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Charter, in which John Malone's Liberty Media owns a big stake, reached a deal just weeks after Comcast abandoned its plans to buy the second-largest U.S. cable operator.

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En gåtur booster din hjerne

May. 26th, 2015 10:43 am
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Et nyt studie viser, at en gåtur kan forbedre evnen til hovedregning. Bevægelse i stængerne kan også forlænge dit liv og give dig en bedre arbejdsdag. Videnskab.dk har samlet et overblik over artikler, der viser dig fordelene ved at bevæge benene.

Hvis det kniber med evnerne inden for matematik, skulle du måske tage at gå en tur. Et nyt studie har nemlig fundet frem til, at du ved at gå kan styrke din evne til at lægge til og trække fra. Det skriver Psypost.org.

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Recipe: Baba Ganhummous

May. 26th, 2015 08:27 pm
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My latest riff on hummous, which is unsurprisingly amazing:


  • 2 eggplants

  • 2 cans chickpeas

  • 2 wedges of preserved lemon

  • One head of garlic

  • Minced garlic from a jar

  • Couple of lemons worth of juice

  • Salt and pepper

  • Loads of olive oil



  1. Turn on big gas burner, sit eggplant on top until charred on that side, turn over and repeat on all sides of the eggplant

  2. Put on a baking pan and roast in 200 degree oven for 1 hour



  1. Chop the bottom off your whole head of garlic. Put the whole thing in a little tin foil parcel with a generous amount of olive oil.

  2. Roast for 1 hour

  3. Allow to cool!


  1. Chop tops off eggplant, squeeze roasted garlic out of skin, put in food processor with drained & rinsed chickpeas, roughly chopped preserved lemons (rinsed etc), lemon juice, salt and pepper and some olive oil

  2. Blitz until texture starts to look good. Add olive oil as you go to get the right consistency, could be heaps.

  3. Keep tasting as you go – add salt and pepper, minced garlic, olive oil and more preserved lemon to taste.

Makes a huge batch, enough to make all your coworkers try it as you eat it throughout the week, until they force you to write down this recipe.

Books books books

May. 26th, 2015 11:01 am
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I've been decluttering and sorted out some english language books. Most of them are well read. Some paperback, some hard cover. They include the Termeraire books by Naomi Novik, some Smallville novels, A book called the Gathering by Kristin Cashore and a book called Contract which is about a contract killer who sees the ghost of his victims.

So I wanted to put out some feelers. I'd feel sad just throwing them away, so I wanted to know if some ofyou would be interested. You know, for free. Aside from shipping. And since i'm in Germany shipping to the states is probably stupid and it would be cheaper to buy the new book.

Superhero Comic

May. 26th, 2015 05:42 am
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someone: I'm gonna stop existing, see how that works out for me.

same person a little later w different hair: I did not like it.

Well, that was a book, I guess

May. 26th, 2015 12:47 am
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I've been going through my books, trying to unload the ones I'll never read again and read some of the enormous to-read pile that I've acquired over the years from library book sales and used bookstores and whatnot. There are books in this pile I've had for a decade without reading them. I think it's safe to say I don't need to keep them anymore.

I decided to read one of them tonight, and I'm not sure if a book in recent memory has made me go "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK" quite so many times in the first few chapters (until I gave up).

The book is Ember From the Sun by Mark Canter, and it is ... well ... it's a book. That was published. By Bantam-Doubleday, even!

The general premise of the book sounded promising. A scientist manages to implant a surrogate mother with a Neanderthal embryo, so basically it's Jurassic Park with Neanderthals. But why, oh why are all thrillers involving Neanderthals so mind-bogglingly terrible? The last one I tried to read was this one, which ticked off every last item in your basic terrible-Crichton-ripoff plot outline. Such as, for example, the characters finding the camp of the research team that disappeared before them, discovering the journal that explains what happened to the other team, and deciding to read it in linear order to preserve the suspense of the ending, while something is attempting to pick them off one by one. It is difficult to appreciate their plight when I just want to scream, "Read the last page first, you morons!" at them every 3 pages or so.)

Anyway. Ember From the Sun. The cut isn't really for spoilers - although yes, there are extensive spoilers, but seriously, are any of you actually going to read this book? Mostly it's just cut to keep you from having to wade through all this if you don't care.

Ember From the Sun, or, Neanderthals + WTF )

ETA: Heaven help us all, the author seems to have recovered the rights and brought it back into print via self-publishing. I would like to point out that the cover is actually a remarkably accurate visual rendition of the content of the book: incoherent, weird, New Agey, and full of elements that don't quite work together.
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Den antikke by Palmyra er faldet i hænderne på Islamisk Stat. Forskere frygter, at organisationen vil ødelægge byen helt eller sælge den i stykker og stumper på det illegale antikmarked.

Islamisk Stat vinder frem i Syrien. I sidste uge indtog organisationens styrker den antikke by Palmyra, der er på Unescos Verdensarvsliste og indeholder nogle af de mest spektakulære og velbevarede bygninger fra antikken.

Foruden de menneskelige ofre for konflikten i regionen koster Islamisk Stat dyrt for verdenskulturarven. Templer, bygninger, gravsteder og skulpturer bliver revet ned, sprængt i luften og ødelagt.

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Ana's growing up.

May. 25th, 2015 02:16 am
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I went to the store yesterday and I noticed Häagen-Dazs was on sale, $2.99 a pint (or what passes for a pint nowadays). So I picked up Eva's favorite (Cookie Dough) and Jenn's favorite (Coffee), and started looking around for Ana's favorite (Dulce de Leche). They didn't have Dulce de Leche, and I wasn't sure of her second favorite, so I bought Salted Caramel.

Boy, was she pissed.

I determined that her second favorite was Cherry Vanilla and agreed to pick it up next time I went to the store, but did not agree to run to the corner store for same, as that would be much pricier.

Later she did try the ice cream - and called me up to apologize! Apparently, she likes that flavor an awful lot after all, she just didn't know that yet!

It's really mature of her to decide on her own to apologize for this sort of thing. She's not a little kid anymore.


This Gold Nano-Slinky Is a Cancer-Detecting Hyperlens

California accepts historic offer by farmers to cut water usage by 25%

Many finance workers still don’t think they can report wrongdoing

Nature faces off against politics in North Carolina

Hobby Lobby billionaire behind the Christian counseling center that treated Josh Duggar.

Watch a Baby Bee Go From Wriggly Larvae to Adult in Just Over a Minute

Holy Shit! Almonds Require a Ton of Bees

Once Solid Peninsula in Antarctica Begins to Melt

Sudden ice loss in Antarctica changing Earth’s gravity field, say scientists

Assad regime accused of 35 chlorine attacks since mid-March

Body Cameras Are Not Pointed at the Police; They're Pointed at You

Córdoba controversy: Historic Mosque-Cathedral mired in cultural dispute

10 reasons Wal-Mart is the worst company in America

U.S. military and civilians are increasingly divided

The GOP and ALEC’s War on Cities

Cows Learn Better With Friends

3,000 children enslaved in Britain after being trafficked from Vietnam

In Texas, courts turn truancy cases into cash

The U.S. military is a national security threat

The FBI's Response To Another Killer Cop Set Free? More Surveillance of Protestors

Hubble Observes Unique Star Dubbed "Nasty"

In North Korea, men call the shots, women make the money

Malaysia migrant mass graves: police reveal 139 sites, some with multiple corpses

Displaced children bear brunt of South Africa’s crime crackdown

The CIA Is Shuttering a Secretive Climate Research Program

A Bionic Limb You Can Control With Your Unconscious Mind Is Here

'Prison guards can never be weak': the hidden PTSD crisis in America's jails

Families Describe Fleeing War-Torn Ukraine for Russian Camps

Babies Who Are Breast-Fed Are Better Protected Against Pollution, Study Finds

The Web is not a post-racial utopia. Just see what happened when white players of an online game were assigned black avatars.

Be Very Afraid of Ticks

Science Is Still Trying To Figure Out What Makes A Female Athlete

Farming in the Sky
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That beeping sound you hear is the dump truck full of cash about to be dropped off at Matt Beleskey’s house.

In Game 5 of the Western Conference Final, Beleskey played hero for the Anaheim Ducks just 45-seconds into overtime when he fowled (get it?!) the Chicago Blackhawks attempt at a full comeback. Linemate Ryan Kesler fired a shot on Corey Crawford, and the winger connected on the far post, flying in front of the Chicago netminder as the puck went behind him.

His goal put the Ducks within one game of the Stanley Cup Final; however, if Bruce Boudreau would’ve stuck with his line combinations from the beginning of the game, this might be a different story.

In Game 5, Beleskey started on the fourth line and Tomas Fleischmann took his place up on the second. Beleskey normally finds himself on the Ducks second line with Kesler and Jakob Silfverberg. The change in lines was a surprise to many who watch the team; however it wasn’t to Beleskey, “I talked to Bruce yesterday.  He said he wanted to give them a different look, kind of balance the lines out a little more. Just kind of switch it up … It was nice to get back with them at the end.  Obviously it was great to get that goal.”

In previous seasons, Beleskey was often up moved up and down through the lineup, at times playing heavy minutes with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. He was the tough guy who would make space for the two superstars, and his stats reflected just that. Instead of scoring goals, he was dropping the gloves.

There was something about the match-up with Kesler and Silfverberg that made Beleskey a different player. He established career highs in goals (22) and points (32) in 65 games played, and most notably, there was a dip in his penalty minutes from 64 to 39, season over season.

“For some reason he’s always in the right spot and puts the puck in for us,” said Silfverberg. “I always know that if I get the puck and throw it at the net, he’ll always be there and manage to find the rebounds. He makes it kind of easy.”

“He skates. He hits. Great shot. He goes to those dirty areas to score, and that’s why he’s been so successful this year,” said Kesler.

He’s your basic, no frills kind of forward. The kind that GMs around the league salivate for.

The 26 year-old winger is a pending unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. Based on his regular season and playoff performances, he’s about to get paid.

The question isn’t how much, but who is going to endorse the check.

- - - - - - -

Jen Neale is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email her at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or follow her on Twitter!

apartment woes

May. 26th, 2015 09:08 am
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I look forward to the day when I resign myself to never ever having my living situation figured out long term.

Meanwhile, I'm having a dilemma about an apartment. Don't think there's any advice anyone can really offer, but writing it out might help me sort through it I guess.

6 month lease )
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ANAHEIM, Calif. – Jonathan Toews is the persona of the Chicago Blackhawks. Calm under pressure, confident on the ice, he has a motor that doesn’t stop. His tour de force performance at the end of the Blackhawks’ Game 5 OT loss to the Anaheim Ducks showed this. 

Two goals in the final two minutes erased a 4-2 Ducks lead and sent the game to overtime, before the Blackhawks were vanquished by Matt Beleskey 45 seconds into the extra session.

As he stood in the visiting locker room at Honda Center, eloquently answering queries about his team, Toews seemed strangely composed. There was no panic in ‘Captain Serious.’ The task was obvious. Survive the next game at United Center on Wednesday, down 3-2 in the series, don’t even think about a possible Game 7. He got it, and he believes his team can prevail.

“We feel we’re a tough team to get rid of. Obviously  the next game is a must-win for us. I think a lot of guys, most guys, everybody in this room definitely believe it’s when we play our best when our backs are against the wall,” Toews said. “We’re ready for that challenge. It’s do or die, but we have to move on, learn from the mistakes we made in this one, but really just throw everything we got at them.”

Toews for the double-cliché score in a quote with ‘do or die’ and ‘backs against the wall.’ DRINK!

Though Chicago lost the game, Toews fired a shot up Anaheim’s nose in the final two minutes. The Blackhawks will be an incredibly tough out in Game 6. It’s going to take everything from Anaheim to beat Chicago. The Ducks know this. But how will they take action?

“I mean, so putting them away, you have to play your butt off for 60 minutes,” Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau said.

That’s a start.

Chicago has turned playoff survival this year into an art form. In Game 1 of its first-round series against Nashville, the Blackhawks were down 3-0, came back and won in overtime. They’ve won two three-overtime games this playoff and two double-OT contests. 

But now comes their toughest test – one they haven’t dealt with in 2015: Staving off elimination against a team that’s deeper in talent, but lighter on experience.

The latter will be Chicago’s greatest asset in Game 6.

“I think for the most part, if we get down a goal or two or three as we did in this one, the one thing that does matter to us is our confidence, knowing we can find our way out of those tougher situations,” Toews said. “I don’t think any team cares how they win the game.”

Watching Toews those final two minutes was like watching hockey art. He simplified his game to its purist form. He got the puck deep in the offensive zone. He fired shots on Anaheim’s net at any chance he got.

His first goal came on a one-timer from near the face off circle and his second was just a shot from the goal line that beat Ducks goaltender Frederik Andersen.

Not only is Toews really good at hockey, he’s smart. You’re not going to score if you don’t shoot. He gets that, especially when you desperately need two goals to keep a game alive.

“Jonny comes up with two gigantic goals and gave us a chance to win,” Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said. “I think his career in big game moments, Jonny will let them speak for themselves.”

In the playoffs the Blackhawks almost always get a good tame out of Toews – if he scores or not.

That effort at the end of Chicago’s loss may not have led to a victory, but could push a charge for Game 6.

Then again, in this series of strange momentum swings and non-swings overtime losses and comebacks, who knows.

But as long as there's Toews, there's hope. 

- - - - - - -

Josh Cooper is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!




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No. 1 Star: Matt Beleskey, Anaheim Ducks

Thanks to Beleskey, the Ducks handed Chicago their first overtime loss of the playoffs. Starting the game on the fourth line, Beleskey was elevated back to his normal position between Jakob Silfverberg and Ryan Kesler by the time OT rolled around. Just 45-seconds into the extra frame, Beleskey sent a fat rebound past a sprawling Corey Crawford.

No. 2 Star: Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks

To be cliché, Toews singlehandedly put the Blackhawks on his back and willed them to even the score against Anaheim. In a span of 1:12 late in the third, Toews scored 2 goals that brought Chicago within a goal and tied the game for the ‘Hawks. The latter came with 38-seconds left on the game clock. Frederik Andersen is still trying to figure out how that second one went in.

No. 3 Star: Sami Vatanen, Anaheim Ducks

The Lilliputian defenseman for the Ducks showed his offensive prowess with a goal and an assist in the win. He now has 10 points in 14 playoff games for the Ducks, and is a plus-7. His goal was a laser from the blueline off of a face-off win by Ryan Getzlaf:

Honorable Mention: Ryan Kesler was 14-5 on the face-off dot … As Kesler promised, the Ducks continued to lay the body on Chicago, out-hitting the Blackhawks 41-23. Kesler led by example with a team-high 7 hits … Kesler also scored a ridiculous deflection to put the Ducks up 2-0 just 6:42 into the first:

Anaheim led the game 3-0 at the end of the first. The Ducks let the ‘Hawks back in as little Teuvo Teravainen scored the team’s first goal and assisted on the second. Here’s his goal:

Did You Know? Ryan Getzlaf is now the Ducks franchise leader in points scored during a playoff campaign with 19.

Dishonorable Mention: Freddie Andersen picked the wrong night to have his worst game. His first and last goals against were 2 of the biggest stinkers he allowed the entire playoffs … Chicago didn’t register their first shot on goal until 3:34 in the second … Kimmo Timonen was a minus-2 in 8:06 TOI.

- - - - - - -

Jen Neale is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email her at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or follow her on Twitter!

between the lines

May. 25th, 2015 10:04 pm
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And then Worlds happened.

Words: 2121, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Pretty

(no subject)

May. 26th, 2015 01:08 am
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As I mentioned a while back, [personal profile] freeradical42 and I, with help from a few other friends, planned to run a science fiction and fantasy themed Tikkun Leil Shavuot at Balticon. The tradition is to stay up all night studying Torah on the first night of the holiday of Shavuot to commemorate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

I prepared a variety of textual sources to work with, but had no idea how to gauge what kind of turnout to expect. I printed ten copies of my source sheets, thinking that if we got ten people it would be amazing.

We got 20 people!

Not all of them stayed all night, but they stayed later than I expected, and people kept getting up to go to bed and then delaying because they wanted to keep participating in the conversation. It was not perfect, and there are things I wish I had done differently to make the conversation work better, but I am so thrilled with how it turned out. It was such a cool experience to be a part of.

I promised [livejournal.com profile] vvalkyri that I would post my source sheets, so here they are. Bear in mind that these are not source sheets for a carefully structured shiur, just texts we used to start what ended up being a wide ranging six hour long pluralistic conversation about Judaism and its relationship to the past and future. With cheesecake!

Source Sheet 1- Sources on the kosher status of fantasy animals

Source sheet 2- Sources on the future of Shabbat observance

Right clink and save link as.
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Posted by Josh Cooper

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau calmed down his wild band of Ducks in the break between the third period and overtime of Game 5. 

"I said, it’s our turn. Don’t be upset and hang your heads. Get angry. Get mad that we sort of pissed it away a little bit," Boudreau said. "Just come back and play the way you did in the first period and things will work out." 

The Anaheim Ducks were able to extinguish Chicago’s comeback effort in Game 5 of the Western Conference Final in a 5-4 overtime win. The Blackhawks scored two goals in the final two minutes of regulation, but the Ducks were the aggressor early in the extra session, mostly because of Boudreau's Patches O'Houlihan-type speech. 

Matt Beleskey scored the overtime winner on a rebound off a shot by Ryan Kesler for the Ducks just 45 seconds into the extra session.

Chicago forced the extra 45 ticks on the clock with a furious third-period rally led by their captain. 

With 1:50 left in the third period, Jonathan Toews put the score at 4-3 with a one-timer blast.  

With 37.2 seconds left, Toews banked a shot on a bad angle off Ducks goaltender Frederik Andersen to knot the game at 4-4 

It was a one-man show by Toews, who kept the play simple for Chicago. He got the puck deep and tried to fire shots on goal.

"Jonny comes up with two gigantic goals and gave us a chance to win," Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said. "I think his career in big game moments, Jonny will let them speak for themselves." 

Before then, it seemed the Ducks had the game in the bag. Patrick Maroon's goal at the 14:45 mark of the third period made the game 4-2. It appeared the deeper and stronger Ducks were primed to go up in the series, as they had already stalled a prior Chicago comeback

With 24.8 seconds left in the second period Chicago defenseman Brent Seabrook fired one-timed a shot past Andersen’s glove. This put the game at 3-2 in favor of Anaheim.

Andersen didn't have his best game with 24 saves on 28 Chicago shots on goal, but the Ducks still found a way. 

"Even midway through that game when we scored the first goal and then the second one, we were feeling really good about ourselves," Toews said. "We returned the favor and stole the momentum to a certain degree and even though they scored three goals early in the first, we knew there was a lot of time and we had to find our game and get our four lines going." 

Just 1:11 into the second period, forward Teuvo Teravainen fired a wrist shot Andersen flubbed a little on his glove side. This put the game at 3-1 in favor of the Ducks.

The Blackhawks fired their first shot on goal with 3:40 left in the first period, which was a dominating performance by Anaheim. 

With 5:23 left in the first period, defenseman Sami Vatanen fired a shot from the point past Crawford to make the game 3-0. Chicago had still yet to record a shot on goal at this time. 

At the 5:42 mark, Ryan Kesler deflected a fluttering puck by Jakob Slifverberg to put the game at 2-0.

At the 5:10 mark of the first period Anaheim struck first. Cam Fowler fired a shot form the point past Chicago's Corey Crawford. The goal was created when Andrew Cogliano and Nate Thompson outworked Chicago in the corner and Thompson fed the puck to Fowler.

In that first frame, the Ducks outshot Chicago 11-3. 

"I mean, both teams are tremendously resilient," Boudreau said. "We score three goals, whatever, last game, and Chicago comes right back and ties it up, ends up winning it. They score two goals in the last minute to tie it up. We have the wherewithal to dig deep and come back in overtime."

Game 6 of the series is back in Chicago on Wednesday night. 



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The End. This would have been out sooner but I've been nitpicking again. I would like to do some sort of sequel involving Jarvis interacting with the other Avengers but I've got some more demanding plot bunnies I have to deal with first.

Just A Rather Very Intelligent System
Characters: Tony, Jarvis, Thor, Steve, Bruce, Clint, Natasha
Rating/Warnings: PG
Genre: Action, Angst, Humour, Family
Word Count: 1434 (this chapter)
Spoilers: The Iron Man movies and the first Avengers movie
Summary: Five times Jarvis took control of the Iron Man armour without the other Avengers finding out and one time they did.

Epilogue )

Fic:A Soldier's Death

May. 26th, 2015 04:06 am
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Posted by angelbutterfly3

Title: A Soldier's Death
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Crowley, Dean/Castiel unrequited
Summary: An impossible thing has happened and good and evil answer the call to avenge it


Books, anyone?

May. 25th, 2015 08:06 pm
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Clearing off space on my bookshelves (to make room for more books, obviously), I came upon Melusine and The Virtu by Sarah Monette, the first two books of her Doctrine of Labyrinth series. Anybody want these? As much as I enjoyed certain aspects of the books (Mildmay!), I don't see myself rereading these, because I basically spent the entire time I was reading them wanting to set one of the co-protagonists on fire. Most of my discards are just being taken to the used bookstore, but since these books have something of a fandom following and are now out of print, I'd be happy to mail them to anybody who wants them. I might ask you to pick up shipping if it's more than a couple of bucks, but otherwise don't worry about it.

I decided this very late last night

May. 26th, 2015 01:20 am
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In RoYAN, you become a supreme court justice if you defeat an existing supreme court justice in single combat.
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And now for a completely different entertainment review: a musical adaptation of a bunch of Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books, titled We Are in a Play!

Elephant and Piggie, if you're not familiar, are early reader books (i.e., extremely limited vocabulary and low-density text) about the two best friends of the title. They are to be treasured, because they are adorably fun for adults as well as children—SteelyKid can rattle through them with ease, now, but the Pip also loves them to pieces, and they're wonderful for dramatic readings. (I went to our local used bookstore, hoping to get a stack of them, and couldn't find a single one of any of Willems' books. The library has an entire shelf of Elephant & Piggie that sometimes goes down as low as a couple of books.)

This was about an hour long and transitioned between, uh, at least seven of the books. [*] The Pip got a bit restless by the end, especially as the adaptation of We Are in a Book! to ...Play! involved audience participation, which he was not having any of (that's my kid), but on the whole it went down well with them. I liked it too, except the song they made of I Am Going!, because having Gerald (the elephant) not only sing at Piggie about how he doesn't want her to go but physically stop her is weird and creepy and yuck.

[*] I Am Invited to a Party!; Elephants Cannot Dance!; Listen to My Trumpet!; I Love My New Toy!; I Am Going!; Should I Share My Ice Cream?; We Are in a Book!. I am not entirely sure of the order of these.

With that caveat, recommended. And seriously, Willems is a treasure, you can't go wrong with E&P, or the Pigeon, or the Knuffle Bunny trilogy.
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Assignments for Remix Redux 12 went out on Sunday, and... I actually got assigned to the person I half-suspected I'd be assigned to, given that I specifically changed my offers (what I'm willing to write) based on some requests (what people had already written) that were sadly unmatched. And I think I am pretty much stuck with that one matching fandom, since I am either completely unfamiliar with my remixee's other fandoms, or know them only through vague internet osmosis. (Well, and there's a couple Yuletide things, but it's really hard to remix stories that already seem perfect and complete in themselves, you know?)

Fortunately I do like the matching fandom, and I've already marked out a few possible stories to play with after a quick read-through of my remixee's archive. Now I get to ignore the whole business for at least two weeks, because I am the Queen of Procrastination! :-)

Vote Now: Today's Small Cool Entries

May. 25th, 2015 11:15 pm
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Lauren's Clean Lines

Check out today's new Small Cool Contest entries and be sure to add a "favorite" vote to any and all that you'd like to help send on to the next round. Remember, you can vote once each for as many entries as you'd like throughout this round, so no need to be stingy with your favoriting - share the small cool love!


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Posted by Josh Cooper

What is it about the Anaheim Ducks and scoring goals and bunches super quickly? In Game 4 at Chicago, the Ducks scored the second-fastest three goals in NHL history in 37 seconds.

The Ducks got their scoring on the board quickly in Game 5 at Anaheim with two goals in 32 seconds.

First, at the 5:10 mark of the first period, Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler fired a wrister past Chicago goaltender Corey Crawford. This put the game at 1-0. Behold … 

Then check out this nifty deflection by Ducks forward Ryan Kesler on a knuckling shot by Jakob Slifverberg. And it was 2-0 Ducks after this score. 

Meanwhile, Chicago didn’t register a shot on goal until Jonathan Toews fired one at Andersen with 3:40 left in the first. 

- - - - - - -

Josh Cooper is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!



Wiscon39 the fade-out

May. 25th, 2015 09:41 pm
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Today has been quite a pleasant day and I don't know why I am so exhausted, except, well, cumulative effect.

The whole thing went pretty well as far as I could see: apart from a few few minor irks, my main plaint was nothing to do with the con as a con but the absences of so many I hoped to see on account of life-stuff, assorted.

I was having thoughts about institutions and organisations and causes and change and old guards and new guards and the situation where a one-time innovator and mover and shaker becomes ossified and a source of stasis, and this resonated with looking back over my work-life, and various conversations about different things, and that something's lost and something's gained with change and sometimes mourning is needed, but I am too tired for this to become coherent.

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Posted by Batocchio

The Courage to Make Others Suffer
by Batocchio

On the eve of war in Washington, journalists and others gathered at a cocktail party at the home of Philip Taubman, the Washington bureau chief of the New York Times. . . . Judy Miller was one of several Times reporters there, and she seemed excited. Another journalist present asked if she was planning to head over to Iraq to cover the invasion. Miller, according to the other guest, could barely contain herself. "Are you kidding?" she asked. "I've been waiting for this war for ten years. I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Hubris, by Michael Isikoff and David Corn (via Jon Schwarz).

“I must say, I’m a little envious,” Bush said. “If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed.”

“It must be exciting for you . . . in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You’re really making history, and thanks,” Bush said.

– A 2008 videoconference between Bush and U.S. military and civilian personnel.

In a post-Sept. 11 world, I thought the prudent use of violence could be therapeutic.

Richard Cohen, looking back on the Iraq War in 2006.

There's a breed of pedigreed dolt endemic to Washington, D.C. They determine their opinions socially, not empirically; what "everybody knows" trumps facts any old day. Their notion of tough, hard-nosed realism invariably entails that other people should suffer, from the blithe imperialism that cheers on unnecessary wars to the 'sensible centrism' that insists that unnecessary cuts to the social safety net are absolutely imperative. (The occasional safely contrarian view offers some novelty and the gloss of independence without truly challenging the establishment framework.) They remain cheerfully cloistered from the effects of their pronouncements about what the less privileged should be doing (and should be having done to them).

Among this crowd, going to war – or rather, sending others to war – is not a matter of careful deliberation; it is a matter of fashion.

Supporting and opposing war are not automatically respectable and equally valid positions; requiring a high threshold for war is the position of basic sanity, akin to a doctor making sure that amputating a limb is actually necessary before proceeding. A truly unavoidable conflict can be argued for with evidence and reason. If instead a war advocate lies, or constantly shifts rationales, or routinely exaggerates and fear-mongers, or slanders the patriotism of skeptics, or seems eager for war… it's cause for grave concern. Human beings will die in a war; death cannot be undone. Inevitably, not only supposed villains will suffer. Someone who can't be bothered even to pretend to treat war with the appropriate weight should not be trusted.

With a new presidential election cycle starting, we've seen many politicians, pundits and supposed journalists make revisionist claims about how the Iraq War started. It's crucial to remember that it wasn't an honest mistake nor was the case for war honestly made. Fighting against memory hole efforts are Digby, Paul Krugman (one and two), James Fallows, Josh Marshall, Greg Sargent, driftglass (one, two and three), Steve Benen, David Corn, Duncan Black, Matt Taibbi, the Columbia Journalism Review and The Daily Show, Balloon Juice, and I'm sure many more I've missed. (It's worth noting that the revisionism started almost immediately, and generally went unchallenged.)

Some war advocates had reservations; far more were largely uncritical of the Bush administration's case for war. There was a disturbing (if sadly unsurprising) trend of treating war skeptics as unpatriotic or even traitors. The key problem with belligerently cheerleading war (at its worst, gleeful bullying), wasn't that such people were socially obnoxious, although they were – it's that they helped create a climate where authority wasn't questioned, and skepticism was pilloried. They increased the chances of an unnecessary war. They increased the chances of unnecessary death and destruction. Avoiding those consequences – requiring a high threshold for armed conflict – is the entire point of war skepticism. It's not a game. Likewise, the reason to point out that the Iraq War was sold dishonestly, and that war advocates were wrong (or dishonest), is not for social bragging rights, but to prevent unnecessary wars in the future.

All of this should be completely obvious, but among the political class, it isn't. Far too many war advocates then and now treat such decisions as an issue of status and face, an abstract, intellectual game or "a low-stakes cocktail party argument" (to borrow a phrase from Jamelle Bouie). A few former war advocates have learned something profound, but for most of them, a true self-accounting would be too painful (and deep reflection has never been their nature anyway). Cloistered dolts rarely suffer for their careless decisions. And for many advocates, whether delusional or coldly clear-eyed, war was and is profitable. In Greek and Shakespearean tragedies, the instigator often suffers the effects of his own hubris, and it can lead to reflection, redemption, or at least recognition – for the audience if not the character. In politics and warmongering, hubris characteristically entails that someone else pay the costs.

(For more, see a 2013 post, "The Dogs of War.")

Nondifferentiation of -n and -ng

May. 26th, 2015 01:48 am
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Posted by Victor Mair

In Shanghai, Tom Mazanec recently came across a listing for a kind of tea called Tiě Guāngyīn 铁光阴 (second from the bottom in the photo), which he thought might be a knockoff of the famous Tiě Guānyīn 铁观音. The picture was taken at a restaurant near Fudan University called Xiǎo Dōngběi 小东北 (the name of the restaurant [Xiǎo Dōngběi sīfang cài 小东北私房菜, at the top of the menu] is rather endearingly translated as "The small northeastern dishes").

As explained in Wikipedia:

The tea is named after the Chinese Goddess of Mercy Guanyin, who is known in Japan as Kannon and in Korea as Guam-eum. Guanyin is a female embodiment of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. Other spellings and names include "Ti Kuan Yin," "Tit Kwun Yum," "Ti Kwan Yin," "Iron Buddha," "Iron Goddess Oolong," and "Tea of the Iron Bodhisattva." It is also known in the abbreviated form as "TGY."

None of her names has a -g at the end of the first syllable.

Guānyīn 观音 is commonly understood to mean "hearing the sounds (i.e., cries) of those who are suffering", whereas guāngyīn 光阴 means "time" (not a specific time, but the idea of the passage of time), so there's no semantic overlap between guānyīn 观音 and guāngyīn 光阴.  The confusion between the two must be purely phonological.  Except for the final -g of the first syllable of the second rendering, phonologically the two versions are identical, right down to the tones.

So here's what happened.  Many speakers of Mandarin do not distinguish between -n and -ng.  We've had it happen right here on Language Log recently; see the beginning of this comment.

What happened in this case is that the person who wrote the menu was thinking guānyīn 观音 but pronouncing guāngyīn.  Consequently, to match the sound in their head, they wrote guāngyīn 光阴 instead of guānyīn 观音.  This phenomenon of writing words with the wrong characters because of topolectal pronunciation differences has existed for as long as the script has existed.  It is a verification of the primacy of speech over writing.

Some of my students from Taiwan and the mainland, including those who have graduated from the best schools, routinely mix up -n and -ng.  It's a very common error among Mandarin speakers of diverse backgrounds.  I even know excellent teachers of Mandarin who occasionally mix up these two endings.  Usually I don't want to embarrass them by pointing out the confusion, but in very special circumstances when I do mention it, they can't tell the difference.

Holiday Over

May. 26th, 2015 01:49 am
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Neighbors had a not typical (for them) very noisy party. Not complaining, people are allowed to do such things. And they brought it inside early, so yay good neighbors.

Ninninger fic

May. 25th, 2015 10:28 pm
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Title: In Which Starninger Defends the Hapless Nagi (For Real)
Fandom: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
Characters/Pairing: Matsuo Nagi, Takigawa Kinji (gen)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, anything mentioned here by name isn't mine.
Warnings: None
Notes: Spoilers for episode 13.

Nagi! )
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I've had a lot going on, and most of it boring :)

Quick question: When I post a story to, like, "ISIS has captured this town" or "29 people killed in Mali" (made up headlines, I haven't even read the news all weekend!), people hardly ever click on them. So says Bitly, anyway. Is this because nobody finds those stories interesting, or just because they figure the headline gives them all the information they need right there? If it's mostly the former, I'll start just shoving it over onto Reddit rather than boring all youse guys with it, but if it's the latter, I won't.


When China’s rural parents leave to work in cities, “left-behind children” fall to crime and truancy. Why isn’t the country doing more about it?

After court-martial, this Marine cites religious freedom in her continued legal fight

California’s Homeless Find a Quiet Place

5 Despicable Right-Wing Moments this Week You Might Not Have Heard About

Here’s how badly we’re getting ripped off by our mobile phone providers

Adults Love the Four-Day School Week. Is It Good for the Kids?

The best way to eliminate the gender pay gap? Ban salary negotiations.

Appeals Court Eviscerates Notre Dame’s Objections to Contraception Accommodation

What Australian slang has given the world

When the Rapist Doesn’t See It as Rape

The Weirdest, Saddest, Most Disturbing Battle Yet in the War Over Circumcision

The amazing, surprising, Africa-driven demographic future of the Earth, in 9 charts

Semiliquid battery competitive with both Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors

Maddow Blasts Law Requiring Aurora Shooting Victim's Parents To Pay Gun Manufacturers

Researcher who exploits bug in Starbucks gift cards gets rebuke, not love

Nobody ever handed me anything on a plate

Islamic State burned a woman alive for not engaging in an ‘extreme’ sex act, U.N. official says

Sixty-seven years after the Arab-Israeli War, 3,000 Palestinians remain forgotten and stateless in rural Egypt.

Meme: Ten Fics That Stayed With You

May. 25th, 2015 11:04 pm
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In a new post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow.

I swiped this from [personal profile] moetushie , whose answer to the meme is here, way back in March, started it, forgot about it, rediscovered it a week or so ago, and finished it. It's rambly unfiltered musing and I have made a conscious effort to excise as much critical thinking and journalistic argumentation out of it as I can, and just write down what these fics are in my head and the imprint they left in my memory, rather than what they may be in reality.

Well, I spent much more than a few minutes on these. And they all got so long that I had to put cuts in all the "What Stuck with me and Why" bits so people's eyes don't glaze over while scrolling over it. Though I DID jot the list of fics down pretty fast, though, because if I didn't it would be impossible to choose just ten. So if anyone swipes this from me, moetushie's approach to the meme is probably closer to what it's meant to look like. ;)

As the description implies, these are not recs. Not in the sense of "read this, this is so good!" They're personal why-this-fic-stuck-with-me musings. However, in my opinion, they all do qualify at least as this-was-a-pretty-interesting-story recs.

I do recognize that a couple of them would not affect me the same way if I first read them today instead of reading them when I did read them, so any overpraising belongs to the fic's personal impact, not my critical analysis. But here goes:

1. Prison Of Glass by LuipaardJack (Futurama, Fry-centric)

Summary: "Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavor to understand him." - George Santayana

Context: Read when I was 16, deeply embroiled in Futurama and other cartoon fanfic.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

2. Sick Home by Lance Ruhiru (South Park, Scott Tenormen-centric)

Summary: When time makes it worse. (Scott Tenormen's thoughts about Cartman, South Park, and the nature of reality and fiction, years after Scott Tenormen Must Die).

Context: Written years before 200 and 201 aired, so retroactively AU yet eerily prophetic. Read when I was 15 in my several months-long nothing-but-South-Park craze, during which I inhaled almost the entire ff.net archive.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

3. Nothing Compares by Cszemis (South Park, gen, Stan & Kyle, Kyle & Cartman, death-fic)

Summary: "His fingers traced over the shadow of Stan. “When we are dead and gone nobody will care about these pictures. No one will remember how happy we were. How much it all meant.” How much he meant to me…"

Continuing the dark fics for goofy shows trend. Read when I was 15, yada yada see above.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

4. Mystery Kirk/Spock Slash Story of Awesomesauce by Mystery Kirk/Spock Slash Writer of Awesomesauce (Star Trek: TOS, Kirk/Spock)

I don't know and can't remember and cannot (and will not) find it again. If anyone recognizes this fic, don't tell me or link me or I will hunt you down for wrecking my childhood memories.

I was 15 years old, and TOS was one of my very first and primary fandoms. I had read some smut, in the form of triofic in Harry Potter, but not much slash except some lame OOC stuff that belonged in a teen drama. I was also at that point in sexual development where encyclopedia descriptions of sexual acts were wildly titillating to me. From what I recall of the writing style and attitude, I am pretty sure this story was written in the '70s or '80s.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

5. No Means No by idioticonion (How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Robin, domestic violence, dub-con, rape(?))

Summary: "Barney is accused of raping Robin. This a single, fractured story told in one hundred drabbles going back and forwards in time. Spoilers up to The Goat. Written for the HIMYM DarkFic Livejournal Comm. Warning: Very dark."

Context: In 2011, How I Met Your Mother single-handedly dragged me out of the worst summer of my entire life, the only time in my life I can remember being depressed for longer than a few days. I leapt into the fandom in gratitude, which was a bad idea because it jilted me horribly a few months later (season 7, what a nightmare). However, unlike 99% of sitcoms, HIMYM has a fantastic fandom. This is partly because of its extensive and detailed continuity, and partly because of one writer, [personal profile] idioticonion, who wrote around 200 HIMYM fics, many of them extremely dark, ranging from ludicrous ~edginess~ to genuinely chilling what-ifs. This fic, while technically OOC, is mostly towards the latter.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

The Snow Queen by [personal profile] elspethdixon  (Marvel/Captain America Comicsverse, Steve/Tony, fairy tale fusion)

Summary: A fairy-tale fusion between The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, and the characters of the Marvel 616 comics universe (i.e., putting the Marvel characters and ideas into the roles of the fairy tale's plot), with Steve Rogers (named the Soldier) in the part of Gerda, and Tony Stark (named the Smith) in the part of Kay.

Context: I read this in 2010 during my great Marvel and DC comics craze. Even more specifically, during my rabid comicsverse!Steve/Tony shipping craze, which kind of went dormant shortly prior to the release of The Avengers, (and thank god it did because movieverse!Steve/Tony has not a single shred of commonality with comicsverse!Steve/Tony, and being an active comicsverse shipper during the MCU explosion would have made me tear my hair out.) There are innumerable non-canon pairings (especially slash pairings) that I like and enjoy reading, but there are very few pairings I like as much as (let alone more than) the platonic friendship interpretation present in the canon source. And there are even fewer that I actively ship. Comicsverse!Steve/Tony is one of those few.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

7. Just a Face on a Train by katheryne (Spider-Man movies (Tobey Maguire), Peter Parker, OFC, gen)

Summary: "After rescuing a train from Doc Ock's attack, Peter Parker found himself unmasked and indebted to those he had just saved. 4 months later, a train passenger again crosses paths with the young hero. Based on events from Spider-Man 2."

I don't really remember when I read this or why, or how I found it, since I was never in this fandom (though I loved the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies). It was a couple years ago, though, and I am glad I did.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

8. Who's Afraid of the GI Bogeyman? by Curley Green (M*A*S*H, gen ensemble)

"Naïveté has its advantages. Radar is afraid of the dark, but it's the rest of the 4077th who truly have uncontrollable fears. A series of short vignettes, c. season 7. One-shot."

M*A*S*H was one of my first fandoms, and the first really in-depth one. I read this fic when I was 14, in 2006. If I recall correctly, my fic-reading method in M*A*S*H fandom was mainly to filter the entire ff.net archive by a character combo or genre -- in this case, horror -- and read everything listed there that pricked my ears up.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

9. World In Your Eyes
by jamjar (DC Comics/Superman comics, gen with background Clark Kent/Lois Lane)

Summary: "The first time Clark had looked at the world from above, he almost thought he was dying."

I read this maybe in 2013, a year or two after my Marvel and DC Comics superhero binge which was abruptly killed stone cold dead by the Nu 52 over in DC. I never lost my love for superhero comics, though, nor superhero fanfic, as in evidence here. Superman is and always has been my favorite superhero of all time, even if he wasn't one of the ones I was most interested in reading about.

What Stuck With Me and Why )


10. The Thousandth Man by Suzan Lovett (Starsky & Hutch, gen, post-Starsky vs Hutch)

This was written before the days of summary boxes, so in brief: the ending tag was nothing but a performance, Hutch offers no explanation of his actions nor any attempt to fix things, Starsky kicks him to the curb in a fury, and the two of them spend the next several weeks estranged until the plot finally puts them face-to-face once again.

Every S&H fan and their dog has written a post-"Starsky vs Hutch" Fix-It Fic. The Fix-It Fic is that panfandom fic genre designed to explain and resolve baffling and outrageous canon events -- in this case, it's Hutch sleeping with Starsky's girlfriend, an act whose seriousness has zilch to do with conflict, and everything to do with a betrayal of trust, the cornerstone of their friendship, and the absence of either motive or onscreen reconciliation. The Thousandth Man is much longer and more complicated than most fix-its. It's one of the earlier ones too, written in 1985. I read this during a kick I'm sure some other S&H fans have had -- consuming every post-SvH fic I could lay my hands on and marveling at the S&H fandom's unparalleled reality-weaving powers as it collectively constructed, out of the resonating patterns of the common denominators of a hundred wildly varying fanfics and observations, a shadow-arc for season 4 that the canon never quite articulated. Out of all those innumerable fix-it fics, no one single story ever satisfied me like this one.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

Now I'm thinking up all the other fics that stayed with me but which didn't make the cut of the first ten such fics to cross my mind. Perhaps I'll do this meme again in a few months...

A dream

May. 25th, 2015 09:31 pm
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ELF WIZARD KID IN A REALLY EARNEST YA NOVEL: We all need to work together as a team to defeat the giant eyeball from space!

EVERYONE ELSE: Can't, we are the cast of Cyteen. In an AU set in one of the flying orgy-castles on the Ringworld.


JOHN EGBERT: i'm here, too!


JOHN: but in this i'm a depressed azi belonging to ari 1, and my powers are just kind of... ambiguously pizza-based? :(

ELF WIZARD KID: Okay, this is all pretty bad, but I'm the protagonist and I'm sure that my book is going to have a happy ending, so I'm going to just summon the big eyeball to destroy us right now, which will force the narrative to come up with a deus ex machina!

ME, READING THIS NONEXISTENT YA NOVEL: Uh, wait, I just remembered that this book was the last in a three-book series which was originally about this wizard kid and two others time-travelling around and fighting a bad necromancer known for his habit of breaking the fourth wall and carelessly summoning monsters he can't control. Is this kid about to become the necromancer and form a time loop?

*Jake and Roxy show up with a spaceship and destroy the eyeball.*

ELF WIZARD KID: My plan to cause a deus ex machina worked! I'm the hero!

ROXY: john wtf stop being addicted to pizza which is in fact a dangerous drug

ME, READING THIS NONEXISTENT YA NOVEL: This series disappointed me and I'm going to blog angrily about it - oh, wait there's actually a fourth book I haven't read, better read that one first.
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Posted by Josh Cooper

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi is cool speaking in public. He says he likes to cliff-dive. Give him a microphone and make him sing in public? Watch him squirm.

He had to do this as part of a losing bet with Anaheim mayor Tom Tait over the second-round playoff series between the Ducks and Flames. And sing he did, and by sing, we mean … looked a little lost during Idina Menzel’s song “Let it Go” from the film “Frozen.”

The above video shows this event happening at chambers Monday. Probably the best part involves Nenshi wearing an old schook Mighty Ducks third jersey. Never mind, there are a lot of great parts. 

Per the Calgary Herald

Donning an older-style Ducks jersey, Nenshi was joined a capella band The Heebee-jeebees as he kicked off his performance. They were later joined by REVV 52, On Cue, the Calgary Children’s Choir, the Cowtown Opera, beatboxer James “Peterpot” McInnis and the Stampede Showband.

“It takes a community to embarrass a mayor,” Nenshi said afterwards.

Apparently his original plan was to sing “California Dreamin’” but this was a much better selection … because most of his voting populous is probably under the age of 70. And also, the Disney connotation with the film and the Ducks franchise … and the fact that this is way more awesome. 

Nenshi will also donate to the Anaheim's at-risk youth project called Accelerate Change Together.

- - - - - - -

Josh Cooper is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!


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Posted by ksjoegren@gmail.com

En ny klasse stoffer, der gør kroppen i stand til selv at bekæmpe kræftceller, viser gang på gang lovende resultater i forsøg på mennesker. Stofferne er allerede godkendt i USA og EU til behandling af modermærke- og lungekræft.


Du kan lige så godt lære navnet at kende, for du kommer formentlig til at høre det ofte i de kommende år.

Stofferne, der hjælper kroppen med selv at bekæmpe kræft, viser nemlig særdeles lovende takter i de hundredevis af kliniske forsøg på mennesker med mere end 30 forskellige kræftformer, som bliver foretaget netop nu af forskere over hele verden.

læs mere

Prompt for 2015-05-25

May. 25th, 2015 09:43 pm
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Today's prompt is "fond memories".

Prompt for 2015-05-24

May. 25th, 2015 09:42 pm
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Today's prompt is "polyglot".


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