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jmtorres ([personal profile] jmtorres) wrote2017-06-14 05:02 pm

*p Well this is getting ridiculous

today I am crying over the lives of fictional characters

4/26, 5/19, 6/14, pretty sure this is period; except I'm a few days ahead of the placebo days. If I'm counting this right my body is doing something like a 25 day cycle, which is not that weird, just also not what one expects hormone pills to enforce? And also why I'm offset from the placebos.

I mean let us not forget that every kind of stress has rained down upon my head the last two months, and that will fuck with periods too, but GDI.

Eta: also I would like to note that it is a million times less stressful to be crying about fictional characters than about your cat's health or a sudden inspection for a move. Hooray for fictional characters.
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Damn fictional characters :P