it I never backed it up, because of a secret hope that I'd knock my laptop off a table and bam, I wouldn't have to write it any more.)

But: in a while. The next book on my to-be-read pile is Lavie Tidhar's The Violent Century. Right now I'm going to sit on the couch and watch Star Trek on Netflix.
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Not new, but making the rounds:

Transcript of Surreptitiously Taped Conversations among German Nuclear Physicists at Farm Hall (August 6-7, 1945)

Thought some of you ([personal profile] sovay, [personal profile] seekingferret, [profile] e_pepys...) would be very interested.

Apparently the complete edition is Hitler's Uranium Club: The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall by Jeremy Bernstein. It is now on my Amazon wishlist.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 25th, 2016 01:01 am
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1. One of my favorite former co-workers stopped by the store today and we got to chat for a bit. He'll be there three days next week, too, to help with a small remodelling project that's going on. (He still works for the company, just a different location.)

2. I managed to get a fair bit of translating done today, including finishing up the last of the "must do" stuff for this month. (I hope to still get a couple more things finished, but the major ones are done.)

3. The kitties were sooooo cute this morning. Chloe often likes to sit on the bathroom counter and watch "kitty TV" as we call it (aka looking out the window at birdies and such), but this morning they were both sitting there together. ♥

On Faroese

Sep. 25th, 2016 08:11 am
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Faroese Online has finally landed! It's based on Icelandic Online, which was one of my major learning resources (though I still haven't finished it). So far it's only the "survival course," which is a bit basic for me, but probably worth doing in order to grasp the pronunciation and a few basic differences in vocabulary. I don't expect to work through it in an organised way, unless/until I decide to go back to the Faroes, in which case I'll probably do it as a bit of a crash course.

Faroese is in amazingly good health given the years of Danish rule, when Danish was the language of church, school, law, politics, literature and pretty much everything else. Faroese only returned to being a written language in the mid-nineteenth century (hence the wacky orthography): the first notable novels seem to be from the 1930s, and the Bible wasn't fully translated until 1949!

But Faroese is absolutely the language of daily life in the Faroes. Apparently 5% of people have Danish as a first language but this wasn't something that I noticed. All the signs, brochures, menus, announcements are in Faroese. Everyone started off speaking to me in Faroese (which would have been great if I had any speaking/listening skills....) It has a thriving little literary scene, and a radio station, and a TV station I guess although the broadcasting hours seem to be very restricted.

You can definitely see the difference in cultural production between the Faroese and Iceland. As an independent nation with a population of 300k rather than 50k, Iceland puts out much more material in terms of books, films, TV, newspapers. You could quite happily read Icelandic literature all year, unless you were a very voracious reader, whereas the selection in Faroese was limited and dominated by translations.

Most of the books in the bookstore were Danish. Iceland's second language is clearly English whereas in the Faroes it's clearly Danish. Most of the Faroese seem to be fluent in Danish, whereas the Icelanders are required to learn it in school but never seem to manage. I found it funny that there were no Icelandic books on sale in the Faroes: the written languages are mutually intelligible, so you would think they would take advantage of the literary output there, but no.

While in the Faroes I did buy a couple of books in Faroese, one a translation and one in the original language. I plan to try reading these without too much prior study, and we'll see what sticks. There are a few key Faroese words that I've already had to look up. For instance, "but." We shall see!

beta-test the beta-readers form?

Sep. 25th, 2016 03:14 am
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Posted by kate_nepveu

Based on feedback from last year, I have pulled together a draft of the beta offers form, and if anyone would like to, well, beta-test it, that would be great.

Here's the form, and here's the resulting spreadsheet with one dummy entry so you can see what it would look like after it's been manually indexed.

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Having lived here for a year now, I've concluded that September-October is the best time of year to be be in Monterey. The weather is just gorgeous, sunny and breezy and warm but not hot.

Went down to Fisherman's Wharf this morning to see the visiting tall ship. It's a replica 16th-Century Spanish galleon, built at the Maritime Museum in San Diego and now making her maiden voyage.

Look at the pretty ship! )

Then, since I was in the neighborhood, I paid an obligatory visit to the sea lions and the harbor seals, and also a black-crowned night heron that was hanging around in a nearby tree.

Look at the pretty critters! )

All in all, a very pleasant morning.

(no subject)

Sep. 24th, 2016 10:19 pm
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I hate being sick. Friday, I woke up and didn't feel bruised and beaten, so I went into work. (I had been out of the office four business days, so there were some things I really need to get done.) I only made it until about quarter to two, and then I left work to get lunch, walk around a nearby shopping center a little bit (I was sort of hoping to buy a purse big enough to hold my 10" tablet, but I didn't see anything I really liked), until I could catch the bus home.

Today, I put away about six loads of laundry, including schlepping an ironing board up and downstairs, and I was wiped out. My breathing got fucked up so that talking made me cough, and I still feel quite subpar. (I can't tell if it's the impact of the laundry or if it's just me feeling shitty from the flu.)

Anyway, also today, I decided against reinstalling Ubuntu on my computer. (I was dual booting Ubuntu and Windows, but first my Windows partition got too small to be usefully updated, then my Ubuntu partition got too small to be updated, so I took it to a computer shop to be repartitioned, but they were kind of freaked out by the idea of installing Ubuntu, so I ended up having them wipe the hard drive and install Windows 10. I actually really like Windows 10 and One Note, and almost everything else I do, I do online.

So, I'm going to restore the data from my backup, but not Ubuntu. I'm pretty sure it's going to be easier, once I eventually get everything backed up. (Getting everything backed up is going to take forever, though. I'm doing it in chunks, as I'm trying not to download stuff that was saved multiple times on my hard drive. For some reason, nearly all of my podfic had been saved twice, for instance.

I feel a little sad about it, but also like it will make my life easier. I was never very political about free software, and dual booting is kind of a pain in the ass. It's the end of an era for me, though. :/

Dear Yuletide Writer

Sep. 24th, 2016 08:10 pm
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello, and thank you for writing for me!

General likes: I have pretty broad reading tastes, but some things I enjoy include angst, schmoop, fics that stick close to canon, fics that go a long way from canon, odd AUs (everything from coffeeshop to high school to IN SPAAAAAACE), power dynamics (especially in smut if one is inclined to write such a thing), witty dialogue, comedy, darkfic, amnesia, dubcon/noncon, military tactics/strategy/logistics, plotty fic...

DNWs: Animal harm and issuefic. [1] I have also listed a couple DNWs specific to fandoms where warranted. If you're not sure about something you want to include, feel free to query via the mods.

[1] I've read some brilliant issuefic, so it's not that I'm against the category, but this year I am inclined toward iddier reading.

If you are feeling experimental--IFs, second person, odd narrative structure, etc.--I encourage you to go all-out. I like that sort of thing! But at the same time, please do not feel obliged. I like not-second person (etc.) fics, too. :D

Optional note: I am open to both AUs (as you have figured out) and crossovers. In particular, a Captive Prince/L5R crossover could be amazing if someone wanted to try it. I assume Laurent is a Doji duelist and Damen is a Hida bushi...or what about Vorkosigan/L5R? Just imagine!

I've talked a little about what I like about each requested fandom, and listed possible prompts in case you find that sort of thing inspiring. If you come up with an even better idea, however, go for it! It is important to me that you have fun writing what you write. :D

If you are hard-up on time and need an emergency fandom, I would recommend Captive Prince. It's a trilogy, BUT you could read just the first book (titled, helpfully enough, The Captive Prince) and use that for a basis for a missing scene or an AU. Alternately, you could go with Vorkosigan Saga (although the whole thing is ungodly long), just read the first omnibus (Cordelia's Honor), and base a fic off what you find there, going AU as necessary. I don't mind AUs in general and will not hold it against you! As much as I love L5R, it has a ridiculous amount of backstory scattered in five zillion places. I completely disrecommend L5R as an emergency fandom.

I love all three fandoms equally so have simply put them in alphabetical order. I'd be thrilled by fic for any of them.

Captive Prince (Damen, Laurent), Legend of the Five Rings (Hida Kisada), Vorkosigan Saga (Aral Vorkosigan) )

[stories] The Sky-Sister's Garden

Sep. 24th, 2016 07:50 pm
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The Sky-Sister's Garden

For Nancy Sauer ([personal profile] daidoji_gisei).
Prompt: "vegetables."

People who dwell on sea or land often do not realize the effort to which the sky-sisters go to cultivate the clouds, the winds, the swirl of stars in the great wheel of night. Every caprice of the weather is governed by laws written in the language of butterfly wing and unstable equations. The dwellers on sea and land sacrifice goats or geese or, occasionally, imperfectly formed geodes to influence the rains ands snows and sun in their favor, little realizing that the sky-sisters, for all their attentiveness, cannot do more than nudge the weather to help them.

One such sky-sister was known for her skill at coaxing constellations to march properly across the sky as the seasons passed, instead of lingering too long and scattering meteor-signs of ill omen. With her digging tools and specialized shears, she traveled the skyways, her pet bird--the sky-sisters have a weakness for birds--perched upon her shoulder. Patiently she stopped by recalcitrant polestars or planets out of alignments, singing and tugging until they grew in their proper places.

Even the sky-sisters have time for leisure, however. During those hours, this particular sky-sister lavished time on a small plot of land upon a sky-island that the lord of clouds had kindly anchored in the atmosphere for her benefit. There, taking advantage of the peculiar ways that seasons manifested in the sky-realm, she grew sugar snap peas and parsnips and carrots, tomatoes and cabbages and kale. (Never beets, however. She was not fond of beets.) Her bird benefited the most from the garden's harvest, but she too ate the resulting salads and soups.

Try as she might, however, the sky-sister could not grow zucchini. She tried planting it close to the sun. The zucchini wouldn't sprout. She tried planting it close to the moon. The zucchini wouldn't sprout. She tried planting it on the underside of the sky-island, in case the zucchini had unorthodox notions about the proper place of gravity. The zucchini wouldn't sprout.

This only made the sky-sister more determined. She fertilized the zucchini with fewmets imported from the Mountain of Nine Dragons. The zucchini wouldn't sprout. She watered it with the tears of poet tigresses. (She shed a few tears herself, contemplating their odes. Tigresses are surprisingly excellent poets.) The zucchini wouldn't sprout. She chanted imprecations from the Book of Aspiring Chlorophyll. The zucchini still wouldn't sprout.

At last the sky-sister sat down on her sky-island and looked around at all the vegetables that did grow. "Why isn't this working?" she asked, and absentmindedly plucked a sugar snap pea to gnaw on.

At this point, her pet bird had the grace to look embarrassed. "You really like zucchini, don't you?"

The sky-sister hadn't realized that the bird could talk, but when one spends one's free time on a floating island, this sort of detail doesn't faze one. "I don't see how you could have guessed that," she said wryly.

"I do too," the bird said. "I just like it at a more embryonic stage of development."

The sky-sister considered this. "Well," she said philosophically, "it's good to know that the problem was not my skill at gardening, but my skill at applied ornithology."
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Title: Of Death Close-Walking Beside
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Fandom: Agent Carter (Peggy Carter & Jack Thompson)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,700
Notes: Written for [personal profile] sholio as a treat for [ profile] avengersfest 2016. Thanks to Morphia for beta reading.
Summary: They made Jack quit looking for Peggy four months ago, but that doesn't mean he's stopped seeing her everywhere.

Haha, surprising no one, I'm sure :D

Sleepy Saturday

Sep. 24th, 2016 09:02 pm
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I got home from the 5K this morning, had a little breakfast, and then fell asleep on the couch listening to podcasts. Which was hilarious because when I woke up I was SURE that I had just taken the morning off and HAD TO GET TO WORK, oh my god, it’s 1:20 in the afternoon, I’m so late – 

I was literally in the bedroom trying to pick out work clothes before I realized it was Saturday. WELL DONE ME.

Since recovering from that episode of self-induced panic, I’ve been basically doing not-much, though I’ve been reading a bit in Decisive, by Chip and Dan Heath, which is helping me get a handle on the Back East question. 

Part of the issue is that Mum really loves Chicago and doesn’t especially want me to leave, which I get. I like Chicago and I don’t especially want to leave either. But Back East is New England which means I’d be moving to Boston, and I love Boston, and I think I finally figured out how to get her on side: 

“Well, you know, Mum,” I said to her, “Boston…it’s a lot safer than Chicago.”

Which both is and is not true. Chicago’s frankly epic gun violence is restricted to very specific geographic areas that I really don’t get into much, and it mainly happens at times when I’m at home asleep. I’m also a white dude and thus not worried about running at four in the morning lest the cops decide summary execution is the best way of dealing with me. But Boston has a lower overall crime rate particularly in the Wow That’s So Much Murder department, and thus seems safer to my mother, who has started getting a little anxious about Holy Mother Of God All The Shooting.

In her last email to me she said, “I think you should definitely give Boston a chance.” So, we’ll see. 

A friend of mine from work just finished moving and I offered to buy her boxes from her, so tomorrow I’m going over to pick them up and bring them home. I’m going to be moving soon-ish regardless of whether it’s Chicago or Boston I end up in, so I might as well start packing up the non-vital kitchen stuff, the extra linens, and the delicate Home Decor Which Proves I Don’t Have Cats. 

I love packing. I’m kind of weirdly excited about getting started. 

from Tumblr
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[community profile] nightvalepresentsverse is the fan community for all future Night Vale Presents Network podcasts beginning with The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) in October 2016.

Black Sails

Sep. 24th, 2016 03:12 pm
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 Here's a good writeup about the TV series Black Sails.

Post-Tagset Pimping Post

Sep. 24th, 2016 06:41 pm
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Posted by abluestocking

With the tagset now open (hooray!!), I thought it might be a great time to have a post-tagset pimping post. (For the pre-nominations brainstorming/pimping post, go here.)

What is officially in the 2016 tagset that you are dying to read and/or write fic for this Yuletide? Perhaps there's a standalone book that you've been requesting for five years, and you really want more people to fall in love with it. Perhaps you want to convert people to the joys of your beloved RPF fandom, because really, 18th Century Pirate RPF deserves all the fannish love in the world. Perhaps you have an obscure movie that you long to share with the Yuletide community, because you just know that it is Relevant To Our Interests.

This is the place to woo, cajole, and seduce new fans to the glories of your fandom, characters, and/or ships!

Share primers, sources, manifestos, and paeans. Link us to Instagrams and Twitters, and explain bromantic webs of affection in professional sports. Hold forth with all your passionate force on why your canon is the best and everyone should fall in love with it. Convince us that now, now is the time to pick up a new canon - seriously, run out and buy this book today, you won't regret it.

Let's all celebrate the official opening of the tagset together! ♥

Notable Yuletide nominations

Sep. 24th, 2016 07:25 pm
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From the newly released tagset, mostly a note to myself. I haven't gone through Movies or TV Shows in much detail.

All Creatures Great and Small - James Herriot
Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh
The Charioteer - Mary Renault
City & the City - China Mieville
The Cruel Sea - Nicholas Monsarrat
David Blaize - E. F. Benson
Dracula - Bram Stoker
Foreigner Series - C. J. Cherryh
Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti
Gödel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid - Douglas Hofstadter
He Knew He Was Right - Anthony Trollope
Hilary Tamar Mysteries - Sarah Caudwell
The Image of a Drawn Sword - Jocelyn Brooke
À la recherche du temps perdu | Remembrance of Things Past - Marcel Proust
Lady Audley's Secret - Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Le città invisibili | Invisible Cities - Italo Calvino
Le Petit Prince | The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Little Stranger - Sarah Waters
The Magicians - Lev Grossman
Mánasteinn: drengurinn sem var aldrei til | Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was - Sjón
The Marlows - Antonia Forest
Maurice - E. M. Forster
Moby Dick - Herman Melville
Paying Guests - Sarah Waters
Return to Night - Mary Renault
Revelation Space Series - Alastair Reynolds
Secret History - Donna Tartt
Shadow Man - Melissa Scott
Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel
Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome
The Turn of the Screw - Henry James
The Unlit Lamp - Radclyffe Hall
The Worst Journey in the World - Apsley Cherry-Garrard

Bloomsbury Group RPF
Bright Young Things RPF
Cambridge Apostles RPF
Cycling RPF
Deadliest Catch RPF
First World War RPF
Royal Shakespeare Company RPF
Star Trek: The Next Generation RPF

Cities (Anthropomorfic)
Global Cycling Network (Youtube)


Sep. 24th, 2016 08:57 pm
[personal profile] extrapenguin posting in [community profile] vorkosigan

Vorkosigan's there, with a whopping 25 characters!
list of characters )

Who'll you request? What do you want to have written? Anyone ticking "Any"?

YT 2016 Tag Set Open

Sep. 24th, 2016 05:41 pm
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Posted by jenn_calaelen

Here is the Yuletide 2016 tag set, in all of its glory.

”Statistics” )


Very helpful corrections

  • Mis-spelled characters

  • Characters that appear in the wrong fandom

  • Characters that are missing from a fandom, when you expected them to be there (i.e, you nominated them there

  • Characters who appear in multiple fandoms with exactly the same character tag (this is an indication the tag has wandered)

  • Mis-spelled fandoms

  • Fandoms that don’t match their characters

  • Fandoms that occur twice in the tag set under different names

  • Fandoms that don’t appear in a category they should appear in

  • Fandoms that are missing (i.e., you or a friend nominated them and you aren’t sure why they should be absent).

Please tell us about any of these problems. When commenting, please include the following information:
  • the current fandom tag

  • the current character tags

  • the problem you see and the changes you suggest.

The edit interface is particular. Careful description saves us a lot of work.

Less helpful corrections

  • Inconsistent disambiguation tags used for the characters in a fandom - while it’s nice to be tidy, if all the characters belong to a fandom, we’re happy enough

  • Telling us that your fandom appears in two or more categories. If your fandom appears in the wrong category, please check whether or not it also appears in the right one. If it does, the tag set is functioning as it should

  • Fixing capitalisation and diacritics on tags
  • .


We try to consider all fandoms carefully, but we may have rejected or accepted a fandom in error.

If you believe your fandom has been treated incorrectly:
  • Please give the name of your fandom and the characters that were nominated.

  • Please give a clear and concise explanation of why you believe it should have been approved.

  • Please check if someone else has raised the same issue, on Dreamwidth and Livejournal, and if possible, add your thoughts to the same thread.

If the fandom was over on numbers, and there was no evidence post, we will not reconsider the fandom.

If the fandom was closely related to a fandom that is over on numbers, and there was no evidence post, we will not reconsider the fandom.

If the fandom was a fanwork of a large fandom, and there was no evidence post, we will not reconsider the fandom.

If you simply want to ask why a decision was made, you are welcome to do so, but an explanation (even one you disagree with) does not mean the case is re-opened.

Challenges must be submitted before 9pm UTC 30 September to be considered (What time is that for me?). We ask you to submit corrections before this as well, to ensure that sign-ups can open on time.
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Yesterday was the first annual NNP staff picnic at Riverside Park. I was initially skeptical - it was thrown together at the last minute and the communications about it were more of the "YOU WILL HAVE ORGANIZED FUN" than the "hey, this might be a cool thing to do with your co-workers" variety (also, they made us come in and work for half a day first, which meant schlepping down to Tribeca and then all the way up to 145th Street, and there was an overt threat that people who left early and didn't attend would be charged PTO time, which is fine, but the way it was worded was more heavy-handed than it needed to be), and the people that I feel friendliest with had all declined to attend, so for me it was going to be one more work event where I would have to socialize with senior staff while being support staff, and ugh, I was like, since as the CEO's assistant, I can't not go, I'll just find a tree to sit under and read my book. So basically I was dreading the whole thing despite the promise of free food and nice weather.

but then the people I enjoy talking to without having to feel like I'm still completely in work mode showed up! So I left the table of senior managers and went to sit with them and the day was fun! I know right? Who'd'a thunk it?

Anyway, Riverside Park is lovely, considering the area we were in was built over a water treatment plant (which you can smell as you enter and leave the park), and though there were games available, we were not forced to play, so that was all right. And the food was delicious. A good time was had by all!

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Skyline, during a walk break. Final time 35:50, not too bad. #crosspost (at Soldier Field Stadium - Chicago)

from Tumblr
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It’s the perfect day to hate running. (at The Field Museum)

from Tumblr

Wow. I. What.

Sep. 24th, 2016 07:47 am
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My mother just sent me this link: Parenting by the Books: ‘On The Banks of Plum Creek’. All her email said was that it was an interesting footnote on Laura Ingalls Wilder.

(I was obsessed with those books as a kid -- I read and reread them endlessly. Mom used to joke that if they named a title and page number I'd be able to tell them what was on that page.) (And yes, in hindsight I'm horrified by the racism and colonialism that I know now is all over the books. Mostly as a kid I was fixated on Laura herself, and her journey.)

So first of all -- go and read the essay; it's an amazing essay about parenthood and how we think of Ma Ingalls and the dynamics she was facing.

And secondly -- I do not know what to make of the fact that my mother just sent this to me. Is she trying to connect with me because I used to love the books? Is she asking me, obliquely, to consider the challenges she faced in being a parent? Is she acknowledging, again obliquely, that I face some difficult stuff as a single mother?

Daily Happiness

Sep. 24th, 2016 01:02 am
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1. I stayed up late poking at iTunes for no reason and now I'm super tired but at least I can sleep in tomorrow!

2. I had to go to other markets today and do price comparisons (boring and time-consuming) but at Nijiya they had some super tasty seaweed & sesame oil potato chips, so that made it kind of worth it. (And I have to go back tomorrow because I totally forgot to get one important price, but that means I can buy another bag of chips, so...)

3. This silly Chloe playing in her fortress of catitude.

West End

Sep. 24th, 2016 03:58 pm
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Thanks to one family gathering wherein the topic of holidays came up, I am now in charge of a cousins-only trip to London, whereby I am taking two of my younger cousins there, sans parents. Both of them are almost two decades younger than me, so effectively it's a babysitting/chaperone job, but I'll be mostly taking them to places and attractions I don't mind visiting again, and I can take my time enjoying the sights while they do their thing.

Then there's the matter of musicals. Cousin 1 has been to London once, and has been bitten by the musical bug thanks to her mom taking her to The Lion King and Wicked. Cousin 2 has never seen live theatre before. They're going to watch three shows, one of which is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (if I can get tickets, which is admittedly a VERY BIG IF, so we have a back-up show in case that doesn't pan out). I'm totally game for HP, but have zero interest in the other two shows they're watching, so I'm going to watch my own thing.

The dilemma: the only show I'm really interested in right now is Beautiful, the Carole King musical. That leaves one other empty slot, and I was wavering between The Play That Goes Wrong (because I enjoyed a recording of Noises Off on youtube) and Kinky Boots (which has good reviews, though the story itself doesn't ping my interest in any major way). Then today while driving, my USB mix cycled through the Jersey Boys Broadway recording, and I remembered just how much I love that show.

I'd initially discarded watching Jersey Boys again because I've already seen the dang thing five times, and that should be enough? There are other shows I would happily watch again but they've all closed, to my vast irritation (Rock of Ages, Guys and Dolls). Jersey Boys doesn't even have as strong a story as, say, Matilda (which wrecked me) but it's just SO MUCH FUN, and I love all the songs, and I know I'll have a good time. Plus there's an entirely new cast now, which should be interesting? Yet it seems a waste to see it again instead of something new. And yet, shouldn't I take the chance to watch it while it's still on, because who knows how long this production will continue? I CANNOT DECIDE.
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Most of my foot is purply-green with bruising, with darker purple-magenta bruises on the sides of the back of my foot, my ankle, and climbing way up my calf. I don't think I've ever bruised myself this badly in other ankle incidents. The ankle has actually been hurting worse in the last few days than it did previously. I'm resting a lot but otherwise still wearing the podiatric boot when I'm going outside and just the cane at home. The X-rays didn't show any breaks or anything abnormal.


My car has been misbehaving badly again the last few days, which also happened to be days of a return to summer heat and humidity. (Also, with my ankle as it is and me trying to avoid walking, this is an especially bad time for my car to be unreliable.) I hope Civic calms down again when the weather cools. Fall has to start eventually, right? I shouldn't still need (to pay for) air conditioning this late in September.


I'm so glad Mr. Robot season 2 finale fic is starting to show up on AO3. I've been jonesing for it badly since the finale aired because damn.


I'm still writing the new part of GH and still agonizing over fight choreography. It'll be a bigger chapter than most at least.

I'm working on the sequel to "Attention" but having trouble because Hachiman is noping everything. Nope, not doing it or that either and certainly not with Hayama and here's his massive inner monologue of logic why. It's IC, but jeez.


Sep. 23rd, 2016 10:53 pm
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School starts next week. Aaaah? I'd probably be more worried if I weren't so tired. Getting up at ass o'clock in the morning is rough.

I have accomplished many things today! I got my bike lock mounted to my bike, I got my lights on, I went to a meeting for my TA lab and a meeting for my rotation lab. And I went out for drinks with my (rotation) lab after, which meant it was a really good thing that I got my lights on my bike, because dark is happening earlier and earlier these days.

I read All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders, which felt a lot like a YA novel except for the graphicness of some of the sex and violence. (The graphic sex was all positive and good, not horrible or awkward, but it still didn't feel like it belonged in a book for actual teenagers? I mean, maybe, good examples of good sex should probably be in books for teenagers, and I was definitely looking for porn on the internet at that age, so what do I know.) I also read Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson (which I don't think I've posted about yet? Stuff's been running together lately.) It was really rich and vivid and interesting, and also the ending was kind of ambiguous about what actually happened and thus a little frustrating! There's another novella coming out in the same world called A Taste of Honey coming out in October and I'm pretty sure I'll snap it up.

Then again, I'm pretty sure I won't have time for any more pleasure reading for a while yet. I've been reading articles and books on research and I'll have grading to do pretty soon. Aiee!

[personal profile] zvi has been posting about Bullet Journals and now I'm watching YouTube videos as well and pondering trying them. Curses! Right now I have a tiny moleskine with all my O-week notes in it, and some notes about research, and the idea of giving those notes a bit more structure and searchability is suddenly sounding really good.

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Sep. 23rd, 2016 09:28 pm
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Interesting post on the geographic distribution in the decline of violent crime in the US. Needs more crunchy statistical analysis, but it does look like the urban-rural divide is relevant.

Because there's no such thing as climate change.


So glad I have chorus practice on Monday so I won't be tempted to watch the first debate.


Four solid days of hanging out with coworkers is possibly two days too much.


In other news, I received a postcard from Malta today. Lovely photos, with a chatty note about the Dunnett connection (Disorderly Knights has a long section in Malta), and an indecipherable set of initials at the bottom. I have no idea who sent it. Help?


GBBO continues to entertain, possibly even more so because of the news about 3/4 of the cast departing. Sad! But I cannot believe that Paul Hollywood has never experienced the glory that is peanut butter and banana. How is this even possible?

Planning. It's like exercise really.

Sep. 23rd, 2016 11:13 pm
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So, I've been watching these Bullet Journal videos and Planner videos for, like, two weeks, and, even though I have no intention of starting my own physical planner (I use a notepad to write down my daily tasks at work, because I had to confront the fact that writing must do stuff on post it notes and attaching it to my monitor made me feel dumb, but EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIGITAL.)

Part the first: The only good planner is the planner you actually use. Things that make you stop using a planner are extremely idiosyncratic and extremely real. If you don't use your planner because it's too big or too small, because it's not pretty enough, because the pages are hard to turn, because you never have your planning pens with you, or whatever it is that's giving you grief, change your setup until you are willing to use your planner consistently. Like exercise, planning is for you to make your life better, so if the planner you have is not one you're using, it's not doing you any good. If any of the advice you get from me or anyone else makes you less likely to plan, ditch the advice. You do you!

That being said, the opinions.

Part the Second: Bullet Journal opinions
  1. Start your bujo in a notebook you already own. This is gonna feel weird for maybe as long as the first 3 months and it may end up not working for you. Don't throw out cash to begin with, just pick up an old spiral-bound and get started. If you find that a bujo is kind of working for you but you want something prettier or smaller or larger, you'll figure it out. But to give it a try, just use the notebook and pen you have on hand. The first three months are seriously you just trying the system.
  2. Page 1 should be your key. Leave a blank page on page 2 for changes you make to your key, a color code, or a pen test.
  3. When you do buy a journal specifically for bullet journaling, you want dot grid paper. (You don't have to buy an expensive Leuchtturm1917 to get dot grid paper.) It's much easier to draw boxes and grids freehand if you have the dots to guide you. If you really can't get dot grid paper, you can get quadrille notebooks from any office supply store.
  4. Your bullet journal should be the largest notebook you will happily carry everywhere with you. Feeling cramped is a problem lots of people have, feeling weighed down by too big a book is a problem people have. Find your best compromise, which may be tiny!
  5. Index. To make it easier to index, you should either write the page number on all of the pages as soon as you start your journal, or make adding a number the first thing you do when you start a new page. Adding a page to the index should be the second thing you do when you start a new page. Index.
  6. After you've figured out your preferred monthly or weekly spread (maybe you don't need a monthly and a weekly. Maybe you do.) consider turning it into a printable and just printing and pasting the spread to save yourself some time. (Unless you like drawing your layouts. But consider creating the printables for a really busy week. Just keep it in your back pocket.)
  7. Think about how you're going to archive/transfer your permanent collections. Evernote and Onenote are options.
  8. Planners have a bazillion neat tools for planning. Stamps, stickers, printables, binder clips, paper clips, magnetic bookmarks, tabs, stickynotes, paper flags, washi tape. Don't feel limited to highlighters and colored pens and pencils for making your bullet journal work for you. However, the tools you pick should probably be the tools you feel happy to carry with you just about everywhere. So your bujo is with you, and your tools are with you, and you can always update your bujo.
  9. Skipping weeks or days in your bujo is fine. Pick it back up when you have time. It's just blank pages. Figure out what kept you from using it, and if you can simplify, eliminate, or switch, wrote you're busy. But if you wind up putting things down and picking them up, it's fine. Honestly, maybe you just prefer a different method.

Part the third: Planner opinions
  1. Consolidate in as few planners as you can. The more planners you have, the more opportunities you have to not have the right planner to take the note or make the appointment you need to do at the moment.
  2. If you have to modify the layout all the time, create a printable or find a stamp to make the change you need.
  3. If you don't care about bulkiness, a disk system offers maximum flexibility and ease of change. If you want something relatively slim, get a bound planner, but pick your layout carefully. If you don't know exactly what layout you want, your best bet is to wait until December (or even January) and buy several different discounted planners at a bookstore.
  4. Carry your planner supplies with you inside of your planner.

Part the fourth
Are you sure you wouldn't be happier doing all of this on your phone? They make quite large phones, nowadays.

Another love meme is on...

Sep. 23rd, 2016 06:17 pm
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[personal profile] littlebutfierce is hosting a love meme. This is the sort where comments are screened and approved, and pronouns are requested. (I tend to be hesitant to nominate others for auto-screened love memes, because screening means that the person who leaves the comment gets notifications, and I believe that unscreening in a thread you've subscribed to does not generate notifications.)

My thread is unscreened and may be replied to.

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Sep. 23rd, 2016 06:39 pm
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If you stumble, make it part of the dance ¿source?

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Sep. 23rd, 2016 06:03 pm
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Oh, Zombies Run. I wondered when you would start killing my favorite characters.
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 The nominations period for [community profile] festivids 2016 has begun!

Festivids is an annual small-fandoms vid exchange inspired by the Yuletide fic exchange, sort of like a vidding Secret Santa. At this stage, vidders who plan to participate can nominate up to ten small fandoms (ones with not many vids available online) to be included in the exchange. Sign-ups will run from 15-25 October.

If you're interested in having a go, all the information you need is in the FAQ - even if you've played before, it's worth taking a look as there are a few changes this year! You can nominate fandoms HERE once you've created an account on the site. Feel free to comment here if you have any questions, or email the mods at festivids at gmail dot com.


Sep. 23rd, 2016 02:31 pm
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I wonder if this is real, or just really, really random trolling. (Don't feed the trolls, either way, please.)

In Vancouver. Remembering why I hate Vancouver. Onward.

laptop recs?

Sep. 23rd, 2016 03:03 pm
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I may be in the market for a new laptop soon, as my 4 1/2 year old Samsung is kind of falling apart. It's been a workhorse, but it's time to start planning for my next machine.

I've never used a Mac. I have no idea if my files would transfer/convert.
Lightweight, reliable, can handle a zillion open progs and tabs.
I'm used to a 15.6" display.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Pulled Pork

Sep. 23rd, 2016 12:39 pm
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I have what I believe to be a great recipe for pulled pork. The first time I made it, it came out AMAZING, everything you believe pulled pork ought to be. Tender and juicy and tasty and...yeah it was awesome.

Anyway so I made it again and burnt the heck out of it--my fault.

Then I made it again and it was just so dry, like on the verge of burning. Was I doing something wrong? Why had the pulled pork gods forsaken me?

So today I am making it again, but this time I am going to WATCH IT LIKE A HAWK and add liquid if it seems necessary. You will not foil me this time, pulled pork! You will be delicious or WATCH OUT.

DCU fans, a comic for you

NSFW Sep. 23rd, 2016 02:01 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )


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