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Feb. 21st, 2017 06:29 pm
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In conversation with someone yesterday evening, I said that while I'm basically doing fine, I feel scattered. There are a lot of reasons for this -- getting back from a fairly long trip; having a freaking ton of work that I actually got through much faster than I expected, which left me feeling as though I'd been pushing a boulder that suddenly disappeared; not getting enough exercise -- and one of the ways I realized it was manifesting was that I wasn't interested in cooking.

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I don't seem to be doing much fannish stuff lately, unless you count reading lots of fanfic. Geoff and I are watching The Expanse, which I found slow to grab me at first -- partly because I have trouble hearing what the characters are saying! I'm not sure if it's the sound design of the show, the quality of our TV, or my own hearing -- but which is definitely getting interesting as it continues, and it's also gorgeously produced. We were riveted by Westworld, but the second season won't drop until 2018, sigh. I'm still really enjoying Elementary. In the theater, I've recently seen Hidden Figures (wonderful) and Moonlight (stunningly wonderful). And Geoff, a friend, and I just snagged tickets to The Book of Mormon on stage in Montreal in April! I didn't think I'd ever get to see it, but now I will -- yay! (Now if only Avenue Q would come here...)

Escapade is in a couple of weeks, and I haven't even looked at the programming, but then I rarely do; I just see what looks interesting when I get there. I'll be volunteering for the art show, of course, and I expect I'll be auctioning, but I'm so glad not to be running it any more. Mostly I'm looking forward to seeing people!

Poem: "A Bicycle Built for Three"

Feb. 21st, 2017 02:31 pm
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This poem came out of the February 2017 Creative Jam. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] artsyhonker. It also fills the "Love Without Limits" square in my 2-1-17 Romantic card for the Valentines Bingo fest. This poem belongs to the Cassandra thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

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Hey. Let’s be friends.

Feb. 21st, 2017 08:08 pm
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Posted by thebloggess

So, I’ve had quite a few people lately reach out and say that they sometimes feel alone because there aren’t enough weirdos near them and they wish they could connect more to others in this community but they don’t know how. … Continue reading

Poem: "Marjorie's Baby"

Feb. 21st, 2017 01:22 pm
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This poem came out of the February 2017 Creative Jam. It fills the "WILD CARD: Family Love" square in my 2-1-17 Platonic card for the Valentines Bingo fest. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] artsyhonker. This poem belongs to the Polychrome Heroics series.

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writing's on the wall

Feb. 21st, 2017 01:36 pm
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So my dad is in the hospital - he has a fever, he fell - I don't know any more than you do at the moment, but the doctors don't seem overly concerned so I'm trying not to panic.

In better things, L and I had a lovely late lunch yesterday at Nancy Lee's Pig Heaven, which I recommend to you if you like pork in your Chinese food, and especially if you like spare ribs. The weather was beautiful all weekend, and it was nice to be out and about. I know spring is still a ways off (and this winter has not been terrible), but it's closer every day, and I find that heartening.


Supergirl: Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk
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Jane the Virgin: Chapter Fifty-Six
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I am so looking forward to tonight's Flash! GORILLA CITY!!!


I posted a story last night:

if you find yourself lost, dig (@ AO3)
Star Wars; Rey, Leia; g; 3,225 words
Rey and Leia bond after an ambush leaves them stranded.

I feel like it still has some awkward edges I could have probably edited away if my brain didn't feel like wet cement, but I just wanted to be finished, and even getting it into this shape was like pulling teeth. It does what I wanted it to, I think, though I'm never sure if that comes through to other people or not. *hands*


The Chocolate Tarot

Feb. 21st, 2017 05:20 pm
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Posted by Jo Walton

After she has cleaned the room
Removed all evidence of previous occupation
Set it all straight and sweet for its new inhabitant
New towels neat in fluffy white, tiny bottles facing forward,
The top sheet of toilet paper folded into a neat triangle,
She reverently draws a chocolate from the votive bag
And sets it gently on the pillow.

She does not know
The stranger who will sleep between the sheets
Whose chocolate fortune she lays down.
The sun: that's glory
Or the star: that's aspiration
A heart: for new love, or enduring love.
The dog, which represents the fool, meaning bad decisions.

Laying the chocolates down, she notes, and smiles,
Or frowns, and moves on down the hall,
And makes straight, order out of disarray
To draw out little futures one by one.
A rose, the queen of flowers.
Or the moon, that stands for loss and need.
One fate per pillow, for each traveller.

Until one morning, on the nineteenth floor
First of the day, she draws the tower.
Breath catches in her throat.
Disaster for this unknown future guest.
She could not draw again, could not change fate
She had no power, she was but the maid
Who drew, laid down, no change or no control.

She moved on down the hall to clean again.
She could not warn, for no one would believe.
And the next pillow chocolate: tower again.
Again, again, the tower eleven times,
Before she thought that she was in a tower,
This moment, in a tower that could fall
Be struck by lightning, or some other force.

She dropped the towels on the bed and turned,
Took up the bag and poured the chocolates out
Each one a tower, slumped in a towering pile.
Jumbled brown chocolate towers, like destiny.
She turned and fled, abandoned cart and job,
For work is hard to find, but life is life.
She didn't even stop to fetch her coat.

(And did the towers fall?
Or had the hotel streamlined the design?
What universe do you believe we're in?)

This poem sponsored by my splendid patrons at Patreon, who are going to make it possible for me to go to Italy this summer.
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If I read something several times, I have it. Maybe not memorized word for word, but close. It was useful when I was doing plays, learning lines. And when I am listening to "Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit" in the car, I say it along with the recording, and yell, "I was born on the goddamn shuttle!" at the appropriate place.

And then there's the time it totally freaked out a manipulative jerk who surely deserved it.

I've taken the standard Stanford-Binet IQ test a few times -- enough that I am really comfortable with it, which I am sure psychologists don't want. I consider the time when my uncle the psychologist gave it to me to be the definitive measurement -- I'd had it a couple of times before, but not enough to learn it. But by the last time, when I was in grad school, I had it down.

The guy who had asked me was a psych major who had to give X number of tests to Y number of people for practice. He was also somewhat manipulative and annoying, but I'd said I'd do it. Didn't mean I'd do it as he expected.

The test is timed - so many seconds or minutes for each part. I finished them early, all of them, and kept nagging him to hurry up, I was getting bored. He started out looking nervous and ended up looking close to terrified. Part of the agreement was that I wasn't supposed to get the results, because it was a practice session; however, I got a peek at a paper and he had marked it as well over 200. Apparently, only people who are scary smart will nag the administrator of the test to speed up.

I'm not *that* smart. I do remember things very well, after several times word for word. Funny how they never seem to ask if you've done it before, or control for the possibility of familiarity.

As it was, he steered clear of me the rest of the time I was there, and that was just fine with me.

Rays of Creusa

Feb. 21st, 2017 10:30 am
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When viewed from a distance with the sun directly behind Cassini, the larger, brighter craters really stand out on moons like Dione.
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Posted by Jennifer Kesler

A few days ago, I read Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit? by Emma Lindsay. It stuck with me. It got me thinking, and kept me thinking. It felt like a conversation where you and a friend are fumbling toward an answer, but you never quite get there. Your friend veers off […]

The post Reaction: feeling ashamed when dating men appeared first on The Hathor Legacy.

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So. 45 is considering mobilizing 100,000 National Guard to go after undocumented immigrants. And more on this. Isn't at least some of the Guard still mobilized overseas? Republican governors are voicing serious concerns about using the Guard that way. You know when Sean Spicer says something is 100% false that it isn't. Nevada Gov. Sandoval rejected the idea completely.

The president of CNN says reporters are wearing 45's insults as a badge of honor because it means they're doing their jobs. And newsman Jake Tapper describes the difference between conspiracy theories and facts, in case 45 doesn't know.

The uninterested,unpaid, unengaged First Lady. ETA: I support giving the office of the First Lady its own budget. I do not support paying Melania, who with her daughter is using high public office to shill for their own products and personal benefit. Public service is public service, not an invitation to pad your wallet from the public.

Advice for conservative students: you're not victims.

The First Family's travels this month have cost you and me as much as the Obamas' travels cost in a year.

Why were members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus kept out of a meeting with ICE, the anti-immigration force? Quote:
Inside the meeting, Democrats complained about the closed-door policy.

“I've never been in a meeting where an agency can designate who can attend,” said Pelosi, according to an aide.

Bear in mind, a Texas woman seeking protection from domestic violence was detained by ICE instead.

In Florida, the state Supreme Court gets the state out of women's uteruses and decisions. Now if other states would pay attention...

In Russia domestic violence has been decriminalized -- with support from the Russian Orthodox Church, to its everlasting shame.

Mexico's economic minister attempts to educate 45 about the ill effects of a trade war.

If the point is religious freedom, why mention only one belief?


North of Kingman, Arizona, someone is destroying the ancient and protected Joshua Trees.

The future of zoos. I would like to see zoos that are not prisons for innocents.


Pope Francis is making headway with liberal reforms.
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The cardinals are singing this morning!

ETA: And when I squinted into the trees, there were pussywillows bursting out on the branches against a background of snow ♥
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My body seems to have decided I only need 5-6 hours of sleep most nights, followed by the occasional 10-12 hour catch-up sleep.

This is...not precisely new, but night precisely not-new either.

For most of my life, when I wasn't going through a deep depression, that was exactly how my body worked.

In middle school and high school I would stay up late reading, in college it was reading, homework, goofing off online or some combination of the three. Some nights it was just because I'm both a night owl and kind of insomniac. Anyway, I'd stay up late get 5-6 hours sleep and then get up early for school the next day and be basically fine, then do the same thing the next day and the next day until eventually I had a weekend day where I crashed and slept until I woke up naturally some 12 hours later.

When I was working I'd stay up late, often talking to my night-owl long-distance girlfriend, or reading fic or otherwise just not bothering to go to bed. And again, I'd use the weekend to catch up on the sleep shortage.

But since I moved up here, that's really not been how my body was behaving and I thought maybe it was just a matter of aging out of it. That kind of thing is a young-woman's game after all and while I'm still younger than many of my online friends I'm 36 and that does make a difference.

But still, except when I was going through an extended depressive period and didn't want to get out of bed period, I was sleeping...normal amounts of sleep.

Then, a couple years ago, I went on the much-loathed olanzapine, and suddenly 8 hours wasn't enough. My body demanded 10-12 hours every night without fail. Often with supplementary naps during the day. This was only one of the unpleasant side-effects of Olanzapine, it wasn't necessarily the worst one (that has to go to the diabetes), but it certainly was the one that had the most deleterious impact on my day-to-day life.

I've been off the olanzapine completely for almost two months and one-by-one the olanzapine side-effects are disappearing. Now it seems to be the sleep-issues going away, and apparently they've reset my sleep schedule while their at it.

I got nothing. But considering I have to be up in a little under 5 hours to feed/med the cat, I'm not really complaining.

Bates Motel 5.01.

Feb. 21st, 2017 10:27 am
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And the final season begins.

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My main fannishness these days is reading a ridiculous number of comics. Since I'm trying to post here more in general and post more than just personal stuff here in specific, I'm going to experiment with posting about the comics I've read. These won't be "Wednesday Reads" posts, because while I usually pick up my comics on Wednesdays (from the fabulous Comet Comics), I wait to read them until I can get together with [personal profile] fajrdrako/Elizabeth because reading and discussing them together is much more fun.

I usually get about 6-8 comics a week, release schedules being release schedules some weeks are lighter and some weeks are heavier. This week was a kind of ridiculous 13 new comics, which took us several hours of gleeful reading to get through. I mostly read Marvel, with some smaller publishers thrown in.

Comics read this week: The Mighty Thor #16, Doctor Strange #17, Spider-Man #13, Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat #15, Ultimates 2 #4, Star-Lord #3, Black Panther: World of Wakanda #4, Invincible Iron Man #4, U.S. Avengers #3, Gamora #3, Lumberjanes #35, Sex Criminals #16.

Everything was pretty great this week, but I think my favorites were Invincible Iron Man and The Mighty Thor, both of which were outstanding.

More specific somewhat-spoilery comments behind the cut.

ETA: 3500 words and several hours later I think I'm done. I'm going to have to try to be less wordy in the future. I'm not sure anyone wants to read 3500 words of me blagging about comics, but I enjoyed writing it and I guess that's what counts.

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Daily Happiness

Feb. 21st, 2017 12:48 am
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1. Carla made chicken adobo for dinner tonight and it was so delicious.

2. We went to the store this afternoon and went over to See's Candy while we were there. I had a gift card left from Christmas but I had no idea how much money was left on it, so I just got what I wanted and it turned out to be almost exactly the right amount!

3. It was rainy today, but only sprinkling when we went out. It looks like we're supposed to have a few clear days before more rain this weekend, which is also nice (both the clear days and more rain).

4. Chloe and Jasper are just too cute when they sleep together. I really hope to eventually see him and Molly cuddled up like this, too.

The Magicians, part infinideux

Feb. 20th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Seriously, though, I get it. I know why everyone hates this show. I hate this show. BUT IT IS ALSO SO F*ING BRILLIANT. I just. That last episode.

*headdesk* *headdesk*

also, gdi, I have ANOTHER new pairing now. Hai, Julia/Margo. Welcome to my personal hell.

Estrella set up & miscellany

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:39 pm
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My two tents are set up. No pictures because dark by the time I was done. Hopefully pictures in a day or two.

The Dwarrow Scholar has developed a font for Angerthas Moria that maps (mostly) to the letters they represent, and he's working on Angerthas Erebor as well.
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if you find yourself lost, dig
Star Wars; Rey, Leia; g; 3,225 words
Rey and Leia bond after an ambush leaves them stranded.

Title from "Elsewhere, Mon Amour" by Nick Flynn.

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Feedback is always welcome.


sketch of the day

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:18 pm
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Sleepy catten!

Ink: Robert Oster Astorquiza Rot
Pen: Aurora Optima 75th Anniversary, medium nib
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Rumor has it We've all convinced ourselves that "returning registration" for Comic-Con will be this weekend. Pretty sure this is based on nothing except the fact that it hasn't happened yet, but no worries. As someone on the facebook page said, "I've got a case of Red Bull and no social life. I can wait all week."

Today in my ongoing and redundant series, "How to attend San Diego Comic-Con" ~

(Step 1)

Step 2: Request time off from work. No one has tickets yet, but who cares? If you want to attend SDCC, go to San Diego while it's happening. Most of Comic-Con takes place outside of the convention center anyway. Badges are just a bonus.

i'm alive

Feb. 21st, 2017 10:59 am
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I have no idea how long it's been since I updated. Sorry?

I've been at the branch long enough now to know I don't really like it. I don't hate it. I do hate the schedule. If I could have the schedule of the primary school with the classes of the branch school, it'd be perfect. That can't happen, of course.

Big D Depression has set in. Meaning physical symptoms. I'm so fucking tired all the time. I cry too easily. So filled with "I just can't." It's ridiculous and frustrating, and if I lived elsewhere, I'd be checking myself into the hospital. No way I'm doing that here.

I am seriously wondering if I'm going to be able to make it through this term. It doesn't end until fucking August, and I just don't know if I can do six months.

On the brighter side of things, there's my lego crap.

Just a sample. More at my lego tag on tumblr. There is of course some nsfw stuff there, but it's tagged as such. Like the shibari. ;)

I guess that's all for now.

Chat log for posterity

Feb. 21st, 2017 10:57 am
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Testing dreamwidth's image function!

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I was feeling lonely and bored a few nights ago (not in a physical companionship sense, exactly, but in a looking for specific conversation way?) so I went out googling. My wandering led me to Spiritual Forums, an old-school bulletin board site that's active, educational, and entertaining. In short, exactly what I was looking for!

Forums investigated so far:
Past Lives & Reincarnation
Crystals & Gemstones
Indigo, Crystal & Star Children

(Also, here is my hilarious introductory post. Ha ha. They ask, though they don't require, that everyone make an intro post. You have to post 25 times before the volunteer moderators decide whether you're a spammer or not, and chatting on your/other intro threads is one way to do it.)

One person mentioned "star seeds" in their intro post, a term with which I wasn't familiar, so I googled it.

My first reaction was, "Oh yeah. That's me, only I haven't been here 5-50 times, more like twice." And my second reaction was, "And I'm not here because I have a mission, or because I want to help. Really just for the hell of it. I'm like the Gabriel of star seeds.")
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Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight for a cheapo half-hour head-and-feet massage to see if that would help the headache. It was great; IDK if trigger-point or reflexology actually work but a super hardcore focused massage definitely does something.

But he was about five minutes into the head massage when he pressed his thumbs down on my jaw and something on the left side of my face BURST. Like, that side’s been sore for a week, but he pressed on it and it was like there was a teeny tiny water balloon in there somewhere. We both felt it pop.

The rooms are not entirely private, because you don’t undress for the massage, so there were two other people also getting massage work done, which meant we had to keep quiet. But he froze, and then leaned over and whispered, “What just happened?” and I was like “I don’t know!” and he was like “Are you okay?” and I was like “I don’t know!” but I wasn’t bleeding or, like, leaking anywhere, so eventually he just kept going.

My headache isn’t gone, but it’s a lot better, and it has shifted around, so I guess there’s that. Also my nose is running like crazy. 

Maybe there was a poltergeist in my face. 

from Tumblr

RH/WF/BS Round #73,426 (and other)

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:55 am
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(Are they rounds if it's more or less continuous and unending?)

Anyway, I think this essay by Zen Cho is one of the best things I've read on the topic, and all my circle who are into SFF fandom should read it: Being an itemised list of disagreements.

This post by Rachel Manija Brown is also good, especially as it has a links list of excellent ways to help at the bottom: A more specific grievance.

I also rec their books, though RMB with the caveat that she's a friend of mine (WHO IS GREAT).

On more cheerful topics, I claimed an RBB art over at [ profile] cap_ironman, which I know I swore up and down I would not, as it overlaps with [community profile] fandom5k, but there was this really great 17th-century duel pic, and, well. So I'm currently plotting that. Anyone who has fun things you think I should know about the 1620s in England, France or Ireland, feel free to add to the research pile :D (Huguenot Rebellions and other early 30 Years War concerns especially welcome).

Here's a poem: "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" by John Donne (Nenya: "Is this by an F_FA nonnie?")

I found a dead octopus, sent pictures to the Park, and have received cooing comments in return. Only biologists. We might finally get the scaffolding's taken off the tower this week. Huzzah! I keep meaning to do a picture post, but it has not yet occured.

The Death Star

Feb. 20th, 2017 05:37 pm
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Posted in full at: on February 20, 2017 at 07:58AM

Tags:IFTTT, Fauxthentic History, DWCrosspost

Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

Black Sails 4.04.

Feb. 20th, 2017 06:10 pm
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It's a bit late in the game, but I wish I had an Eleanor Guthrie icon to use. Not that I'll ever get tired of Flint of course.

Trust me )

Help me, Obi-wan Fandom...

Feb. 20th, 2017 11:14 am
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I am having so much fun uploading stories onto my Kindle -- I have put the Retrograde series up, for instance, because I love Jack O'Neill's combination of batshit crazy and extremely effective -- and John and Rodney's own reflection of that in their relationship and their work. But I can't find a story that goes with it, but isn't part of the main sequence, where Walter and Teal'c go shopping somewhere like K-Mart for children's clothing, ice cream machines, sports equipment and so on for the ship heading back to Atlantis.

Any ideas, anyone?

Also -- is there a way of setting up subdirectories on the Kindle? In other words, if I use it in thumbdrive mode, without going through any other programs, and set up extra folders and levels, will that still show when I'm back to reading and looking for stories?
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Robin: I had to chuckle that you googled how to replace a windshield wiper. That must be a generational thing, because that never would have occurred to me. You drive to an auto parts store and they tell you what you need and then they replace it for you.
*Andrea: That's what my parents said! Well, my mom suggested the garage, but my dad suggested an auto parts store. I was like, "I went to youtube?" Millennials get a lot of flak, but we're very self-sufficient.

ETA: I grew up thinking I was too young for Gen X, but as an adult I understand I'm too old to be a millenial. I typically identify more with millenials, but it occurred to me when I used it just now that I should google whether or not that makes millenials angry. (Social justice, I don't know. I don't want to appropriate anyone's term. I've stopped identifying as "transgender" and moved to "agender" as common use changes, so maybe this is one of those things.)

The wikipedia answer made me laugh.

"Due in part to the frequent birth-year overlap and resulting incongruence existing between attempts to define Generation X and Millennials, a number of individuals born in the late 1970s or early 1980s see themselves as being 'between' the two generations. Names given to those born on the Generation X/Millennial cusp years include Xennials, The Lucky Ones, Generation Catalano, and the Oregon Trail Generation."


FMK#1: Arthuriana

Feb. 20th, 2017 09:33 am
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OK! I should have all the fiction sorted and reshelved by tonight, so WE'RE DOING THIS. If I manage to do this weekly we should be done in only a year!

Here's how it will go: I will post a list of 10-20 unread books that I own. Sometimes it will be themed, sometimes it will just be random. It will be a poll, and you folks will get to vote F, M, or K for each book.

F means "melannen should have a single night of ill-considered passion with it and then decide whether to turn that into a long-term thing or dump it with prejudice."
M means "melannen should commit long-term and continue to keep the book in her bedroom indefinitely."
K means "melannen should dispose of it posthaste."

This may remind people of a certain familiar game. Unfortunately I don't think DW polls have any way to force a three-way choice like in the game, so it's a free vote for each title. (Also I don't think I could agree to give up 1/3 of my books anyway.)

I will read the book with the most F votes, hopefully within the next week, and then post about it here.
I will dispose of the book with the most K votes, *if* there are enough total K votes on all titles to make a quorum (i.e., if only one person votes K in the whole poll, I don't consider myself bound to their vote.)
All other titles, I will think about very hard and take your votes into consideration!

Feel free to vote even if you only have a vague idea about the book or author. Or even if you've never heard of it but think the title is cool. That's why I bought most of these, after all.
Feel free to vote F on terrible books just because you want to make me read them.
Please leave comments with more information on the book or justifying your votes if you do have things to say!

Anon/no account votes and comments are on. Some background on me and my library if you wander here from far away: I am an SF fan and aspiring SF writer (emphasis on "aspiring" rather than "writing" rn). I would like to keep books that are a) good and/or b) important or foundational texts in the genre and/or c) help balance the proportion of books not by/about white dudes in my library.

Got that? Time to vote! )
(Books on the topic I have read and am definitely keeping: the Mike Ashley anthologies, Parke Godwin's Firelord, a mysterly Goldsmith "King Arthur" that is hilariously bowdlerized, Sutcliff's Arthur books, Twain's Connecticut Yankee, White's the Once and Future King, lots of pre-1860 retellings and sources, lots of "nonfiction".)
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Congress wants to gut your rights. Read this one. This is the week when your Congresspeople are home. Go talk to them about the bill that would get rid of your right to class-action lawsuits.

(no subject)

Feb. 20th, 2017 08:21 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways to Give:

[ profile] jedilora and [ profile] ashbet both linked to a fundraiser for Luna, an infant who was hospitalized after she stopped breathing in her sleep. Her parents don't have a lot of money, and lost wages and medical bills will be considerable; you can read more and help out here.

Holly was recently injured and needs surgery, but has to come up with $1900 before they will schedule her; she's in a lot of pain and will be until she can have her injury fixed. You can read more and give to her fundraiser here.

[ profile] ereshai linked to a fundraiser for their cousin Jess, who has just undergone her seventh eye surgery for treatment-resistant pediatric strabismus. She's in a tight financial situation, but her surgery has a 60% chance of success if she can stay off work until March 8th. You can read more and help cover her bills and expenses here.

[ profile] thewightknight linked to a fundraiser for friends who are trying to stave off foreclosure after health and job issues. You can read more and help out here, or support them by shopping for steampunk wonders at Tin Plate Studios or jewelry at Deja Views.

Anon linked to a fundraiser for Angie, who needs a new transmission for her car right after having paid out for new tires. She's raising funds for the transmission so that she can continue to cover her bills and eat. You can read more and help out here.

[ profile] a_phoenixdragon lost her job a couple of months ago and has been unable to find a new one; because of mounting rent and bills, the family was forced to move. They've gotten jobs, but it will be the end of the month before they are paid, and they still have bills and expenses to cover. You can read more here and help out here.

[ profile] dreamwaffles's job ended and she's trying to make ends meet until she can land another one. She has a donation page up here but is also selling beaded jewelery through Etsy; you can check out Saxifrage Designs and make a purchase here.

Buy Stuff, Help Out:

[ profile] quidwhat linked to a kickstarter for Seven Strengths, a coloring book for resiliency. The book draws inspiration from survival strategies in the natural world and uses them to meditate on strength and resiliency. You can read more and give to the kickstarter here.

[ profile] anonymousalchemist linked to [ profile] studioaltf4, who is making and selling tote bags, with at least half of all proceeds going to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and women's shelters in Philadelphia. You can check out and purchase the tote bags here; they're pretty cool, including a nifty "HEX THE PATRIARCHY" one.


[ profile] arukou reminds everyone that Congress is in recess and town halls are in session; this is a great time to go to a town hall and hold your representatives responsible for their decisions about things that matter to you. Make your voices heard! There's a great resource for how to get started at Resistance Recess.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.
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So as promised, I read Powers of Darkness, by Valdimar Ásmundsson, and translated by Hans De Roos (which he accomplished with the help of many, many others, based on the credited people in the end of the book) and basically catalogued all the differences I could catch between what was formerly known as Makt Myrkranna, and the Stoker version.

Beneath the cut, you will find the long list of differences, and little things I noticed. )


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