Friday free-for-all

Jul. 25th, 2014 04:21 am
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This post is a free-for-all for people to:

a) post links to perfume-related content they posted elsewhere (on or off DW)
b) talk about anything they want to talk about that isn't big enough for a full post
c) socialize and hang out without worrying about "off topic"
d) or anything else that comes to mind!


Jul. 25th, 2014 12:49 am
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1. BBB wave three will officially be a go after I wake up and submit it because my rough draft is (just) over 10k words and complete! Writing the ending was like pulling teeth, and I may need to shuffle some of the scenes around, but this just might be the BBB that goes up looking the closest to its rough draft. Maybe.

...crap, this means I have to start looking for a beta. At least I have a little time for that.

2. I've mentioned it everywhere else and forgotten to mention it here, but: from now until July 31st, you can get the complete Sims 2 for free. Talk about a danger to my productivity! I've downloaded it, and it works great; I just need to fix the resolution bug (and, you know, finish a lot more of my to-do list), and SIMS TIME.

3. Part of the reason The Sims has to wait is that I'm doing another Mass Effect playthrough right now. I'm trying to toe the line between paragon and renegade with my character (named Ami Shepard), and it's going well so far. I'm also going to do another Dragon Age playthrough, which I'd like to say is because the next one's coming out at the end of the year (hopefully, if it doesn't get pushed back again), but I don't have a PS4 or anything, so who knows when I'll get to play it. Luckily, I still have a lot of playing of the previous generation of games (or further back) to keep me entertained. It's the nice thing about being about a system behind.

4. Pete put up a lovely post about being inclusive to all fans and some notes about the current tour. Me being me, I was most interested in "i think some of this speaks to an influx of new fans- people that may have found their way due to bands like one direction and 5sos- ive met both of these bands- both are full of hardworking, talented, but most importantly nice kids." (I'm going to be allcapsing NICE KIDS for days) and that Theresa from Best Ink (MY FAVORITE) tattooed the art on the leather jackets the guys (minus Andy, who has vegan-friendly denim). It's all a good illustration of why Fall Out Boy and bandom are still so vital today, I think: Pete being a big center of it and caring about the people around him, especially fans.

5. And then Comic Con. Phew. I don't have anything to say that no one's already saying, but I'm following at least half a dozen Twitter people (if not more) who are there, so I'm keeping up. Should be a big weekend!

The Sims 2 Revivening

Jul. 25th, 2014 12:49 am
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So If you haven't heard, EA is rolling out The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection on Origin For Free
A very clever marketing plan if you ask me, seeing as I downloaded origin specifically for this alone
(It's only free till July 31st and it includes ALL expansion AND add-ons, everything they ever made for The Sims 2, and it's 12 gig total)

So I removed all my old files, save for mods and body shop stuff and started everything again from the ground up

Join me on a Sims journey )

I think that's all for now. Probably LJ/DW will be my sims space, tumblr just ain't cut out for this kind of nonsense

50 Day Meme: Days 8&9

Jul. 24th, 2014 03:31 pm
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I forgot to post!

DAY EIGHT: a photo of you taken recently: I have to skip the photo. Sorry, but I don't have a recent picture of myself. I don't even know where the charger is for my camera. I look much the same as I did in the Paris photo--a little fatter, a little grayer. My hair is a bit longer. If I can find the charger, I'll get someone to take a photo, how's that?

DAY NINE: list some of your favorite websites: I don't have any other than the usual suspects. Like everyone on the internet, I use Wikipedia. Like most Fringe fans, I use Fringepedia. I consult Inside|The|X: The X-Files Transcripts Archive almost daily. I have a Pinterest, which I use sporadically: At first I just used it for collecting links for my trip to Paris last summer. Then I made a miscellaneous board, then one for recipes, one for fashion, then another one for fashion. It kind of snowballed from there. My favorite one so far is the one I made for a story I'm writing. I follow boards about Paris, fashion and bees. I even have three followers of my own!


Jul. 25th, 2014 08:35 am
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Meme gacked from [personal profile] lilliburlero and [personal profile] naraht;

Pick any paragraph or any passage from any fanfic I’ve written (up to 500 words) and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet of what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it, what’s going on in the characters’ heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the fic, and anything else you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

My fic is here at my website here at AO3 and at

TW: anxiety, stress, nerves.

Jul. 25th, 2014 03:14 am
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ugh, I hate everything right now. )

Someone just tell me I'm gonna be okay?

(no subject)

Jul. 25th, 2014 07:58 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] adair and [personal profile] owlfish!

"A wide variety"

Jul. 25th, 2014 01:43 am
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Good things:

The one (1) knee doctor in NYC who takes my insurance was great. He says I have patellofemoral pain syndrome, which means "That pain you told me about, where your knee meets your shin bone? It's pain where your knee meets your shin bone". I love medicine. ℞ is physical therapy to stretch and strengthen my quads, biweekly for eight weeks. Conveniently, the one (1) physical therapist in NYC who takes my insurance is also 20 minutes from my house by a single very direct bus.

This particular variety of knee pain is like most back pain: the best day-to-day treatment is to pretend it's not there and keep doing what you'd usually do. So I've been doing that and my knees are doing better, though still really not fond of stairs.

X and J and I had a really really nice family date night last night. We made a tasty dinner and watched "Encounter at Farpoint", and then J went to bed and X and I stayed up for a bit and snuggled and watched Northern Kings metal covers of pop ballads and giggled together. It was just right, and sorely needed.

I bought new sandals: Naot Karenna, dark brown ("buffalo"). They're very comfortable, though it's taking me a little while to figure out how tightly to fasten the straps; I'm used to the shift-and-give of buckles, not the firmness of Velcro. I had the toe strap on the left one too tight today and it rubbed a bit. But they suit my gender perfectly and my knees feel great when I'm wearing them. And I already had a dark brown belt to wear with them, because this dandy is prepared.

Therapy today was of the wrenching emotional variety and also the being gently scolded challenged by my therp. "Be messy," he said, "and stop policing your emotions." New therp is very very good. I am very very full of feels and now very very aware of being full of feels and very very nervous about letting them out. Augh. Oh well, this is what therapy is for. It is still a good thing, though it's hard.

After therping I decided that what I really needed was a steak and a book where people are nice to each other, so I went out to Outback (not the best steak in the world, but in my price range and right across the street from work) and read a good chunk of a romance novel, and felt considerably better after that. Yay self-care.

Annoying things:

Rose, mid-May: "I'm going to cut back my FSA contributions a lot, since I'm finishing up with my therapist and generally in good health."
June 1: annual FSA contribution adjustment deadline passes
Rose, mid-July: "I'm seeing a new therapist who doesn't take my insurance and now I need 16 sessions of physical therapy. Um. Welp. Guess I use post-tax money for that."

Can't foresee everything, I suppose.

The Naot sandals are made in Israel. I struggle a lot with the whole boycott idea, which has some significant downsides, but it's still hard for me to buy Israeli goods right now. I can talk around and around the politics and morals and practicalities and it comes back to that point of pure emotion: it's hard for me. And I'm so sad that Israel is doing such terrible things. And I'm going to stop here because I can't even really bear to think about any of this right now. (So no comments on this topic, please.)

Sad things:

My poor little Sammycat has a UTI. I think this is the first time she's been ill in the nine years she's lived with us, so she is confused and perturbed. I had to put her in kitty jail overnight because she was leaving sad little pink-tinged puddles all around the house in hopes that maybe if she pees in this spot it won't hurt. I lined the entire thing with wee pads and gave her food and water and a cardboard box to sleep in. It's going to take her a while to figure out that kitty jail is a place she can't get out of, and then she's going to whine and wail for a bit, and then hopefully she'll be able to sleep.

Alex is completely freaked out by the sight of kitty jail--he spent several days in quarantine there when we first got him, and clearly has not forgotten--and really confused by being on the outside of it and another cat being on the inside of it. I hope he leaves Sam alone. I placed it as far from all our bedrooms as possible, and well away from the cat tree that's Alex's most likely perching spot. Usually he and Sam both sleep in my room, but I have my door shut so I can't hear her crying. My poor tiny cat. :( :( :( I just hate making her sad, but I can't stay up all night and follow her around with paper towels.

One of us will take her to the vet tomorrow and get her some tasty antibiotics. Good thing we've trained her to think of Pill Pockets as treats. Since she's never been sick, we've never had to pill her, but I can't imagine she'd handle it well.

Augh, even with the a/c and fan on "high" I can hear her agonized lonelyhowl, the sound she used to make at our old apartment every night because I couldn't let her sleep in my room. This is awful. At least I know from that experience that she'll give up once it's clear that I'm not coming out to free her.

I keep telling myself that this is character-building and will help me prepare for being a parent. Or something.

Time to sleep so I can be a good cat-parent in the morning.

Edmonton fannish meet-up

Jul. 25th, 2014 12:33 am
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This won't apply to most of you, but to the few who it does apply to, read on!

If you live local to Edmonton, you are invited to a fandom meet-up at the couch area of SUB on the UofA campus on Monday July 28, 2014. This will be a slash-friendly, het-friendly, gen-friendly meet-up, open to people from all fandoms. Come to talk about how awesome the Avengers are, world building in Harry Potter, what hockey players are doing during the off-season, or any other fandom that you like.

I will be there from 6:30PM to 9-ish – feel free to come visit for a few minutes or stay the evening. I will be wearing a Taylor Hall Oilers jersey for easy identification (or an Oilers shirt if it gets too hot).

If you live in Edmonton and know other fans, please bring them with you! If you don’t live in Edmonton but know fans in Edmonton, please pass this post along.

Also, hello! Long time no post. Life is treating me well and you can find me mostly on tumblr these days - I'm burnishedvictory there too, I recommend it if you want pictures of hockey players and Sebastian Stan on your feed.

Thursday - Het and Other Slash

Jul. 25th, 2014 06:21 am
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Posted by halfshellvenus

Five Times (AO3)/ Five Times (Tumblr)
[AO3 account] kavkakat /[ profile] kavkakat | G | Sam/Cas
Five moments of varying length that Sam and Cas spent together that we never saw in the show.
These moments range from touching and sweet to angsty, which sums these two up rather well.

Mighty Avengers #11

Jul. 24th, 2014 11:18 pm
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'There was a vogue in the late eighties and early nineties for reforming villains -- you had the Sandman reforming, the Rogues Gallery going straight, and Kaluu was one of those as well. He was still doing the black magician thing, and being very sinister and creepy, but he was using his sinister creepiness for good purpose. Anyway, I always found these types of stories very optimistic -- they showed growth and change, and that even the bad guys were human beings who could redeem themselves, and it was nice to see the arc of the universe trending towards some form of absolution.

'As you can imagine, when they all got reversed a few more years down the road it was quite depressing, so, at least in the corner of comics I can reach, reformed bad guys stay reformed. Kaluu, at least, is still fighting the good fight, even if he's doing it in quite a "villain" sort of way.'
-- Al Ewing

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i think the lesson of this photoset is to check yo muthafuckin math calculations before u hand the test in bc sometimes u need to check shit twice before u realize whats up (x)

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...I find another to play in.

By which I mean, there is still a WOEFUL LACK of perfumes based on Pandaria, which makes me SAD.

But there is also Adagio teas, which will let me (and my partner in crime, [personal profile] darthneko) make PANDAREN TEA BLENDS, which mollifies me somewhat. Because tea.

Neko, obviously, is responsible for the beautiful labels and the descriptions. We are equally to blame for the blends, except Wandering Isle, which is all her fault, (I quote, "shen zin su is going to BURN with spices - explorers are crazy.") There may possibly be a spreadsheet with 14 blends already created, just waiting for art and descriptions.

So, if you are a fan of Adagio teas, watch this space, because I expect Beyond the Mists to grow quite a bit once Neko has a chance to finish making labels. When we're done, we intend to have eight locations and eight factions, and yes, as much as possible we will be shipping the factions with their locations ("as much as possible" because the Celestials are all over and the Golden Lotus got nuked out of the Vale).

Why, YES, we are the geekiest Pandaren-loving gamers in the world, why do you ask?

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Jul. 24th, 2014 08:49 pm
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[personal profile] veleda_k wrote me a really lovely Sara Ellis/River Song fic! I'm not normally fond of crossovers but this is one crossover pairing I really like, and Veleda nailed it, I think -- fun and playful, amusing and a little heartbreaking by turns, and pretty much perfect for them.

Handicaps in the Media

Jul. 24th, 2014 09:33 pm
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I was reading a comment early this morning on [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's blog about disabled characters in the media, and it got me thinking not about disability, but about adaptive technology shown in the media. Professor X's wheelchair. Geordi LaForge's visor.

And I found this: Camera Contact Lenses .

While this is a Google patent, and about as solid as anything Edison rushed to the patent office in his day, it does highlight something I think is part of the general public's discomfort (at best) with disabilities: it highlights the fact that sometimes a person CANNOT do everything for themselves, by themselves. I think for Americans in particular, that concept makes them extremely discomfited. Downright shaky, in fact.

That this patent exists is going to get other people thinking. But all I'm thinking about right now is, “It'll probably follow the same crappy lack-of-development arc that plagued speech recognition software. That began as something /for/ the disabled, and when an able-bodied person decided that it was worth mass-marketing... well...

The concept is everywhere, but at the expense of the very specific algorithms which allowed those who most NEEDED to use speech instead of typing or writing. Why? It was too slow to train the computer, it was clunky to confirm words, you know, it wanted to be SURE you meant to say “this” and not “that.” So the stuff which really works for the disabled is old, clunky, and increasingly difficult to find.

If this camera begins as, theoretically, an assist to alert the wearer to curbs at intersections, unusual doors (manual sliding glass doors, and revolving doors) or low-hanging limbs and other obstacles on sidewalks, I don't think it'll stay that way for long.

“Jogger's GPS,” or “Scrapbook your ultralight hiking adventure!” or other gimmick is going to get production units out the door... but it won't be what the visually impaired /want/ or /need/.

Geordi's visor was one of a kind, supposedly because there was so little need for adaptive technology in the Federation. Sadly, in a world where Google seems to have taken the place of the Eugenics Wars, I don't see any decrease in the /need/ for adaptive technology, while the primary purveyor is busy marketing gadgets to the bored technophile with more ready cash and much lower standards.

There are already a few niche applications-- I went looking and found 'Touch, Touch, See,' an app which allows users to take a picture with their cellphone and use the app's 'recognition' algorithms to identify the subject. Why is this different? Because it's set up for the blind photographer, and reads bar codes. (How is a can of peas different than a can of corn, on the outside? By sound when shaking the can? Good luck!)

And there is an early version of Geordi's visor!

A Brain implant! It actually plays sound, based on the image recorded and transmitted into the brain.

Perhaps this will be ready for sale soon-- contact lenses which use tactile sensitivity of the eye to 'see' shapes. WOW! That's definitely a different approach to the problem!

I like science fiction because it allows me to think about the world a century or more after I'm no longer around to see it (and be disappointed that they /still/ don't have flying cars, naturally).

I would like to imagine a world more like the Federation, where Geordi was one of the few people born each year with a disability. I don't want to look back at THIS generation and our trend toward marketing everything 'off-scrip' as my doctor would say... and call it “the good old days.”

More often, especially in the last ten years, I'm finding the kind of mis-handled, mis-marketed drivel that makes me think of Professor X's wheelchair in the various movies... and how absolutely, utterly horrible those designs were.

How will this thread of technology develop? I don't know. I can't even do more than /hope/ that these things make it at least far enough into the mainstream for my kids' generation to recognize a few of the programs by name.

(To my readers: I'm sorry I can't muster up more of my usual sci-fi mien or even get my fun to snark ratio back to some number greater than zero. However, realizing that we are, in fact, fifty years behind the curve for acceptance in mainstream media has been a major hit to my 'optimistic future' viewpoint.)

It is hot.

Jul. 25th, 2014 12:52 pm
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So, summer is really feeling summer-y. It's 35C (95F) and humid right now. Bleh. We are now entering the time of year where I really resent my normal start time at work. Leaving the house during the hottest time of day and walking 10~15 minutes to the station means I'm guaranteed to be drenched in sweat by the time I get on the train.

This week is summer intensive course week at work, where all normal kids and group classes are off in favor of short "intensive courses" aimed at kids on vacation (this is the first week of summer vacation for most K~12 kids). Usually I complain about how this is, like, the worst week of the year, but I dunno, this year it's not so bad. I haven't been that busy compared to previous years, so it's actually been feeling like nice change of pace this time.

Also very exciting, because I know once summer intensive week is over, we only have one more week until the two week summer vacation starts. Including today, I've only got seven shifts separating me and some quality down time. So rad.

I'm over half way through a big ol' book on the history of Atari right now. It was part of the humble bundle I got some months back. Sometimes it's fascinating, sometimes it's a chore (there are a few sections that seem almost too jam packed with facts? Makes it really hard to read).

Somone I follow on tumblr just posted about this. Awesome Xenoblade remixes.

Changelog Digest for Thu, Jul 24

Jul. 24th, 2014 10:56 pm
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89f6016: Issue #830: empty "next steps" after comm creation
Update the expected arguments for the template call in render_success.
5b4e79c: Issue #832: Remove module-jump-link
Remove experimental "jump to modules" link from all styles except Mobility.
36ed33b: Issue #834: background color to all comments
Fix background color for overflowing comments in some styles, for readability.
fc997d9: Issue #836: Turn off IE9 compatibility mode so that media queries work
Add meta tag to trigger the latest rendering engine in IE.
027e692: Issue #777: support notification emails don't include type of answer
Add the response type to support notification emails.
8c3f2b0: Issue #785: Don't add subject back when editing a comment without a subject
Fix edge case for editing a comment with no subject when the parent has one.
b5cf5de: Issue #787: Number of items skipped in search results no longer displayed
Fix translation text - argument had wrong label.
21a36a3: Issue #837: LJ::format_mail doesn't parse @username as markdown
Fix Markdown parser to use site variable, not hardcoded domain.
e8eb89e: Issue #837: LJ::format_mail doesn't parse @username as markdown
Use LJ::CleanHTML to process Markdown-formatted text for usernames.


d58ed77: Issue #836: Turn off IE9 compatibility mode so that media queries work
Add meta tag to trigger the latest rendering engine in IE.
cf3172d: Issue #843: add more labels to the issue tracker
Add "status: claimed" label when someone claims an issue.
93d8967: Issue #843: add more labels to the issue tracker
Add response text for easier remote debugging.
8a08f19: Issue #843: add more labels to the issue tracker
Update status: unclaimed / status: claimed automatically when needed.
7ab51d0: Issue #843: add more labels to the issue tracker
Assign / add "status: claimed" when someone makes a pull request.
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One time in sixth grade I was being bullied really badly, and this whole circle of people gathered around me and the girl that was bullying me, and she smirked and went ‘You dumb rich bitch.’ And everyone was like OOOOOOH and I stood there for a second before pulling 20 dollars out of my wallet, placed it in her hand, and said “Buy some better insults.” And I swear the entire lunchroom rioted.

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Which only runs one week, and she's missed 2 days already. But we woke her up, asked if she was feeling up to going, and she said she'd think about it, and then fell back asleep. Which kind of suggests No.

Spouse went to doctor's, I took kid to get lunch, then she did go to her gaming club thing, where two of the people had forgotten their Paranoia character sheets and had Munchkin cards instead. It was a two-hour game. The kid won. (Sadly, the owner of those cards was a sore loser.) I would not be surprised if she hadn't been playing it, like, years longer than they had. ^_^

Still, she messaged for me to come get her, earlier than expected, so... I pretty much have been handed slacker excuses. Hopefully I will actually get a bit done after I finish typing this up. I just have to format That GURPS Thing, and then I can kick it over to someone.

Havva Quote
Q: Is Milo (at least at the start of the fic) an example of how you play D&D?
A: Only when I hate the DM.
--from Harry Potter and the Natural 20, on, chapter 23

INwatch+Bookwatch )
Adopt one today!
Dragons under fold )

I hope we all learned something today

Jul. 24th, 2014 08:15 pm
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Who knew that you could toast nuts in the microwave? Not I, but now I know it. Three minutes turned my pecans roasty-toasty and delicious; and all this lesson cost me was a piece of tupperware, which I had taken to be microwave-proof, and so it was. The microwaves went straight through it. Unfortunately, so did the hot nuts. I call this sub-optimal, but hey. I have a lot of tupperware. And I toast a lot of nuts these days. It's good to have a quick way to do it that doesn't involve either the oven or a lot of anxiety over a dry pan with a flame beneath. Also, it's good to have a use for the microwave, given how much space it takes up.
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I am getting very little sleep lately. "Lately" means at least since May. My insomnia is the worst it's been since 2006. I am trying not to talk about it all the time here because it's not very interesting and I don't want medical advice. I had a voice lesson this afternoon; I met Matthew at J.P. Licks and brought him back to meet the cats: Autolycus rode around on his shoulder and was confused by his sandals and Hestia hunted his feet. After he left, I finished some work and fell over sideways on the couch with a cat curled up against my stomach and didn't so much doze for an hour as lay there listening to traffic noises for forty-five minutes and then suddenly blacked out. I was woken by a call center wanting my statistics on grocery shopping. I said I'd really rather not and hung up.

I was asleep just long enough to dream: a scene like a page from a book or five minutes from a movie. I tried to think after I was awake if it was something I'd read or seen, but I'm not coming up with anything. The clothes and the cars look like Britain in the 1940's, perhaps just after the war. There are no barrage balloons or signs stenciled on the streets; I don't see rubble everywhere or so many vacant lots, so we're well after the Blitz. A girl is walking up the steps of a theater. There's a man sitting at the top, sharp-kneed, hands braced on the dirty stone behind him. From outside the dream, I can tell he's younger than I am, but to the girl he looks formidably adult and impressively dissipated, like all the worst rumors about actors. His dark hair is stickily uncombed; he's got his shirt buttoned straight, but hastily. He looks like he just fell out of someone else's bed. They might have been using his jacket for a pillow. You can see her trying not to wonder if he's drunk; not to wonder what else she wouldn't know how to recognize. Before she can decide between saying something or stepping past him, he jerks his head at her and says without greeting or preface, "You can go in." His tone is malicious; she almost looks behind her to see if there's someone else he's choosing between. He has a skeptical, tight-angled face, not handsome; he must know he's making her uncomfortable. As she takes the top step, he leans back a little to toss the words after her: "Radley likes them young." As if he himself doesn't. An encouragement that's intended to unsettle. She walks faster because of him and he doesn't look satisfied with himself. He isn't drunk: he's just been fucking the director, ten minutes before auditions, and he's tired of being hustled offstage to make room for the ingenues. (Nothing in the scene said what he did, but I thought it was set design. They have worked together since school. My opinion of the director, in the dream and after it, is low.) He's being deliberately offensive, making himself look worse than he is—an impulse rather than a habitual behavior, but the impression will stick with her. She'll get a part. That's all there was. I can't even remember if it was in color.

So I don't know who that was meant for and I don't know what I'll do with it—I do not write historical fiction easily and I feel there's no shortage of stories about the theater, especially about sexuality and secrets; I wouldn't give it to Mary Renault to write (she would not be sympathetic to either of them and something stupidly melodramatic would happen in the last chapter), but she feels like the right era. There's nothing fantastic in that scene at all and the only realist fiction I can remember finishing right now was a fairy tale retelling. On other hand, I have had dreams turn into stories before (sometimes years after the fact: I wrote "The Clock House" because of a dream in 2008), so I am not going to throw it out. But it was a strange vivid little fragment and I can't help feeling the rest of the story was going on somewhere else; I just tuned in. I could have kept watching if it were on TCM.
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Title: The House in the Red Light District
Author: Kyogre
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Pairings: Gen
Rating: Teen
Length: 1:53:50
Size: 104.5 MB
Music: House of the Rising Sun by Five Finger Death Punch
Cover: Opalsong

From snkkink.

Armin, Eren and Mikasa inherit a brothel. A very classy brothel, that's popular with the military. They have no idea what they're doing, but with Armin's cunning, Mikasa's ability to kick ass, and Eren's mysterious kink-discovering skills, they pull through okay. Mostly.

Links: mp3

Note: My sound quality was super wonky in this one.  Sorry about that.  I've gotten a new mic and am still trying to figure out where to put it.

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3
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Pick any paragraph or any passage less than 500 words [or more if you really feel like it] from any fanfic I've written and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet of what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it, what's going on in the characters' heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the fic, and anything else you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Personally, I feel like this meme is probably disappointing, in some ways, because I rarely have deep, intellectual reasons for writing what I write.

Prophylactic Botox (for migraine)

Jul. 24th, 2014 07:25 pm
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Lots and lots of little tiny needle jabs all over my head, the back of my neck, and the tops of my shoulder muscles.   Ow..   My eyelids feel droopy, although I haven't looked in a mirror yet.

Anybody got kittens or fic recs? 

Light at the end of the tunnel

Jul. 24th, 2014 08:58 pm
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Work is almost over for the summer! Tomorrow is my last day, and I've planned a nice lunch with my mom in the middle of the day to celebrate since it's her day off.

After work, I'm heading up to stay at one of my Hendrix friend's houses along with our whole group for one last shindig before we head our separate ways. Amongst our group, we have one each going to medical school (me, obvs), pharmacy school, law school, engineering school, seminary, and chemistry graduate school. So we're quite a diverse group, but unfortunately we will also be in diverse geographical locations - Arkansas, Michigan, Colorado, Georgia, and Texas. This weekend should be fun though. These people mean the world to me and I'll always be changed because of my time with them over the last four years.

Also good is that I got to spend a few hours with my best friend, her husband, and my godson last night. He's two months old now and getting more adorable every day. He now knows how to "ask" for kisses, which is basically reaching out his arms, holding his mouth open, and leaning toward your face until you give him one. :p
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I was under a rock. I just encountered "SF Signal." They host three podcasts as well as hundreds of announcements, reviews, interviews, "books received," and thematic series. (They've been doing this for more than a decade, and won the Best Fanzine HUGO in 2012 and 2013.)

One of those series may be of general interest here:

Special Needs in Strange Worlds

I'm not in love with the title, but the articles themselves have useful info.

One for sorrow, two for joy

Jul. 24th, 2014 06:30 pm
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We may have spent (a lot) more time looking at pix of her twin babies than discussing legal issues, but Karen and I saw our immigration lawyer today, and filed the application to convert my temporary green card into a permanent affair. (Hmm, "a permanent affair" - isn't that called a marriage?)

J'y suis, j'y reste. If they let me.

Thinking Trouble

Jul. 24th, 2014 08:50 pm
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Posted by heartheldhostage


Audrey is still upset about a Trouble she couldn't help. Nathan and Duke try to distract her.

Words: 1602, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Friendship

140x TREMORS 1 (Batch A)

Jul. 24th, 2014 06:22 pm
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140x textless icons from Tremors 1 (Batch A)


Rest of the icons this way @ [personal profile] famira

summergen fic for meeee

Jul. 24th, 2014 06:19 pm
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the unlit room - Endverse AU: Kevin, Jo, and Cas raid an abandoned hospital for supplies, and find something they don’t expect.

Someone wrote me Kevin and Jo and Castiel in the Endverse. :D Endverse makes everything better, say I. This is very moody and full of atmosphere as they search the abandoned hospital. It's from Kevin's POV, and he spends the occasional moment wondering what the deal is with this Cas guy, anyway.

So it's good, and it's mine, and you should read it.
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there are so many layers of humor to appreciate here

the disruption of pleasant relaxing music

the word “sail” being yelled slightly off-beat as if the person filming was planning this and got a little eager

the small child’s laughter in the background

the pianist whispering “shit” to himself as if he only dropped an m&m or something

the foot appearing seemingly out of nowhere

the dedicated pianist falling down with his piano

it’s all so beautiful


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